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7 Best New Wallets 2019 - You Must Have

Published on Mar 27, 2019 495,705 views










1- BANDO - Functional Slim Wallet by Dash ...
SEE WHY DASH HAS SOLD OVER 250,000 WALLETS. Our Best Minimalist Cash Wallet - Made for Real Ballers Who Carry Bands

2- Stealth Wallet - Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Strong 8 Card Wallet ...
15x stronger than steel, as thin as a razor, holds 8 cards and cash, RFID protection - this is the ultimate wallet.

3- Kaizen: Intelligently Crafted RFID-Safe Wallet ...
Crazy Horse Leather, RFID-safe, SIM/SD Card slots & free travel pen.

4- Wallor 2.0 Isn't It Time You Demanded More From Your Wallet ...
Wireless Phone Charging | Augmented Reality | Real Time Global GPS Tracking | Tracking Tags for All Valuables | Smart Planner | RFID

5- Urban X wallet - wallet revolution with maximum protection ...
experience a whole new level of quick access and keep it compact in your pocket.

6- SERMAN BRANDS Executive | RFID Blocking BI-fold Wallet ... &
Experience an executive full grain leather wallet - with 10 pockets, 2 window ID'S and RFID Blocking protection

7- Dango M1 Maverick Spec-Ops Edition Bifold Wallet ...
The M1 Spec-Ops combines CNC Machined 6061 aerospace aluminum with our very own developed DTEX material; a fine mixture of an industrial “bullet-proof” chassis with a wallet skin that is resilient, flexible and water resistant.

- Other Stores in Canada and United Kingdom :-

1- BANDO Wallet by Dash (UK) ...

6- SERMAN BRANDS Wallets (CA) ... & (UK) ...

7- Dango M1 Maverick Wallet (CA) ...


  • Racket Tattoo
    Racket Tattoo 3 месяца назад #1 i want to punch the guy saying baller.
  • Green Rabbid Rabbit
    Green Rabbid Rabbit 1 месяц назад me too This is such shit!
  • Agent Franks
    Agent Franks 1 месяц назад Racket Tattoo more so pissed that he doesn’t know how to use a box cutter
  • Faded Evolution
    Faded Evolution 4 месяца назад Em I the only one who puts their wallet in their front pocket?
  • Hayate Azekura
    Hayate Azekura 3 месяца назад I do to, Why do people like to put their wallets on back of their ass.
  • Tyrone Ward
    Tyrone Ward 3 месяца назад @Hayate Azekura personal preference?
  • LoSpotItaliano
    LoSpotItaliano 3 месяца назад Tyrone Ward because they live in a place where nobody would steal their wallet
  • Ali Z
    Ali Z 2 месяца назад @Hayate Azekura For me, it's because womens jeans have NO front pockets or the pockets are like an inch(some not even) deep. You can't even fit an entire ipod touch in there let alone a wallet
    PROMETHEUS GAMING 1 месяц назад Not ever since I switched to Trayvax Wallets. Best on the market. American made. And designed for front pocket carry.
  • Gabriel Arellano
    Gabriel Arellano 3 недели назад I use the front pocket too
  • Jason Hunt
    Jason Hunt 2 месяца назад The more I watch these new wallets, the more I appreciate my flipside 4 wallet.
  • Tyler Maynard
    Tyler Maynard 3 дня назад Jason Hunt I have the 3. Been contemplating on buying the 4
  • mike riley
    mike riley 2 месяца назад Fancy videos for shit wallets. Ill take something classic any day
  • BlackSkullArmor
    BlackSkullArmor 4 месяца назад (изменено) No 2 seems okay, but that thin band for cash isn't inspiring confidence for me
  • Arthur H
    Arthur H 4 месяца назад BlackSkullArmor the stealth wallet has no “backbone”, your cards are the frame. It’s a poor design and precisely the reason wallets have bulk.
  • Channing Paine
    Channing Paine 3 месяца назад That version of the stealth wallet isnt available I couldn't find it
  • das 1988
    das 1988 5 дней назад @Arthur H True. Cards will be toast before long....
  • Bloodthirsty Vegan
    Bloodthirsty Vegan 3 месяца назад I rarely have more than $10-20 at any given time, but I need a $100+ wallet to carry it around in.
  • das 1988
    das 1988 5 дней назад Ikr.....😂😂
  • Martin Vasquez
    Martin Vasquez 4 месяца назад Alam katulad nga ng sinabi ko naririnig ko kayo mga putanh ina niyong mga baboy kayo kaya mag iingat kayo
  • Dragnmastralex
    Dragnmastralex 4 месяца назад if you don't want to sit on a thick wallet but hate flimsy material... the fanny pack is for you
  • kimo sabe86
    kimo sabe86 2 месяца назад 11:16 Thor got his license from canada.
  • Racket Tattoo
    Racket Tattoo 3 месяца назад Only good one in my opinion is wallor #4
  • Ionic Verge
    Ionic Verge 1 месяц назад Always felt like it was taking a pic of me
  • Sergeant of pewdiepies 9 yr old army
    Sergeant of pewdiepies 9 yr old army 2 месяца назад Wallor is genius,now I could put a tracker on my phone!😃
  • Martin Vasquez
    Martin Vasquez 4 месяца назад Naririnig ko kayo baja akala niyo
  • Francis James
    Francis James 2 месяца назад They should start making condoms from ballistic material, really!
  • farrukh hashmi
    farrukh hashmi 3 недели назад 7 iS best
  • LouieGMDesign13
    LouieGMDesign13 4 месяца назад Now introducing smart wallets.......
  • Joseph Strupek
    Joseph Strupek 4 недели назад I got a Kore slim men's wallet and it works great, the cards are easy to get out when you need them, and the money clip holds the bills secure, glad I bought it, its a great wallet.
  • bojan rimanic
    bojan rimanic 3 месяца назад This are more card holders than wallets!
  • MIDY SynthésMusics
    MIDY SynthésMusics 4 месяца назад le modèle Dango M1 est plutôt bien,mais il est très cher(109$).
  • Mark Union
    Mark Union 3 месяца назад (изменено) Trayvax contour..none of these wallets look appealing