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Did The Lion King RIPOFF Kimba the White Lion?

Published on Jul 20, 2019 664,946 views










Was The Lion King an original idea or did Disney steal it from Kimba the White Lion?

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  • Saberspark
    Saberspark 4 недели назад (изменено) So it turns out that there was some foul play with Aladdin and the Thief and the Cobbler. My mistake for using that as an example. Some folks were pointing out that Madagascar and The Wild or The Emperor's New Groove and The Road to El Dorado would have been better examples. Sorry about that! Glad I know now. Maybe a future video topic?
  • Donatsu Chan
    Donatsu Chan 4 недели назад Yee
  • Destroyersauritops
    Destroyersauritops 4 недели назад Saberspark your next thing should be a about the future is wild cartoon
  • Lemondrop
    Lemondrop 4 недели назад Yes!
  • Genji Shimada
    Genji Shimada 4 недели назад id say go , id love to see ur opinion on it!
  • Wuff Animations
    Wuff Animations 4 недели назад NEE VIDEO NEW INTRO WHOOOOO!!!!
  • Lemondrop
    Lemondrop 4 недели назад You should do the "Amazing Bulk"
  • Sunny Smith
    Sunny Smith 4 недели назад Saberspark yes! Also I would like you to check out a low budget kids movie named mighty raju it’s surprisingly on Netflix
  • WantedAsylum
    WantedAsylum 4 недели назад I watched a video similar to this.
  • Wuff Animations
    Wuff Animations 4 недели назад @Destroyersauritops it should be lol 🤣
  • Rekter. [REVIVED]
    Rekter. [REVIVED] 4 недели назад Saberspark Pleasee, I just watch the remake yesterday
  • Zachary Gatt
    Zachary Gatt 4 недели назад For your next video, can you talk about Lazor Wulf plss?? 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
  • Logan Jones
    Logan Jones 4 недели назад No. Spare yourself from the terror that is that movie.
  • ??
    ?? 4 недели назад It would be interesting to see your perspective on the remake! I say go :)
  • Lauraleigh Durr
    Lauraleigh Durr 4 недели назад Saberspark yeah totally
  • Kiddiecraft
    Kiddiecraft 4 недели назад Go for it dude.
  • Hannah Polk
    Hannah Polk 4 недели назад Do it I've heard it's horrible
  • The crew Owo
    The crew Owo 4 недели назад Talk about tiny defense
  • Marcus
    Marcus 4 недели назад The remake sucks, don’t waste your time.
  • That one guy that plays minecraft
    That one guy that plays minecraft 4 недели назад The lion king is my childhood i remember my grandma showed me this when i was a kid goodtimes
  • Pokemon India studios
    Pokemon India studios 4 недели назад Please review Bahubali the lost legend
  • Adam Henry
    Adam Henry 4 недели назад Sure!
  • Pokemon India studios
    Pokemon India studios 4 недели назад Please review Bahubali the lost legend ,
  • Pokemon India studios
    Pokemon India studios 4 недели назад Please review Bahubali the lost legend .
  • Pokemon India studios
    Pokemon India studios 4 недели назад Please review Bahubali the lost legend :
  • Pokemon India studios
    Pokemon India studios 4 недели назад Please review Bahubali the lost legend #
  • Pokemon India studios
    Pokemon India studios 4 недели назад Please review Bahubali the lost legend *
  • Pokemon India studios
    Pokemon India studios 4 недели назад Please review Bahubali the lost legend "
  • Pokemon India studios
    Pokemon India studios 4 недели назад Please review Bahubali the lost legend _
  • Pokemon India studios
    Pokemon India studios 4 недели назад Please review Bahubali the lost legend \
  • Pokemon India studios
    Pokemon India studios 4 недели назад Please review Bahubali the lost legend +
  • Pokemon India studios
    Pokemon India studios 4 недели назад Please review Bahubali the lost legend =+
  • Pokemon India studios
    Pokemon India studios 4 недели назад Please review Bahubali the lost legend ()
  • Anne Varnado
    Anne Varnado 4 недели назад A quick vid would be great!
  • Abby, But Animated
    Abby, But Animated 4 недели назад Y E S
  • YapPac
    YapPac 4 недели назад Nein
  • Aspiring Marauder
    Aspiring Marauder 4 недели назад You already did. Don't try to spoof some kind of community engagement. You don't care when people point out that you've gotten a fact wrong, so why start caring what other people think now?
  • xXMickey DoodlesXx
    xXMickey DoodlesXx 4 недели назад Sure thing dad
  • RoachDoggJJR officiall
    RoachDoggJJR officiall 4 недели назад No
  • christopher haas
    christopher haas 4 недели назад It's basically a Rohotic soulless rehash. If you've seen the original, you've seen the Hyper-Realistic cardboard crapfest of a remake.
  • Andrew Jeffery
    Andrew Jeffery 4 недели назад My girlfriend and I thought it was pretty good. Better than the original? Of course not, but still a good adaptation.
  • Федор Слесарев
    Федор Слесарев 4 недели назад NOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  • MR far and wide Aimbot man
    MR far and wide Aimbot man 4 недели назад Jason voorhees will live
    Nick GALLUZZO 4 недели назад This is an interesting parallel of properties. But I have to add that the word Simba is an actual word in Swahili, translating to Power in English. I think there is a good reason for Japanese artists to be upset by the similarities. But I must say that Disney has very little reason to take from another property... that being said, there is clearly an influence. But to be fair to Disney, homages to other properties is very common.
  • Aaronyan utra 2.0
    Aaronyan utra 2.0 4 недели назад Saberspark for God sake can you please talk about blue sky animations please !!!!!!
  • Eric Nielsen
    Eric Nielsen 4 недели назад Don't give them any money for it. Wait until you can either pirate it or get it online for free. They don't deserve our money for these live action movies.
  • Aaronyan utra 2.0
    Aaronyan utra 2.0 4 недели назад The lion King in my first movie 😋
  • Brandon Bonett
    Brandon Bonett 4 недели назад Definitely a weird controversy And for the review of the remake, yes.
  • SebCrazyToons
    SebCrazyToons 4 недели назад Nah dude
  • Andrea R
    Andrea R 4 недели назад Yes plz!!! I’m hearing mixed reviews and I want to know your opinion
  • Mega Buizel EX
    Mega Buizel EX 4 недели назад Don't give them your money.
  • Evan Black
    Evan Black 4 недели назад Yes!
  • Gianna Di Biase Castro
    Gianna Di Biase Castro 4 недели назад Sooo, now that you gave your opinion, maybe watching this other video I found with a lot of the visual similarities may be interesting, it goes farther than slightly similar.
  • Vincent DiPietro
    Vincent DiPietro 4 недели назад i would say yes, but don't give it the money it wants
  • Iñaki Missael Ramirex Moreno
    Iñaki Missael Ramirex Moreno 4 недели назад No
  • Rien Duplessis
    Rien Duplessis 4 недели назад insert Moses of Joshua and The Promised Land Nooo....NOoOoOoOoO! Lol sorry Saber, that was the first thing that popped into my head. I say go for it, but Be Prepared 😉
  • anjali (guitarist penguin)
    anjali (guitarist penguin) 4 недели назад Ye
  • Halima Sayles
    Halima Sayles 4 недели назад Abso-F**king-Lutely
  • Dragon Geek
    Dragon Geek 4 недели назад Definitely. Do it my dude.
  • flightlessAngel
    flightlessAngel 4 недели назад Yeah, it’s not that great, but I didn’t really hate it,
  • Mike Wazoski
    Mike Wazoski 4 недели назад The theme is also a rip off abused by foreigners of Africa with no credit given to the original creator
  • Luis Maldonado
    Luis Maldonado 4 недели назад Yes
  • Tammy Lydon
    Tammy Lydon 4 недели назад You should do snowflake the white gorilla or alpha and omega
  • Deception Strikes
    Deception Strikes 4 недели назад SaberSpark Yes, please. I will most certainly like to see what you think of it
  • Matthew Singh
    Matthew Singh 4 недели назад You should do Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon
  • Yekatya _
    Yekatya _ 4 недели назад Yes please!
  • Juan44444 Gomez4444
    Juan44444 Gomez4444 4 недели назад Probably talk about perfect blue
  • Pyxaanthal
    Pyxaanthal 4 недели назад Don’t give Disney money for their uncreative pile of trash remake
  • Malak
    Malak 4 недели назад Yes please!
  • Clutchyfinger
    Clutchyfinger 4 недели назад You should title the video "Kimba Live action American Remake 2019 review" and see how long it takes to get a cease and desist
  • owen
    owen 4 недели назад sure
  • Mother Russia
    Mother Russia 4 недели назад YES! pleas
  • EzeGengar
    EzeGengar 4 недели назад Be a pirate or watch in a stream service
  • EliAndButch YT
    EliAndButch YT 4 недели назад Saberspark yep
  • Murder Leek
    Murder Leek 4 недели назад Yeah
  • olroxsuit
    olroxsuit 4 недели назад I'd rather not have you support that movie but I think so many have watched it already that it wouldn't matter anymore, so sure!
  • tanyshi gee
    tanyshi gee 4 недели назад @Sunny Smith it looks bad,I hope he does it
  • dreamfletcher
    dreamfletcher 4 недели назад Fuck yeah, do that shit
  • James Phillabaum
    James Phillabaum 4 недели назад Saberspark They also copy the Japanese version of the Little Mermaid as well
  • Tom  Sivell
    Tom Sivell 4 недели назад Entirely up to you dude
  • Toon Ave.
    Toon Ave. 4 недели назад Unless you have a gift card or someone pays for your ticket, dont go.
  • Old Man Mammoth
    Old Man Mammoth 4 недели назад Nah
  • Speed Action
    Speed Action 4 недели назад No, don't give them money for this.
  • Beonkia M
    Beonkia M 4 недели назад Speed Action Well people already gave them money for it😂
  • Speed Action
    Speed Action 4 недели назад @Beonkia M that's even more of a reason not to give them more.
  • Yuri '
    Yuri ' 4 недели назад Can you plz do a post or something mentioning the KyoAni fire?
  • Estelle Meatballs
    Estelle Meatballs 4 недели назад Yeah!
  • Footsiecakes
    Footsiecakes 4 недели назад Y e s
  • J G
    J G 4 недели назад Sure!
  • Whitney Dahlin
    Whitney Dahlin 4 недели назад I'd like to see a thief and the cobbler video! I LOVED that movie growing up and the animation was so beautiful and unique and weird. I haven't really heard anyone talk about it though
  • FrostyNimba
    FrostyNimba 4 недели назад Don’t go see it. Please. It’s just another shameless money grab.
  • Kookie Ookie
    Kookie Ookie 4 недели назад I don't think you should.
  • Blustreak Girl
    Blustreak Girl 4 недели назад I would say yes, because the remake happens to add more in depth story to some parts of the film...for example, when Nala mentions her escaping to find help. They showcase that in the remake. But to be fair, they added a lot of filler to make the film reach the 2hr mark. I've asked my brother after watching the remake, it has it's memorable moments, but the charm of the animated version was stripped away due to it's realism. It's still a great film to watch, it made a bunch of unexpected events even tho it's just a live version remake
  • John Daidone Blue Jackal Lucario
    John Daidone Blue Jackal Lucario 4 недели назад I was thinking of this yesterday.
  • Retrosteampunker
    Retrosteampunker 4 недели назад There’s a video that literally puts footage from the two side by side and it is a blatant rip off
  • Patrick Webb
    Patrick Webb 4 недели назад If you want to, sure.
  • XxGacha LeafyxX
    XxGacha LeafyxX 4 недели назад Yassss boi
  • Lemon !
    Lemon ! 4 недели назад Don't
  • The Emotive Umbreon
    The Emotive Umbreon 4 недели назад I’ve seen the series it was made in Japan but I don’t doubt the theories about Disney and the creator of this show was I cahoots with each other also want to add since anime is a popular genre and in this case one of the most iconic anime series is Astro Boy and there was a movie that looked cgi there’s not a doubt from me
  • Brony Philosopher
    Brony Philosopher 4 недели назад Is this a ripoff or can Kimba be referenced for the Lion King with necessarily be a ripoff. What's the line here, Saberspark?
  • Uncle Shrek
    Uncle Shrek 4 недели назад Yes,Ignore the Nostalgiatards
  • Rambling Hyena
    Rambling Hyena 4 недели назад No. We value your mind too much!!
  • BigMaxEthan's Channel
    BigMaxEthan's Channel 4 недели назад Saberspark We need a Simba VS Kimba death battle.
  • Uncle Shrek
    Uncle Shrek 4 недели назад @BigMaxEthan's Channel No.Joshua vs Kimba is better!Debate Me! #IhateJoshuabutifeelhehasavictory
  • hello I'll
    hello I'll 4 недели назад No. Please don't give them money.
  • Migi and Sinichi the kitty bunnies
    Migi and Sinichi the kitty bunnies 4 недели назад Yes, please
  • Mister Artist
    Mister Artist 4 недели назад Actually, Thief and the Cobbler was being developed before Aladdin, so yeah
  • TimeTravelPony
    TimeTravelPony 4 недели назад Yes please! :-D
  • The hen-hen
    The hen-hen 4 недели назад No
  • zodd smuck
    zodd smuck 4 недели назад You deserve to review something that won't make your eyes bleed
  • The hen-hen
    The hen-hen 4 недели назад Go see it and if theres anything worth saying that changes somthing then do it otherwise no
  • BlueWolf24G
    BlueWolf24G 4 недели назад Yea
    SHUT EYE WOLF 4 недели назад Yep
  • Anthony Keller
    Anthony Keller 4 недели назад No
  • Matthew Roberts
    Matthew Roberts 4 недели назад No. Save your money. From what I've seen, it's not worth it.
  • Aron CatLPS
    Aron CatLPS 4 недели назад No.
  • T H O T
    T H O T 4 недели назад Saberspark YES!!!
  • B King
    B King 4 недели назад Yes
  • the infredestrucable artist
    the infredestrucable artist 4 недели назад yes you should, but don’t have high hopes
  • Zodikal
    Zodikal 4 недели назад Go see it. You're gonna love the giraff poop.
  • Sascha Kaiser
    Sascha Kaiser 4 недели назад YES. YES. YES.
  • Ashbasher22 NERD
    Ashbasher22 NERD 4 недели назад Yes please!
  • Johnny 2x4
    Johnny 2x4 4 недели назад Oh boy can't wait for saber to cover Osamu later works (Bagi the mighty monster of nature munch)
  • Carlos Blanco
    Carlos Blanco 4 недели назад Lion king a ripoff
  • 3
    3 4 недели назад Yes
  • GCrow04 Studios
    GCrow04 Studios 4 недели назад Please do! I want to see if it’s really bad as people say it is
  • Metroid4ever
    Metroid4ever 4 недели назад you want to subject yourself to 2 hours wasted on mediocre tripe when you could rewatch the original instead?
  • Luke W
    Luke W 4 недели назад @Donatsu Chan Na
  • Donatsu Chan
    Donatsu Chan 4 недели назад Luke Wilder Frick
  • Kaitlyn Morina
    Kaitlyn Morina 4 недели назад Yes!
  • Scribbledean McClure
    Scribbledean McClure 4 недели назад See my comment below, you Disney apologist. There is no "controversy". Just plagiarism from beginning to end.
  • Liralee Hozumi
    Liralee Hozumi 4 недели назад I don't even want to look at any of their live action remakes it's so lazy, I'd rather rewatch the originals. But yea
  • Landon Norman
    Landon Norman 4 недели назад Yerp
  • Emilia Martinez
    Emilia Martinez 4 недели назад That's up to you, also don't forget to do a video about Don Bluth. And a video about Warner Bros Animation.
  • Carmine Crincoli
    Carmine Crincoli 4 недели назад Saberspark Why not both? You can do both!
  • Mallard Duck/JRH
    Mallard Duck/JRH 4 недели назад No don’t support it
  • Missy Jones
    Missy Jones 4 недели назад Yes, but start the video with just saying if we should watch it or not. I don’t know if I want to.
  • Guadalupe Hernandez
    Guadalupe Hernandez 4 недели назад Can you please do a review on Welcome to the Wayne and Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
  • ToastedPup
    ToastedPup 4 недели назад Yeah! :D
  • Max Mantell
    Max Mantell 4 недели назад Song of the south
  • B King
    B King 4 недели назад Why is everyone picking on the remake?
  • gorrilaboy22
    gorrilaboy22 4 недели назад Oh god scar is offcolor in the remake wtf?
  • Rhiannon Smudge
    Rhiannon Smudge 4 недели назад hell yes
  • Invader Zero
    Invader Zero 4 недели назад Yes
  • Mystic Howl
    Mystic Howl 4 недели назад pirate it
  • Dan c
    Dan c 4 недели назад If you feel like it, don't want to pressure you, i like your vídeos they have good research and are fun
  • Ronald Knox
    Ronald Knox 4 недели назад When [Cats The Movie Musical] comes out. Can you please review it.
  • Zombo
    Zombo 4 недели назад Don’t give your money to that junk, dude.
    REAPERTHEBEAR 4 недели назад Most people I know hated it and apparently the deaths were stupid and everyone looked soulless, I’d love to see your opinion!
  • acethethirdking
    acethethirdking 4 недели назад Hey Saber, did you know Tezuka made one of the first ever animated hentai? Look up Tezuka's Aladdin, it should still be up on YouTube.
  • Tony Zacker
    Tony Zacker 4 недели назад I would like to see that!
  • Lizafoot For5
    Lizafoot For5 4 недели назад Yes please
  • Jeffrey Piatt
    Jeffrey Piatt 4 недели назад Yes Tuesday is $5 at AMC theaters.
  • Cool Cat Studios
    Cool Cat Studios 4 недели назад Saberspark duh
  • Rolando Feliciano
    Rolando Feliciano 4 недели назад Ride this on and do Simba King Lion.
  • Wolfy gabby
    Wolfy gabby 4 недели назад Yes please
  • ilovepokemon1239
    ilovepokemon1239 4 недели назад Yes
  • Dr. Pest
    Dr. Pest 4 недели назад Yester world entertainment goes in deeper should go check it out
  • Bruce wayne
    Bruce wayne 4 недели назад You know kimba the white lion was aired in the united States in 1984 so is not possible that the lion king is not a ripoff of kimba the white lion and are you aware that you can ruin everyones childhood by saying that the lion king is a ripoff of kimba the white lion you ruined my childhood because you
  • Garrett Kehoe-Plourde
    Garrett Kehoe-Plourde 4 недели назад Yes
  • C.Q. Cumber
    C.Q. Cumber 4 недели назад Spark, are you saying you don't like the remake?
  • Lula's Loot
    Lula's Loot 4 недели назад Yess! Please do!
  • moviemagic
    moviemagic 4 недели назад Please do the Antz and A Bugs Life controversy!
  • gamer jdeck
    gamer jdeck 4 недели назад Disney is a bitch there greed will be there down fall
  • fireflocs
    fireflocs 4 недели назад No you should not.
  • eduardo torres
    eduardo torres 4 недели назад another vid then yea
  • Emma Schuler
    Emma Schuler 4 недели назад i remember watching a video on this topic and one the things he talked about was how Kimba and Simba are different in a way personalty wise and i was sorta hopping you'd analyze that a bit more in the video. Though saying how Kimba can be strong enough to stop an elephant's foot and Simba couldn't is fine also
  • Warren G
    Warren G 4 недели назад Yes you should
  • Warren G
    Warren G 4 недели назад 2D animation
  • uqasa
    uqasa 4 недели назад Pulease saberspark go inform urself bout the thief and the cobler and how disney fucked someone over(crazy guy btw) and should reconsider your point at the end of the video w aladin.
  • Micebetweenthepeople
    Micebetweenthepeople 4 недели назад You should go there
  • MiladyMidori
    MiladyMidori 4 недели назад From what I understand the version released took from Aladdin...which took from Thief and the Cobbler? For comparison look at the released version, but after that please check out the "recobbled cut". Its closer to what the creator envisioned and its so much better.
  • J G
    J G 4 недели назад @FrostyNimba it is tho
  • EclipseIsBoomYT
    EclipseIsBoomYT 4 недели назад Now they’re making a live action...oh well :v
  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez 4 недели назад Yikes from me fam
  • Rashundra Powell
    Rashundra Powell 4 недели назад Deflee!!!
  • sleepy kitten
    sleepy kitten 4 недели назад you should review Strange Magic. it's such a good film that got no recognition.
  • Theriomancer
    Theriomancer 4 недели назад There were some shenanigans with Madagascar and the Wild.
  • TheVanishing87
    TheVanishing87 4 недели назад Madagascar is better. I hated The Wild. Could care less that it's Disney. Still hate it.
  • Rotsuoy
    Rotsuoy 4 недели назад I refuse to believe Coco didn't rip off the HIGHLY underrated Book of Life.
  • Ausar Alexander
    Ausar Alexander 4 недели назад Good to know
  • leGUIGUI
    leGUIGUI 4 недели назад PLEASE, do a comparison with ATLANTIS and NADIA AND THE SECRET OF THE BLUE WATER. It's the most blatant case. I mean, at least for lion King, it's just that animals are of the same species form the anime to the Disney version, with different design. For Atlantis, it's all human, and the similarities of human designs are too blatant. see:
  • Purple Pixie
    Purple Pixie 4 недели назад Judah king lion,please (sorry for another religion one )
  • Moodie :D
    Moodie :D 4 недели назад yeet
  • Hunter
    Hunter 4 недели назад Which Kimba show should we watch?
  • LordTchernobog
    LordTchernobog 4 недели назад Saber, you should check Disney's Alantis and the japanese cartoon series Nadia and the Secret of th Blue Water . Canot be unseen similarities, in fact: it is a total rip-off, and even creators of Atlantis denies that.
  • Mathieu Leader
    Mathieu Leader 4 недели назад Its shame Empire of the Sun remained unmade
  • Boñk the goat
    Boñk the goat 4 недели назад Dude u need to see Poppe The Preformer my friends would die
  • Toospooky4u
    Toospooky4u 4 недели назад Emperor’s New Groove is a completely different movie than The Road to El Dorado! The humor is similar but the stories are different.
  • SemperErato
    SemperErato 4 недели назад Definitely cover The Thief and the Cobbler! I had watched the theatrical release several times, and then the Recobbled Cut blew my mind.
  • Mark Urbanowicz
    Mark Urbanowicz 4 недели назад Saberspark, now you made a double video with Lions. First Leo, then Joshua. Any more future lion cartoon?
  • Sequoia Dupree
    Sequoia Dupree 4 недели назад I actually happen to own an old copy of this. It’s not really a series that I have, it’s more like a movie. I don’t really remember where, why, or how I got it, I just do.
  • Thierry Ndongo
    Thierry Ndongo 3 недели назад The white lion was nala's brother Mheetu
  • Jacob Black
    Jacob Black 3 недели назад Jedi contract with Amazon!
  • PhantomAmber
    PhantomAmber 3 недели назад I'm also pretty sure the creator of Book of Life, Jorge Gutierrez, went on record saying he actually pitched Book of Life to Disney first and was turned down by Disney. There's actually a lot of similar issues with Coco as there is with The Lion King. There was a lot of shady beings with Coco despite the movie being brilliant.
  • Hannah Ballard
    Hannah Ballard 3 недели назад I was just about to comment about this.... Thief and the Cobbler is such an interesting production story, I think it would be a great subject for you. Zigzag's design was used as influence for both Genie and Jafar.
  • Meister Meme
    Meister Meme 3 недели назад The Lion King(2019): You have to take your place as king In my eyes: You have to yout place as remake no one cares about
  • Hardly Bardly
    Hardly Bardly 3 недели назад Yes, please!
  • Swift Nimblefoot
    Swift Nimblefoot 3 недели назад Madagascar and the Wild had to have been based on rumors each studio heard of what the other was developing. I am sorry the Wild never got a continuation - honestly, both story-wise and especially visually it was the better movie, while I found Madagascars characters rather annoying and the plot really threadbare. That said, it gave us one of my favourite comedy toons, All Hail King Julien, so am glad for it.
  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez 3 недели назад The thief and the cobbler is such a sad movie production. It's a real shame it was never finished.
  • xXSalsaXx 89
    xXSalsaXx 89 3 недели назад I love your new Intro!
  • fargeeks
    fargeeks 3 недели назад where were you about this 20 years ago
  • Carlo Nassar
    Carlo Nassar 3 недели назад I can understand if Disney was worried that The Lion King would be considered bad or very sub-par if they said they ripped off Kimba because anything that is a rip-off would usually give you the feeling that it would suck but that wouldn't even be 80% true. Star Wars: A New Hope took a lot of concepts from other movies (like The Hidden Fortress) and that movie isn't awful. And hey, at least Scar has a new design in the 2019 Lion King movie.
  • Weird but Wonderful
    Weird but Wonderful 3 недели назад well not the "rightfull" ruler (watch film theory's vid on it like wow)
  • SquacamoleSD
    SquacamoleSD 3 недели назад Saberspark can you please review jack and the coo-coo clock heart? It has a very odd story and I cant comprehend what’s going on. (My sister watched it a lot :/ )
  • Deena Price
    Deena Price 3 недели назад They also may have taken the name from Sundiata, translation being 'Lion King', of Mali. This is also a tale of a prince sent into exile after his father's death-except by his stepmother- who returns to claim his throne from an evil king.
  • rubie ulloa
    rubie ulloa 3 недели назад Can you do a video on Oliver and Company? It’s a Disney movie but I don’t know anyone that’s seen it besides me. I feel like it’s underrated for no reason
  • Ashanti Sloan
    Ashanti Sloan 3 недели назад i swear, the voice announcer said "thirty-second_ as in thirty second, yeah that would be insane.
  • madison k
    madison k 3 недели назад it'd be super interesting to see your take on the Thief and the Cobbler's fairly long development cycle
  • Kyoskue -
    Kyoskue - 3 недели назад Saberspark, I hate to say this, but you do know that Lions don't live on rock formations irl, right? And that Kimba had the whole "Pride Rock" thing going on, which was utterly unique to it? No offense, but that one singular fact is about as smoking gun as you can get. You could get a murder charge in court off of something that blatant. Disney will never acknowledge that they very obviously knew of Kimba and lifted things wholesale because the story being an entirely original work is what drove the marketing. This "fact" is essentially part of the zeitgeist of the Disney fandom. It fuels the Broadway adaptation and so on. To admit that they were lying would cast a negative opinion on the entire brand. The only people that ever point this stuff out are people with a minuscule audience by comparison. and its simple enough to deny the whole thing on their part. Unless if someone truly big comes out and pressures them, Disney will never rectify this.
  • Cho'gall, Chieftain of the Twilight's Hammer
    Cho'gall, Chieftain of the Twilight's Hammer 3 недели назад YES! THANK YOU.
  • James Zweep
    James Zweep 3 недели назад Saberspark not a bad idea for a video. And not just those, there’s also finding Nemo and shark tale, antz and a bigs life, cars and turbo to name a few
  • James Zweep
    James Zweep 3 недели назад I should avoid this topic being a fan of the Lion King (1994; my god I hate now I have to add the year to specify), but from everything I’ve heard and seen, just seems like coincidence. But hey at least they’re both more interesting then the live action version
  • AshesSakura
    AshesSakura 3 недели назад Saberspark I've read up so much on The Thief and The Cobbler and saw most of the original animation for it before the creator just had to give in and I'm only some familiar with the foul play with Aladdin (but thinking back it's DEFINITELY there). Love to see a video on this!
  • Die TEM
    Die TEM 3 недели назад GO BLUE EYES WHITE DRA... uhh LION ya definitely lion
  • Dracosermonomicon
    Dracosermonomicon 3 недели назад To be fair, the staff of Thief and the Cobbler are partially to blame and in the end the films are extremely different
  • Hooktail Jr
    Hooktail Jr 3 недели назад Just you wait while a lot of people are saying that the live Lion King was terrible there's going to be a Kimba the white lion movie 2D 3D animation and it's going to be one of the great ones just like those previous trailers of the new Dragon Quest you're story and the new Lupin the 3rd movie.
  • hiimwinzy windinz
    hiimwinzy windinz 3 недели назад How is The Emporers New Groove and The Road to El Dorado similar? Just because the have the same culture/idea?
  • arie kusumah
    arie kusumah 3 недели назад Nope it is still stealing..
  • Dumbledoresarmy13
    Dumbledoresarmy13 3 недели назад Even Road to El Dorado and Atlantis... both are about following a map to a lost city nobody is sure exists, meeting a local hot babe, and then working together to save the city from a threat, after which a main character ends up with said hot babe. El Dorado is just has more songs and comedy, while Atlantis refuses to be another Disney musical.
  • Brodie
    Brodie 3 недели назад Kimba........Simba Nuff said
  • Twelve and three quarters Ducks
    Twelve and three quarters Ducks 3 недели назад Follow up on the Mondo Cinematic Universe!
  • WaterKirby1994
    WaterKirby1994 3 недели назад @Toospooky4u True Emperor's New Groove & Road to El Dorado are completely different films set in Native American cultures. Of course both take place on separate continents. ENG taking place in an Incan Civilization where the Selfish Emperor gets turned into a Llama in a failed assassination attempt. RtED takes place in a more Mexican/Central America based area & focuses on 2 European guys trying to pass as gods with the help of a native girl. Hugely different movies you would have to be insane to say are similar.
  • WaterKirby1994
    WaterKirby1994 3 недели назад @rubie ulloa Agreed Oliver & Company tends to get seriously underrated. It never should have been caught in the shadow of The Little Mermaid it was so cute.
  • Suni Glow
    Suni Glow 3 недели назад I know your just doing your thing you do you but do you care anout kimba do any of us really care?
  • z kun
    z kun 3 недели назад There's definitely enough to the Thief and the Cobbler's production nightmare to make at least one or two videos about it! That poor film went through so much......
  • Mark Brackney
    Mark Brackney 3 недели назад You should do a “Jungle Book” 2016 and “Legend of the Jungle”-video next, even though they’re both mainly live-action. Lots of interesting shit was going on there...
  • DovaCat The_Dragonborn
    DovaCat The_Dragonborn 3 недели назад Saberspark just a reminder, a quick review of The Book Of Life or that very scary episode of Invader Zim: Dark Harvest (HA! And u thought that episode of My Life As A Teenage Robot was scary)
  • KIKI Hideout
    KIKI Hideout 3 недели назад could you re-edit the video properly please then?
  • Stacey Brewer
    Stacey Brewer 3 недели назад Long live the king! Ew- wait this is from the remake
  • spring trap
    spring trap 3 недели назад Yee
  • Rap Boy 3
    Rap Boy 3 3 недели назад Hey Sabes, I have 2 ideas on your next What the HELL is vid (you can seperate them in 2 parts if you want), they are Godzilla (1978-1980) and Godzilla: The Series (1998-2001)
  • Kyle Klem
    Kyle Klem 3 недели назад Dont know if this is in your ballpark but you should watch red vs blue just a good show
  • XeviousHound
    XeviousHound 3 недели назад How about the scene on Pride Rock? That was lifted from Kimba the white lion.
  • MannyChu J.V
    MannyChu J.V 3 недели назад The new lion king felt like a nature documentary
  • Mbaya Cotton
    Mbaya Cotton 3 недели назад Good news I subscribe
  • LegendStormcrow
    LegendStormcrow 3 недели назад Katzenberg is kinda famous for stealing ideas.
  • Frederick Dietz
    Frederick Dietz 3 недели назад Saber don't you know? Disney gets like ALL of its content from public domain, it's really not so strange that they'd steal content. Pocahontas? Public domain. Christopher Columbus? Public domain. Atlantis? Public domain. And actually I think that's why they're doing all these remakes now, because the Public domain is getting a lot smaller and they're running out of ideas, hell I'd love to see their take on a Rip Van Winkle though.
  • Katherine Alvarez
    Katherine Alvarez 3 недели назад They were definitely influenced by Kimba but since marketing and money was on the line, being honest took a backseat.
  • Frederick Dietz
    Frederick Dietz 3 недели назад @Katherine Alvarez it's Disney, those are always in the backseat xD.
  • Mysticalz Art
    Mysticalz Art 3 недели назад React to the most bland but fun show, Mixels
    DANK_ton7783 MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE 3 недели назад Yes they did
  • Varjak Paw
    Varjak Paw 3 недели назад You should review it’s such a beautiful day next it was good but sure is wierd
  • Reuben Caldwell
    Reuben Caldwell 3 недели назад I found this crazy South Korean film about fish in a Sushi restaurant and it's dark as hell and disturbingly brutal and realistic.
  • Reuben Caldwell
    Reuben Caldwell 3 недели назад @Saberspark The movie is PADAK please check it out, it's insane you'll never think of sushi or animation the same way again.
  • Chlorophos 10010
    Chlorophos 10010 3 недели назад You should cover Lupin the 3rd
    PENNYUWU 3 недели назад You should review Bratz Super Babyz it's pretty bad
  • Reuben Caldwell
  • GroenFan
    GroenFan 3 недели назад Ahoyhoy There, Fellow YouTuberino! I have an idea . You know the A113 Easter egg every one thinks is a Pixar thing? It's not . John Lasseter , when he was starting out with his animation career, before Pixar even existed , started on a movie project that sadly few people know about. The Brave Little Toaster. In it, Lampy, one of the main characters, says "A113! This is it !" Referring to thier owners mom's apartment number when they were searching for him. I think I also saw it in Oliver and Company on a brick wall background during one of the chase scenes. Also, Speaking of Kimba, my Pet Rat who is actually mostly black is named " Kimba the Not so White Not Lion " but I call him Rodent so much that he thinks that's his name .
  • GroenFan
    GroenFan 3 недели назад @Eric Nielsen Ahoyhoy There, Fellow YouTuberino! I'm going to rent it for thay same reason; I wish to see what all the fuss is about, wish to support my local video store, but don't wish for the makers of the Lion King movie to get anything .
  • GroenFan
    GroenFan 3 недели назад @Metroid4ever Ahoyhoy There, Fellow YouTuberino! That's exactly what I did, I went down to the video store , rented the original Lion King, and plan to spend the day tomorrow watching it plus the Lion King 2 Videotape and Kimba the White Lion episodes
  • Eric Nielsen
    Eric Nielsen 3 недели назад @GroenFan Wait! You still have video rental stores?!? Where do you live? That's amazing!
  • Metroid4ever
    Metroid4ever 3 недели назад @GroenFan I'm planning on watching the 80s/90s anime of Kimba, cause I remember seeing a preview for it once at a friend's house when we were watching a movie I think, and it always intrigued me. But I never got around to watching it then
  • Psyga315
    Psyga315 3 недели назад Obviously Nadia and Atlantis.
  • Benjamin Vanneste
    Benjamin Vanneste 3 недели назад There was also Gay Purr-Ee and the Aristocats.
  • ElTortugaAnime ElTortugaAnime
    ElTortugaAnime ElTortugaAnime 3 недели назад The Emperor's New Groove was actually a masterpiece
  • Alumlovescake
    Alumlovescake 2 недели назад yep
  • corrin hearts
    corrin hearts 2 недели назад Lk better then wlk
  • Angry Clouds
    Angry Clouds 2 недели назад Do a video on the secret of the magic gourd. It's made by disney
  • Pokémon trainer Parker
    Pokémon trainer Parker 2 недели назад Could you review this =D
  • Clint Hoyt
    Clint Hoyt 2 недели назад Also, there is the rumor that Atlantis The Lost Empire was a rip off of Nadia: Secret of Blue Water (which itself is claimed to be a ripoff of Castle in the Sky.)
  • Color Storm Fur
    Color Storm Fur 2 недели назад actually it was more of a rip of from the Book of The Jungle Book
  • Shahmeer Khan
    Shahmeer Khan 2 недели назад Literally check when lion king was made and you'll find out who the REAL copycat is
  • Alberto MORE
    Alberto MORE 2 недели назад KING BOO BOO the great!!🤣🤣🤣
  • Andres Ulloa
    Andres Ulloa Неделю назад There's a name for the latter examples that you mentioned, where similar movies are released around the same time, like Armageddon and Deep Impact, or Volcano and Dante's Peak. I'd love to see an entire video on this topic!
  • talissa almeida
    talissa almeida Неделю назад I know you only used images, but I think there was also some foul play with The Book of Life and Coco D:
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    Nightmare Jack 3 недели назад I saw this comment before, ironic.
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    Ash Sweet Potato 3 недели назад Dude your summarize everything in one phrase! Genius comment. But u might have copied ;)
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    Macid 3 недели назад bruh moment
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    Frederick Dietz 3 недели назад rip, what did you think i'd say oof?
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    Courage Blue Anderson 3 недели назад And that's how the Lion King works 😂😂😂
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    Frederick Dietz 3 недели назад @SG doesn't everyone know that though?
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    LAPIS THE MEME GIRL 3 недели назад Oof
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    Erik Morales 3 недели назад How in the flipping world does that happen they copied you they have the same answers
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    Dictator Arren 3 недели назад ооф
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    Frederick Dietz 3 недели назад @SG who exactly thinks that?
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    TheWoostergirl 3 недели назад Because they also improved on it.
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    -EZZY WEZZY- 2 недели назад Oof
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    Bubblegum Tea 2 недели назад Your profile picture explains it all lol
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    Nature Warrior 2 недели назад Harmony Y Your profile picture fits this well😂
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    graniga juan 2 недели назад Harmony Y your icon perfect for this comment;😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    I like to kick you in the lorax 2 недели назад @Awakened Pray Morak Your outnumbered
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    Godzilla Fangirl 2 недели назад This is that. True, so true
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    GcorpCoPrez 2 недели назад OOF!! That happened with two of my fams and the teacher accused the original for copying. XD
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    RK - 06GV - Darcel Avenue Sr PS (1104) Неделю назад Oof
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    NasrulTube Неделю назад *roblox death sound*
  • Matias Pereyra
    Matias Pereyra Неделю назад Yall havent seen simba the king lion. Now thats what I call giving zero fucks
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    Angel the Dragon Неделю назад OOF (your profile fits perfect with the comment.)
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    RealLife Intuition Неделю назад :') cries That hits hard
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    Mascetto 677 Неделю назад stoled
  • ゆうチャンネル
    ゆうチャンネル Неделю назад Lion KIng is in 1994 and Kimba the White Lion is in 1950. and Lion King is 88 minutes movie with tremendous Disney money with hundreds of producers. Kimba the White Lion is TV anime with no CG. every scenes were drawn by hand of small team, and each episode were created within a small amount of time. Osamu Tezuka's manga is genius. His work, Kimba the White Lion and Astro Boy are for kids, You must read Phoenix, Buddha , Message to Adolf, Black Jack, they are so good, but not known much in the world.
  • Maisie Fisher
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    I like Cats Неделю назад OOF
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    TheREALGentalpicachu Plays Неделю назад @Jeramie Gamer148 Let me just change that a bit. messiah death sound that roblox probally stole.
  • TheREALGentalpicachu Plays
    TheREALGentalpicachu Plays Неделю назад @NasrulTube Let me change that a bit. messiah death sound that roblox probably stole.
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    EucalyptusFox Неделю назад o o F
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    Fluffy Forest Furry Неделю назад 93% of your replies are OoF
  • Fluffy Forest Furry
    Fluffy Forest Furry Неделю назад OOF
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    Dᴇᴇᴢ Nᴜᴛs Неделю назад Harmony Y profile pic
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    Ziga Boi 6 дней назад When someone copies your comments and gets more likes.
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    Troy Addict 6 дней назад Harmony Y then it’s technically not copying all your work just the ones they didn’t know !! So yeah ....
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    Deku fan 5 дней назад Yeah boi so relatable
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    Waltersandoval Sandoval 2 дня назад Oooof
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    Kara with gun 2 дня назад Oof
    ANGELO 1 день назад Dude Kimba was highly acclaimed. Just in a different era and region.
  • The ja Ssss
    The ja Ssss 1 день назад Oof
  • Zen the15
    Zen the15 22 часа назад @Trailblazer so if u hate group project, you don't need someone's help?? Even doing a single project of course u need someone to be asked for a help.
  • Aritra Bacchar2019
    Aritra Bacchar2019 21 час назад Big Oof
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    rijahfd2010 gaming 16 часов назад Oofdy. Oofdy oofdy oof
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    K Ak 5 часов назад .
  • Mike Kazz
    Mike Kazz 3 недели назад "You must avenge my death Kimba, I mean Simba"
  • Grimmjow Jeagerjaques
    Grimmjow Jeagerjaques 3 недели назад Mike Kazz simpsons
  • Ahmad and skeleton
    Ahmad and skeleton 3 недели назад I loved that line
  • Joshua Panackal
    Joshua Panackal 2 недели назад I love that
  • Vicente and Friends
    Vicente and Friends 2 недели назад "Luke, I am your father."
  • Micah Lee
    Micah Lee Неделю назад "This is CNN..."
  • Vicente and Friends
    Vicente and Friends Неделю назад @Micah Lee "Will you guys pipe down, I'm saying goodbye to Lisa."
  • MasterofBricks54
    MasterofBricks54 Неделю назад Can someone tell me what that clip is at 6:33?
  • [しろかみ ] Shirokami Eri
    [しろかみ ] Shirokami Eri Неделю назад The Simpsons knows what's going on lol
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation
    The Federal Bureau of Investigation 3 недели назад (изменено) Disney: hey can we copy your series? Kimba: sure just don't make it obvious you copied Disney: OK Simba
  • Krampy CatTails
    Krampy CatTails 3 недели назад Yes
  • Hulk in Glasses
    Hulk in Glasses 3 недели назад Simba means lion but yeah
  • Ahmad and skeleton
    Ahmad and skeleton 3 недели назад See its so easy
  • Giraffee :3
    Giraffee :3 Неделю назад drip drip drop little April shower
  • Ahmad and skeleton
    Ahmad and skeleton Неделю назад @Giraffee :3 tfuck does that mean
  • VanillaBee
    VanillaBee Неделю назад Simba means lion in Swahili but okay, go off.
  • Lije Miriam
    Lije Miriam Неделю назад Disney: DA-I mean Kimba.
  • Ahmad and skeleton
    Ahmad and skeleton Неделю назад @Lije Miriam that was not funny
  • Ahmad and skeleton
    Ahmad and skeleton Неделю назад @VanillaBee yeah Disney fuck off Like this guy says
  • Lije Miriam
    Lije Miriam Неделю назад @Ahmad and skeleton ok.
  • Ahmad and skeleton
    Ahmad and skeleton Неделю назад @Lije Miriam koke
  • Zodiac_Panda
    Zodiac_Panda Неделю назад Ahmad and skeleton why do you have to reply to every reply? Also if you don’t think something is funny, just leave it in your head no need to reply
  • Ahmad and skeleton
    Ahmad and skeleton Неделю назад @Zodiac_Panda than why you reply I think it's replay
  • Ahmad and skeleton
    Ahmad and skeleton Неделю назад @Zodiac_Panda than why I am here
  • R
    R 6 дней назад Well it wouldn't be obvious since not many people outside of Japan knew about Kimba, it was until the internet started to spread that people outside of Japan found out
  • veghead05
    veghead05 5 дней назад Lolol
  • Aritra Bacchar2019
    Aritra Bacchar2019 21 час назад @Ahmad and skeleton coco
  • Ahmad and skeleton
    Ahmad and skeleton 19 часов назад @Aritra Bacchar2019 coco from crash bandicoot
  • Aritra Bacchar2019
    Aritra Bacchar2019 18 часов назад @Ahmad and skeleton yes
  • Mister Beaver
    Mister Beaver 2 недели назад 1994 Disney: Kimba? Never heard of him. 2019 Disney: Art? Never heard of it.
  • StormyCloud
    StormyCloud 2 недели назад All years Disney: originality? Never heard of it.
  • Skyyswagg Studios
    Skyyswagg Studios 2 дня назад I wish big budget traditionally animated films still came out
  • Ham Animation Production
    Ham Animation Production 3 недели назад > Kimba > Simba ..... THEY JUST CHANGED THE K TO AN S
  • Mihail Doych
    Mihail Doych 3 недели назад Ham Animation Production Simba is the Swahili word for lion
  • The Confusing Riddle
    The Confusing Riddle 3 недели назад @Mihail Doych that's cool to know!
  • Abhi Saha
    Abhi Saha 3 недели назад @Mihail Doych kijivu simba (gray lion) = kimba .
  • Romance Nyogu
    Romance Nyogu 3 недели назад @Abhi Saha interesting..
  • Ailan the Bins toy bin fan
    Ailan the Bins toy bin fan 3 недели назад Zimba
  • Ahmad and skeleton
    Ahmad and skeleton 3 недели назад Genius
  • GanonGhidorah
    GanonGhidorah 3 недели назад No, that's what NBC did... The original Anime was Leo the Jungle Emperor and NBC was given the rights to distribute it in North America. NBC wanted to Copyright the character's name...but couldn't copyright "Leo the Lion" because it was already taken. It was copyrighted as the name of MGM's Lion Mascot seen in the opening-logo for their productions. So to copyright the character, they took the Swahili Word for Lion - "Simba" and swapped the S for a K, so that they could copyright it.
  • Miss Draco
    Miss Draco 2 недели назад You stupid. Kimba was a dub name
    XAVIERCUERVO 2 недели назад no shit Sherlock!!!
  • charmander88
    charmander88 2 недели назад Ailan the Bins toy bin fan Coming 2020 at theaters near you.
  • Blizzard The Glaceon
    Blizzard The Glaceon Неделю назад Abhi Saha oh damn
  • ChimChim Lover
    ChimChim Lover Неделю назад No Simba Means Lion in African Language
  • Verz
    Verz Неделю назад No Disney copied kimba kimba was the okdest version
  • ExxGamer 201
    ExxGamer 201 Неделю назад We All Know That
  • Jodie Gallardo
    Jodie Gallardo Неделю назад My god
  • STOPH me!
    STOPH me! Неделю назад $imba
  • R
    R 6 дней назад They sure did
  • Vidida Makeup
    Vidida Makeup 6 дней назад Lets make a new lion named limba
  • Cami Morillo
    Cami Morillo 6 дней назад Nibba
  • Omar Bravo
    Omar Bravo 1 день назад Simba is Lion on japanese
  • Artemis Everfey
    Artemis Everfey 3 недели назад I love how Disney is like "the movie was inspired by bambi" when Kimba was inspired by bambie as well XD
  • It's Dark
    It's Dark 2 недели назад Lol ouch
  • Coffee Link
    Coffee Link Неделю назад Artemis Everfey so they all basically copied Bambi lol
  • Arab Katib
    Arab Katib Неделю назад (изменено) Coffee Link, actually, aside from Bambi being from Disney, the joke here was that they copied the claim of the source of inspiration.. which is actually one of the cheesiest things to do generally.
  • A Rox
    A Rox Неделю назад bambi is not from disney, its an old story and it was bought by disney and changed almost completely.
  • Arab Katib
    Arab Katib Неделю назад A Rox, Wow! Thank you for letting us know!!!
  • FaZe KillShot
    FaZe KillShot Неделю назад No it was inspired by shakespears hamlet lmao these clout chasers
  • R
    R 6 дней назад @FaZe KillShot lol
  • FaZe KillShot
    FaZe KillShot 6 дней назад R haha it was search it up bro
  • R
    R 6 дней назад @FaZe KillShot haha
  • FaZe KillShot
    FaZe KillShot 6 дней назад R I’m being for real 😳 search it up
  • AussieMan
    AussieMan 6 дней назад Yeah, you can easily link both The Lion King and Kimba The White Lion to Bambi anyway.
  • Barkley B. Cooltimes
    Barkley B. Cooltimes 3 недели назад Its good to know anime has always been insanely confusing with movies, spin offs, and remakes.
  • ThePaintingBanjo
    ThePaintingBanjo 3 недели назад Same exact shit with classic American cartoons though. Actually, I think American cartoons do it more frequently.
  • Zen the15
    Zen the15 22 часа назад Of course, Japan's originality. "Makes the sequels and adding a riddle conflict with no end." And there's no America cartoon productions who wants to make OVA like 3 eps for their cartoon. Only Japan does.
  • Mitch_ Camo
    Mitch_ Camo 3 недели назад Director : how much originality do you want Disney : no
  • veghead05
    veghead05 5 дней назад 😂😂
  • Malsy Pright
    Malsy Pright 3 недели назад "You are your father's son." A truly breathtaking revelation
  • BardiXgamer Official
    BardiXgamer Official 2 недели назад I just came into the shocking dramatic realization that I'm my father's son
  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez 2 недели назад Knowing the time period, I wouldn't doubt if that was a translation error.
  • simonegreco
    simonegreco Неделю назад This phrase can have another meaning than the surface level one you know "You're just like your father"
  • R
    R 6 дней назад Sounds like English dub Gohan "I am my father's son"
  • Taly Talefigurefan
    Taly Talefigurefan 5 дней назад Omg i didnt know xD
  • loolabunu bubblez
    loolabunu bubblez 3 дня назад Creeper
  • R
    R 3 дня назад @loolabunu bubblez ew
  • gameboytim -
    gameboytim - 2 дня назад I am my brothers son
  • Szczypior
    Szczypior 4 недели назад Osamu Tezuka: dies Disney: Hippity Hoppity, your life achievements are now my property
  • Mongol Mongol
    Mongol Mongol 3 недели назад meh
  • Vampire Hunter TK
    Vampire Hunter TK 3 недели назад Blame Michael Eisner.
  • Alex m
    Alex m 3 недели назад yet osamu tezuka did bambi and Pinocchio manga selling without permission
  • II Christopher II
    II Christopher II 3 недели назад Oof
  • Robert Nicholls
    Robert Nicholls 3 недели назад @Alex m No he didn't, he actually credited them.
  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 3 недели назад (изменено) I laughed too hard at this
  • ali hadi babar
    ali hadi babar 3 недели назад 500 th like
  • Earthbound555
    Earthbound555 3 недели назад To be fair Disney originally planned to be a remake but Osamu died before the contract could be signed and the animators who were going to work on it were moved to the Lion King, probably the director accepted the drafts that were presented to him without knowing the origin of the drafts
  • Master Moo
    Master Moo 3 недели назад Alex m If i recall correctly, Disney hired Tezuka to do that. Also, what does that matter? That doesn’t change the fact that Disney still plagiarized an original work. If i had recalled wrongly, well, Tezuka’s dead now asshole, what are you gonna do?
  • Shido8
    Shido8 3 недели назад @Alex m he credited them unlike disney
  • Alex m
    Alex m 3 недели назад @Shido8 you referring to the man Walt Disney himself not giving credit?
  • Kai Tea Latte
    Kai Tea Latte 3 недели назад Mongol Mongol I love that
  • 金魚ZeZeKingyo
    金魚ZeZeKingyo 3 недели назад (изменено) @Alex m shut up dude, you're just wrong for the fact you don't learn about Osamu. And yet you still consider your statement as a fact, but wrong in the end.
  • Alex m
    Alex m 3 недели назад @金魚ZeZeKingyo but how does a dead man steal and see into the future to release an alternate version of the original that came out on his death while he was working on the jungle book? If you can't figure it out and need someone to hold your hand like a child shows your IGNORANCE lol
  • Alex m
    Alex m 3 недели назад @金魚ZeZeKingyo as I repeat. How did the human Mr. Walt Disney HIMSELF steal it?
  • 金魚ZeZeKingyo
    金魚ZeZeKingyo 3 недели назад @Alex m Ur triggered because eventhough my statement had told you that being your mind is only concentrating the question on what you're making, the answer from these people and from the reliable documents from the web is still right in your face this whole time yet you believe it is obsolete. I can't believe that you as a YouTuber, has a mental capacoty of a child, and if you would bring that so called intellectual description up, I have no choice but to describe you as a minute form of life. Good day to you sir :)
  • Alex m
    Alex m 3 недели назад @金魚ZeZeKingyo look who is projecting you child. You got triggered to respond and still didnt respond to my question and didnt even search up and make it about about walt disney being at fault. how does a dead man steal?
  • 燈籠草
    燈籠草 3 недели назад Not Walt to blame,but some of the people that make some decisions in higher up class to blame.My only issue is with the lion kings production team claimed they never heard of Kimba.Most of them.
  • Alex m
    Alex m 3 недели назад @燈籠草 then it's the production team and the director at fault that needs to be naked . People like the retard above me who comments doesn't even look up the ones responsible and blames all or makes it sound like Walt Disney himself did it when he is dead and even if concept of it came to the west that he was too busy on jungle book movie to bother with it.
  • bondyczep
    bondyczep 3 недели назад Alex m disney hired tezuka to do that
  • 燈籠草
    燈籠草 3 недели назад @Alex m You can said those people pretty much tainted Walt's companys name,and for that Hitler comic you said I check it out,its not about praising Hitler,its about the story of three Adolfs ,and the path they choose,if I get the story right.This doesnt seem like a big problem to me.
  • Possesed Noctis
    Possesed Noctis Неделю назад Cringe
  • Cutetiger13
    Cutetiger13 Неделю назад Lol
  • Holly Shepherd
    Holly Shepherd 2 недели назад I googled Kimba and it said “Didi You Mean Simba”😂🙃
  • veghead05
    veghead05 5 дней назад 😂😂
  • K S
    K S 5 дней назад That's sad
  • Hollyleaf the vampire cat
    Hollyleaf the vampire cat 5 дней назад @K S ikr......
  • Dominick R.
    Dominick R. 5 дней назад Now it show Kimba the White Lion
  • Tyler Hunt
    Tyler Hunt 4 дня назад I mean simba does mean lion in another language
    FRISHR 2 недели назад More like “The Lying King”
  • Robot Mario
    Robot Mario Неделю назад no
  • Mahima Likes Pizza
    Mahima Likes Pizza Неделю назад Ahaha good one
    MYSTIC PRODUTIONS Неделю назад shut up cause The Lion King is lit my faveorite movie
  • Yum The Yummy
    Yum The Yummy Неделю назад MYSTIC PRODUTIONS bro its just a joke chill
  • undertalefangirl lol
    undertalefangirl lol Неделю назад Shut the HELL UP LION KING IS AN GREAT MOVIE YOU MOTHERFUCKER
  • Taker369
    Taker369 Неделю назад undertalefangirl lol Disney sucks get mad fanboy
    The UNKNOWN Неделю назад Some of y'all are taking this joke to a whole new lvl. Their is no reason to get mad. :/
  • Pink Phantom AJ
  • YuriDokiYT
    YuriDokiYT Неделю назад Taker369 fangirl* but you are correct
  • YuriDokiYT
    YuriDokiYT Неделю назад undertalefangirl lol Shut the fuck up triggered 8 year old, little shit
  • YuriDokiYT
    YuriDokiYT Неделю назад The UNKNOWN Ayeee!! I'm subbed to you
  • Mob
    Mob Неделю назад ⚠ UNDERRATED COMMENT ⚠
  • YuriDokiYT
    YuriDokiYT Неделю назад Mob uwu
  • R
    R 6 дней назад I ain't "Lion"
  • R
    R 6 дней назад @undertalefangirl lol hahaha
  • Stella Darkeness XD
    Stella Darkeness XD 6 дней назад FRISHR NOPE
  • Yaman Cérin
    Yaman Cérin 6 дней назад Fuck Disney.
  • Hollyleaf the vampire cat
    Hollyleaf the vampire cat 5 дней назад @Yaman Cérin I agree
  • loolabunu bubblez
    loolabunu bubblez 5 дней назад @MYSTIC PRODUTIONS shut up cause its a copy. Btw they wont shut up just cause its your favorite fricking movie.
  • loolabunu bubblez
    loolabunu bubblez 5 дней назад @undertalefangirl lol lol why you mad over a copy
  • loolabunu bubblez
    loolabunu bubblez 5 дней назад @Yaman Cérin err
  • Ricky Hawlen
    Ricky Hawlen 4 дня назад @undertalefangirl loldisney does sucks tho
  • Dinosaur Adventures
    Dinosaur Adventures 3 дня назад Taker369 yeah I agree with you I like Universal Studios better.....
  • loolabunu bubblez
    loolabunu bubblez 3 дня назад @YuriDokiYT im pretty sure your the triggered "9 year old" cause the "8 year old" said something you didnt like. "Little shit"
  • gameboytim -
    gameboytim - 2 дня назад loolabunu bubblez did you read the comment they were replying to? But still, they were both little shits
  • Game Geek
    Game Geek 3 недели назад "EW-wait a second, this is from the remake." WHEEZE
  • Stevan Gonzalez
    Stevan Gonzalez 3 недели назад I imagined J Jonah Jameson's wheeze in Spider-Man 2 lol
  • Jami Snapdragon the Goat
    Jami Snapdragon the Goat 2 недели назад Japanese wheeze onomatopoeia KUKKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
  • Fairy Gamer
    Fairy Gamer 2 недели назад "Life, Death, Betrayal, redemption" Sounds like my grandma's soap operas
  • Sugarr Bunzz
    Sugarr Bunzz 2 недели назад XD
  • Cutetiger13
    Cutetiger13 Неделю назад XD
  • Kevin Benoit
    Kevin Benoit 4 недели назад Mr Tezuka: dies Disney: WEARS HIS SKIN
  • Sexypickle123
    Sexypickle123 4 недели назад This should be top comment
  • David Bennett
    David Bennett 4 недели назад Lol
  • pcred567
    pcred567 4 недели назад lmfao there's no goddamn way this was just said
  • SunWukong1984
    SunWukong1984 4 недели назад Oh my god. I get that.
  • ClearSummerSkies
    ClearSummerSkies 4 недели назад That's too funny!
  • Anthony Jungen
    Anthony Jungen 4 недели назад Oh dear... it's kinda painful when you've seen the movie... sad how he died up there. But the animal-human telepathic thing was amazing.
  • Secular Ascetic
    Secular Ascetic 4 недели назад Ironically Tezuka was inspired by Disneys comics.
  • FOX 狐
    FOX 狐 4 недели назад @Sexypickle123 it is
  • Sexypickle123
    Sexypickle123 4 недели назад @FOX 狐 It wasn't when I made that reply, this is amazing omg
  • Hi
    Hi 4 недели назад You have got my respect for that amazing comment
  • abby1startist YT
    abby1startist YT 4 недели назад @Secular Ascetic really?!
  • insert memorable username here
    insert memorable username here 4 недели назад @abby1startist YT Did you even watch the video?
  • abby1startist YT
    abby1startist YT 4 недели назад @insert memorable username here r/whoosh
  • insert memorable username here
    insert memorable username here 4 недели назад @abby1startist YT How is this a wooosh? You didnt even say a joke
  • Nacket Donut
    Nacket Donut 4 недели назад Something made me choke after I read this comment-
  • meow me
    meow me 4 недели назад Mr tezuka is good
  • Juan44444 Gomez4444
    Juan44444 Gomez4444 4 недели назад Black Swan ripoff perfect blue people some people
  • sleepy kitten
    sleepy kitten 4 недели назад bahahaha haha ha.... ohh this is too true... oh boy.
  • *HellRay*
    *HellRay* 4 недели назад Disney: It’s free real estate
  • Rashundra Powell
    Rashundra Powell 4 недели назад Kevin Benoit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • MalleyaBull
    MalleyaBull 4 недели назад What do you think of the recent Kimba reboot?
  • Honestc04Aj
    Honestc04Aj 4 недели назад Kevin Benoit BRO LMFAOOOOO
  • ExotiKor
    ExotiKor 4 недели назад @Sexypickle123 it is
  • Penny
    Penny 4 недели назад And speaking of Mr Tezuka I swear to God that he had Asperger Syndrome. His obsession with Bambi it's a clear sign of Asperger because when you have that one you have are doing the same thing over and over again.
  • Penny
    Penny 4 недели назад @Nocturnal Nights Mine? :)
  • Penny
    Penny 4 недели назад @Nocturnal Nights If you are wondering how I know these things it's because I have Asperger on myself.
  • Penny
    Penny 4 недели назад @Nocturnal Nights Thanks! Well after he watched Bambi so many times he got so affected that he got inspired to make Kimba.
  • Nocturnal Nights
    Nocturnal Nights 4 недели назад @Penny Cool that's awesome, it's funny how The Lion King is inspired by a Japanese animation inspired by an American animation made by the same guys.
  • Sexypickle123
    Sexypickle123 4 недели назад @ExotiKor as it should be
  • ExotiKor
    ExotiKor 4 недели назад @Sexypickle123 h
  • Twisted O4
    Twisted O4 4 недели назад Sorry I don't get it
  • Twisted O4
    Twisted O4 4 недели назад I get it now
  • Speccy SquareGoLike
    Speccy SquareGoLike 4 недели назад I have never seen a comment that deserves to be pinned more than this one.
  • Some Random Boi
    Some Random Boi 3 недели назад @FOX 狐 but it isnt tho
  • demarcus's channle
    demarcus's channle 3 недели назад Wtf
  • Miss Draco
    Miss Draco 2 недели назад Basically
  • AmelasMini films
    AmelasMini films 14 часов назад 8:21
  • Max Konoha
    Max Konoha 3 недели назад (изменено) Small company copies big company Saber: RIPOFF!!! >>:0 Big company copies small company Saber: it’s probably fine, idk :3
  • Turki Alamri
    Turki Alamri Неделю назад Lol
  • Mr. Sinjin-Smyth
    Mr. Sinjin-Smyth Неделю назад Put it simply, Disney's biggest mistake is claiming originality and not acknowledging Osamu Tezeka and his Kimba the White Lion. For many, The Lion King is still an all time classic.... but it's anything but original
  • ADLZ
    ADLZ 3 недели назад "Did The Lion King RIPOFF Kimba the White Lion?" Me: I DON'T NEED SLEEP, I NEED ANSWER!!!
  • Angela Tull
    Angela Tull 3 недели назад Yes, they did. I used to watch Kimba the White Lion as a child in the 60's. And the song The Lion Sleeps Tonight was also stolen from an African man named Solomon Linda who recorded it in 1939. His family was never paid. Watch THE LIONS SHARE on Netflix. And Kimba the White Lion is on YouTube.
  • The Star Wars Dude
    The Star Wars Dude Неделю назад Yes
  • EVIL CRASH BANDICOOT the touhou nightmare
    EVIL CRASH BANDICOOT the touhou nightmare 5 дней назад Yes but they fixed more stuff in the ripped off
  • Deya Amare Gaming
    Deya Amare Gaming 2 недели назад "you are your father's son, do you understand?" Kimba- i thought I was his brother thanks for the clear up