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GoPro Hero 7 Black Beginners Guide | Getting Started

Published on Nov 1, 2018 941,439 views










This is my beginners guide for the GoPro Hero 7 Black. In this video, we cover all the basics to help you get up and running and shooting content with your new GoPro. This beginners guide is a tutorial geared to those who have just purchased a GoPro Hero 7 Black and have never used one before.
Some of the topics I go over are:
-Unpackaging Your Hero 7 Black.
-How To Mount Your GoPro Hero 7 Black.
-Charging Your GoPro Hero 7 Black.
-Best Memory for a Hero 7 Black.
-Power On / Setting Up Your GoPro.
-Connecting To The Quik App.
-Overview Of Shooting Modes
-How To Change Settings.
-Hero 7 Black Voice Commands.
-Must-Have Gear for the GoPro Hero 7 Black
-Plus Other Important Information
If you are wondering how to get started with your GoPro Hero 7 Black, following along with our beginners guide and you will be up and filming content in no time.

Hero 7 Black:
Best Memory:

Other GoPro Hero 7 Black gear to consider.

GoPro Shorty:
GoPro Charger:
Floating Hand Grip:
GoPro Case:
Silicone Sleeve:
Power Bank:
GoPro Backpack:
Extension Pole:
Bike Mount:

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  • mike miles
    mike miles 7 месяцев назад Thanks I just got my gopro 7 black yesterday, I hope I can learn how too use it. I hater never used a gopro action camera before and not very good with technology as I am over 72 years old but I am going to give it a try! Thank again! 📽🎥💻📱
  • sunny samyog
    sunny samyog 6 месяцев назад How Is Your Go Pro Now sir.
  • Jared Champagne
    Jared Champagne 6 месяцев назад You’re an inspiration, someone from a different generation really killing it with being adventurous and trying new things! Hope it all worked out man 🤙🤙🤙🤙
  • MM Aviation
    MM Aviation 6 месяцев назад mike miles how’s it going, your still way ahead of my 45 year old dad with his Nokia :)
  • Monte W
    Monte W 6 месяцев назад 72 and still out there being adventurous ! Way to go buddy !
  • Khamolthip Th.Gravermoen
    Khamolthip Th.Gravermoen 6 месяцев назад I'm 42 and never used gopro before your comment just inspired me..
  • BlackAndBrilliant
    BlackAndBrilliant 6 месяцев назад mike miles good for you don’t give up !!!!
  • NILS
    NILS 5 месяцев назад thats awesome !
  • Barb Thomas
    Barb Thomas 5 месяцев назад I ordered the GoPro 7 black yesterday. I am in the same situation as you, Mike. I’m 66 and am active (kayaking, fishing, etc.) and hope I can learn to use the GoPro to document my activities. Just because we’re older, doesn’t mean we can’t learn new technology!!
  • Aqua Rius
    Aqua Rius 5 месяцев назад mike miles, I just got my Hero7 Black today. I am just watching tips and tutorials right now.
  • Aqua Rius
    Aqua Rius 5 месяцев назад SabuJ TheGreenFish hope you’ll get a camera soon.
  • Jeffrie Shipley
    Jeffrie Shipley 5 месяцев назад (изменено) Mike Miles - I'm 62 and just got my gopro 7 black. I had it out yesterday and today. I hope its going well with you. Thank for the video, Airphotography! Big help and i just subbed.
  • Sam Plautz
    Sam Plautz 5 месяцев назад I just shot a video with hypersmooth and watching the playback it is definitely not stabilized. Am I not able to see stabalized videos until I edit them, or am i doing something wrong? Am I able to see the stabilized footage directly on the camera?
  • MTCK123
    MTCK123 4 месяца назад Over 72 and still killing it..... WOW way it go you keep killing it buddy good job 👍
  • Eric_Frozt
    Eric_Frozt 4 месяца назад You my sir are a legend. :)
  • ankit bhatt
    ankit bhatt 4 месяца назад Sir you are an inspiration to many
  • Prashan Perera
    Prashan Perera 4 месяца назад @Barb Thomas age just a number !!! :)
  • George Flores
    George Flores 4 месяца назад @Barb Thomas Barb do you know how to change the camera name? my defaulted as GP67465329
  • George Flores
    George Flores 4 месяца назад @Jared Champagne Jared do you know how to change the camera name? mine defaulted to GP53647759
  • Robert Avery
    Robert Avery 3 месяца назад You can do it mike miles. I am 77 and started shooting video about 10 years ago, I edit on Final Cut but since the video is compressed will have to work on learning how to work compressed video into my editing. Hate apple's newer video editing, still use the older versions of 8 and 9. Good luck.
  • TripleM
    TripleM 2 месяца назад No disrespect, Mike, but age has nothing whatever to do with it. I just got my Hero 7 black too (my first decent action camera) to record an upcoming 18-day motorcycle trip from Britain to Norway. I've never done anything like that either, and I'm 70 in October, but I use technology all the time.
  • ItsRa1na
    ItsRa1na 2 месяца назад Good luck !
  • Aussie.Sunset
    Aussie.Sunset 1 месяц назад Wow. 72 years. Awesome! Have fun with your GoPro :) I’ve got mine today :)
  • Michael Bamber
    Michael Bamber 1 месяц назад Are you going into being a producer of norty norty videos or are you going to video garden butterflies in the summertime lovely days and film the Morris dancers in your local quaint village my wonderfull brethren friend of futuristic desire's 🤣👍
  • Hasan Foyejul
    Hasan Foyejul 1 месяц назад good luck with your go pro. love respect & thanks from Bangladesh
  • Nydia Piña
    Nydia Piña 2 недели назад mike miles that’s awesome ! I’m sure you’ll do great with it !
  • The Southsea Picker
    The Southsea Picker 6 дней назад Barb Thomas ✅👌
  • Brickolo _
    Brickolo _ 4 месяца назад Is anyone watching this just for fun even though they don’t have a GoPro?
  • kmlande23
    kmlande23 3 месяца назад this guy
  • skyillegaldiver
    skyillegaldiver 3 месяца назад Yep. Me too.
  • Jennifer Fernandez
    Jennifer Fernandez 3 месяца назад Ya''ll
  • Dragon Scraper
    Dragon Scraper 3 месяца назад i am lol
  • Bjorn
    Bjorn 2 месяца назад yup
  • Silenthill6120
    Silenthill6120 2 месяца назад I'm aiming to get one now lol
  • Jennifer Dublin
    Jennifer Dublin 2 месяца назад Meeee lol
  • Joaquin Cortada
    Joaquin Cortada 2 месяца назад Lol why?
  • Firedice
    Firedice 1 месяц назад Doesn't it make you want one
  • Corona light
    Corona light 1 месяц назад Me
  • muharemz mom suck
    muharemz mom suck 1 месяц назад No
  • Siddiq Fazaluddin
    Siddiq Fazaluddin 1 месяц назад Initially yes but now I’ve actually bought one!
  • NDL Misty
    NDL Misty 1 месяц назад Yes I am
  • Brooke Shipp
    Brooke Shipp 1 месяц назад I’m getting a GoPro for my birthday
  • Zero Troy
    Zero Troy 1 месяц назад Brickolo _ yea I wanna get a hero 7 black though
  • Anakin White
    Anakin White 1 месяц назад I did. But now I don’t
  • Habeeb rhn
    Habeeb rhn 1 месяц назад 🙌
  • Kartoffeljoghurt
    Kartoffeljoghurt Неделю назад More rediculous is watching this now, even though you have had your own Hero 7 Black for almost a year
  • Brandon Brends
    Brandon Brends Неделю назад Must be a idiot
  • Kartoffeljoghurt
    Kartoffeljoghurt Неделю назад @Brandon Brends Yea, probably
  • Reject Idiots
    Reject Idiots 2 дня назад U got me
  • ferchichi Haythem
    ferchichi Haythem 8 месяцев назад Thank you so much
  • Air Photography
    Air Photography 8 месяцев назад You’re welcome thank you for watching
  • Cindy Canning Williams
    Cindy Canning Williams 1 месяц назад Thanks so much! Very clear instructions. Incredibly helpful.
  • Michael Swords
    Michael Swords 1 месяц назад This was very helpful, thank you!
  • Ouzo Lou Garage
    Ouzo Lou Garage 2 месяца назад Just picked up a Gopro 7 and thanks for making this.
  • Daniel Scepurek
    Daniel Scepurek 5 месяцев назад Excellent video bud I just got my hero black seven. It helped you’re awesome.
  • Air Photography
    Air Photography 5 месяцев назад Great I am glad you found it helpful. Thanks for watching.
  • Andrew Austin
    Andrew Austin 3 месяца назад Thanks! I'm just about to get one having returned 3 Removu K1's... I bought it because of the stabilization (before the Hero 7 came out) but they're riddled with glitches.
  • Nature’s Touch Soap Vagabond Vendor
    Nature’s Touch Soap Vagabond Vendor 1 месяц назад Thank You for the instruction just got mine. Excited to get going
  • Practice Guild
    Practice Guild 1 месяц назад Very helpful! thank you for taking the time to make this video. :)
  • phil lucas
    phil lucas 2 недели назад Just picked up my hero7 black, very helpful vid!
  • Harry Stuart Humble
    Harry Stuart Humble 7 месяцев назад Thanks for sharing this video, I needed to get to grips with mine. Very helpful video, thank you 🙏🏻
  • Mubarak Tp
    Mubarak Tp 2 месяца назад Very informative... I am going to buy tonight. I have ever used an action camera and not in good with shooting skills. Hope I can learn a bit and do good editing. Just downloaded Filmora
  • Justin Pesterfield
    Justin Pesterfield 2 месяца назад Excellent video! Used my GoPro Hero 7 Black for the 1st time this past Sunday. Posted my 1st video edit on my channel. Excited to learn more and have some fun.
  • The Adventures of Wizard Tom!
    The Adventures of Wizard Tom! 4 недели назад Got my 7 Black yesterday. Only thing I did wrong was rip open the box. Oh well. Learned a lot from the video. Thanks so much.
  • Tory L. Jefferson
    Tory L. Jefferson 2 месяца назад Really helpful, just opened mine today.
  • David Ardelean
    David Ardelean 2 месяца назад I opened mine yesterday :)
  • David Ardelean
    David Ardelean 2 месяца назад It's great but somtimes it gets too hot
  • Samuel Suardi
    Samuel Suardi 1 месяц назад This video is very helpful Nice work keep it up
  • Chef 1707
    Chef 1707 4 месяца назад thats so helpful...easy to follow and much better than trying to fathom instructions...appreciated.
  • Air Photography
    Air Photography 4 месяца назад Thank you I’m glad you found it helpful 🙂
  • Leanne Mccoy
    Leanne Mccoy 4 месяца назад Awesome video. Im won over and am now a new subber! looking forward to purchase of this soon and getting some good recordings of adventures in ireland.
  • Air Photography
    Air Photography 4 месяца назад Thank you very much and welcome aboard
  • Canadian Traveller
    Canadian Traveller 5 месяцев назад Video explained really well. Thanks very much
  • Air Photography
    Air Photography 5 месяцев назад Thank you very much