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Portable Air Conditioners - Why you shouldn't like them

Published on Jun 15, 2019 1,422,148 views










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Oh no. It’s a new version of a well-established product that trades efficiency for convenience. But this time, it’s more than just being cool. It’s about cooling.

Seriously, either we need to get more awareness of how dumb single-hose portable A/C units are, or we need to just use window units whenever possible. While I know that there are times a portable unit is the only option (remember, I’m in that boat), it seems that only very high capacity, premium machines have the facility to use two hoses. Which is frankly stupid but then again that’s what I’m trying to tell you now.

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  • John David
    John David 22 часа назад Now this is a good solution for outdoor cooling, just like a normal fan.
  • Patrick Wong
    Patrick Wong Неделю назад Wall-mounted separated AC units are actually the best. It's super quiet and much more energy efficient. Especially the ones using inverter compressor.
  • robimarko
    robimarko 6 дней назад These are pretty much the norm in Europe and most of the world, window mounted ones dont exist here at all. And they are all pretty much inverters these days so you can use them as heating as they are pretty efficient. Not to mention that 3.5kW (12 000 BTU) ones are around 350 EUR these days.
  • KK Foto
    KK Foto 4 дня назад True in most countries. I'm surprised to see that the old-fashioned window units are still a thing in the US.
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    SandySez 4 дня назад Mini-Splits ... is what we call them in the US.
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    Prometheus Is Cold 2 недели назад propane AC? Hank Hill pops out of his front lawn like a meerkat.
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    Horny Fruit Flies 2 недели назад I tell ya hwat
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    Christian Fiore 2 недели назад I use it in my car's AC. Barely any power loss vs traditional R134a, and I'm still getting 30mpg with or without the AC on.
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    William Fife Неделю назад @Christian Fiore nj jill
  • Dorian McCloud
    Dorian McCloud 2 месяца назад I think he made this video just to write off his AC units on his taxes! ;~)
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    Justin Martone 2 месяца назад Or he got, and it was crappy so he got mad and said "ha I'm gonna make a video about this, this'll show you!!"
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    Justin Martone 2 месяца назад @JIM LUNN tax write off
  • Reuben Howe
    Reuben Howe 2 месяца назад (изменено) not really how tax write offs work, if he only used them for this video, maybe, but if he is going to use them for cooling he can only claim a portion of its upfront cost as a tax deduction(plus, it'd be cheaper to simply return the unit if their exclusive use was for the video)
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    james rogers 2 месяца назад I think I'm going to start up an alcahol reviewing channel you sir/ma'am are a genious
  • sailingsolar
    sailingsolar 2 месяца назад No Dorian, he did this video to educate those who are technology ignorant and might buy one. Those units are total crap when it come to their design and their inefficient design. They are equivalent to running an AC and having a window open with a fan in a window blowing the air conditioned air in the room outside at the same time. When you air condition your home do you leave a windows open?? You totally missed the reason behind this video, even though your likely joking. NOBODY should ever consider, let alone buy one of these things (pos).
  • Christian Terrill
    Christian Terrill 2 месяца назад lol probably right!
  • Harrison Lane
    Harrison Lane 2 месяца назад @sailingsolar whoosh
  • Fernie Canto
    Fernie Canto 2 месяца назад @sailingsolar It's funny that you say this video is for "educating" people, yet you missed one of the key messages of the video: he says these units are a last resort and, in spite of their problems, they do have a few advantages. He never said "NOBODY should ever consider buying one". He said "always prefer a window unit", not "NEVER buy a portable unit".
  • tarstarkusz
    tarstarkusz 2 месяца назад New air conditioners are HORRIBLE! They do not last. Whatever you save in energy costs is being made up by the fact that they don't last more than few years. The styrofoam is great for growing mold. The electronic temp control boards cause problems. They are just junk.
  • Majiri Tadakichi
    Majiri Tadakichi 2 месяца назад @Fernie Canto that's still educating people about them...
  • Common_C3nts
    Common_C3nts 2 месяца назад What video can I make next so I can write stuff off on my taxes???
  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 2 месяца назад "Writing it off your taxes" is grossly overvalued by a lot of people who talk about it. Sure, if you have a business and you can deduct a lot you'll save a lot, especially if you can deduct things you were going to buy no matter what. But it's an exercise in futility for most people who don't already itemize deductions.