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The player that outsmarted the DM/The Entire Party r/rpghorrorstories

Published on Apr 12, 2019 642,925 views










This player defeated a problem DM as well as his player minions using his rick and morty level smartyness. (he has an IQ of 1000000, get over it.

This story was found on reddit, specifically

  • Céfiro De Winter
    Céfiro De Winter 1 месяц назад YouTube: Hey check this out Me: Wtf is this game, what is happening and what language are speaking on this comment section... HELP
  • CritCrab
    CritCrab 1 месяц назад Pinning because I love your profile pic and I wish I was a noob again.
  • Syncringe
    Syncringe 1 месяц назад Meanwhile I'm overhere just like. "Oh hey someone is talking over Neverwinter."
  • Wah Luigi
    Wah Luigi 1 месяц назад Ikr
  • Nin
    Nin 1 месяц назад It’s DnD I’m pretty sure
  • Artrysa
    Artrysa 1 месяц назад Down the rabbit hole...
  • hawtpotato90210
    hawtpotato90210 1 месяц назад @CritCrab or just say it's neverwinter nights you dick.
  • Thomas Prinport
    Thomas Prinport 1 месяц назад @hawtpotato90210 this is neverwinter, not neverwinter nights
  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson 1 месяц назад I bet the DM (Dungeon Master) is hating themselves by killing nearly the whole party.
  • Jayme Etheridge
    Jayme Etheridge 1 месяц назад The game is D&D Online
  • Logan Disappointment
    Logan Disappointment 1 месяц назад @Robert Johnson not really, they probably blame the rogue.
  • Sleepy Ancient
    Sleepy Ancient 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Cefiro De Winter It's Dungeons and Dragons, a pen and paper style RPG system where one person is DM (dungeon master) and everyone else makes a character sheet with stats and plays within the world and story that the DM leads (and sometimes creates).
  • FlameKnightPlayz
    FlameKnightPlayz 1 месяц назад @Thomas Prinport no this is patrick
  • SonicBricks
    SonicBricks 1 месяц назад Welcome to Dungeons and Dragons please roll for initiative
  • Thomas Whiteowl
    Thomas Whiteowl 1 месяц назад @hawtpotato90210 that moment when you realize that you are calling someone a dick, when you are wrong... like a dick.
  • Brandon Music
    Brandon Music 1 месяц назад Dnd 3e I think. Basically uhhh welcome to the nerd kingdom you can’t leave
  • Riana Santana Souza
    Riana Santana Souza 4 недели назад oi
  • vrg kard
    vrg kard 3 недели назад Dnd speach hehe
  • Luke Nukem
    Luke Nukem 3 недели назад @Jayme Etheridge: No, the game is Neverwinter, as was already said. DDO looks different, and the mechanics are different, and the content is different... You don't this stuff in DDO. I used to play DDO. Now I play Neverwinter.
  • MrRevolutionizedNerd
    MrRevolutionizedNerd 3 недели назад I am from Russia. Lived in USA for over 7 years; played AD&D 2nd edition with American buddies. Good game. But if DM hates you outside the game for his personal reasons, then don't play with this DM or leave the entire group. D&D was made to enjoy spending time with friends; not to be surrounded by haters.
  • Gargaduk
    Gargaduk 3 недели назад Uhm... English?
  • Alexander Baggett
    Alexander Baggett 2 недели назад This is neverwinter online
  • Goretantath
    Goretantath 2 недели назад The best nite of your life that's awaiting you at your nearest game store :3
  • ThibautVDP
    ThibautVDP 2 недели назад Welcome to the world of awesome
  • Matt D
    Matt D Неделю назад Same m8 Youtube recommends me the most random shit sometimes.
  • Spacious Chin
    Spacious Chin Неделю назад Neverwinter. A man of culture.
  • Harry Bijl
    Harry Bijl 6 дней назад neverwinter just google one of the regions hes in
  • DG 2
    DG 2 6 дней назад Why did i listen to this?
  • Spacious Chin
    Spacious Chin 5 дней назад @DG 2 cus you needed to cry
  • Seamus Fish
    Seamus Fish 2 месяца назад What a terrible way to play. The dm, the group dynamic, the player in general... couldn't see myself in a game like that, seems to toxic.
  • CritCrab
    CritCrab 2 месяца назад Indeed, my only hope is that a would-be that guy stumbles upon one of these videos and corrects his behavior before it's too late.
  • The Game Knight
    The Game Knight 2 месяца назад At least the DM got his comeuppance.
  • Hungrypiemonger
    Hungrypiemonger 2 месяца назад @The Game Knight never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.
  • The Game Knight
    The Game Knight 2 месяца назад Indeed. :D
  • Cameron Mendez
    Cameron Mendez 1 месяц назад @CritCrab the party and the dm deserved it
  • CritCrab
    CritCrab 1 месяц назад @Cameron Mendez all of em were awfully toxic tbh.
  • Lucas Choat
    Lucas Choat 1 месяц назад CritCrab i guess fight poison with a much stronger poison.
  • Lunas Eclipse
    Lunas Eclipse 1 месяц назад Yeah don't dick over any one on your team the assassin won't need to get revenge... Had they not been so toxic to the assassin he wouldn't have been so motivated for vengeance.
  • human guy also person
    human guy also person 1 месяц назад that is a really bad DM and its amaze balls that the player went thru with that
  • Daytruin ziaos
    Daytruin ziaos 1 месяц назад not as toxic as that wine hehe
  • Lunas Eclipse
    Lunas Eclipse 1 месяц назад IMHO I would have dropped from the group rather than be shit on like the player was instead it was pretty epic to burn everyone
  • CritCrab
    CritCrab 1 месяц назад @Daytruin ziaos OOOOH
  • 94ccf
    94ccf 1 месяц назад Hungrypiemonger perhaps he built up immunity to the poison from taking small doses over time.
  • TriumphOverDeath
    TriumphOverDeath 1 месяц назад the dm sounded like a shitter
  • TrueBolt18 MaestroConductor
    TrueBolt18 MaestroConductor 1 месяц назад Same
  • King Periwinkle
    King Periwinkle 1 месяц назад Same
  • Jesse Nichols
    Jesse Nichols 1 месяц назад Ironically the good party was constantly doing evil to the "evil" guy
  • Royce cx
    Royce cx 1 месяц назад My dms were always like that to me
  • E Valenic
    E Valenic 1 месяц назад That intro to the group, "if you ask for the core rule book, you'll get it thrown at you." is the kind of shit that gets your fat ass in jail at my table. No good player or party does that. Only useless creatures barely eligible for being made onto a skeleton do that shit.
  • Zero
    Zero 1 месяц назад Just like real life! Haha... ha... Yeah, that's sad.
  • DoctorVic
    DoctorVic 1 месяц назад @E Valenic yeah for real. Sure, lets throw a decently heavy book across a table filled with drinks, snacks, fragile minis, electronics etc. Seems like a brilliant idea! All for the lulz! Yeah, no thanks. Hard pass on that group.
  • Pa Sp
    Pa Sp 1 месяц назад Play online in my experience with like 30 games half end up like this or get close.
  • Manny Brum
    Manny Brum 1 месяц назад It's the kind of game that kids run after school. I played a 2e game back in the 90s and it was the same shit. The DM would have us fight a Tarrasque at level 1 or the person who could afford the PHB would tell everyone else made up rules so their character could be more powerful than everyone else.
  • The Video Game Crusader
    The Video Game Crusader 1 месяц назад You said it, worst! players! ever!
  • berdybirdy8878
    berdybirdy8878 1 месяц назад Toxic is such a lazy descriptor. This is a revenge story that most people can get behind. It doesn't even seem to have effected anyone's "feelings". This group agreed to play the way they did, and the dm and evil player took full advantage of the system they used to deal out punishment. Even if there emotions went on a rollercoaster doesn't mean anyone's feelings where hurt. This could be an amazing experience in RP and a great lesson for everyone to learn from. You cant grow from toxicity, just be deteriorated and left permanently hurt. This story can be a great lesson which good can come from a bad situation. I doubt this group quit playing and hated each other afterwards.
  • Thad Lozensky
    Thad Lozensky 1 месяц назад @berdybirdy8878 What are you even talking about. No one agreed to play like that. They agreed they had to know the rules and the mechanics and play in a more realistic style. Not giving a character his exp on a module, randomly setting loot specifically to take out a certain player, actively aiding the other PCs against one player, and announcing a player's alignment is terrible DMing.
  • berdybirdy8878
    berdybirdy8878 1 месяц назад @Thad Lozensky Lol that's the same thing I'm saying. I never said the DMing was good, the things you listed are ok, or I would want to play this way. I wasn't descriptive enough in my comment for you so your taking it the wrong way. If you keep showing up to play, never voice your opinion about what's wrong, and then finding a way to get back at everyone doesn't sound like your feelings are hurt. That's why I think "toxic" isn't a good descriptor. I'm not saying its okay but the opposite. The DM had it out for this guy and he flipped the script on him. Good for him not being all in his feeling. He found a way to overcome. Its BS what the DM did to the player but it wasn't toxic. If it was he would have given up on D&D. It was malicious to try and single out someone in that way. The way people use the word toxic now is ridiculous. That's what I'm talking about. Don't be lazy and use a trendy word bc you don't like something. Formulate a full sentence with accurate meaning to describe things to have your idea understood.
  • Brennon Zavaleta
    Brennon Zavaleta 1 месяц назад I think it's just one of those things where everyone has to be on board with playing like that or else it won't work. That's the great thing abt D&D: whatever is fun to you can be worked into the game! But yes, I completely agree, I would not enjoy that level of shock therapy play-style