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Tutorial: How to crimp connectors, strip wire and use heat shrink.

Published on Mar 16, 2013 1,192,772 views










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A guide on using the correct tools to crimp connectors, strip wire and apply heat shrink.
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Further discussion and link to NASA guide here:

In this video:

* Selecting the correct wire gauge (AWG - American Wire Gauge) for the crimp connector.
* Using the correct tools to strip the insulation from the wire.
* The correct way to insert the wire into the crimp connector
* Using the correct crimp tools to crimp the connector
* How to apply heat shrink correctly to the wire and crimp connector.

  • Trigger HappyTV
    Trigger HappyTV 5 лет назад Excellent video, I do a lot of crimping in automotive applications mostly JST/Micro Timer etc, if anyone needs any help with those I can advise. Easy rule.. crimp connectors and solder only when joining wires
  • 3m4n
    3m4n 3 дня назад Is it possible to modify/cut/grind the lug of a ring or fork terminal to fit the area needed to conduct the signal without compromising the amount of electricity/signal sent through the wire? I'm trying to hook up a wire to a sound system (Infinity Basslink 10" Amp/Woofer Combo) and the holes to where the wires enter the system are quite small. One of the wire gauges is thick, and although I found the correct ring terminal for it, the lug is too big to fit into the sound system.
  • Boyd Waters
    Boyd Waters 5 дней назад Many thanks. I made some ugly wire connections, then came here. Your patience helps me, carefully walking through all the bits I bodged up!
  • Awais Ali
    Awais Ali 2 года назад Strange , the man took half hour to explain everything in detail without making any mistakes but still 222 dislikes from those who think that the video has many mistakes .People never appreciate effort and time that the video maker spend for us and dislikes the video over small matters , shame on those who disliked the video and discouraged the maker to teach us , shame on enemies of knowledge ,
  • Name Name
    Name Name 11 месяцев назад Let me explain why, he uses the word 'mechanically' instead of the correct word which is 'physically', hope this helps.
  • 2k3r11s
    2k3r11s 10 месяцев назад (изменено) +Name Name - Mass, Length, and Time are the three fundamental mechanical units from which all other mechanical units are derived. Everywhere that he refers to the fit of wire in the connector, he is referring to the dimensions of those objects (fundamental mechanical unit: length). Mechanical units & properties are one of the many subsets of all of the physical units, with other sub-categories including electrical, optical, thermal, chemical, etc. A conversation regarding whether or not a connector "electrically" fits the wire would be an entirely separate discussion from whether it "mechanically" fits the wire, but both of these discussions would be in the realm of whether or not it "physically" fits the wire. "Mechanically" was certainly the correct term for him to use. "Physically", while also correct, is significantly less specific.
  • phuc ewe
    phuc ewe 8 месяцев назад I dislike because of his arrogant British accent.
  • Lout K
    Lout K 7 месяцев назад phuck ewe lol british accent...guess you dont get out much
  • 2k3r11s
    2k3r11s 6 месяцев назад @phuc ewe He meant that it's obviously not British, it's South African.
  • phuc ewe
    phuc ewe 6 месяцев назад @2k3r11s Really? I guess I don't get out enough. Now that I listen more closely, he does sound part black.
  • DV
    DV 6 месяцев назад The maker of this video discloses some essential secrets of the trade to the wider public. It is not difficult to see why someone might not like that.
  • 2k3r11s
    2k3r11s 6 месяцев назад ​@DV Like it or not, that's the whole point of YouTube. Putting a dislike on a YouTube video for that reason is quite counterproductive, you're only helping YouTube grow.
  • Iqbal Samin Prithul
    Iqbal Samin Prithul 5 месяцев назад @phuc ewe Eww, you suck
  • Nom
    Nom 5 месяцев назад @phuc ewe He's not black. Just White South African. 😅 Jesus, I don't know how you thought he was British.
  • phuc ewe
    phuc ewe 5 месяцев назад @Nom Should I explain to everyone that I knew he wasn't British; That I did not dislike the video; That I'm aware he's not black; That I was attempting a joke... Or should I just let it perpetuate until someone figures it out? Jeez, you British are so tedious.
  • Josh Copeland
    Josh Copeland 4 месяца назад @phuc ewe Its not a British accent. Its a South African or Zimbabwean accent. I'm happy to be corrected but its not British
  • Kit Laughlin
    Kit Laughlin 3 месяца назад @Name Name "Mechanically" is correct here, I believe.
  • phill davies
    phill davies 2 месяца назад @phuc ewe British accent ! Scottish/ Glasgow etc, Welsh, Cockney, West county, Black country, Scouser, Ulster, received pronunciation ? there are dozens of British accents, and he doesn't have any of them. You need to get your ears washed out alongside your bigotry and whilst they are doing that, ask them to insert a brain.
  • phuc ewe
    phuc ewe 2 месяца назад @phill davies Yes sir, Boss.
  • Errol Paul
    Errol Paul 1 месяц назад @phuc ewe - This is the internet where trolls and keyboard warriors abound. Plain text is easy to misunderstand here. If you're being sarcastic you need to put :) at the end or some other sign to indicate it or you will be misunderstood.
  • Lucy D
    Lucy D 3 года назад I went through half of this video and realised this isn't a crimped hair tutorial.
  • Fay Green
    Fay Green 3 года назад +Lucy Donaldson good if you want a fuller hairdo
  • Dance Lessons Orlando
    Dance Lessons Orlando 2 года назад Ha! Cute.
  • TheHitmanuk1
    TheHitmanuk1 Год назад Lucy D I went though the whole video and realised I have a shaved head.
  • Dan G. Ochoa
    Dan G. Ochoa Год назад LOL =D
  • FrankEdavidson
    FrankEdavidson Год назад When I was an apprentice electrical technician my employer told me to buy proper crimper. From then on I had lovely textured hair.
    HIGHER 7RUTH 10 месяцев назад Lucy D LOL 😂 <3 Hi 🤓if you have a chance, would love your opinion on my latest upload. You might not believe this stuff but i know it’s legit. Luckily most believe me and fans are starting to send me there own footage of this entities.
  • Ben Fischer
    Ben Fischer 7 месяцев назад hahahahhah
  • 3 месяца назад Hmm alright alright mjlorton.. not bad, not bad at all.. I will give you a UG with kryds og slange as a Danish grading, only thing I missed was perhaps some deeper information about heat-shrinks fx with glue and the different version of heat-shrinks as heat-shrinks comes in ridiculous many version, from insane thick and potent that actually shrink with 5/1 and 4/1 and surprisingly thick quality to ridiculous thin and often quite shabby.. thx for the vid. :-)
  • Ainstain K
    Ainstain K 2 месяца назад (изменено) Those are nice crimpers you used on the non-insulated lug at the veru end with the square indent. What brand is it? Great video btw!
  • Brandon Bednarek
    Brandon Bednarek 2 недели назад Crimp and solder after all you can have the best crimp in world eventually corrosion will find a way in and connections fail seen it happen soldering then heatshrink keep most possible contamination out