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25 Creepy Hidden Messages In SpongeBob Squarepants

Published on Jun 19, 2019 916,554 views










Here are 25 of the creepiest hidden messages in SpongeBob Squarepants! Subscribe to our channel:

SpongeBob Squarepants is one of the most successful animated television series out there. It has generated a whopping $13 billion over the years and is without a doubt one of Nickelodeon’s greatest successes. Created by marine science educator and animator Stephen Hillenburg, the show follows the lives of a couple of pals from Bikini Bottom with SpongeBob Squarepants himself at the wheel. While the gang gets themselves into all kinds of trouble through their wild escapades, the biggest trouble they get in is offscreen. Fans and critics of the show have pointed out that although the show is targeted at kids from ages six to eleven, there is a ton of adult humour that is far from age appropriate. Today, we will be look at 25 creepy hidden messages in the show and explaining where the animators went wrong. After rewatching some of the episodes, we are baffled that some of them got greenlit. The first theme that we will review that surfaces often is anatomy euphemisms. You might recall the scene where SpongeBob was buried under the sand except for his nose sticking out. Where Mr. Krabs approached him, he said that he “hoped it was his nose” suggesting he might be having a little too much fun in the sun. The young sponge also seems to have an affinity for putting underwear on his head and when pulled over his face, his nose looked very suggestive indeed. We’ll also be covering a multitude of adult jokes that will leave you shocked and appalled. Join us on the wild ride under the sea!

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  • FireGaming vids
    FireGaming vids 2 месяца назад A creepy message... sponge bob has never been arrested for his driving
  • AnimeKing #1999
    AnimeKing #1999 2 месяца назад Ikr, whats up with that
  • Pikku Pelaaja
    Pikku Pelaaja 1 месяц назад Woah
  • John Hatch
    John Hatch 1 месяц назад FireGaming vids NANI
  • • H o n e y •
    • H o n e y • 1 месяц назад Well, the police rarely ever shows up in episodes. They only showed up at least two or three times.
  • ClassicStupidWowzers.
    ClassicStupidWowzers. 1 месяц назад What is actually up with that tho??
  • Flower Girl.
    Flower Girl. 1 месяц назад Lmao ikr what is up with that
  • J. Boney Designs
    J. Boney Designs 1 месяц назад Because he is in driving school.
  • tear drip
    tear drip 1 месяц назад FireGaming vids LMAO
  • Ocean Honyar
    Ocean Honyar 1 месяц назад 4/im14andthisisdeep
  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 1 месяц назад Ms puff gets arrested since she's his teacher leading them to believe she taught him bad driving
  • Richard Parker
    Richard Parker 1 месяц назад As a student driver he is under the responsibility of his teacher Mrs. Puff, that's why she gets arrested so many times after his driving.
  • baby bendy lorst
    baby bendy lorst 1 месяц назад He crash again
    XxGeTnOsCoPeDxX MISTERMEOW 4 недели назад Dun Dun Dun!!!!!!
  • Jo
    Jo 4 недели назад And he has a job but Mr. Crabs doesn't pay him so how does he have money in his pocket
  • A Cruising Boi
    A Cruising Boi 4 недели назад • H o n e y • no he’s been arrested like 10 times so u not a true fan
  • dreamers242
    dreamers242 4 недели назад SpongeBob*
  • oceanowo •watervids•
    oceanowo •watervids• 3 недели назад @A Cruising Boi honey its right and just because she or he got something wrong doesn't mean that she or he a fake fan
  • Jacoby C.
    Jacoby C. 3 недели назад I know!!!
  • Christy Maria
    Christy Maria 3 недели назад Hmmh your right xD
    LOGAN DAVIS 3 недели назад FireGaming vids that’s a wheely good point but this will not star you in the video.
    ANUSHBEATS 3 недели назад FireGaming vids true
  • One Piece Siblings
    One Piece Siblings 2 недели назад Omg!!! so creepy I will get nightmares!!!
  • Lacy Janell
    Lacy Janell 2 недели назад FireGaming vids True
  • Mo Beans
    Mo Beans 2 недели назад I 11 and I know s
  • Saraya Kyle
    Saraya Kyle 2 недели назад WOW 🙄🙄🙄
  • KayLay’s Vids
    KayLay’s Vids 2 недели назад Am I the only person who took this dirty minded?
  • Overlords Assassin
    Overlords Assassin Неделю назад @KayLay’s Vids not the only one.
  • Edd Com
    Edd Com Неделю назад GASP
  • Joseph McGrath
    Joseph McGrath 5 дней назад nani
  • Master jae
    Master jae 5 дней назад Its a kid shoe dude we dont want to see him go to jail...
  • Lil Stewie
    Lil Stewie 1 день назад He’s a god not a citizen
  • Garrett Yates
    Garrett Yates 1 месяц назад These arent Creepy......its just dirty jokes, dirty jokes arent friggin creepy x.x
  • Trash Queen
    Trash Queen 2 недели назад Ikr
  • Azeara Azymoto
    Azeara Azymoto Неделю назад They are in a childrens show involving children.
  • Rene Deschamps
    Rene Deschamps 1 месяц назад I am just laughing at how they call men holding hands a "creepy hidden message"
  • Noir_YT
    Noir_YT 1 месяц назад Bbbb but gays are sssc scary man
  • Zoe World
    Zoe World 1 месяц назад Noir_YT stuttering machine
  • Nani Hill
    Nani Hill 4 недели назад yess. also i would like this but it’s at 69 likes
  • Hanna Curlee
    Hanna Curlee 3 недели назад Nani Hill you can like now
  • Gaming Zay And crafts
    Gaming Zay And crafts 3 недели назад You know what is a creepy is that sponge bob gay he likes squidward
  • Hanna Curlee
    Hanna Curlee 3 недели назад gacha Zay stories And crafts he could be bi (like me) he married sandy soooo he likes both genders
  • Angel Rider
    Angel Rider 3 недели назад Hanna Curlee when did he ever marry sandy
  • Grimlock
    Grimlock 3 недели назад The whole video is just a shitty opinionated blog post. Just someone recording themselves saying "I think that looks sexual."
  • TheWolfGamer
    TheWolfGamer 2 недели назад Lol
  • Justaveragesean
    Justaveragesean Неделю назад @Jejsjs Hdhshsjs not everyone is Christian you, wooshtard.
  • Alex M
    Alex M Неделю назад @Noir_YT how r they scary.
  • Alex M
    Alex M Неделю назад @Hanna Curlee I heard he was ace. He could be bi and ace. It happens
  • Noir_YT
    Noir_YT Неделю назад Alex M only normies don’t understand
  • Unidentified Alien
    Unidentified Alien Неделю назад @Alex M actual sponges are asexual. They reproduce asexually. I don't think he could be bi.
  • Kitkatlover Aj
    Kitkatlover Aj Неделю назад Gaming Zay And crafts i do support gays but this is a kids show
  • Pikaia Gracilens
    Pikaia Gracilens 6 дней назад They also did it with the rainbow-coloured patty at the beginning. I guess Screenrant is a homophobic channel by and for lowest-common-denominator morons on the internet.
  • Cyan Warrior
    Cyan Warrior 5 дней назад @Justaveragesean Yes, that's why those who are Christians are tasked with sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ so they will have salvation and deliverance from the consequences of wickedness and corruption through repentance.
  • CoolFoxy 02
    CoolFoxy 02 3 дня назад Gaming Zay And crafts wtf why does it matter
  • Not Karen
    Not Karen 1 месяц назад (изменено) Sponge bob: “Bye squiward” “Bye mr. krabbs” “ bye squidward “ Patrick: “you said bye squidward twice” Sponge bob: “ I like squidward
  • Chronnic_mikejr
    Chronnic_mikejr 1 месяц назад Almond soup welp spongeboi May be fruity
  • Rainebow_Kitty
    Rainebow_Kitty 4 недели назад I could see it, but he is so naive and married to his work it really doesn't matter. Also, if you can't hear that comment, I don't trust you.
  • Not Karen
    Not Karen 4 недели назад Rainebow_Kitty what do you mean if you can’t hear it I can’t trust you? If you never saw the sene just look up you said bye squwidward twice on YouTube and it will pop up
  • Rainebow_Kitty
    Rainebow_Kitty 4 недели назад (изменено) @Not Karen It was a joke Edit: Plenty of people (Mainly on Pinterest from my experience, anyway) will show a picture or a phrase from an iconic show and say if you can't hear the picture, they don't trust you as a joke. Like Marvel fans will say if you can't hear Tony Stark's suit effects, then they can't trust you. It's all fun and games, fam. I don't mean anything by it, and neither did those people.
  • Rosie Lavallee
  • optimistichobi
    optimistichobi Неделю назад @Rosie Lavallee sponges can actually change their gender so-
  • Toni The killer
    Toni The killer Неделю назад I love that ep lol
  • Random gacha editor and animator
    Random gacha editor and animator Неделю назад Spongebob: "It's just you me and this brick wall you made between us."
  • Bunder head
    Bunder head Неделю назад HA GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
  • Wowie Wowie
    Wowie Wowie 1 месяц назад "Mr. Krab" "Mr. Krab" "Mr. Krab" I'm sure I'm not the only one who's noticed that his name has been said wrong almost the whole time
  • maddiesosweet
    maddiesosweet Неделю назад They did it as a joke I am just now seeing that
  • Daniel Colucci
    Daniel Colucci 2 месяца назад What is wrong with suggestive jokes that parents can enjoy when they watch with their kids? Nothing, they laugh and it goes over kids' heads, no harm done!
  • Whitley Beaver
    Whitley Beaver 2 месяца назад I agree the new secret life of pets movie has things for adults and I don't see people getting their panties in a bunch about it
  • Jr Taylor
    Jr Taylor 2 месяца назад I completely agree because, as a kid, I watched pee wee's playhouse every saturday morning. That show was filled to the brim with suggestive humor but I never caught any of it. When I got older, the show had a short run on adult swim. Feeling nastalgic, I decided to watch a couple of episodes. I started to wonder how the sam hell I could've missed such suggestive humor lol. As a kid, I didn't understand it so I simply dismissed it as nonsense. Despite all the adult humor, I suppose I have grown into a normal human being haha
  • MsLucia4179
    MsLucia4179 1 месяц назад @Jr Taylor probably because as a kid you did not have sexual experiences thus nothing to compare the adult humor to, when you're an adult it becomes oh so obvious. There's a study on the subject with a picture of 9 dolphins, it's very compelling.
  • Jr Taylor
    Jr Taylor 1 месяц назад @MsLucia4179 9 dolphins? I suppose I haven't seen that pic yet
  • MsLucia4179
    MsLucia4179 1 месяц назад @Jr Taylor The shorthand is: children and adults were shown a picture of 9 dolphins. The children could only see the the dolphins while the adults only paid attention to the naughty outline the dolphins made and thus the research concluded that the adults had sexual experiences they could draw from that allowed them to see the naughty bits. The same concept could be applied to entertainment in general. Admit it though, you want to look up the picture for yourself now xD I can say it's a very interesting pic
  • Jr Taylor
    Jr Taylor 1 месяц назад @MsLucia4179 yes lol now that u have explained it, I'm thinking of looking it up
  • KurtHD Bauen
    KurtHD Bauen 1 месяц назад @MsLucia4179 l looked it up... and I failed xD. ,,Where are the dolphins?" was my first thought.
  • Jr Taylor
    Jr Taylor 1 месяц назад @KurtHD Bauen lmao
  • Blake McNamara
    Blake McNamara 1 месяц назад My family used to watch Seinfeld when I was three, while I was in the room. Every single joke went over my head.
  • - System Error -
    - System Error - 1 месяц назад Now I understand them, so when I'm watching a movie or something and a dirty joke comes on, I stiffen and laugh awkwardly while my parents sit there quietly.
  • Estelle Rose0
    Estelle Rose0 1 месяц назад Daniel Colucci I totally agree because I watched Mr. Meaty. You'll see what I mean if you know this show. 😂
  • Mushroom Witch xD
    Mushroom Witch xD 1 месяц назад I agree
  • Caleb Palicka
    Caleb Palicka 1 месяц назад Daniel Colucci RIGHTTTTTT
  • Cameo Shadowness
    Cameo Shadowness 1 месяц назад @MsLucia4179 I saw 2 of the dolphins right away and then saw the OTHER pic. I can switch between the two though and counted the dolphins. What does that mean???
  • MsLucia4179
    MsLucia4179 1 месяц назад @Cameo Shadowness it means you can distinguish between the two images. Most adults can once they realize the context
  • Cameo Shadowness
    Cameo Shadowness 1 месяц назад @MsLucia4179 that's cool. But does seeing (some) of the dolphines before the other image mean any thing? Or does that change nothing? Sorry for bothering you on this.
    DJ GILLON 1 месяц назад Blake McNamara maybe because you were 3
  • Peachy Productions
    Peachy Productions 1 месяц назад Exactly
  • Otaku•Gacha
    Otaku•Gacha 1 месяц назад @KurtHD Bauen same. i was like "wth where are they?"
  • your mom
    your mom 1 месяц назад No it doesn't im 11 and before i got most the jokes
  • Otaku•Gacha
    Otaku•Gacha 1 месяц назад @your mom Me too. But mostly, kids don't get it. sometimes yes, though!
    GRAY PUPPET 1 месяц назад Unless that kid is me😬 the internet did it
  • Otaku•Gacha
    Otaku•Gacha 1 месяц назад Lol, I usually got the jokes after the age of 8- and it’s awkward watching it with my parents now.
    DRAMA QUEEN 1 месяц назад they never said it was bad
  • Vanilla Mochii
    Vanilla Mochii 1 месяц назад @your mom Most people your age get the jokes, this is 2019... I'm pretty sure they meant this comment was about younger audiences. (I know it's for ages 6-11) Idk tho correct me if I'm wrong
  • Lovely Luna
    Lovely Luna 1 месяц назад What's wrong is kids go to school and use the interne....they know what this stuff memes lol. I know you guys already give up enough freedom, but try avoiding these things the best you can lol.
  • Capten Kittens
    Capten Kittens 1 месяц назад No harm done until the kid ask WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?
  • Capten Kittens
    Capten Kittens 1 месяц назад It is harmless until the kid asks about it
  • big lancer
    big lancer 1 месяц назад The thing with what they think are condoms aren't actually condoms they're just long balloons I've seen then at school before
  • cody Gottman
    cody Gottman Неделю назад Pixar masters this and that why I love those movies. Just like I love spongebob.
  • maleri singlar
    maleri singlar Неделю назад No
  • Vortex Films
    Vortex Films 5 дней назад And even when they get the joke when they grow up, who cares? It's more fun to laugh at
  • The Goat Got Milked
    The Goat Got Milked 1 месяц назад I don't know what world you live in, but these are not creepy facts. Clickbaited....
  • SweetIvory 1203
    SweetIvory 1203 1 месяц назад First one never happened. It was just a meme. Mr krabs just says something like "what are you doing under there lad"?
  • Teresa rogalski
    Teresa rogalski Неделю назад It did happen I saw it what country are you in?
  • B Sanchez
    B Sanchez Неделю назад @Teresa rogalski faintly cann remember it... idk kinda in an episode lol dunno what one tho lol
  • Siege Gecko
    Siege Gecko 1 месяц назад 6:35 they are only that color because Spongebob was trying to make Squidward
  • Bigchungus Getnoob
    Bigchungus Getnoob 2 дня назад Wow you must be a five year old
  • xXMickey DoodlesXx
    xXMickey DoodlesXx 2 дня назад @Bigchungus Getnoob no they are just not dirty minded
    GOODWILLHAWK 1 месяц назад These moments are hilarious, if you can’t handle a joke in spongebob your not gonna make it very far in the world.
  • maleri singlar
    maleri singlar Неделю назад No
  • JagotheGamer
    JagotheGamer 1 месяц назад This is driving me crazy so... SpongeBob and Patrick read the curse word on a dumpster, they didn't overhear mr.Krabs say it.
  • FrozenFox Games6
    FrozenFox Games6 1 месяц назад Thank you. That was also bothering me.
  • Booga04 Minecraft
    Booga04 Minecraft 1 месяц назад SAME
  • Nathan Shell
    Nathan Shell 1 месяц назад Same
  • PermafrostPyro
    PermafrostPyro 1 месяц назад I'm saying
  • Pikku Pelaaja
    Pikku Pelaaja 1 месяц назад Yep
  • wolf paws
    wolf paws 1 месяц назад Yea
  • Chris Stark
    Chris Stark 1 месяц назад Yes. Also mr krabs never says anything about hoping its his nose in the first one
  • Charlie Tea Puppet Nugget • 38 years ago
    Charlie Tea Puppet Nugget • 38 years ago 1 месяц назад What was the curse word?
  • DbhTrash 1
    DbhTrash 1 1 месяц назад Charlie Puppet no actual curse word was said instead it was a dolphin noise
  • Charlie Tea Puppet Nugget • 38 years ago
    Charlie Tea Puppet Nugget • 38 years ago 1 месяц назад Jaylin Merlo Oh okay
  • Add Bow If Girl
    Add Bow If Girl 1 месяц назад JagotheGamer What drives me crazy is the narrator’s put-on sarcastically wacky voice. It’s too much. JUST TALK NORMAL!
  • Vann Mills
    Vann Mills 1 месяц назад Thank you I noticed that and it was driving me insane
  • Kenadi ‘-‘
    Kenadi ‘-‘ 1 месяц назад Same 😭😂
  • InandOut ART
    InandOut ART 1 месяц назад Yeah, I just paused it, now looking if anyone noticed that too. And here I am.
  • Fnaf Child
    Fnaf Child 1 месяц назад how dare he
  • KasaiQueen
    KasaiQueen 1 месяц назад @Chris Stark I think its because it was edited in some places?
  • Abby Lynette
    Abby Lynette 1 месяц назад JagotheGamer Squidward smells GOOD
  • Abby Lynette
    Abby Lynette 1 месяц назад Chris Stark I remember him saying it but you probably watched a censored version
  • Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING
    Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING 1 месяц назад IKR
  • NEX
    NEX 1 месяц назад thats what I said
  • Toxic Beating
    Toxic Beating 1 месяц назад Really doesn't even take the time to understand it right?
  • Kayla Ward
    Kayla Ward 1 месяц назад Exactly
  • Maddy Jade
    Maddy Jade 1 месяц назад IT WAS BOTHERING ME SO MUCH!!!
  • Roe rowyourboat
    Roe rowyourboat 1 месяц назад FACTS
  • xxPurpMstrPanda
    xxPurpMstrPanda 1 месяц назад Mr.Krabs hit his foot nd said a word. Thats why they we're all at mr.krabs moms house
  • JagotheGamer
    JagotheGamer 1 месяц назад @xxPurpMstrPanda yes, but that was at the end of the episode.
  • Savannah !
    Savannah ! 1 месяц назад Omg that was bothering me so muchhhh
  • Coolguy0611zee
    Coolguy0611zee 1 месяц назад Did you know they actually did say the cuss words and if you look hard enough you can find the original
  • Malema
    Malema 1 месяц назад @Add Bow If Girl ikr 😂
  • Shaqtus is Not big shaqtus
    Shaqtus is Not big shaqtus 1 месяц назад Charlie Puppet one of them was motherfucker behind during the dolphin noises
  • • The Dimple on Hye Sung’s Right Cheek •
    • The Dimple on Hye Sung’s Right Cheek • 1 месяц назад Exactly ><
  • Nick Sessions
    Nick Sessions 1 месяц назад Lol do you actually expect Screen Rant to do research at this point?
  • Angela Trainor
    Angela Trainor 1 месяц назад I can’t stand how conservative this channel is 🙄 I love old cartoons they’re so fricking good
  • AwesomeKid Plays
    AwesomeKid Plays 1 месяц назад what's driving me crazy is the balloon part its not whatever THEY think it is
  • Sakura Art
    Sakura Art 1 месяц назад That part of the episode reminded me of when my dad was playing GTA V when he hit a dumpster and it hit at least 2 people.
  • Nina Jazmina Mohd Aidil
    Nina Jazmina Mohd Aidil 1 месяц назад NANI?!
  • Reba Granger
    Reba Granger 1 месяц назад I was wondering if I missed an
  • Sunset PlayZXX
    Sunset PlayZXX Неделю назад 999TH LIKE GL
  • Its Ma’heira
    Its Ma’heira Неделю назад Ur welcome I just made you get 1k likes I just wanted you to know :)
  • JagotheGamer
    JagotheGamer Неделю назад @Its Ma’heira thanks :)
  • Latte The Furry
    Latte The Furry Неделю назад 1k likes ;)
  • Emanuel Colon
    Emanuel Colon 1 месяц назад (изменено) Oh noooo adult jokes in spongebob so creepy!! Oh noo its the end of the world. smh
  • speedusmv
    speedusmv 1 месяц назад Anyone who has an issue with Spongebob, is a real life Squidward.
  • Jenny
    Jenny 3 недели назад I'm a real life squidward but fall asleep to spongebob on my TV about 5/7 days of the week lol
  • Jennifer Hernandez
    Jennifer Hernandez Неделю назад I always have it on in the background.... 😊
  • Amber
    Amber 1 месяц назад (изменено) *New spongeBob video starts playing* New SpongeBob Episode: Makes children get memory lost Kids: I'm going to end this people's whole carrer
  • Foxy Grandpa
    Foxy Grandpa Неделю назад 1. this makes no sense 2. this isnt how you use the meme 3. can you spell
  • Foxy Grandpa
    Foxy Grandpa Неделю назад no because the joke makes no sense in the first place lmao also r/ihavereddit
  • Black White Inferno
    Black White Inferno Неделю назад I grew up on Spongebob ima get dementia
  • Mizz_ Derp
    Mizz_ Derp 1 месяц назад Bold of you to assume I’m a kid watching sponge bob
  • ender king357
    ender king357 1 месяц назад "spongebob is gay" its a cartoon, man, kids dont understand anything like that
  • Kenadi ‘-‘
    Kenadi ‘-‘ 1 месяц назад Why was spongebob banned for being gay 🤦‍♀️ an I op-
  • Pinky1 The vixter
    Pinky1 The vixter 1 месяц назад Cause a lot of people theses days are homophobics and just won’t leave gay people be >:(
  • Kerri is trashh
    Kerri is trashh 4 недели назад In some places it's illegal to be gay
  • Jack Carranza
    Jack Carranza 3 недели назад @Pinky1 The vixter or because it was a long time ago...
  • Jayden
    Jayden Неделю назад Im gay, I have no problem with it.
    MASTER GAMER Неделю назад B Sanchez i meant die not say.
  • Cyan Warrior
    Cyan Warrior 5 дней назад 'Cause it's unnatural. It's a perversion and a lie far too many believe is right.
  • AGW Girl
    AGW Girl 1 месяц назад Screen Rant: this episode was deleted Me: oh really? wonder why it is on my spongebob recording list
  • oceanowo •watervids•
    oceanowo •watervids• 3 недели назад Because in some countries like Georgia / Augusta they keep the original versions
  • S3rvivor
    S3rvivor 2 недели назад @oceanowo •watervids• Isn't Georgia a state?
  • Imperial Taenian Mapping
    Imperial Taenian Mapping Неделю назад @S3rvivor Georgia is also a country
  • Mady the waffle cat
    Mady the waffle cat 1 месяц назад (изменено) 5:30 That’s weird cuz I draw/animate while watching Spongebob, what does that make me?
  • Joshua Clinton
    Joshua Clinton 1 месяц назад Mr krabs never said "I really hope that's your nose" just sayin lol
  • AngelWingsYT
    AngelWingsYT 1 месяц назад That was a fan meme
  • ZillaTheKilla 12
    ZillaTheKilla 12 1 месяц назад How would he know what it looks like
  • Wolfang Studios
    Wolfang Studios 1 месяц назад And on #19, I don't remember that being said at all
  • Sleepy Clock
    Sleepy Clock 1 месяц назад I don’t even remember when mr krabs said that
  • Dr Monday
    Dr Monday 1 месяц назад I remember him saying" SpongeBob. Please tell me that's your nose"
  • Avery Newton
    Avery Newton 1 месяц назад I hope to because I looks like a PENIS
  • Joshua Clinton
    Joshua Clinton 1 месяц назад @Dr Monday nah search it, he says stop goofing off or something like that lol
  • Dr Monday
    Dr Monday 1 месяц назад @Joshua Clinton I heard it was changed because of angry parents
  • Joshua Clinton
    Joshua Clinton 1 месяц назад @Dr Monday hm Idk maybe
  • Queen Kaylers
    Queen Kaylers 1 месяц назад Yeah! These people don't know what they're doing!!
  • Times New Rowan
    Times New Rowan 1 месяц назад Exactly, I don't know how people keep failing to fact-check that point.
  • Jonah14er
    Jonah14er 4 недели назад @Avery Newton okay I'm sorry to hear that?
  • Kanakei Ken
    Kanakei Ken 4 недели назад ikr he lied
  • Alex the Default
    Alex the Default 4 недели назад Well uh that was the original scene but it was deleted
  • Josslyn Vines
    Josslyn Vines 3 недели назад No , it's his freaking eyeball
  • Dummy Belles
    Dummy Belles 3 недели назад He did, it was changed after complaints
  • Jacoby C.
    Jacoby C. 3 недели назад Lol
  • nathan gilbert
    nathan gilbert 3 недели назад No research done
  • Mario Narro
    Mario Narro 3 недели назад @ZillaTheKilla 12 because he has one
  • Ender girl
    Ender girl 2 недели назад The only reason I liked this is b/c I wanted to make it 666