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TOSLINK: That one consumer fiber optic standard

Published on Jul 19, 2019 450,856 views










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Well. Isn’t that strange. Digital data through fiber optics, and in the home no less! Let’s explore this a little, shall we?

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  • Andrei Alexandru Bleorțu
    Andrei Alexandru Bleorțu 1 месяц назад (изменено) the fact that there are TOSLINK cables with gold plated connectors just makes me want to die
  • Trekeyus
    Trekeyus 1 месяц назад You're kidding right they seriously have gold-plated ones?
    KEITH FLOYD'S FINAL INTERVIEW 1 месяц назад Agreed.
  • Kevin Booth
    Kevin Booth 1 месяц назад @Trekeyus consumers are stupid
  • SpottyDefectiveGaming
    SpottyDefectiveGaming 1 месяц назад Yes
  • nmeunier
    nmeunier 1 месяц назад Audio snake oil is alive and well and living in TOSLINK cables.
  • Chris Beeson
    Chris Beeson 1 месяц назад Oh my gosh I want one now. I think I might have issues.
  • Gaydolf Hitler
    Gaydolf Hitler 1 месяц назад that says it all. Now the whole thing seems like a scam
  • Rob James
    Rob James 1 месяц назад Really? Made by monster I bet...
  • Cavey Möth
    Cavey Möth 1 месяц назад I thought that gold plating was for improved durability, and thus more plug/unplug cycles.
  • Leon Harder
    Leon Harder 1 месяц назад @Cavey Möth Because gold is very hard and durable...
  • Infra Violet
    Infra Violet 1 месяц назад just look into "audiophile grade" cabling they believe that a power cable with woo woo space magic makes better sound
  • Cavey Möth
    Cavey Möth 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Leon Harder Oh, yeah, it is hard. ;P Well, it is quite malleable at room temperature, compared to many other metals. Maybe this helps it when it's forced into tiny jacks, like that one girl with the five black gu- I mean know.
  • johnny chang
    johnny chang 1 месяц назад There are even old golden teeths to make your cringing noise free LOL
  • VeveRO
    VeveRO 1 месяц назад @Leon Harder corrosion and manufacturing costs. Gold doesn't corrode and it being very malleable it is easy to work with to cut just a very thin inexpensive piece of it to put on top of the connector. And there you go, you got a connector that resists corrosion and was cheap to produce.
  • Maraxius
    Maraxius 1 месяц назад I had to rewind several minutes after hearing that, as I was too busy sliding off the couch in tears.
  • joog is slightly okay
    joog is slightly okay 1 месяц назад nmeunier nice profile picture
  • Laser Lens
    Laser Lens 1 месяц назад The funny part is that some of the gold-plated ones are slightly cheaper than the normal ones. Even more ridiculous though is "shielding to block interference". Lol you could cover it with a peice of black paper and call it shielding.
  • Timothy Brown
    Timothy Brown 1 месяц назад I once got banned from a certain Headphone forum for arguing that $1000 TOSLINK cables provided no audible difference over a $5 cable. I even offered to run tests with a $20,000 1GHz oscilloscope if someone would mail me a set of cables (that I would return afterwards). I wager the jitter difference between $5 plastic TOSLINK cables and the $1000 ones with glass cores would be in the single digit nanosecond range, at the worst, and unmeasurable at the best. That’s not even remotely audible.
  • Mauricio Rivas
    Mauricio Rivas 1 месяц назад Just here for this comment, i dont have any TOSLINK conector, but i will buy a golden one
  • FishFind3000
    FishFind3000 1 месяц назад Trekeyus same with hdmi.
  • Alexander Rewijk
    Alexander Rewijk 1 месяц назад i'm not shocked these things exist, marketing people are full of shit, but even then... lord almighty...
  • SFF Author B.L. Alley
    SFF Author B.L. Alley 1 месяц назад Having gold plated cable connectors (and associated inflated prices) for home audio/video is completely unnecessary. Nickel plating produces the same quality. The only advantage of gold is corrosion resistance, such as when using A/V systems outdoors.
  • Steven Haussmann
    Steven Haussmann 1 месяц назад Almost as good as the gold-plated shields on USB-A connector!
  • SFF Author B.L. Alley
    SFF Author B.L. Alley 1 месяц назад @Rob James Monster, the originator of overpriced cables and accessories sold with marketing gibberish. Thanks to them we still see nonsense like "Nitrogen-injected dielectric" and "99.9% Oxygen free copper". Sigh
  • justinl458
    justinl458 1 месяц назад Maybe we just want to flex our bling bling.
  • Ben K
    Ben K 1 месяц назад but you won't get the full speed unless the cable is orange.. orange = faster.. this is known.
  • Vee H
    Vee H 1 месяц назад Durability reasons. Never seen this on any of my ther plastic connectors including some of my classic gaming consoles.
  • spambot71
    spambot71 1 месяц назад @Steven Haussmann gold-plated electrical contacts are reasonable because it makes them more corrosion resistant. it's ridiculous for toslink because you can just make it out of plastic and sidestep the whole metal corrosion thing entirely
  • Shared Knowledge
    Shared Knowledge 1 месяц назад Andrei Alexandru Bleorțu Welcome to Chinese design. If gold is good for copper cables it must be good for optical ones in the brains of the Chinese clueless trying to scam people out of their money.
  • David Pietras
    David Pietras 1 месяц назад No one: Monster Cable: breathing intensifies
  • edesge
    edesge 1 месяц назад I have one of those, i always thought it was just for looks.
  • spambot71
    spambot71 1 месяц назад what's with everyone and monster? i thought monster got out of the premium cable game and sells medium overpriced best buy now? idk i worked at a fancy audio shop several years ago and monster was some of the more (RELATIVELY) down-to-earth product. definitely compared to audioquest and stuff
  • Lakshmanan L M
    Lakshmanan L M 1 месяц назад @Ben K papaya orange like a certain F1 team.....
  • amak1131
    amak1131 1 месяц назад @VeveRO There's another material that doesn't corrode.... plastic.
  • Kage Shi
    Kage Shi 1 месяц назад Gold plated grounding sleeve. Yea it is mildly pointless however it is better than using alu. It has a better flex/contact holding ability, other than that yea it is a joke.
  • strategist32
    strategist32 1 месяц назад I saw them on Amazon well before seeing this video. I had exactly the same reaction that he did.
  • IcedForce
    IcedForce 1 месяц назад Some people are also ready to pay +1,500$ for a HDMI cable that has solid silver conductors, carbon fiber plugs, all the strands twisted and knotted and whatever together to make the sound and image better in all digital format. Like seriously, if the HDMI cable has the same standard specs as the other, go for the cheapest one, the more expensive does nothing else than cost more. If you want a good laugh at how stupid some people are, just Google Monster or Wireworld and look at their HDMI cables. Monster stops at something like 200$ but Wireworld, oh they just start at 200$. And just to make the point clear only thing that that 1,500$ Wireworld Platinum mumbojambo HDMI2.0 cable does better than no-brand HDMI2.0 cable that costs 10$ is milk the gullible.
  • Shukterhouse Jive
    Shukterhouse Jive 1 месяц назад Yeah, I bet it doesn't even come with the audiophile bag of rocks you need to get the most out of your digital audio!
  • strategist32
    strategist32 1 месяц назад @Shukterhouse Jive Don't forget the coat hangers and alligator clips. The ONLY way to get the TRUE audio experience.
  • Brad Strawn
    Brad Strawn 1 месяц назад You underestimate the appeal of premium/luxury branding. Everyone wants to be a baller, and buying the most expensive cable helps with feeling like a baller.
  • PhazonLord 4337
    PhazonLord 4337 1 месяц назад What about silver plated HDMI cables ? I'm not kidding, look it up on Amazon, it's the most ridiculous thing ever
  • Robert Baker
    Robert Baker 1 месяц назад I remember seeing, in the John Lewis department store, a 1 metre HDMI cable for £25 (I think that's about $50 US), and thinking "they have got to be kidding". I wasn't at all surprised to read, not long afterward, an article explaining why (for cables up to 5m at any rate) there's no point in spending more than £2/metre on an HDMI cable.
  • Phos9
    Phos9 1 месяц назад That's just the tip of the iceberg. Denon was selling a $1000 ethernet cable for use with some AV receiver that for some reason had the direction it was supposed to be installed printed on it. There was this company selling a light absorber that were calling a blackbody that was supposed to cut down on interference based on data that blue light made audio sound better. There were (are?) companies selling ceramic isolaters meant for power lines to keep your speaker cables off the floor.
  • D13H4RD2L1V3
    D13H4RD2L1V3 1 месяц назад Don't forget gold plated USB and HDMI connectors.....
  • Gary Black
    Gary Black 1 месяц назад "There's a fool born every minute, and two to take him" -- P.T. Barnum
  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis Johnson 1 месяц назад I hope you’re kidding. I’m not going to look it up.
  • Iain
    Iain 1 месяц назад I don't think I can even by toslink cables without gold plated connectors. Every single one I have found so far is gold plated.
  • masta182
    masta182 1 месяц назад manufacturing those in the first place is a pretty hostile gesture.
  • 野龍
    野龍 1 месяц назад There are also HiFi power cord available. Like, if it got a built-in noise filter then it might be something actually useful, but no, seems to be just regular power cord with plastic weaved net outside.
  • Mike Case
    Mike Case 1 месяц назад I worked at a Best Buy years ago. A supervisor tried to convince me the gold plating on a toslink cable made a difference. I just laughed.
  • CybershamanX
    CybershamanX 1 месяц назад @Lewis Johnson Yep. They do indeed make them. Just googled "gold plated toslink cable" and a bunch came up. :P I've purchased higher end cables in the past (not toslink cables, though) simply because I like the construction and the look, not because I think they make the sound any better. But I can't think of even one reason how a gold plated toslink cable connector would be any benefit at all, though. Even for the look, because the plated portion would be imbedded in the socket, so... ;) I guess if you like the overall look of the cable, that's fine, because the plated ones often have interesting, beefy connectors and braided cables. But, yeah, EM interference is never going to affect the photos in the cable. You only have to worry about gravity. But if you're near enough to a black hole that it's affecting your home theater system, you've got bigger problems to worry about... ;) :P
  • William Wallace
    William Wallace 1 месяц назад ...I cant even...