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Raspberry Pi 4 vs NVIDIA Jetson Nano comparison, also including benchmarks of the Raspberry Pi 3B and Raspberry Pi 3B+. Video covers hardware specifications, Octane browser benchmark, USB and micro SD card speed tests, YouTube and local video playback, and Kdenlive performance and render test.

You can learn more about the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B on the Raspberry Pi Foundation website here:

You can also find information on the Jetson Nano here:

My previous NVIDIA Jetson Nano review & demo is here:

My previous Raspberry Pi 4 Model B review & demo is here:

And I have video called “Jetson Nano Vision Recognition Neural Network Demo” here:

More videos on single board computers and other computing topics can be found on the ExplainingComputers channel:

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  • Jason Kay
    Jason Kay 1 месяц назад The pi4 struggles with youtube because they disabled hardware acceleration as it was breaking other parts of Chromium. Hopefully it's just a driver issue and it will soon be fixed and enabled.
  • ExplainingComputers
    ExplainingComputers 1 месяц назад Indeed. In some ways it is a shame that the Pi 4 was released before this software fix, as a board that should be able to play 1080p YouTube not being able to play it is not doing the Pi 4 any favours.
  • Jason Kay
    Jason Kay 1 месяц назад (изменено) @ExplainingComputers I've just been checking the raspberry pi forums and they have added a fix that you can update but the -disable-gpu flag is still enabled afterwards so you have to remove that manually and youtube should run better.
  • suicide hound
    suicide hound 1 месяц назад older versions of raspbian as used on the 3b and 3b+ also have wonky video decoding support out of the box, which doesn't help
  • BaboonLoveMonkey
    BaboonLoveMonkey 1 месяц назад (изменено) @ExplainingComputers Yeah. For me, YouTube 1080p playback has become the benchmark by which I separate useful general-purpose desktop systems from more limited systems that are only useful in specific circumstances. Online video playback via web browsers is so ubiquitous nowadays in day to day computer usage, that it's pretty pointless trying to get useful work done on a system that cannot manage that. It's a real shame the Pi 4 and so many other SBCs are hamstrung by lack of working hardware acceleration in their web browsers.
  • Jaroslav Svoboda
    Jaroslav Svoboda 1 месяц назад Just install Play with MPV, compile MPV with RasPi decoding support and play it in an external player. I do that on my desktop too because Chrome does not support NVDEC or any other hardware decoding on Linux. Should play 4K just fine.
  • The Mastr
    The Mastr 1 месяц назад Another thing, you CAN enable it. It's simply a line in the chromium configuration file. It's just that after you start playing a video, the entire browser freezes if you click anywhere. It's not exactly ideal
  • suicide hound
    suicide hound 1 месяц назад @Jaroslav Svoboda i just use the rpi3 build of gentoo since the one script out there to cleanly automate that process only lets you use the decoding on the fbturbo driver, which looks slightly garbled on my monitor
  • Volker Hett
    Volker Hett 1 месяц назад @ExplainingComputers OTOH, the developers need the computer to adapt their software.
  • TheCaptain
    TheCaptain 1 месяц назад Alternatively, Firefox seems to work perfectly.
  • Jeff Wolsieffer
    Jeff Wolsieffer 1 месяц назад @suicide hound I believe THIS is being done on Purpose ( as written on many Forums ) At this time, no software is Designed to run Directly on the GPU side of this equation .. or is there ... ! .....
  • suicide hound
    suicide hound 1 месяц назад @TheCaptain firefox would frequently crash for me on the pi due to ALSA related "assertion errors". although, this could just be gentooism (i couldn't find a way to get it on raspbian short of compiling it myself, which would take aeons). youtube performance is slower on FF anyway, since google's shadow DOM trickery comes into play.
  • suicide hound
    suicide hound 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Jeff Wolsieffer what are you referring to? if it's the video decoding, that was just an oversight on the package mantainers' end where they didn't build ffmpeg with MMAL decoding support, as it's kinda complicated to do anyway and most people just use the pi for IOT projects.
  • TheCaptain
    TheCaptain 1 месяц назад @suicide hound To be fair, I have a pair of Tinkerboards(both versions) and I run Android on each. Firefox for Android on those SBC's doesn't have any problems with Youtube at 1080p. Maybe Android on the RPi4b would run YT on FF better?
  • Michael Webber
    Michael Webber 1 месяц назад @TheCaptain Firefox huh. That's huge. For a long time on low-end machines Win10 machines, YouTube couldn't play higher frame rates (50fps to 60fps) in Chrome but could in Edge. Go figure. I don't completely blame Raspbian since Chrome is wonky too. I'm not, however, happy with Raspberry Pi arbitrarily moving to open source codecs when there are free proprietary codecs to run the GPU.
  • Miles Campbell
    Miles Campbell 1 месяц назад What wasn't discussed here is if I can play Pong with either of the boards...
  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic 1 месяц назад @BaboonLoveMonkey poor browser video streaming is a BIG let down, especially when the pi4 is pitched to us as a desktop pc. I have found performance worse than on a 3b+ with raspbian stretch. Glad this is finally being talked about. Debating whether to sell mine (coz need cash) and revisit in 6 months
  • Maarten
    Maarten 1 месяц назад (изменено) @ExplainingComputers Have you tried cooling the pi4 during the youtube video test? The overheating icon keeps popping up during the test so it might be throttling a bit giving skewed results.
  • ExplainingComputers
    ExplainingComputers 1 месяц назад @Maarten The Pi was running with a pretty hefty heat sink, as shown a little later in the video. Though given that the Pi 4 is supplied without a heat sink, it would not be unreasonable to test it in that state. :)
  • Maarten
    Maarten 1 месяц назад @ExplainingComputers My apologies, i meant during the youtube part, was the heatsink also installed there? I would be very surprised if it managed to overheat with a heatsink like you used later in the video.
  • ExplainingComputers
    ExplainingComputers 1 месяц назад @Maarten Sadly I did start to throttle in YouTube with that heat sink fitted. The Pi has been running for some time. But it does get very warm very quickly! :) I'll be posting my Pi 4 cooling video a week on Sunday, where with active cooling I' have managed to run it at around 55 degrees at sustained full load. :)
  • [APG]RoboCop[CL]
    [APG]RoboCop[CL] 1 месяц назад You are quite correctly, also it appears to perform better if you set the screen resolution to 720p (not the video quality from Youtube).
  • Magus12000BC
    Magus12000BC 1 месяц назад People care about Chromium? I thought that Firefox was the preferred browser on Linux distros?
  • Jason Kay
    Jason Kay 1 месяц назад ​@Magus12000BC using Chromium is like using internet explorer years ago, it's the browser supplied with the OS so you just use it.
  • Creamapod Games
    Creamapod Games 1 месяц назад YouTube was working just fine on my raspberry pi 4 2gb ram.
  • jason campbell
    jason campbell 1 месяц назад @ExplainingComputers I think that has to be mineral oil cooling.
  • Juan Fonseca
    Juan Fonseca 1 месяц назад @BaboonLoveMonkey I think the real shame is that google puts a lot of stress on youtube (same as the rest of the media, take any big online news portal) plus ultra heavy javascript, plus all the shitty marketing overhead (to mine your data of course); with that out of the equation the Pi3 or 4 can handle any other online multimedia content; in fact if you dont have a powerful handheld device (i.e. cellphone/tablet/notebook from 2015 or newer) you will experience the same problems that the Pi has with the online multimeda experience
  • Phone Email
    Phone Email 2 недели назад @suicide hound except they are selling desktop kits that claim can run 2 monitors at 60fps.
  • Randy Hall
    Randy Hall 1 месяц назад Dang, I'm just impressed by how much faster the Pi 4 is over the Pi 3+! Thanks for doing this!
  • Nigel Sollars
    Nigel Sollars 1 месяц назад Its based off of a totally different ARM core design, A72 was the 2019 ( mid to late ) high end in SBC's before the announcement of A76, ( snapdragon, RK3588 ).
  • Andy Mode
    Andy Mode 1 месяц назад I never expected them to get 4 A72s on the board as well as USB3 and DDR4 - for 35 quid. Released 9 months early too, with big memory options, dual hdmi, gl3/vulcan, h264 encoder... its unanticipated.
  • Randy Hall
    Randy Hall 1 месяц назад It's Christmas in July!
  • ravagingwolverine
    ravagingwolverine 1 месяц назад @Andy Mode The quad-core A72 was a little bit of a surprise considering the price, as you say. At the same time, it's not totally unexpected as the RK3399 has been out there for a couple of years. It looks like the A72 cores on a 28nm process is the compromise between price and performance. We've seen such examples as the RK3399, and the old mid-range Snapdragon 650 and 652, and now this. And the A72 being a few generations old already probably helps with the price as it's not top end of the line anymore.
  • Markus Birth
    Markus Birth 1 месяц назад @Randy Hall Judging by the availability of the 4GB model, Christmas might be delayed until August at least.
  • Peter Hansen
    Peter Hansen 1 месяц назад @Markus Birth Depends where you are, I guess. Christmas arrived here early this past week, in Canada. Watching this vid right now on the Pi4B 4GB. :-)
  • Elit3Blaze
    Elit3Blaze 1 месяц назад Watching this before jumping into all the other tech youtuber’s ryzen 3000 vids
  • Esra Erimez
    Esra Erimez 1 месяц назад +1
  • vavanade
    vavanade 1 месяц назад (изменено) Comparison: For the price of one 3900x you can get 7 Raspberry Pi 4s with 4 GB RAM or 5 Jetson Nanos.
  • rockapartie
    rockapartie 1 месяц назад Can you recommend a good channel? Almost all of the ones youtube recommends to me offer no real tech info, lots of blabla and I'd rather read one article on a good tech website than wasting my time with those channels.
  • KolFoxy
    KolFoxy 1 месяц назад @rockapartie have really detailed and explained reviews.
  • Snarky . Live
    Snarky . Live 1 месяц назад Summary of the Ryzen vids: things are not going well for Intel's i9 series.
  • MeneGR
    MeneGR 1 месяц назад @Snarky . Live thanks for that, who has time for Ryzen benchmarks 8)
  • Lord Durazno
    Lord Durazno 1 месяц назад you, sir, are a man of culture
  • tinkmarshino
    tinkmarshino 1 месяц назад @rockapartie have you tried dronebot workshop? I am not sure if this is what you wanted but he has combining articles on his web page.. He does a lot of sting and has spec's also he is into robots he is building one now.. Check out his youtube page and his newsletter.. I am thinking this will be "more better!"
  • rockapartie
    rockapartie 1 месяц назад @tinkmarshino 😂 thank you! yes, I watched Joop Brokking's drone videos and Ben Eater's 8 bit computer build.
  • Frau Kreaz
    Frau Kreaz 1 месяц назад @rockapartie hardware unboxed is one of my go-to
  • tinkmarshino
    tinkmarshino 1 месяц назад @rockapartie I know what you mean about a bit more of the specie side ... I like to know the inputs and output and the function of all the components that produce the effect..
  • Rob Potato
    Rob Potato 1 месяц назад Yeah, they’re all pretty much the same anyway.
  • Andrew Joy
    Andrew Joy 1 месяц назад I watched them before they got took down off youtube ! After all you cannot show murder on youtube , RIP Intel :D
  • Ray N
    Ray N 1 месяц назад Chris said he's gonna review Udoo Bolt v8 which is built on Ryzen 3000 with 8x graphic core.
  • jason campbell
    jason campbell 1 месяц назад I jump on here to avoid R3 coverage. The spin over R3 has been a joke with all the major YT 'content creators' spurning out material on a product that they knew nothing about, they were as well informed as anyone who had sat through the free online presentation. Then there were 'death of Intel' speculations. Ignoring the fact that Intel really makes all its money from server, mobile, and things that aren't CPUs at all. Intel won’t massively cut prices but it can introduce new chips (with say a few more cores) at a price more competitive than we have seen in the past- and there you go they have released 6/8/10 core chips at a new lower price point. And Intel loosing temporary Desktop wouldn’t kill Intel one bit. I’m waiting another month and to be honest my interest is more on the 2700X, or rather its price. I was a relatively early adopter of the R1 1600. That to my mind was the bottom of the range of the real Ryzens (and so it has proved) and it has proven an excellent CPU- not a great over-clocker if you are used to Intel but it shook up the whole CPU desktop market.
  • La marmotte des internets
    La marmotte des internets 1 месяц назад There is only one tech YouTuber around here not talking about ryzen 3rd Gen right now and it's you
  • ExplainingComputers
    ExplainingComputers 1 месяц назад I've always rebelled against the trend. :) And next week -- a PC Linux video! :)
  • La marmotte des internets
    La marmotte des internets 1 месяц назад @ExplainingComputers haha I've seen that, can't wait to check it out
  • Ian Alcantara
    Ian Alcantara 1 месяц назад @ExplainingComputers Nice
  • rockapartie
    rockapartie 1 месяц назад I hate all those mainstream "tech" channels. Thank god there's the option to tell Youtube not to suggest them anymore. When I want in-depth tech info about PC stuff, I buy the german mag PC Games Hardware or I visit websites like Anandtech.
  • Nigel Sollars
    Nigel Sollars 1 месяц назад (изменено) Chances are your going to get more Ryzen / Navi tech since it looks like Navi is coming to Arm SoC's, it was going to happen and should shake up the sillyness that is binary blob drivers.
  • PyreGnome Ay
    PyreGnome Ay 1 месяц назад rockapartie Wendell at Level1Techs is quite good
  • rockapartie
    rockapartie 1 месяц назад @PyreGnome Ay nice channel, thanks!
  • quangluu96
    quangluu96 1 месяц назад @rockapartie They aren't bad. They give you a good summary of what's going on in a few minutes. Anandtech is great, but it takes a bit of time to digest.
  • rockapartie
    rockapartie 1 месяц назад ​@quangluu96 Yeah, I guess bad is the wrong word - I'm just not in their target audience, but the Youtube algorithm doesn't want to accept that. 😂
  • paul maydaynight
    paul maydaynight 1 месяц назад @ExplainingComputers really, then make some gui perhaps
  • lee x
    lee x 1 месяц назад Hopefully the 3000 cpu and new boards don't make a mess of the IOMMU (think most of it was sorted with bios updates on first gen ryzen)
  • Anca XT
    Anca XT 1 месяц назад @ExplainingComputers yess... Pliss PC Linux... I want to learn n instal in my PC... But i don't what is Linux distro good? Can u compare it? (Sory bad english)
  • Gags GAGS
    Gags GAGS 1 месяц назад @ExplainingComputers You do you...cause it works...excellent vid as usual!
  • jason campbell
    jason campbell 1 месяц назад He isn't the only one, check out Phils Computer LAb, he is only just touching on Ryzen One now. He has been doing lots of stuff on Chinese motherboards that can be combined with cheap Xeon cpus
  • Anton Nym
    Anton Nym 1 месяц назад One of the best channels on youtube. I love ALL your videos! So informative and well-explained. I am planning to get a pi4 for robotics. I'm excited because it's a nice step up from my pi 2 and FuzeBASIC should run on it just fine.
  • David Fernandez
    David Fernandez 1 месяц назад Developing a commercial application with SBC for WiFi RADIUS on site, and with mind set-up on the RPI-4. Then you come in and show that I can also use the GPU for machine learning over DNS on the Jetson. The question is... Why do I watch your videos? Still, great nails...
  • kooky216
    kooky216 1 месяц назад maybe you could benchmark a pi vs an older desktop cpu like a pentium for fun :)
  • John Simon
    John Simon 1 месяц назад CPU wise - A pi 3 is roughly a single core of a pentium 4, but you have four cores, so maybe like a multi socket xeon. (I'd give a molar to have one of these while I was in college instead of some sun ultra 10 hardware) Pi zero is roughly a pentium II or III. But the ram and storage are much faster than the spinning disks of the time. *Pi 4*, I don't know .... one does NOT see a 3x increase in CPU performance generation to generation in PC world. Maybe it's in par with Intel core 2 or Nehalem That said, anything interesting on the Pi or other SBC is not going to be happening while running a desktop windowing environment, much less running a web browser. Raspian/noobs is for people who are COMPLETELY new to Linux and need something familiar.
  • Brad
    Brad 1 месяц назад @John Simon I think the Kali Arm and Manjaro Arm guys would disagree with nothing interesting happening with a desktop.
  • jason campbell
    jason campbell 1 месяц назад (изменено) @John Simon Thing is I was very much involved in PCs back then, and as Chris says, it is all about systems. It makes the comparison meaningless. In some ways a Pi4 will be more advanced and in others still woefully lacking. Another problem is the fastest computer is the computer you currently own. And NOOBS is for new purchasers so they can install known to work software- someone coming from Windows won't notice any handholding because there isn't really any. In fact I'd say NOOBS adds confusion there. I've read the datas and the X3 thing is just a splash headline, sometimes it is over 3.6! Other times no improvement. If you sort of average it out, mash it about, and apply a sort of lightweight PC use case scenario X3 isn't correct but it isn't misleading either.
  • ExplainingComputers
    ExplainingComputers 1 месяц назад @kooky216  Great idea for a future video -- noted!
  • KJR Channel
    KJR Channel 1 месяц назад @John Simon In comparison the socket 7 era AMD 500's could do a lot, but could not handle streaming from their older and handicapped instruction sets. I even think the socket A 462 is more powerful on the right board although Firefox so rudely stopped SSE support. I was surprised to see a RPI 1B+ could stream good on OSMC, although it was fun watching it chug and buffer streaming on Rasbian. That was with 1100 over clock. I regard X86 as a fleet of American triple trailer trucks, and Arm as a bunch of delivery drivers on mopeds that can only carry small items. So would it be fair to say that one could take the Arm core frequency and divide by 2? Well I don't think it would be that easy to judge performance without looking at the hardware and software that goes with a Arm cpu.
  • Jinxx mk2
    Jinxx mk2 Неделю назад Out of curiousity I ran the octane test on my chromebook and came to 11400 points. Quad core celeron n3450 and intel hd 500 igpu for specs.
  • Rowan Baranowski
    Rowan Baranowski 1 месяц назад the NVIDIA board has a better GPU?! shock
  • Vivek hari
    Vivek hari 1 месяц назад Great video. It will be really great to see training performance for a moderately large ML model on both these devices.
  • Midimike 72
    Midimike 72 2 недели назад I like your videos. Informative and educational. Keep it up!
  • Trent Doyle
    Trent Doyle 1 месяц назад Very good video on comparing the legacy and the new pi 4 with the nano. Software is so very important in all of this. That's why I stick with name brand sbcs and not some off the wall boards.
  • Dr Nicktu
    Dr Nicktu Неделю назад As always a great vid with no BS!!! Thanks
  • Thomas Burnett
    Thomas Burnett 1 месяц назад Thank you for the very informative comparison of the Raspberry Pi 4B and the Jetson Nano!
  • matteusbeus
    matteusbeus 1 месяц назад (изменено) I get the impression there is an increasing need for an official 64 bit version of Raspbian especially with the move to 4GB.
  • ExplainingComputers
    ExplainingComputers 1 месяц назад I agree.
  • Karen Yung
    Karen Yung 1 месяц назад WOW! Christopher is overclocked and loaded!!
  • Ana Assburgian
    Ana Assburgian 1 месяц назад 4b or not 4b, that is the question.
  • MarkTheMorose
    MarkTheMorose 1 месяц назад Whether 'tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous YouTube dislikers.
  • Karen Yung
    Karen Yung 1 месяц назад shake your spear, literally!
  • Nonsense Manjaro
    Nonsense Manjaro 1 месяц назад i've seen this b4
  • MarkTheMorose
    MarkTheMorose 1 месяц назад @Nonsense Manjaro Babylon 4 disappeared, 24 hours before becoming operational.
  • Alan Golab
    Alan Golab 1 месяц назад 4bit xd
  • C Stewart
    C Stewart 1 месяц назад Darn you Chris, now I must buy more SBCs! A pleasure, as always.
  • Michel Morin
    Michel Morin 1 месяц назад (But like you, I am impatiently waiting for proposals for cases that will allow adequate cooling to this little marvel.)
    FARON • REMULTA • SEJERA 1 месяц назад Maybe Overclocking the CPU and the GPU could improve the performance of the RaspPi 4B and Jetson Nano. WARNING: OVERCLOCKING CPU AND GPU OF THESE SBCS AND OTHERS COULD BE RISKY AND MAY VOID WARRANTY.
  • Jamie Rogers
    Jamie Rogers 1 месяц назад YouTube is lit up with Ryzen 3000 reviews and here I am watching your SBC comparison :) This video is great to show that not all SBCs are built the same. These two obviously have different markets in mind and that's cool.