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Is a good camera important?? - Pro vs Amateur CHALLENGE

Published on Jul 18, 2019 1,556,801 views










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For years, smartphone manufacturers have said that their built-in cameras are SO GOOD that you no longer need a 'real' camera. So can a professional photographer with a smartphone beat a total pleb with a 'real' camera? Only one way to find out...

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  • Wouter Verbruggen
    Wouter Verbruggen 3 недели назад (изменено) "is a good camera important?" If you actually did a fair test then no. If you actually wanted to test this, you would ask them to the exact same thing and compare the results. This was just a Linus vs. Brandon competition with a catch, nothing more. A good photographer is always more important than a good camera. The video itself, the idea and execution, where very awesome tho. You guys are crazy I love it :)
  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips 3 недели назад That's kind of the point of the video. There is no such thing as a fair/scientific answer to this question because in the real world you never know what's going to be thrown your way. It often comes down to improvising and making the most of the tool you have. In some cases a phone will be more than adequate, but in others a great camera will save even a very inexperienced operator. A lot of people are upset we didn't explicitly say this in the video, but I had felt like it was pretty heavily implied by the results and the process. I guess not.
  • Attewir
    Attewir 3 недели назад @Linus Tech Tips Well that's how I understood it and the video was AWESOME! ♥
  • Stephen Zielinski
    Stephen Zielinski 3 недели назад The best camera is the one in your hands when you need to get the shot.
  • rolocz
    rolocz 3 недели назад WRONG A good photographer is as important as a good camera. The test would have been much better if they had given the appropriate camera to each. The Fuji for the pro and the phone for the blond guy, then each would have gotten the best possible outcome.
  • Frederick Bengoechea
    Frederick Bengoechea 3 недели назад @Linus Tech Tips Also understood it that way... heavily implied!
  • Nikki Luca
    Nikki Luca 3 недели назад rolocz the...the blond guy?
  • Mustafa Kilinc
    Mustafa Kilinc 3 недели назад I haven't laughed so much in an LTT video in a while so I don't really care if they gave a clear answer to the question 😂😂 and the point mentioned in the above comment by ltt totally makes sense. I loved this video
  • Dan my name
    Dan my name 3 недели назад ' A good photographer is always more important than a good camera'...THIS. And watching the video makes it so very obvious. I'm hopeless with a camera and I only have the mediocre Sony A6000, yet I still don't know what all the function does. I can't imagine what it would be like using a top-end model from Fuji, Sony, Nikon, Canon, what a nightmare to learn.
  • Ivan Monahhov
    Ivan Monahhov 3 недели назад @Linus Tech Tips you know what would funnier : Lumia 1020 vs a high end camera.
  • llamapi3
    llamapi3 3 недели назад Get a real job.
  • Ethan Williams
    Ethan Williams 2 недели назад Well put.
  • PT111111
    PT111111 2 недели назад @Stephen Zielinski Not really. That's just the only camera you have, not THE BEST. It'll give you some photos, but not the best photos you can take.
  • PT111111
    PT111111 2 недели назад Let me change that a bit. A good photographer is important, but so is a the right camera and lens. You can be the best sports photographer in the world, but if you don't have a a sports camera with fast burst rate, great AF and a tele lens, good luck taking good sports photos.
  • Random Fandom
    Random Fandom 2 недели назад Definitely. Video wasn't so good at comparing both. I would prefer to see a good phone user vs a good camera user. Video was hilarious and entertaining though.
  • Younesse Laachir
    Younesse Laachir 2 недели назад Addir khiradir khir
  • A Moron
    A Moron 2 недели назад Actually if they wanted to answer that question, they would have given the pro photographer both of the cameras. The expensive one as the control sample, the benchmark if you will, against which the cheaper iPhone would have been judged.
  • Rathatamanun Charypo
    Rathatamanun Charypo 2 недели назад I got from this video that, it's the camera system which you are used to it that helps. If a professional who never took photos from a phone, the photos he took from it wouldn't say the same thing he captured. It's an insufficient tool, not having enough settings. On the other hand, if a newbie bought a shiny full set camera he doesn't know how to use it, he couldn't say what camera is telling him to say. It's an excess in functionality. I saw many pictures from friends who take them from different equipments. Ones using their phone cameras with amazing looks. Ones using professional tools with the magnificent results. When they met and switched their tools for fun, all of them yields terrible pictures. Only exceptions are those who always use both tools equally. They wouldn't even try too switch. They are about 3 people out of 70, whose possess such skill.
    PLAAND Неделю назад ​I think Linus actually deserves a lot of credit as a photographer here for engaging with his subjects, creating a feeling, and capturing that. That's a much harder skill to learn than the exposure triangle and rules of composition.
  • Jos Geerink
    Jos Geerink Неделю назад nederands?
  • michael z
    michael z Неделю назад Photographer skill more important than a camera, agreed
  • Да Хорошо
    Да Хорошо 2 дня назад I have myself a 5D Mark III and a 70-200 Tamron G2 really i just capture for fun
  • Да Хорошо
    Да Хорошо 2 дня назад and business also*
  • pmhops77
    pmhops77 1 месяц назад I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch a 40 min video, but it turned out to be a really fun watch! Great job guys!
  • fryede03
    fryede03 1 месяц назад Ya man and you know sometimes I like to just wear a sweater with no pants.
  • Aidan Pratt
    Aidan Pratt 1 месяц назад pmhops77 they talk about using a phone camera professionally, but film it with a camera rig and what I think is a red.
  • Aliston Fernandez
    Aliston Fernandez 1 месяц назад I dint even realize it was 40min until i saw your comment, it was just fun to watch.
  • koimaxx
    koimaxx 1 месяц назад @Aliston Fernandez Same! I was just laughing the entire time.
  • Bryan Neeley
    Bryan Neeley 1 месяц назад Pretty sure the video could have been the last 30 minutes lmao
  • The Dark Neon
    The Dark Neon 1 месяц назад it was
  • samitha sheshan
    samitha sheshan 1 месяц назад lmao I just realized that after watching. if I were to notice that before prolly wouldnt ve watched lol
  • I agree with you.
    I agree with you. 1 месяц назад Why did they keep zooming in to the clips? It's so soft and not sharp. Why can't they afford better cameras and lenses?
  • Brett Goldsmith
    Brett Goldsmith 1 месяц назад Yeah, seriously, this channel is approaching weekly TV show quality and the videos roll out daily. Keep up the good work LTT!
  • Mikolaj Kraszewski
    Mikolaj Kraszewski 1 месяц назад There's no real comparison tho.
  • James Karet
    James Karet 1 месяц назад very true. hope they do this again.
  • JM Lainez
    JM Lainez 1 месяц назад Same here!
  • Dan Urbano
    Dan Urbano 1 месяц назад wait what?! It´s been 40 min?! ahhaahha
  • Undissatisfied
    Undissatisfied 1 месяц назад Seriously, this was a fun video. If y'all wanted to mix this type of content in with your regular videos it would be excellent.
  • FatheredPuma81
    FatheredPuma81 1 месяц назад It's pretty easy to turn a 40 minute video into 20 minutes. Just watch in 2x speed. Saves you so much time.
  • CinnabarSin
    CinnabarSin 1 месяц назад Wholly agree. Would love to see some more of this just fun content.
  • pmhops77
    pmhops77 1 месяц назад Holy shit, I got pinned! lol... I didn't think it was that good of a comment, but I'm glad y'all appreciated it!
  • wobbly sauce
    wobbly sauce 1 месяц назад Only about 15 mins at 2x speed and few 5sec skips
  • Mobile Gamerz
    Mobile Gamerz 1 месяц назад
  • Mobile Gamerz
    Mobile Gamerz 1 месяц назад @fryede03
  • Mobile Gamerz
    Mobile Gamerz 1 месяц назад @Aidan Pratt
  • Mobile Gamerz
    Mobile Gamerz 1 месяц назад @Aliston Fernandez
  • Pirate
    Pirate 1 месяц назад holly cow, it was really 40mins, thought it was 15
  • Sivan Sharma
    Sivan Sharma 1 месяц назад That's so funny because I'm not sure if I want to watch 3 minute videos. If it's over 10 mins, I'm sold. (Depends on what channel of course)
  • Jugen Gawande
    Jugen Gawande 1 месяц назад I didn’t even realize it was 40 mins until I came down to the comments
  • FAA
    FAA 1 месяц назад Ikr
  • Acauã Borges
    Acauã Borges 1 месяц назад I could not bring myself to watch the world surf semifinals (J-Bay) live until I finished this video kkkkk
  • Saksham Jain
    Saksham Jain 1 месяц назад So far so good
  • LKSimbalvr
    LKSimbalvr 1 месяц назад i didn't even realise it was a 40 min vid.
  • Wolf Engineer
    Wolf Engineer 1 месяц назад wtf it was 40 minutes?
  • Eren Jaeger
    Eren Jaeger 1 месяц назад like what a really good video
  • rick25810
    rick25810 1 месяц назад I LOVE this video, it's so fun to watch.
  • HuntWiz
    HuntWiz 1 месяц назад It was a totally enjoyable 40min video, laughed so hard!
  • Estonianrebel
    Estonianrebel 1 месяц назад wut, felt like 15 minutes. I see it is 40 after reading your comment, lol.
  • Mahadi Mari
    Mahadi Mari 1 месяц назад You rock bro
  • Mahadi Mari
    Mahadi Mari 1 месяц назад Please donate me a cheap graphics card
  • TheFallenShadow
    TheFallenShadow 1 месяц назад Aliston Fernandez same
  • Erman Bakhtiar Othman
    Erman Bakhtiar Othman 1 месяц назад @Aliston Fernandez same
  • Scott Aaron
    Scott Aaron 1 месяц назад Drops CPU bin
  • ET
    ET 1 месяц назад Oh shit, I didn't even realize it was 40 mins lol
  • Miles Playz
    Miles Playz 1 месяц назад Wait...I just watched 40min??
  • Alguém
    Alguém 1 месяц назад I didn't even realized that it was a 40 min video
  • MaNgaBaLel
    MaNgaBaLel 1 месяц назад I ended up ignoring my gf's messages. Ah haha ha 😅😨
  • Veckia_
    Veckia_ 1 месяц назад wthell... that was s f*** 40 min? wat? omg... awesome, i couldn't watch 40 min of youtube straight even if i wanted, gret job duds...
  • prince0fbelair
    prince0fbelair 1 месяц назад Same lmao
  • Greg Ayad
    Greg Ayad 1 месяц назад I actually thought this is CSF, tho
  • Utkarsh Kaushik
    Utkarsh Kaushik 1 месяц назад I didnt realise it was 40 mins until I read your comment!
  • Albert Chow
    Albert Chow 1 месяц назад yeah i enjoyed it too, didn't realize it was 40min until i see your comment.
  • The_Cosmo
    The_Cosmo 1 месяц назад What the fuck it was 40 minutes? O.O uhh.. well, ok then.
  • Matt Rowland
    Matt Rowland 1 месяц назад this was hilarious. James really made it a lot funnier than it would have been otherwise. I was dying when he set for the sprint and just stood up to powerwalk. so funny.
  • Lawrence Odame
    Lawrence Odame 4 недели назад OMG! I didn't realise it was that long. Or I wouldn't have watched it. That said, I really really enjoyed it!! 👌🏼
  • TheUnbanned
    TheUnbanned 4 недели назад I even thought it was like 20min when I watched it. It was so fun, even cried from laughig 1 time!
  • vincere terram
    vincere terram 4 недели назад I didn't even notice. It was quit good.
  • Kavukamari
    Kavukamari 4 недели назад here's a tip, just watch it at 2 or 3 times speed then you don't have to watch for 40 minutes
  • Xcùz
    Xcùz 4 недели назад I didn't even realize I had just watched a 40 minute video until I read your comment..
  • Me And Myself
    Me And Myself 4 недели назад james did all the tricks XD
  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere 4 недели назад 2x speed for the win.
  • 假作真時真亦假
    假作真時真亦假 4 недели назад pmhops77 You just got pinned by Linus. (Yes his penis is the size of a pin)
  • tintinmaster
    tintinmaster 4 недели назад Wait, it was 40 minutes? Felt like 10
  • Julius Jenkins III
    Julius Jenkins III 4 недели назад This is facts
  • skaliev
    skaliev 4 недели назад I just skiped to the end ^^
  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez 4 недели назад same!!
  • Brian Fernandez
    Brian Fernandez 4 недели назад Do you even Youtube?
  • chiggerpepi
    chiggerpepi 4 недели назад I watched it in 20 at 2x speed.
  • TheMightyUnknown
    TheMightyUnknown 4 недели назад They are truly amazing at making videos.
  • Toblaser
    Toblaser 3 недели назад wait it lasted 40 min and i didn't even notice
  • Krane
    Krane 3 недели назад I didn't notice it was that long. Your comment very nearly made me terminate the video.
  • IWearShoes
    IWearShoes 3 недели назад didn't even feel like a 40 minute video tbh
  • Krane
    Krane 3 недели назад @IWearShoes That's the hallmark of a quality production. But maybe my taste is more discriminating than yours? I noticed it was long.
  • IWearShoes
    IWearShoes 3 недели назад ​ Krane How does enjoying something and it making time seem go by faster have anything to do with discriminating taste? Well either way very proud of you and your taste I guess.
  • Krane
    Krane 3 недели назад @IWearShoes Well you know those hamburgers McDonald's is famous for? People were content to eat and enjoy them until they found out the main ingredient was called "pink slime". The more you know about how something's made, the more discerning people will be when it deviates from that pattern. Good news, pink slime is no longer used in McDs burgers. Just so there's no internet misunderstanding, that was an analogy. Its not about hamburgers. Just keep in mind that there's a reason commercials are generally 30 seconds.
  • Dan Momanyi
    Dan Momanyi 3 недели назад only realized its a 40 min clip after reading this comment
  • Baum LP
    Baum LP 3 недели назад i really didnt notice it was a 40 min video xD
  • Arkaus
    Arkaus 3 недели назад Wait this was 40 minutes fuckkkkk. Oh well, I enjoyed it.
  • iatedeadpeople
    iatedeadpeople 3 недели назад Oh shit that was 40 mins?!
  • flow
    flow 3 недели назад wow that must be the first comment that i see on yt wich has reached over 10k likes, congratulations! and absolutly agree with your comment!
  • KillerTuna
    KillerTuna 3 недели назад shit that was 40 minutes? -surprised pikachu
  • pmhops77
    pmhops77 3 недели назад @flow Jesus H Christ! If I'd have known so many people would read it, I'd have thought of something better to say lmao...
  • Vilmar Alves
    Vilmar Alves 3 недели назад What?! I actually had not noticed the length until I read your comment! Woah!
  • MMedic
    MMedic 3 недели назад Wait, the video was 40 minutes!?!?
  • Kavinth Amirthanathar
    Kavinth Amirthanathar 3 недели назад and I didn't even realize till I accidentally scrolled down to see your comment lmao. welp this one's going to "watch later" lol
  • Shaun Wendland
    Shaun Wendland Неделю назад
  • Mattias Huldén
    Mattias Huldén Неделю назад Wait this was 40 mins wtf? I didn't notice lmao
  • Angela Hanke
    Angela Hanke 3 недели назад Who won this? James and Colton, by a mile.
  • Jos Geerink
    Jos Geerink Неделю назад james by half a mile, if you know what I mean.. like 2 laps
  • Akash Barman
    Akash Barman 2 недели назад This channel is the entire circus Green dude running Linus running with 6000 dollar camera followed by a 20k dollar camera Background quack noises
  • Livio Kokthi
    Livio Kokthi 2 недели назад yes , and what's the problem with that ? it's just entertainment.
  • Да Хорошо
    Да Хорошо Неделю назад Akash Barman While me I run with a 5D mark III with a 70-200mm Tamron G2
  • Akash Barman
    Akash Barman Неделю назад @Да Хорошо u one of their camera guys?
  • Да Хорошо
    Да Хорошо Неделю назад @Akash Barman No, I am a freelance photographer.
  • fadetoblack2104
    fadetoblack2104 Неделю назад That RED camera that the cameraman is using costs far, far more than $20k. I think the body alone, without lenses or any attachments is about $45k. Add all the attachments and the lens and I would bet he's pushing over $100k with that rig.
  • Pankaj Kumar
    Pankaj Kumar Неделю назад Nope A Red on a Mobi is way wayyyyyyyyy more than just 20k, more like 7 times 20k
  • Naveed Abdullah
    Naveed Abdullah 2 недели назад How many times you watch nearly 40 min youtube video without noticing it
  • LexTNeville
    LexTNeville 2 недели назад 40mins?!
  • Kenny Wright
    Kenny Wright 2 недели назад No way more than 40 mins
  • Jonathan Seni
    Jonathan Seni 2 недели назад Wow! Didn't even notice it was almost 40min!
  • Leon Irimov
    Leon Irimov Неделю назад I didn't realize until i saw your comment XD
  • zay k
    zay k 4 дня назад Why did you tell me that.
  • Major Architect
    Major Architect 4 дня назад (изменено) lol for real though, I thought this was like 10 min. literally didn't notice till I saw this comment.
  • Anirudh Iyer
    Anirudh Iyer 1 месяц назад This is probably one of the best videos ever made by you guys. Now let's see Taran and Linus go head-to-head in editing. Linus uses his app of choice and Taran uses Windows Movie Maker.
  • vicesig
    vicesig 1 месяц назад Easy win for taran, i'm afraid
  • swafsal
    swafsal 1 месяц назад Editing challenge is in the works with Jonathan Morrison and Taran . not with movie maker
  • Ender Gaming
    Ender Gaming 1 месяц назад Video editing is harder the more complex the software. You give a kid MS Paint and they can do some silly edits but they could save a picture. Give them photoshop and I doubt they could do anything.
  • Anirudh Iyer
    Anirudh Iyer 1 месяц назад @Ender Gaming except Linus isn't a kid. Taran is a professional vodeo editor. Also, the hard part about a professional app is the "manual" mode. Its 100% flexible, so the figuring out aspect maybe slightly hard. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see how it turns out.
  • Godofhel1
    Godofhel1 1 месяц назад Its not the best. Its entertaining. But this channel is not for entertainment
  • Anirudh Iyer
    Anirudh Iyer 1 месяц назад @Godofhel1 thanks for your opinion. Now if you want 100% hardcore PC content, you can go to Gamers Nexus. You'll see 90% less entertainment there. If THAT doesn't satisfy your nerves, you can go old school by switching on the TV and watching the news.
  • Shally
    Shally 1 месяц назад @Godofhel1 What? Since when is it not for entertainment? That's what this whole channel is about... And it's working
  • Jelman21
    Jelman21 1 месяц назад @Godofhel1 this is an entertainment channel though
  • Bud The Cyborg
    Bud The Cyborg 1 месяц назад It's a great video, except the real conclusion is "buy used professional gear". It only costs a few hundred dollars to get practically all of the capabilities Linus had, minus the insane sensor resolution and Bokeh (which weren't really a factor).
  • Anirudh Iyer
    Anirudh Iyer 1 месяц назад @Bud The Cyborg if you find professional gear for cheap, you'll be so much ahead of other people in terms of figuring out the technicalities and learning the craft. I wish to find something similar. Except I can't find something even I can afford in the used market in my budget. #sadlyf
  • Andrew Cislak
    Andrew Cislak 1 месяц назад Taran vs Linus but Taran has to use totally default settings in Premiere & no macros!
  • ِ ِ ِ ِ
    ِ ِ ِ ِ 1 месяц назад I'd rather have taran use an editing app for android.
  • Ravengenocide
    Ravengenocide 1 месяц назад @Andrew Cislak he would definitely still win. How about only using the mouse?
  • rtainc
    rtainc 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Ender Gaming Linus gets his software of choice, so he'll be the most comfortable on more capable software. I'd love to see this challenge
  • Sam Tulach
    Sam Tulach 1 месяц назад Oh yes please
  • Ice Guy
    Ice Guy 1 месяц назад The real competition is between Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas. (Though CyberLink Power Director is pretty damn good for basic video editing--i.e. stuff like this video.)
  • NightRogue
    NightRogue 1 месяц назад Agree! Funniest shit ever
  • LumpySpaceBrotha
    LumpySpaceBrotha 4 недели назад linus has to use all of Taran's crazy macros too.
  • LumpySpaceBrotha
    LumpySpaceBrotha 4 недели назад @Godofhel1 why do you watch the videos if youre not entertained by them? youre edgelord (HardCore PC GAMER) comment backfired.
  • The faceless
    The faceless 4 недели назад 😂
  • Tea
    Tea 4 недели назад I second this idea SO HARD!
  • Godofhel1
    Godofhel1 4 недели назад @LumpySpaceBrotha I would like to know whether really good camera really matters. I think it would be good for them to swap the cameras around and compare how well they can use them I wish I was a hardcore gamer, btw. I dont even have a stationary computer, just an old ultrabook which serves very well
  • Godofhel1
    Godofhel1 4 недели назад @Jelman21 of course its for entertainment. But its for entertainment to be balanced with something informative. This qas like 40 minutes and just the relation of entertainment/information was just too high
  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne 4 недели назад @Godofhel1 Yes it is for entertainment. You don't watch LTT for hard specs and numbers, you watch it for something fun and engaging that informs you but also tells a story.
  • New KING
    New KING 4 недели назад You beat me to it f
  • Godofhel1
    Godofhel1 4 недели назад @Jason Bourne im not going to repeat myself So ive got nothing to say
  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne 4 недели назад @Godofhel1 Why would you repeat yourself, that would make very little sense. If you wanted to continue you should provide more evidence supporting your theory, not repeat yourself. But nevertheless, you have nothing to say.. Besides to say that you have nothing to say..
  • Trunk Films
    Trunk Films 4 недели назад YES THIS MUST BE DONE
  • Godofhel1
    Godofhel1 4 недели назад @Jason Bourne theory :/
  • Elephoont of the Shapes
    Elephoont of the Shapes 3 недели назад They better fucking do it after liking your comment.
  • Bruno Fontoura
    Bruno Fontoura 3 недели назад Wow! That would be fucking awesome too! Hahahahaha
  • Noah W
    Noah W 3 недели назад OMG YES
  • timothy
    timothy 3 недели назад Omg yes.
  • Gary Till
    Gary Till 3 недели назад iMovie on an iBook G4
  • Vilmar Alves
    Vilmar Alves 3 недели назад Yes, this please!
  • Carazy123
    Carazy123 2 недели назад Jason Bourne he responded to someone else with the same answer that would have been given to you. Your comment was a reaction to something he already answered and clarified. He didn’t need to “provide more evidence supporting [his] theory” (theory lol) because his point had already been made. He had nothing else to say. You made yourself look kinda foolish by responding like that :/
  • PrinsOrlof
    PrinsOrlof 2 недели назад This would be a must have video... great idea!
  • borsh2002
    borsh2002 4 дня назад @Godofhel1 Man ,you should assist funerals more often !...believe me ,you will get cured !Seriosly now :Everything in life is about having fun while doing anything you realy like ,that way You`ll do it better ,and youre life will be better!
  • Godofhel1
    Godofhel1 3 дня назад @borsh2002 ну так я получаю больше удовольствия от specs
  • Zen
    Zen 2 недели назад Not sure what hurts more, linus running with the $4k camera or the $20k cameraman running with them
  • andrecampana_
    andrecampana_ Неделю назад 20k? More like 120k
  • Anthony Robustelli
    Anthony Robustelli 3 недели назад Dennis: "I love judging" Me: "I love Dennis"
  • Ten8yp
    Ten8yp Неделю назад simple mind, simple pleasure. Dennis is an idiot.
  • Yash Tiwari
    Yash Tiwari 3 дня назад Ten8yp You are an idiot for dissing Denis. He is one of the most humorous members of Lmg
  • Alejon Dela Cruz
    Alejon Dela Cruz 2 недели назад Judges Backstage: It's really close but I think if we give it to Brandon we might lose our jobs. Judge 2: Linus wins.
  • BananaDoe
    BananaDoe 3 недели назад this is some 500 iq sht, a legit ad for your merch, but includes knowledge of cameras as well.
  • dali2015
    dali2015 3 недели назад lmao true
  • Erbert Van De Steen
    Erbert Van De Steen 1 месяц назад (изменено) Dude James and Colton have no shame and their devotion is INSANE Respects for them dude
  • Erbert Van De Steen
    Erbert Van De Steen 1 месяц назад (изменено) @KokoPokiStick noooooo i hope he doesn't get fired!
  • Muhammed Gemci
    Muhammed Gemci 1 месяц назад @KokoPokiStick good thing that he gets fired daily, just off-camera XD
  • Manuel Reyes
    Manuel Reyes 1 месяц назад Anthony Master Race and Alex Master Race don't like your comment, lol
  • aight bitfish
    aight bitfish 3 недели назад Ikr this is legit employee abuse ! I would have been gone.
  • Jeremy Lindemann
    Jeremy Lindemann 3 недели назад I get the feeling that James is someone who always wins at gay chicken, but somehow doesn't end up seeming gay.
  • Dion Starfire
    Dion Starfire 2 недели назад @aight bitfish Are you kidding?! By now, both James and Colton could almost certainly get another job that pays better and doesn't ask them to do this. Unfortunately, none of those jobs would be anywhere near as FUN. Also, I'm pretty sure there are plenty of other people at Linus Media Group that would be willing to do this so that no single person HAS to do it to keep their job.
  • aight bitfish
    aight bitfish 2 недели назад @Dion Starfire Sure Dion, it's all fun and games. I wouldn't have done this and I don't get why anyone would.
  • Nick Faber
    Nick Faber 2 недели назад @aight bitfish because you're insecure? Good lord dude loosen up
  • Kaique Andrade Moraes
    Kaique Andrade Moraes 2 недели назад @aight bitfishI would, it looks fun, if they did not want to do it, then they could have said no and left the company, they both would easily find a new job. to me, as i said it looks fun, you appear way to insecure, like, damn.
  • SwampyThang
    SwampyThang 2 недели назад aight bitfish, I’m pretty sure Colton would’ve had to agree to do a half naked photo shoot. As for the pregnant photo shoot, it wasn’t very crazy, it was just a funny outfit.
  • Stuart Corbishley
    Stuart Corbishley 3 недели назад The editing, flow, camera work and script for this episode is fantastic. A noticable step up from an already great format. I used to be a photographer and watching Linus panic during the studio challenge is eerily familar to when I started out. Also just an all round super entertaining video.. Well done!
  • Kacper Wołek
    Kacper Wołek 2 недели назад why did you left photography?
  • omgubler
    omgubler 3 дня назад Now we need a Part 2 where Brandon uses the nice camera and Linus uses the Pixel...
  • Nibba Tokyo Drift
    Nibba Tokyo Drift 2 недели назад "I couldn't have my wife's actual nipples on Colton." ~James Tech Tips 07-19-2019
  • Sewerin2
    Sewerin2 2 недели назад James: Honey, would you do a belly cast? Wife: Why? James: It's for work. Wife: Why? James: ...I'm in love with Colton.
  • 666Tomato666
    666Tomato666 1 день назад James: And I have the pictures to prove it!
  • Arshak Jafar
    Arshak Jafar 1 месяц назад I've never laughed watching any other LTT video as much as I laughed watching this. Hilarious :D
  • Michael Masin
    Michael Masin 1 месяц назад not even the roast?
  • Benjamin Potzmann
    Benjamin Potzmann 1 месяц назад ​@Michael Masin not even the roast. this is on another level, its really fucking funny, completely without making fun of someone
  • Eduard Calota
    Eduard Calota 1 месяц назад I really miss nicky v ;(
  • Advocatus Diaboli
    Advocatus Diaboli 1 месяц назад This is the best LTT video of all times in my opinion. Honestly, I haven't been that entertained in months. This 38 minute video felt like it's maybe 10 minutes long.
  • Bert V.
    Bert V. 1 месяц назад I wasnt going to watch this video because it's too long - but then your comment dragged me back in
  • Sean Rosenberg
    Sean Rosenberg Неделю назад Yep, I was literally in tears... Not fake internet-points tears, but legit had to stop a couple times to collect myself. Well played!
  • World Theory
    World Theory 3 недели назад 26:56 Those two people walking away: Walk faster, and don't make eye contact!…
  • Critical Tech
    Critical Tech 3 недели назад Linus Sebastian “Professionally clueless” Seems 100% legit lol
  • Justin Martone
    Justin Martone 3 недели назад And accurate
  • C Rogers
    C Rogers 3 недели назад (изменено) 28:10 results discussion. (SPOILER: "Is a good camera important??" - Question was not actually answered, but I'll answer it for you...) For professionals - YES: Having a camera with a proper zoom lens, large sensor and extra megapixels and RAW format will ALWAYS be better in terms of quality and what kind of shots you can get as well as the extent to which you can edit the photos in post. For everyone else - NO: The best camera is the one you have on you. There's nothing stopping you from getting great pictures with a good phone camera. The more pictures you take, the more you develop an eye for composition, so even pro users can get mileage out of a decent camera phone. What it lacks in versatility it makes up for in portability.
  • tsartomato
    tsartomato 3 недели назад having good focus, good resolution and infinite dof helps i sell\trade kinder toys and my phone can't capture them, i have to use juweler's eyepiece to capture fine detail like proof marks etc to insert as cutoffs i have nokia 925.1 and mi a1
  • tsartomato
    tsartomato 3 недели назад note costs 2-3 times as much and again i'm talking about 2-3mm proofmarks on 1-2cm toys