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They SAID this would be EASY... - Gaming at 8K 60fps

Published on Jul 21, 2019 3,663,276 views










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Can gaming at 8K really be easy in 2019? Sharp thinks so, and they sent over a demo unit to show us just how easy it is. But they didn't account for one thing... the Linus factor.

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  • Davonte Young
    Davonte Young 4 недели назад 2009: TO RUN THIS GAME YOU NEED A GOOD PC 2019: TO RUN THIS MONITOR YOU NEED A GOOD PC
  • Hemant Singh
  • Shuu秀修
  • Smurfinz
    Smurfinz 3 недели назад 9019 : we're at real life resolution today lol , look at these ancient dudes. (Our comments will already be archived in a nano harddrive at that time lol.)
  • Shuu秀修
    Shuu秀修 3 недели назад @Smurfinz probably gonna be stored in a pocket black hole
  • Smurfinz
    Smurfinz 3 недели назад @Shuu秀修 ahahahaha
  • Digital Swarm
    Digital Swarm 3 недели назад 2029: TO RUN THIS PIXEL YOU NEED A GOOD PC
  • Contrabang
    Contrabang 3 недели назад @Smurfinz Nah.. by then, the cloud will be backed up in subspace and subspace backed up in our DNA.
  • Zoo Hair
    Zoo Hair 3 недели назад To run you need legs.
  • youwaisef
    youwaisef 3 недели назад 2029: TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES YOU NEED A GOOD JOB
  • Punk Rachmaninoff
    Punk Rachmaninoff 3 недели назад 2009: are these dvi or dvi-d adapters? 2019: dvi adapters become a dad joke.
  • Anthony G
    Anthony G 3 недели назад @Digital Swarm 32 bit pixels 💀💀
  • irgnedeinname
    irgnedeinname 3 недели назад TO RUN THIS STAND YOU NEED 999$
  • kono dio da WRYYY
    kono dio da WRYYY 3 недели назад lmao
  • Digital Swarm
    Digital Swarm 3 недели назад Anthony G i was thinking more like individual 16k pixels
  • Mahmoud Mohamed
    Mahmoud Mohamed 3 недели назад To run this 8k you need the correct tv qled 8k samsung tv very easy to use it
  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith 3 недели назад @Smurfinz already is
  • Daniel Kufer
    Daniel Kufer 3 недели назад @Smurfinz I bet this would mean the framerate is measured in Plancks (an absurdly small and indivisible unit of time found in quantum physics).
  • Daniel Kufer
    Daniel Kufer 3 недели назад @Punk Rachmaninoff (joke with facts) The main difference is that DVI-I supports passive adapters to VGA, and DVI-D supports passive adapters to HDMI. What's so hard to understand about that?
  • Yar D Blah
  • TheOrisya
    TheOrisya 3 недели назад 2029 : TO RUN YOU NEED A GOOD PC
  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 3 недели назад Lol
  • Peter Nakic
    Peter Nakic 3 недели назад Hemant Singh 2009: can it run crysis? 2019: can it run?
  • LovelyDoetje
    LovelyDoetje 2 недели назад Finally it can run Crysis!
  • Dem Diamond
    Dem Diamond 2 недели назад 2029: TO RUN THIS GOOD PC YOU NEED ANOTHER GOOD PC
  • Inceneration! Beware
    Inceneration! Beware 2 недели назад 2019: Is my Graphics card good enought for this game. 2029: Is my Graphics card even working? 2039: Do my monitor need extra powerline from the powerline company? 2049: I wonder if the powerline company can dig in an external cabling JUST for my monitor. 2059: Shit i ran out of money and shit is getting expensive :P
  • Merque de Lyon
    Merque de Lyon 2 недели назад 2039: where do I get clean water and shelter from mutants tonight?
  • illuminated book
    illuminated book 2 недели назад lol
  • Steven Oxley
    Steven Oxley 2 недели назад To take advantage of this set up u need good eyes
  • Dev Duguay
    Dev Duguay 2 недели назад I have a GTX1070, and to run a 3rd monitor, on the 3rd DP output it would not take adapters. I had to get a DP to HDMI built in cable, and that somehow also worked.
  • PG TheSadFish
    PG TheSadFish 2 недели назад To run this pc, you need a good PC...
  • Far Altright
    Far Altright 2 недели назад @Smurfinz we are playing real life task at real life resolution, trekking, bikes, 4x4 , spaceships, wars... oh it´s called real life
  • ░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂Gous▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░
    ░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂Gous▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░ Неделю назад @Smurfinz need to post one for the archives 😁👍 Hello people from the future 😎
  • No Commentary Gameplay
    No Commentary Gameplay Неделю назад @Shuu秀修 a good wifi !!!
    THE BEST TROLLER Неделю назад Is very good... build pc specs starting in what monitor you want to run, unless someone is still 6 years old with the brain that want always the top gamma and not sit in a worth affordable/smooth 1080-1440p. Well in NWO age that started just in 2009 these people will take it always in the àss with their childish ego that will rip em off. Those people don't buy it because they are rich and don't know what to do with money, they buy just to brag with friends and telling them (for example): "I have 8k monitor","I have RTX 4080 ti" and everything else that starts with "I have" said with an arrogance tone and a buffoon air----> never be a friend, not also for a day of a pathetic child like discribed before, in all cases he will stab you in the back sooner or later being full of envy for something that you have and he hasn't and want, but he can't. 😆 Leave those trash alone. That's what they deserve.
  • Vicente Fuentes
    Vicente Fuentes 6 дней назад @irgnedeinname thats apple
  • LZMC
    LZMC 4 дня назад aha i get it, minecraft
  • hover1775
    hover1775 12 часов назад your comment is 4k ultra HD .
    ΛTLΛS 3 часа назад this comment is in 4k
  • dave idmarx
    dave idmarx 2 недели назад Who else @4:50 stopped paying attention to what was being said and instead wondered just how he was gonna get out of being strapped in by the HDMI cables?
  • Alez Gmz
    Alez Gmz 2 недели назад 🙋‍♀️
  • Saransh Gautam
    Saransh Gautam 2 недели назад Me too
  • Chris Shepherd
    Chris Shepherd 2 недели назад me too
  • Kristian Furulund
    Kristian Furulund 2 недели назад 🙋‍♂️
  • Muhammad Abdurrahman W.N.A
    Muhammad Abdurrahman W.N.A 2 недели назад Yeah :v
  • Darryn Dewar
    Darryn Dewar 2 недели назад Yup, also waiting for the far corner to fall off the edge
  • Connor Scott
    Connor Scott 2 недели назад i was gonna comment this too hahaha
  • GameCast 'n Crew
    GameCast 'n Crew 2 недели назад haha yes i expected him to crawl out ass first :D
  • Pablo Clan
    Pablo Clan 2 недели назад same
  • Crasher BG
    Crasher BG 2 недели назад Yea RIght ?!
  • JMGL011
    JMGL011 2 недели назад I was wondering the same thing
  • yass ine
    yass ine 2 недели назад his friend carry the pc and his get out? duh
  • Nitrous Gaming
    Nitrous Gaming 2 недели назад i felt annoyed when i was thinking about that XD
  • amejaremy
    amejaremy 2 недели назад Lol me too! I think I wouldn't enjoy working with him.
  • Nirotix
    Nirotix Неделю назад I noticed that too and was wondering what his plan was, but then he cut video. Lol
  • dave idmarx
    dave idmarx Неделю назад @Nirotix Yeah. We should DEMAND the uncut version of that scene!!!
  • Daniyal Nasir
    Daniyal Nasir Неделю назад Exactly
  • Jiggy01
    Jiggy01 Неделю назад Right! lol
  • InfinityGaming
    InfinityGaming Неделю назад I was literally about to comment about that
  • Gamer Phoenix
    Gamer Phoenix Неделю назад THATS ME 0.0
  • Shaggy Roggers
    Shaggy Roggers Неделю назад Oh my god 😂😂😂 how did you know
  • Greg Steimle
    Greg Steimle Неделю назад Anyone else get nervous about how much he could have just killed that
  • Mildly Aggressive Desk
    Mildly Aggressive Desk 6 дней назад Look at his face at the very end of 5:30 he realises it himself I think
  • GHawkins
    GHawkins 4 дня назад Yeah me too
  • Retro Tuna
    Retro Tuna 4 дня назад i was thinking that
  • Hunter Davis
    Hunter Davis 3 дня назад Some say hes still back there
  • Don't Askme
    Don't Askme 2 дня назад What a convenient jump cut too. I call shenanigans. He's clearly a paid actor.
  • iron_sight_ 87
    iron_sight_ 87 2 дня назад Yup and didn't even show him get out
  • MrPschocher
    MrPschocher 1 день назад i literally was about to tag the time, i scrolled down and saw your comment haha that was hilarious
  • NemesisOfAzeroth
    NemesisOfAzeroth 1 день назад Just stopped the video for search this comment
  • MDV Mike
    MDV Mike 1 день назад I was thinking this too!
  • Oliver's Gaming
    Oliver's Gaming 3 недели назад Watches video about 8k gaming on a 1080p monitor Wow 8k is amazing
    GHOST 2 недели назад watches video about 8k gaming on a 1366x768 monitor Wow 8k is amazing
  • the devil himself
    the devil himself 2 недели назад @GHOST watches this video about 8k on a 1920x1080 monitor Wow 8k is amazing
  • Bryce Morin
    Bryce Morin 2 недели назад Try 480p on a phone e
  • oprime
    oprime 2 недели назад @Bryce Morin What old phone is that? I know most are high resolution :) Even a Galaxy S7 is at 2560x1440 and most other phones are at 1080 as well. (There are phones at 4K resolution too) Unless you're watching videos on YouTube at 480 because of... internet speed? I guess?
  • James Amril-Kesh
    James Amril-Kesh 2 недели назад @oprime 4K on phones is overkill.
  • Bryce Morin
    Bryce Morin 2 недели назад @oprime I have an alcatel tcl lx
  • oprime
    oprime 2 недели назад @Bryce Morin Never heard of it before but I looked it up. Why have 480 screen with a 720 camera? I wonder what the maker was thinking.
  • oprime
    oprime 2 недели назад @James Amril-Kesh I agree, but the reality is they exist. I think they have 4K cameras on them too.
  • TDgg123
    TDgg123 2 недели назад Put an 8k screen on an apple watch 😀
  • oprime
    oprime 2 недели назад @TDgg123 Question: Why?
  • ben doyle
    ben doyle 2 недели назад watch videos on a 5k Mac w/ retina, WOW 8k is amazing compared to 5k
  • ben doyle
    ben doyle 2 недели назад @GHOST dude I'm watching in 5K and its beautiful
  • Mr. Inverse
    Mr. Inverse 2 недели назад Lol, you thought that too. But 2 days later
  • Dorian Posedel
    Dorian Posedel 2 недели назад Watches video about 8k gaming on a 144p monitor, Wow I'm broke.
  • DA
    DA 2 недели назад 8k definitely isnt real. considering our eyes can barely see if anyone falls for this i feel bad for so this guys comment about "ya its really freakin cool" is just
  • Oliver's Gaming
    Oliver's Gaming 2 недели назад @DA unless you realized it was me joking than of course you'd think it was bullshit
  • oprime
    oprime 2 недели назад @DA Maybe so, but consider the huge TV he was on, it may be 8k, but at size and detail what you're really paying for is the ability to see the TINY details when things are going slow since the hardware doesn't seem capable at present to do anything else.
  • DA
    DA 2 недели назад @oprime what i meant is our eyes can only see so many pixels, when adding more we wont even be able to see it. so understanding this i dont get what youre saying.? when they made 4k its not actually high res (it does have more pixels) but its more high color and brightness some makers have even admitted this. a lot of people get motion sickness on those tvs,,this is why its too much coming into the brain, some people can handle it some can not.
  • oprime
    oprime 2 недели назад @DA I understand and sadly it seems that more and more people are becoming that way as makers try to push the latest tech out to more and more people, regardless of how they'll affect people. (Feels like EA's evil in a sense... lol)
  • DA
    DA 2 недели назад @oprime I greatly agree,, i only wish people were not so easily fooled. :( this goes with everything.
  • Go Ham
    Go Ham 2 недели назад watched 8k just to see 1080p Wow 8k is amazing
  • Dough Palace
    Dough Palace 2 недели назад @oprime better question? why the fuck not
  • TheVergile
    TheVergile 2 недели назад IT LOOKS SO SHARP!!
  • TheVergile
    TheVergile 2 недели назад like the TV adverts of yore that run LOOK AT THEE COLORS, YO!
  • FuzzyDark
    FuzzyDark 2 недели назад In france I saw an 8K display and took a photo with my iPhone, dude, u literally can't differenciate pixels, no matter how much zoom you apply
  • Dashe
    Dashe Неделю назад DA Well, you also need to factor in how far you are from the TV.
  • TGV Atlantique
    TGV Atlantique Неделю назад hahaha, yeah 8k looks so good on my 24" 1080p(2k)
  • TheZyreick
    TheZyreick Неделю назад @oprime because there are all kinds of people that live different lifestyles that kind of phone was likely designed for people who do not really care about having a phone but care about having the ability to take decent pictures when they want because they would use some strange technology called E-mail to send the photo to themselves so that they could go to an even stranger machine at a retail store in person (crazy I know) and print off these pictures so that they can hang them on a wall because those people did not live with their faces glued to the phone screen
  • Prem Krishna
    Prem Krishna Неделю назад Listening to the audio of this video on YOUTUBE MUSIC. Wow 8k is amazing.
  • Saurab Prabhakar
    Saurab Prabhakar Неделю назад Reads a comment about watching a video abt 8k gaming on a 1080 p monitor on a 480p phone screen Wow 8k is a amazing
  • Logic_Encrypted
    Logic_Encrypted Неделю назад I’m watching on 360p and still lags! Internet, dam u!
  • Logic_Encrypted
    Logic_Encrypted Неделю назад But it’s more at like, 8k x4 or 8k x16 that this would happen.
  • Logic_Encrypted
    Logic_Encrypted Неделю назад That’s not how zoom works. Unless you have an 8k phone!
  • Arkinator
    Arkinator Неделю назад @the devil himself damn bad monitor dude
  • HipsterSauce
    HipsterSauce Неделю назад 720p chromebook for me
  • Deadly Toxic
    Deadly Toxic 5 дней назад 😂😂😂
  • MarcysFail
    MarcysFail 4 дня назад @oprime Iphone 2G :)
  • Birdysaurus Rex
    Birdysaurus Rex 4 дня назад @James Amril-Kesh Not really no, the mobile gaming industry is HUGE and I would love some serious hardware specs on a phone, as well as I am an avid hobby photograher with a love of canon products (personal preferrance) and would love to have a tool for some quick editing on the go. Plus just about to purchase a DJI Mavic Pro 2 in 2 weeks time and AGAIN, need a phone with heavy specs.
  • James Amril-Kesh
    James Amril-Kesh 4 дня назад @Birdysaurus Rex If you did a blind test between a 1440p phone and a 2160p phone I doubt you would be able to tell the difference.
  • WorstPlayer - Easy Guitar Songs & Tech
    WorstPlayer - Easy Guitar Songs & Tech 3 дня назад Watching 8K gaming in 8K monitor.... WoW it's better than my 8K
  • Casey Hill
    Casey Hill 3 дня назад I was your 1000th liked. lol
  • Oliver's Gaming
    Oliver's Gaming 3 дня назад @Casey Hill damn I got 1000 likes? bows graciously I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for making this happen for me. It truly is an incredible moment. However, this moment wouldn't be possible without an 8k monitor existing so that's where I'll end my thanks.
  • momen helal
    momen helal 22 часа назад 2160p mine
  • That Kerbonaut
    That Kerbonaut 2 недели назад Sharps: There will be no hassle Displayport to HDMI adapter: I'm about to end this mans whole career.
  • MicrosoftLogo
    MicrosoftLogo 2 недели назад It’s bc the adapters weren’t powered
  • That Kerbonaut
    That Kerbonaut 2 недели назад @MicrosoftLogo I know, I was making a joke.
  • IXxChaosmasterxXI
    IXxChaosmasterxXI 2 недели назад I have to admit it is suprinsingly difficult to find hdmi cables/adapters which work properly at 4k 60hz, took me a lot of time and nerves to troubleshoot my setup
  • Maikel SZ
    Maikel SZ Неделю назад I have seen 3 times a problem in HDMI cables. in a position they worked well, the other way around they worked with problems In one case the image was lost a few seconds and returned. in two other cases, distortions were seen in some parts of the image, points and bad color. they only exchange cable connectors, and it was already fixed Has it happened to someone else?.
  • Vod Kanockers
    Vod Kanockers 16 часов назад WHAT CARRIER
  • Michael Ramos
    Michael Ramos 2 недели назад $15,000 in graphics horsepower only to get 20fps at 8k lol.
  • Nagunai
    Nagunai 2 недели назад What a joke tbh and actually i dont really think we can see the difference between 4k and 8k ... Like i dont want to know how many Graphic cards do you need to run 8k on 60 FPS :_D
  • Neville Nazerane
    Neville Nazerane 2 недели назад the one thing i came to check in this video :D
  • Ro Ye
    Ro Ye 2 недели назад come back to this comment in 5 years time and laugh harder
  • Nagunai
    Nagunai 2 недели назад @Ro Ye even they manage to make 60fps in 8k the human eyes can't see any differwnce between 4k and 8k. This would be a waste of Honey i will stay with 4k that's the Limit ans hingeht Resolution would be dumb in my Opunion
  • Lu Austin
    Lu Austin 2 недели назад @Nagunai FPS is more important, but since I play few shooters the resolution was more important to me so I went with a 1440p 75hz monitor. Still to this day my friends dunk on me with their 1080p 144hz monitor.
  • nilleftw
    nilleftw Неделю назад To be fair, Quadro cards were never meant for gaming.