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How to properly solder 18650 batteries, fuses, & busbars

Published on Aug 29, 2017 341,291 views










Notice: If you attempt anything you see in this video, you do so at your own risk.

DO NOT waste your money now of a cheap soldering iron or soldering station because it will make your life more difficult! It's worth the money to get the right tool now! Check other EE videos and you will get the same reply. I have a drawer with several cheap irons that I used back when I was learning and studying electronic engineering. With the money I spent on those turds, I could have had three of these nice Hakko's. If you're serious about building a real power bank and other EE circuits, you will save hundreds of hours of time and frustration if you take this advise.

  • The Combat Engineer
    The Combat Engineer Год назад (изменено) As you watch this video, remember, I spent my life as a civil servant, enlisted military and lived on that tiny salary. I don't throw money away on' fancy but useless' items. This is one of the few times you need to justify spending the money and getting the proper tool. You can fact check everything I say here, from tool to technique, just look at reputable engineering channel and you'll hear the same things! What makes this tool special is that while you are soldering it doesn't get colder. It has a feedback control loop that regulates the temperature and keeps it stable and at your preset value, while you are working. If you plan on soldering hundreds of cells, please take this advise and save yourself headaches and frustration. I will do a follow-up video within a few days.
  • Pandacan Fun
    Pandacan Fun Год назад What Engineer unit were you attached to?
  • tarstarkusz
    tarstarkusz Год назад You simply cannot do this with a cheap solder station of one of those plug in soldering irons. You need a good power supply that will keep the tip at 800f. The problem with the cheap stations or the plug in irons is that the temp of the tip drops by a couple hundred degrees or more when you put it on that huge metal surface, still very hot, but not enough for soldering. This just heats the battery.
  • The Combat Engineer
    The Combat Engineer 11 месяцев назад @Pandacan Fun, my last assignment was at Ft Campbell, 1BCT, 101st ABN DIV
  • john osborne
    john osborne 9 месяцев назад Screaming Eagles!
  • john osborne
    john osborne 9 месяцев назад Shhhhh! let the adults talk.
  • john osborne
    john osborne 9 месяцев назад Have you seen any data on storing lithium batts in cool temps (refrigerator) when unused? I have been storing mine in off season or when unused. Data shows that it can increase life 5x or more. Internal resistance is the heartbeat of a battery and the cool storage temps keep the batteries IR in a dormat state. Also a few good chargers (not too bad in price) accurately measures and displays battery IR.
  • abu Gab
    abu Gab 7 месяцев назад Will Fishing i believe you ate too much fish that it reflected in the size of your brain, size of the fish brain.
  • Topher Hintz
    Topher Hintz 2 месяца назад I think I'd argue that the proper tool here isn't a soldering iron at all, but a spot welder. A really good one is expensive, but you can get a plenty good enough one on Amazon for $100-150 (search "Sunkko"). You can even make one using a transformer out of a microwave fairly easily. Man, "tens of thousands" you say? That's a huge chunk of your life!
  • Don Mega
    Don Mega 2 месяца назад @Topher Hintz tens of thousands of youtube/facebook comments are a huge chunk too, for something that will be for the most part buried by crooked search algorithms
  • Stephen Otto
    Stephen Otto 2 месяца назад Thank you for your service! Would love to hear some of your military-related engineering stories!
  • James Robertson
    James Robertson 1 месяц назад Why do Americans say sodder and not sol der as in soldier Who was the retard who taught all Americans that do electronics that its pronounced sodder you all sound so stooopid when you all say that yall
  • hyrider21
    hyrider21 4 недели назад James Robertson k
  • Nunyafb Izness
    Nunyafb Izness 3 недели назад Don't flame me disclosure (I didn't read every comment) would it not create a better connection and make it just a bit easier if you wrapped the steel wires to the bus wire then soldered these first then solder to the batteries? just a thought
  • dr0n3droid
    dr0n3droid 3 месяца назад "The only time I ever change when I'm working on a project where I need to use a different tip." OMG! I nearly fell over. Funniest thing I've heard all week.
  • westinthewest
    westinthewest 10 месяцев назад If a solder join is aborted after five seconds, I move onto the next one before returning to it. The heat from the failed attempt needs time to dissipate.
  • malcolm oxley
    malcolm oxley 2 месяца назад you teach very well,almost like an old chap would,well done I found this very helpfull
  • tripjet999
    tripjet999 3 недели назад Flo-jo solvent has always helped secure a good connection.
  • emilee
    emilee Год назад (изменено) Agree with your presentation and have been soldering for 45 years, Soldering is a technique that is learned and achieved with practice, and using a good quality iron with regulated heat... I do have something I think people should know about the recycled 18650 batteries and that is, I have found many to have perforation holes on the Neg side when the factory welded tabs are removed, this causes leaks and damage and a mess, caused by basically "Ripping" the tabs off with whatever force thought to be necessary, and why I do not buy battery lots that have already been salvaged, I "Prefer" to leave that last bit of tab on the battery trimming it to size, it does not seem to interfere with fitting in holders or when making up packs. If your a vape person using recycled batteries they should be the high drain model and of course you dont want a leak occurring there either. Also soldering batteries is not always a good idea as Heat is the battery's worst enemy and can cause lots of unwanted troubles and reactions, keeping the heat time as Short as Possible as this author is showing is good practice
  • J Marsh
    J Marsh 4 месяца назад another thing worth mentioning is that if you damage the plastic on the battery at the positive end?.... that jacket is negative. touch a piece of metal to the two of them right there on the positive end - its so easy.... and youve shorted your battery. And... I really hate to say this but please dont put them in your pocket. your front pocket especially.. With change.. get it.?
  • Don Mega
    Don Mega 2 месяца назад @J Marsh they make little protector rings for that part.
  • RCWeaven FPV
    RCWeaven FPV 2 недели назад @Don Mega that's what she said
  • Ola K
    Ola K 4 месяца назад the idea of building things and share the learning process is to learn more than buying ready equipment. Thanks for sharing this info.
  • Jee Cee
    Jee Cee Год назад I find tinning the tip of the solder iron helps with quicker heat transferance to the work item.
  • Rick Rutledge
    Rick Rutledge 2 месяца назад I'm glad I stumbled upon your video. About 8 years ago I built a Mazda RX7 into an electric car, and began buying a bunch of DeWalt charging packs and removed the 18650 cells from them to build my battery bank from. I put each cell in series and then each pack in parallel, but I like your method better. My packs got too hot as I used the car and later tried different other battery methods. If I try this again I'll use your method of soldering and pack builds! Thank you for the video.
  • aliasx666
    aliasx666 2 месяца назад This tip is way too small. If you would use the next size and just do the same the solder spot would take like .5 second instead of >=5 seconds
  • Stev Aryanto
    Stev Aryanto 11 месяцев назад Quick question: What cable fuse are you using? Thanks! Great video this one
  • The Combat Engineer
    The Combat Engineer 11 месяцев назад tiny, thin stuff, burns about 6A's
  • Sal P
    Sal P Неделю назад Thats how you turn 5 minutes explanation in to 14 ...
  • Jon Snell
    Jon Snell 1 месяц назад The correct way to interconnect the cells is to spot weld them, not solder. If you use solder, without damage to the cell, the wire is too thin for any decent current to flow.
  • Stephane fyfe
    Stephane fyfe 1 месяц назад hi bro,happy to find another cognitive thinker.
  • njfulwider5
    njfulwider5 Год назад I followed your instruction to a "T", and it worked flawlessly! Thank you for posting such clean and understandable Instruction!!
  • scottvoltageable
    scottvoltageable 2 месяца назад Used metcal and weller soldering gear in a commercial electronic production enviroment, every workstation was required to have a vacuum extraction system.
  • Peter Wilson
    Peter Wilson 6 дней назад The word SOLDER has an S in it,not two D's,it's not Sodder,,it's SOLD---ER
  • madmanist
    madmanist 1 месяц назад I think you should buy a Spot welder. And do it right
  • Energize 2000
    Energize 2000 2 месяца назад (изменено) Good work. The blob size is very important, this is equivalent to the heat energy that is transfered into the battery, if perfect timing is kept during the blob forming, then this is the most efficient technique I know of. The heat transfered is more towards the battery internals then the air, This is why your technique is so important to do soldering with minimum heat reaching the battery internals.
  • justind33
    justind33 1 месяц назад Very clear from your description you know very little about soldering