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**Award Winning** CGI Animated Short Film: "Green Light" by Seongmin Kim | CGMeetup

Published on Jul 11, 2019 848,559 views










**Award Winning** CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Green Light Animated Short Film by Seongmin Kim. Featured on CGMeetup

"With the ecosystem destroyed after a nuclear war, Mari, a survivor, does all she can to rebuild. When she stumbles upon a robot soldier in an abandoned city, everything changes."

Green Light Animated Short Film is a story about a girl and a robot soldier thrown into the worst situation brought up
by the misuse of highly-advanced science technology, trying to restore the land it used to be.
I tried to show the fellowship of Mari, a girl trying to make a better future without giving up hope in the tragic situation
where everything was destroyed and a robot which started a new life because of her, and how they make a new world.

Director - Seongmin Kim
Executive Producer/ VFX Supervisor - Haejung Suk
Pipeline Producer - Unseol Jeong
Story - Seongmin Kim, Woojin Chang
Lighting - Unseol Jeong
Animation - Junsung Kim, Daehyun Lee, Gwangwon Son, Hongsuk Hur, Seungki Lee
Character - Changhyeok Kang
Sets - Jeonghwa Kang, Hakrae Lee, Jihoon Joo, Yeram Kim
Compositing - Unseol Jeong, nara Kim
2D Art - Daehwan Kim
Matte Painting - Jiwon Choi
Music & Sound - UBY, Hojeong Jeong, Jieun Kim
Voice - Boni Koo

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**Award Winning** CGI Animated Short Film: "Green Light" by Seongmin Kim | CGMeetup


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  • kingpinsolo
    kingpinsolo 1 месяц назад I awoke to see, a child before me young, curious, and unafraid you see. Memories of war, a fight to the death Again awoken, repaired and reset. The child, smiling, happy and free took me in and sights to see. Built for war, now for life hard work my purpose, no more strife. Alas the peace can never last the death it comes, haunting's from my past. We fight and brawl the child hurt "my friend" I must become the war machine again. I lung, he struggles, he shoots and miss I thought I could protect my friend through all of this. My friend is gone, I morn this end the promise I made I have not forgotten. With seconds left a face I have seen the promise I kept for as long as it's been. One final word at the very end "I have kept my promise, my...dear...friend"
  • Jacob Applegarth
    Jacob Applegarth 1 месяц назад This poem made me feel......"sniff".........So beautiful
  • Adam Lemrini
    Adam Lemrini 1 месяц назад ah yes, the one thing no one asked for
  • nuricco harry
    nuricco harry 1 месяц назад U teach me something new again
  • Thelby1
    Thelby1 1 месяц назад What is the name of this poem?
  • kingpinsolo
    kingpinsolo 1 месяц назад @Thelby1 i just made it up
  • Finn Klein Brinke
    Finn Klein Brinke 1 месяц назад Wow, did you make this after seeing the video?😢
  • kingpinsolo
    kingpinsolo 1 месяц назад @Finn Klein Brinke yes
  • oprime
    oprime 1 месяц назад Your poem is beautiful and fits it to a "P" for Perfect as it tells the quiet tale from the robot's viewpoint, the warrior with a new and gentle purpose, life. Even as one life ends, the promise is kept until he can see her one last time in a reborn kind of way. You couldn't ask for a more beautiful, quiet-like film. All I can say to the robot is... "Well done... thank you for keeping your promise and rest well, friend. You've earned your rest." :-)
  • youxkio
    youxkio 1 месяц назад @kingpinsolo You are gifted. You have a sensitivity of an old soul. I am very happy that there are people like you out there. All the best to you.
  • Karmyn A
    Karmyn A 1 месяц назад its beautiful!
  • Jon Musicia
    Jon Musicia 1 месяц назад Magnificent my freind. I tip my hat to you, one painter of the word to another.
  • Arty Jan
    Arty Jan 1 месяц назад 👍💖🎈
  • jeffrey sheng
    jeffrey sheng 1 месяц назад @oprime dannnng, you good mate
  • вася Вейдер
    вася Вейдер 1 месяц назад Wow. it is beautiful!
  • Jonathan Abraham Rosas Delgado
    Jonathan Abraham Rosas Delgado 4 недели назад Tears comes...
  • Meenakshi Verma
    Meenakshi Verma 4 недели назад Beautiful just beautiful !
  • El Cid Granada
    El Cid Granada 4 недели назад @kingpinsolo a screw u man. You just had to do it. Now im feeling the feels. Sniff.
  • Vladimir LEGRAND
    Vladimir LEGRAND 4 недели назад art of poetry
  • Caleb Willden
    Caleb Willden 4 недели назад I just finished crying from watching the film, then I read this.
  • Ryben Flynn
    Ryben Flynn 4 недели назад Your spelling needs work.
  • Vince Phoenix
    Vince Phoenix 4 недели назад Very nice man ..! :o :'(
  • shubham saxena
    shubham saxena 4 недели назад You are awesome at this!
  • Edybbbj Bbbj
    Edybbbj Bbbj 4 недели назад Good story
  • Ajehy
    Ajehy 4 недели назад 😭
  • Daniel Cotayo
    Daniel Cotayo 4 недели назад kingpinsolo super
  • Aaron
    Aaron 4 недели назад The ending and your poem...😢
  • nomad of the wasteland
    nomad of the wasteland 4 недели назад me a 400 ton sentry bot that really hits me where i live
  • Steve Futi
    Steve Futi 4 недели назад Wooooooooooooooooooooow
  • Manix Abit
    Manix Abit 4 недели назад that was amazing
  • Zelda Of Hyrule
    Zelda Of Hyrule 3 недели назад ok. that was really Sweet. you did the video great honor with your poem.
  • Iron_ninja
    Iron_ninja 3 недели назад dude thats beautiful
  • Dibyojyoti Sinha
    Dibyojyoti Sinha 3 недели назад So touching : )
  • kanrei mung
    kanrei mung 3 недели назад Awesome kingpinsolo
  • monolythspartan
    monolythspartan 3 недели назад holy crap that was beautiful! I was already teared up by the video itself, reading that loosed the gates and tears fell
  • Jonan TheBeebarian
    Jonan TheBeebarian 3 недели назад This poem was as impressive as the movie. Nice job !
  • WalkingTheDog
    WalkingTheDog 3 недели назад beautiful
  • Amanda Jane
    Amanda Jane 3 недели назад Beautiful!
  • Rose Rose
    Rose Rose 3 недели назад Holy mother. I felt my heart wrench again from reading this.
  • katemantis
    katemantis 3 недели назад Beautiful! I'll share it, if you don't mind, along with the movie.
  • kingpinsolo
    kingpinsolo 3 недели назад @katemantis didnt make the movie but go ahead.
  • The Dollar Guy
    The Dollar Guy 3 недели назад Beautiful.
  • Blauw druk
    Blauw druk 3 недели назад If you really did just made this poem up, you're gifted my friend.
  • kingpinsolo
    kingpinsolo 3 недели назад @Blauw druk na; just old school
  • TheWonderOfScience _74
    TheWonderOfScience _74 3 недели назад The kid's a he? I thought otherwise.
  • Fl4shb4ck Gaming
    Fl4shb4ck Gaming 3 недели назад Why you do dis?!!!!
  • Yunita Sari Abrahamsz
    Yunita Sari Abrahamsz 3 недели назад what a beautiful poem :)
  • Bashar Abdullah
    Bashar Abdullah 3 недели назад This is so touching I hope the original creator takes notice
  • KissedByFire16
    KissedByFire16 3 недели назад that gave me actual chills
  • George Missailidis
    George Missailidis 3 недели назад Holy sh*t that is so beautiful
  • Vaughn Ferreira
    Vaughn Ferreira 3 недели назад kingpinsolo roses are red. My pee is yellow. I don’t know what to say but gay
  • bern steiner
    bern steiner 3 недели назад BRAVO!!!
  • Mystic Artist
    Mystic Artist 3 недели назад Those were the robots exact thoughts and their were both sad and beautiful 😭😭😭😭
  • Nnajiofor Anthony
    Nnajiofor Anthony 3 недели назад Thank You.
  • All Inked Up
    All Inked Up 3 недели назад NO NOW I'M CRYING EVEN MORE
  • Jennifer Rosario
    Jennifer Rosario 2 недели назад Beautiful
  • Viv Wallace
    Viv Wallace 2 недели назад Love how poetry is still touching people's hearts in this age of... you know.
  • gigi maya
    gigi maya 2 недели назад Can I follow your instagram account I want more poems from u
  • kingpinsolo
    kingpinsolo 2 недели назад @gigi maya sadly i do not have one. The porm was on a whim, inspiring my creative side for a brief moment. Though i would not mind writing more.
  • Winter Itheriel
    Winter Itheriel 2 недели назад kingpinsolo from one artist to another, you have a gift. I hope to one day read your published works and that you get to read mine.
  • Winter Itheriel
    Winter Itheriel 2 недели назад Also, can I share it?
  • Winter Itheriel
    Winter Itheriel 2 недели назад TheWonderOfScience _74 it says in the description it is a she, and her name is Mari, I think. It says her name too.
  • kingpinsolo
    kingpinsolo 2 недели назад @Winter Itheriel by all means
  • Winter Itheriel
    Winter Itheriel 2 недели назад kingpinsolo Thank you!
  • Orlando Echenagucia
    Orlando Echenagucia 2 недели назад I criyed
  • 李sen
    李sen 2 недели назад 这么可爱一定是男孩子啦
  • E.pMade ThisVEVO
    E.pMade ThisVEVO 2 недели назад Aaiii you is truly excellent with poems 👏👏👏
  • The Family B TV
    The Family B TV Неделю назад Wow, this is so dope. I almost cried reading this!
  • Fordo Is commanding
    Fordo Is commanding Неделю назад Who else was either starting to or about to cry after watching the video and then reading the poem.
  • Madiha
    Madiha Неделю назад @kingpinsolo what is blog, page , book etc, your stuff???? heart touching words. I want to share it with friends , Is it your real name . which name can be write as a poet name ??? please mention , Thanks
  • Kyle McDonald
    Kyle McDonald Неделю назад reading the poem after watching the short film brought me to tears both are very beautiful
  • sky bliz
    sky bliz Неделю назад @kingpinsolokingpinsolo you can't be fucking serious. if that's true, we need to work together
  • Vault Tec
    Vault Tec Неделю назад I like it 😊
  • GameQueen
    GameQueen 5 дней назад I don't know what to say I gueess this: WAAAAHHHHH IT WARMED MY HEART TO THE WARMTH OF THE SUN
  • Jesus Navas
    Jesus Navas 2 дня назад Nice poem. Well done.
  • Count Rolland
    Count Rolland 1 день назад Damn your talent!!!!! Hatsoff!!
  • Gord Desm
    Gord Desm 1 день назад Amazing ! Your a true poet.
  • Christopher Baugh
    Christopher Baugh 1 день назад Beautiful.......just fucking beautiful
  • zenith s
    zenith s 4 недели назад i wish they check his memory and found out that this robot single handedly(literally) restored the vegitation
  • Julie Figueroa
    Julie Figueroa 2 недели назад No he didn't. She was the one who did the groundwork - found the plant that could thrive. He propagated and planted it.
  • zenith s
    zenith s 2 недели назад @Julie Figueroa i am talking only about planting he did it with one hand that's what i meant
  • I waited for 90 days already
    I waited for 90 days already 2 недели назад @Julie Figueroa I believe the comment was meant to focus on the planting part for the joke
  • Aron Omictin
    Aron Omictin 6 дней назад they just kill the robot
  • Heml0ck
    Heml0ck 4 дня назад ew vegetables, 3 year olds are quaking
  • Zelda Of Hyrule
    Zelda Of Hyrule 3 недели назад OMG!! Why do these Award Winning Films Always have to be so sad in the end? I wanted to cry. :(
  • Jorn Zwaagstra
    Jorn Zwaagstra 3 недели назад probably because they are award winning
  • Fl4shb4ck Gaming
    Fl4shb4ck Gaming 3 недели назад I thought it was happy at the end. A purple alien from a certain kids movie may call it.. Mad Glad
  • Diganta Biswas
    Diganta Biswas 3 недели назад thats true
  • Vaughn Ferreira
    Vaughn Ferreira 3 недели назад Zelda Of Hyrule shut up you r gay l0l
  • wolfie senpai
    wolfie senpai 3 недели назад Umm Because they want us to cry
  • Najah Zaman
    Najah Zaman 2 недели назад Because it's true and true things always makes us sad😦
  • Tyler Buth
    Tyler Buth 2 недели назад Whew, I saw it was coming, read the comments really quick, dodged a bullet... homie don't do sad endings, thanks!.
  • 秋木休NeGeX
    秋木休NeGeX 2 недели назад @Jorn Zwaagstra wise answer
  • Faggatron
    Faggatron 2 недели назад Well thats a quick cheat for you. You want to win? Make a sad ending.
  • ღstephy - kunღ
    ღstephy - kunღ 2 недели назад I actually cried
  • 4GOT10 SOUL
    4GOT10 SOUL Неделю назад @Jorn Zwaagstra well you are right
  • pagansforbreakfast
    pagansforbreakfast 5 дней назад Watch this one, It will make up for the sad ones.
  • Erik Moody
    Erik Moody 5 дней назад The best ones always move us emotionally
  • Curry-Chan
    Curry-Chan 4 недели назад P.S. The robot in the poster remined me of the Iron Giant! Did it remind anyone else? 🤔
  • FoxNation18
    FoxNation18 4 недели назад Curry-Chan first thing I thought of
  • Mujack Anims
    Mujack Anims 3 недели назад yea
  • Jason Pruitt
    Jason Pruitt 3 недели назад That's because it was
  • Loadie
    Loadie 3 недели назад yep, first thing I thought of too, it's just about 44 feet too short :P
  • Aniket Patil
    Aniket Patil 3 недели назад Yes it did.
  • Vitaliy Yanishevskiy
    Vitaliy Yanishevskiy 3 недели назад Full-metal alchemist?
  • Aniket Patil
    Aniket Patil 3 недели назад @vitaly, Alphonse as an armour is very different form the robot in the poster.
  • Curry-Chan
    Curry-Chan 3 недели назад @Vitaliy Yanishevskiy Yeah I can see that too 🤔
  • Curry-Chan
    Curry-Chan 3 недели назад @Aniket Patil Yeah but It still acts as a call back to FMA
  • Vitaliy Yanishevskiy
    Vitaliy Yanishevskiy 3 недели назад @Aniket Patil Well, I don't mean it is an exactly fitted (because it didn't), I just speak about an allusion to.
  • Aniket Patil
    Aniket Patil 3 недели назад @curry-chan yes to certain extent.
  • Vitaliy Yanishevskiy
    Vitaliy Yanishevskiy 3 недели назад @Curry-Chan horn on the forehead, isn't U?
  • Curry-Chan
    Curry-Chan 3 недели назад @Vitaliy Yanishevskiy Yup
  • Bee Whistler
    Bee Whistler 3 недели назад Makes sense, and I see it, but the first thing I thought of was Castle in the Sky.
  • 7Dragon_ Fossil7
    7Dragon_ Fossil7 3 недели назад yay i'm not the only one. :D
  • clash with sam
    clash with sam 2 недели назад The loyalty and love towards human child,reminds us of very old animated story of iron giant
  • Mahmood Ali
    Mahmood Ali Неделю назад Wait it wasn't the iron giant?
  • Wayne Wong
    Wayne Wong Неделю назад Laputa, The castle in the sky
  • dreadzone3030
    dreadzone3030 1 час назад I'm feeling a Wall-E vibe here.
  • S. Sz.
    S. Sz. 3 недели назад I am a man, but I cry after watching. The film is very pleasant.
  • Diganta Biswas
    Diganta Biswas 3 недели назад i cried a lot to
  • Row Be
    Row Be Неделю назад Wait till you watch Piper. You'll cry like a baby.
  • 246spyder
    246spyder 5 часов назад A sad but fitting end all works out. So much like life in its own way. Very well done.
  • Syntho Alkes
    Syntho Alkes 2 недели назад Arm morphing animation took my breath away, and the fight scene was unbelievably realistic. I enjoyed the skill put into every minute of this animation!
  • الشيخ الشيخ
    الشيخ الشيخ 3 дня назад Thats can make me cry guys Im from iraq and i know the wars destroy everything and leads to nothing just death 😔
  • Andrew Martin
    Andrew Martin 3 недели назад This would have been perfect addition to Love, Death & Robots on Netflix
  • Emppu T.
    Emppu T. 3 недели назад Definitely.
  • Anarchy Antz
    Anarchy Antz 3 недели назад Well it definately had all three. Love (for nature), Robots and sadly death.
  • MiKey
    MiKey 6 дней назад 15 min of a short film can give more emotions than films at cinema.
  • Victor Phoenix
    Victor Phoenix 3 недели назад I think this was one of the best videos that I've watched in a long time
  • 246spyder
    246spyder 5 часов назад Look up "The Gunfighter."
  • Vilmos M.
    Vilmos M. 5 дней назад My problem after watching this video is that I can only like this video once.
  • Moonbeam Tipi
    Moonbeam Tipi 4 дня назад So touching and sad. Made me tear up. What a sad story. But amazing work, you did there sweet robot. Great film!!
  • edward pogi
    edward pogi 1 месяц назад Doood this short film made me cry. The battlebot continued the mission of its late mistress until the end of its life😢
  • getyourkicksagain
    getyourkicksagain 1 месяц назад (изменено) Wow, that was really beautiful. I did not want it to end. Your short film managed to do what most full length motion pictures could not. You made me... feel. Thank you Seongmin Kim.
  • John Franklin
    John Franklin 1 месяц назад I wish there'd been a few seconds more where the new girl had transferred the memories of that droid/robot into another body after seeing in the memories all the work it had done...
  • oprime
    oprime 1 месяц назад @John Franklin Maybe that girl will take the robot and repair it? Or watch the early memories and perhaps... understand why, how all that land came to become so beautiful and green. Truly a monumental task and perhaps they'll name the area after them? Since they did technically create all that.
  • Renjin D'Monster
    Renjin D'Monster 4 недели назад yes its really amazing, i love it so much
  • Александр Сковитин
    Александр Сковитин 1 месяц назад Мораль сей басни такова - хиппи с кольтом под подушкой живут дольше чем просто хиппи
  • Densil Castelino
    Densil Castelino 5 дней назад I literally got tears in my eyes when I saw the vegetation. This is beautiful ❤️
  • boltonky
    boltonky 1 месяц назад Great short film, the talent these days is amazing. Super gutted she got killed, and worse is why did the child from future look the same???
  • Michie TN
    Michie TN 4 недели назад Both children were symbols of S. Korea, at different times. But they had different eye colors.
  • blademan sixonenine
    blademan sixonenine 3 недели назад I think it could be because they are clones and are sent to reseed the world, but Michie TN is probably right
  • Benny Liang
    Benny Liang 3 недели назад Could be clones
  • Michie TN
    Michie TN 3 недели назад @blademan sixonenine I got the idea from a blog on reddit This is a link-post. Click on the title, which will bring up the original text post.
  • GreenfaceONE
    GreenfaceONE 3 недели назад My first thought was Clones as well.
  • Алексей Федулов
    Алексей Федулов 4 недели назад (изменено) Reminded me of Wall`e. Marvellous. Touching. Even a robot has a heart.
  • Manu El
    Manu El 3 недели назад it only did what he learns...
  • Cool Story2
    Cool Story2 3 недели назад Man those soldiers in the flashback remind me of the death bois of krieg in 40k!
  • David A Sholes Jr
    David A Sholes Jr 4 недели назад Good story. Great graphics. Love how you made things look old and corroded.