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Common Sense Test That 90% of People Fail

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Easy but fun personality test. It looks like common sense isn’t so common because according to research, 90% of adults get these questions wrong. Yet kids do just fine. That’s because grown-ups overcomplicate things while children use their common sense and don't overthink. So follow their lead and let's start!

1. Which word would you use if you needed to describe a person who doesn't have all their fingers on one hand?
2. If a plane crashes right on the border between Canada and the United States, where should they bury the survivors?
3. Imagine that you’ve just entered a pitch black room. There’s an oil lamp, a newspaper, and some kindling wood inside the room, but you have only one match. You have to make a tough choice: what will you light first?
4. Mrs. Browny, despite her name, loves the color pink. Her bungalow is decorated entirely in the bubblegum color: pink carpet, furniture, curtains, even the walls are pink. So what color do you imagine the stairs are?
5. 5. One day a man got caught in the pouring rain. Unfortunately, he had no umbrella or hat or anything else he could use to stay dry. Yet not a single hair on his head got wet. How so?
6. How can it be that every single person in a plane crash died, but two people survived?
7. Time for a tricky one so be very attentive: what do you sleep on, sit on, and brush your teeth with?
8. In some months there are 31 days, in others there are 30. But how many months have 28 days?
9. A man dressed in all black from head to toe was walking in the middle of the road. All of a sudden, a huge black car with its headlights off came around the corner and screeched to a halt not to hit him. How on Earth did the driver of the car see the man in black?
10. There were three highly important rooms in the house of an extremely important man. One room was filled with valuable secret documents, the second one was full of money, and in the third room, the man kept expensive jewelry. But one day an arsonist set the house on fire and all the highly important rooms burst into flames. Which of the rooms did the police start to extinguish the fire first and foremost?
11. What’s the biggest problem with snow boots?
12. How do you put a giraffe in a refrigerator?
13. Now, how do you put an elephant in a fridge?
14. Noah builds one more ark and invites all the world’s animals to join him. Every single animal gets onboard, except for one. What animal doesn't board the ark?
15. You’re hiking in the wilderness when you come upon a river. You have to cross it, but you know that crocodiles dwell in rivers there. How can you reach the opposite side without becoming a crocodile’s dinner?

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    BRIGHT SIDE Год назад (изменено) All my friends failed to answer this 8:21 question! What about you? These logical riddles are also cool 😀
  • Wawawa
    Wawawa Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I said the whale because he technically isn’t aboard the ship.
  • urooj husain
    urooj husain Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I did coz it was like a nursery kid question my sis who is 2 years She understand every thing n she answered too
  • The Crunchy Gamer
    The Crunchy Gamer Год назад Question 12,13 & 14 are famous questions in India 😂😎
  • bhuvana kota
    bhuvana kota Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I got 15/15
  • bhuvana kota
    bhuvana kota Год назад Pritish Shegaonkar yep
  • Wolfgirlpiper 123
    Wolfgirlpiper 123 Год назад I got all of them except two right.
  • Thunder GOKU
    Thunder GOKU Год назад Worst question
  • Ruben Concepcion
    Ruben Concepcion Год назад Im wrong☺my answer is shark but its wrong😢
  • Avah it
    Avah it Год назад BRIGHT SIDE NOPPPEEEE! EASY!
  • Azfar Alam
    Azfar Alam Год назад I got it correct
  • Khushi Jain
    Khushi Jain Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I got it right!
  • Georgia bulldogs
    Georgia bulldogs Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I failed also
  • bubu me
    bubu me Год назад Too old too easy
  • Qbn IOS
    Qbn IOS Год назад BRIGHT SIDE there is a ton of animals that are not on the ship so I said rhino
  • The Fat CAT
    The Fat CAT Год назад I did it
  • King Erican
    King Erican Год назад ok for starters not all bungalows are one storey
  • disaltpointed
    disaltpointed Год назад i didn’t fail
  • Sobia Rehma
    Sobia Rehma Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I answered it. I had actually heard it before
  • Clayjay TheRejectedOne
    Clayjay TheRejectedOne Год назад BRIGHT SIDE i got that right
  • Cristiana Vatavu
    Cristiana Vatavu Год назад BRIGHT SIDE, it looks like me and your friends have something in common.
  • Jake0125
    Jake0125 Год назад (изменено) It was a unfair question because it has two diffrent answers, Look at the picture you gave us, IS THE WHALE ON THE ARK? NO!!!
  • Gamer 557
    Gamer 557 Год назад (изменено) Drishti Agarwal same
    LE VAN DEES Год назад Cut and,
  • spd7693
    spd7693 Год назад BRIGHT SIDE The questions you ask are not serious. This is the case. None makes the people think or develop their mind. Furthermore, I was a math competitor when I was a child and I got a lot more serious logic and common sense questions than these! To top it off, you question the Bible and ask the children questions about death. In Europe the latter counts as child abuse. Once they put the author of a math book in jail because of this problem, asked in the book: "A father and a son got into a car crush. The father died and the son survived with his life in danger. When they brought him to hospital the doctor said. "But this is my son!" What is the relationship between the kid and the doctor?" So should I put you on a lawsuit because of the second question you asked? I repeat, for asking that question I illustrated the man went to PRISON!!!
  • mansi bhargav
    mansi bhargav Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I got it
  • Wawawa
    Wawawa Год назад spd7693 lol I hope this is a troll.
  • spd7693
    spd7693 Год назад i94Rules I'm talking seriously, but OK. Listen and read if you want. I DON'T F***ING CARE!!!
  • Piyush Puru
    Piyush Puru Год назад I did it!
  • av 26
    av 26 Год назад BRIGHT SIDE i got that. Because i have already heared about these 4 riddles
  • Feby Liemor
    Feby Liemor Год назад got all of them right on the series
  • Robert Kilbon
    Robert Kilbon Год назад Got it
  • I
    I Год назад BRIGHT SIDE im the 710 disliker
  • The Serpent
    The Serpent Год назад BRIGHT SIDE ok that's not elephant that become mammoth... Comman sense😉
  • Suneetha Reddy
    Suneetha Reddy Год назад I passes
  • Tilly Reed
    Tilly Reed Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I got it
  • ayaz ahmad
    ayaz ahmad Год назад I did it
  • Jordan Naish
    Jordan Naish Год назад I was just about to comment how nonsensical that question was.
  • Complicated Stuff
    Complicated Stuff Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I
  • Breezy
    Breezy Год назад Um, Noah is dead
  • GD Fear
    GD Fear Год назад It was easy. I have heard it like 4 yrs ago.
  • Debashri Choudhary
    Debashri Choudhary Год назад I did all correct
  • Wetheuntitled
    Wetheuntitled Год назад It’s because there was not any mention that there would be any memory needed for the question if it was just an ordinary question than it would probably be a sea creature or something
  • Ziji Lee
    Ziji Lee Год назад The ark could have happened before the elephant was in the fridge...
  • Luke
    Luke Год назад 15: You can't be wondering the wilderness if all the animals are on Noah's Ark. They are there because the world is flooded, so there is no wilderness. YOU FAIL.
  • Someone trying to get attention
    Someone trying to get attention Год назад Somehow I did
  • Cyborgstar
    Cyborgstar Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I said the whale from the picture.
  • Amazing Spider Max
    Amazing Spider Max Год назад BRIGHT SIDE All the questions got me 😂 wowwww
  • AssassinKing
    AssassinKing Год назад omg i thought every question was individual
  • Cam The Gruesome Zombie Killer
    Cam The Gruesome Zombie Killer Год назад i94Rules I said the whale but also fish because why would hey need to get in an ark when they live in water?
  • Heather Stephens
    Heather Stephens Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I
  • AJ Olesen
    AJ Olesen Год назад Noah's ark had 2 of each animal, so only 1 elephant got on the ark, plus fish can get on the ark.
  • Children
    Children Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I AM SO PROUD I Failed jk I did Rememebrred
  • just utubers
    just utubers Год назад BRIGHT SIDE ya
  • just utubers
    just utubers Год назад i94Rules thats what I thought too and the fish
  • Erin’s real SNS `
    Erin’s real SNS ` Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I thought it was the whale because it wasn't on the boat
  • theawesomepikachu20
    theawesomepikachu20 Год назад I failed
  • welcome to hell
    welcome to hell Год назад you have friends?
  • Kaitlan Nagalingam
    Kaitlan Nagalingam Год назад I got this one correct. I already knew the whole riddle.
  • YeetFleet 21
    YeetFleet 21 Год назад BRIGHT SIDE leave the giraffe in so the elephant doesn’t get lonely
  • LtJackboot
    LtJackboot Год назад You can't get them right if information is omitted, or farcical.
  • No Name
  • Reynald Alexander
    Reynald Alexander Год назад And now I am doubting your common sense, it's more like a riddle than a common sense test.
  • Khushi Hooda
    Khushi Hooda Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I got this right😊
  • Khushi Hooda
    Khushi Hooda Год назад Pritish Shegaonkar yes I am also from India
  • Smvl Rawat
    Smvl Rawat Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I got it
  • Khevin Buan
    Khevin Buan Год назад BRIGHT SIDE yes i already answer it it so easy because i already watch some video that has that question.
  • Sumedh Shetty
    Sumedh Shetty Год назад I got the 8:21 question
  • LoSt NaMe
    LoSt NaMe Год назад I did it
  • shadow gamer
    shadow gamer Год назад I did it
  • Simon Sangat
    Simon Sangat Год назад BRIGHT SIDE ya
  • Dr. K. Wette
    Dr. K. Wette Год назад I did. But #15 is incorrect, Noa only took TWO crocodiles. ;-)
  • HappyUnknown
    HappyUnknown Год назад this is more a riddle than common sense dude.
  • Alec Jordan
    Alec Jordan Год назад I would like to see a source that says 90% of adults get these questions wrong.
  • easy peasy lemon squeezy
    easy peasy lemon squeezy Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I have heard it before so I did it correctly ;P
  • Mayuri Cho
    Mayuri Cho Год назад BRIGHT SIDE ssxcdf'b
  • Random Channel
    Random Channel Год назад I said dinosaurs
  • Game play
    Game play Год назад This isn't common sense things these are just riddles not common sense, THATS COMMON SENSE
  • Game play
    Game play Год назад Also a lot of play on words...
  • Lydia Wang
    Lydia Wang Год назад BRIGHT SIDE please do more!
  • Alejandro Perez
    Alejandro Perez Год назад Isn't this common sense YOU CANT PUT AN ELEPHANT OR JIRRAFFE IN A FRIDGE!! SURE COMMON SENSE VIDEO
  • Ic y
    Ic y Год назад I got it right hahahaha
  • Pokemonman Asomeman
    Pokemonman Asomeman Год назад BRIGHT SIDE wow
    EMINICK95 Год назад 100th reply
  • Ekta Jain
    Ekta Jain Год назад Just required common sense! Pretty sure I have it ;)
  • Jessinwonder
    Jessinwonder Год назад BRIGHT SIDE i
  • Walters Family
    Walters Family Год назад I am a kid and I only got one right 😢#scaredforlife
  • RebelliousMango
    RebelliousMango Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I did it!
  • Red Veil's Clairvoyant
    Red Veil's Clairvoyant Год назад u said kids do just fine, im just barely a teen and my mind started overcomplicating the last few cuz it didnt know they were connected
  • TFG Clutch
    TFG Clutch Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I honestly got them all correct. Not that hard.
  • Divyanshu Singh
    Divyanshu Singh Год назад BRIGHT SIDE this series of questions is actually an ancient India riddle
  • Darwin Fesico
    Darwin Fesico Год назад I answered it correctly.
  • Shivesh Poddar
    Shivesh Poddar Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I did ot
  • Leader Daniel
    Leader Daniel Год назад Whale
  • NotACultist
    NotACultist Год назад This isn't common sense these are trick questions
  • Anant Singh
    Anant Singh Год назад BRIGHT SIDE seriously how can u say i did it
  • Ruturaj G
    Ruturaj G Год назад Only this one
  • TNT Films
    TNT Films Год назад BRIGHT SIDE the answer to this riddle is he has no friends
  • AixZop
    AixZop Год назад i got it!
  • Ranjeet Singh
    Ranjeet Singh Год назад BRIGHT SIDE i got it right because I had heard it before also .
  • Dillon Thuman
    Dillon Thuman Год назад why would a dolphin be on board?
  • Kulwinder Kumar
    Kulwinder Kumar Год назад It was easy ....i done it....!!!
  • VaLkyrie Elf
    VaLkyrie Elf Год назад BRIGHT SIDE how are you even sure its 90% of people
  • Clutch McKaiser
    Clutch McKaiser Год назад BRIGHT SIDE the way you animate yourself you look like an office worker
  • émilydelium 123
    émilydelium 123 Год назад Me too even i got all right
  • Alex Kim
    Alex Kim Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I got it right
  • Michael Rideout
    Michael Rideout Год назад BRIGHT SIDE
  • Dhainnielle Drio
    Dhainnielle Drio Год назад BRIGHT SIDE hey i got it all perpect and its so funny
  • Princess Yuki Edogawa
    Princess Yuki Edogawa Год назад Hahahaha...very funny...i thought its the whale...youre the one that made me overthink
  • Harsh Mehta
    Harsh Mehta Год назад A similar question was asked to me
  • Dhainnielle Drio
    Dhainnielle Drio Год назад it says all the animal in the bible
  • Bavin KD
    Bavin KD Год назад I know this before
  • God Naruto
    God Naruto Год назад BRIGHT SIDE brah I got 14 q right and I’m 10 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I FEEL SMARTER NOW by the way love the content and subes
  • Antonio Lorenzo
    Antonio Lorenzo Год назад BRIGHT SIDE no.8 is my Orly correct answer. Ang the test are wrong.
  • Ya Yeet
    Ya Yeet Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I got it
  • Grizzledwarveteran23
    Grizzledwarveteran23 Год назад Yo how many friends do u have
  • Natalie O'Neill
    Natalie O'Neill Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I got it right
  • Angad Kappor
    Angad Kappor Год назад BRIGHT SIDE nope
  • Angad Kappor
    Angad Kappor Год назад BRIGHT SIDE lol
  • Kavita Ahluwalia
    Kavita Ahluwalia Год назад i managed to do all
  • -hyucoil-
    -hyucoil- Год назад I have watched this video through and all the answers which was “correct” and “common sense” is a load of bull s##t! Like ms brownie with the no stairs ( what happens if she has an attic or basement hmmm)
  • Xx Llama squad xX
    Xx Llama squad xX Год назад I said a fish
  • Polite Gordon Ramsay
    Polite Gordon Ramsay Год назад What friends?
  • Rudis R
    Rudis R Год назад if crocodiles aren't SINGLE, but couples of crocodiles aren' t invited to Noah Ark, good luck wiTh our common sense
  • eevee lass
  • Elite Gamer
    Elite Gamer Год назад I did it correctly
  • adarsh rai
    adarsh rai Год назад I answered everything correct
  • Dee Holly
    Dee Holly Год назад Right I was thinking the whale that was in the water next to the ark.It wasnt in the ark either.
  • Neth
    Neth Год назад BRIGHT SIDE The common sense to the answer of these questions are these aren’t even common sense, just plain wordplay and riddles.
  • Auseless Account
    Auseless Account Год назад I did it all
  • Mister Toasty
    Mister Toasty Год назад BRIGHT SIDE im pretty sure Noah didnt have fridges when he was building his ark
  • Lil Zentro
    Lil Zentro Год назад BRIGHT SIDE there r only 2 of each animal
  • Paulette
    Paulette Год назад BRIGHT SIDE common sense and riddles are two separate things and any body with intelligence Brightside would know that. I'd say this post is not so bright Darkseid
  • Gillian Punzal
    Gillian Punzal Год назад BRIGHT SIDE i answered all correct 'cause they are easy
  • monster slayer
    monster slayer Год назад how did the elephant not aboard the ship if the refrigerator wasn’t even invented when Noah built the ark?
  • Mr. Anonymous
    Mr. Anonymous Год назад you & your friends all failed if thats the only one. #7 is the only common sense question...
  • mahad khan
    mahad khan Год назад BRIGHT SIDE h
  • Craig O'Riley
    Craig O'Riley Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I hate you. First of all you can’t fit and elephant or a giraffe in a fridge at all second of all for number 14 you said every animal on the arc which one is missing and you literally had a whale next to the ship not on the ship. I disliked and unsubscribed because ours restarted
  • Mutton_
    Mutton_ Год назад This was so dumb.
  • Jake Martin
    Jake Martin Год назад you have friends?
  • Magma456
    Magma456 Год назад BRIGHT SIDE iiii
  • annedorene sillacos
    annedorene sillacos Год назад BRIGHT SIDE b
  • PUBG Mobile Gaming- Gesh
    PUBG Mobile Gaming- Gesh Год назад I did it
  • Avista Yusuf
    Avista Yusuf Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I
  • user_ 008
    user_ 008 Год назад BRIGHT SIDE what friends
  • Avista Yusuf
    Avista Yusuf Год назад UNICORN MINER OHHHHH!! BURNNNN!! 😂😂😂😂💛💛💛
  • Mark Maryzed
    Mark Maryzed Год назад I fale!!!!!!!!!!
  • HuskyKid02
    HuskyKid02 Год назад m8 if you can fit a giraffe in your refrigerator and an elephant why do you need to take the giraffe out if you have a tardis as a refrigerator that is endlessly big
    CRAZY GAMER Год назад BRIGHT SIDE i got them all right
  • B McKenna
    B McKenna Год назад These are riddles, not common sense questions
  • Manisha Dalai
    Manisha Dalai Год назад Why the two questions are linked????
  • Splood The Blue Dude Zoom
    Splood The Blue Dude Zoom Год назад BRIGHT SIDE this is not a common sense test it's a bunch of trick questions
  • Haroon Afridi
    Haroon Afridi Год назад Lol, I also failed hahah
    KSHAMA SHARMA Год назад I did it to
  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus Год назад You have friends?
  • Science Fails
    Science Fails Год назад After getting the first eight questions right, I quit watching because it was so inane.
  • TNFazli TEmbong
    TNFazli TEmbong Год назад whales,sharks,fish
  • WithASickeningThud
    WithASickeningThud Год назад Me to
    EVANZ-ART Год назад BRIGHT SIDE i got it easy
  • flying butterflies 3024
    flying butterflies 3024 Год назад I did it bcoz my frd already asked this to mee.....😅😅
  • Shubham Mamgain
    Shubham Mamgain Год назад You have friends!?
  • Saransh Tiwari
    Saransh Tiwari Год назад Drishti Agarwal same to me
  • Watch Me DIY It
    Watch Me DIY It Год назад 8:09 If the giraffe was in the refrigerator, why would it be frozen? 😂
  • Areesha
    Areesha Год назад Well umm that question didn't really has got the right answer because a dolphin, shark or fish cant cuz they need water and if they go to the board they will die?
  • NC387
    NC387 Год назад I got it. I simply knew all the answers to the last ones because my friend told me something a little different, but basically the same
  • Retarded Butterfly
    Retarded Butterfly Год назад still funny though smartass
  • noiseyclock
    noiseyclock Год назад BRIGHT SIDE yeah because the questions should be separate, that’s just typical English unless your staring at the beginning that the questions can intertwine with others
  • Sachin s.s
    Sachin s.s Год назад I heard these questions 9 years ago..
  • Jaiden Mitchell
    Jaiden Mitchell Год назад That was disgusting. I hate this channel now.
  • karen deebz
    karen deebz Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I almost failed
  • SwiftWarrior 07
    SwiftWarrior 07 Год назад BRIGHT SIDE how can anyone put a giraffe in a fridge?
  • Rajan Mestry
    Rajan Mestry Год назад (изменено) I did it because my friend already asked me.
  • Om Parmar
    Om Parmar Год назад no i am right
  • DNDP Networks
    DNDP Networks Год назад I got it
  • TeeN TrendS
    TeeN TrendS Год назад I knew this one coz it's very famous in our school
  • The MathsMaster
    The MathsMaster Год назад BRIGHT SIDE so nice.
  • Art with Saijal Hans
    Art with Saijal Hans Год назад i knew that its elephant😕
  • John Doe
    John Doe Год назад Q1 - Surely, if a person doesn't have all their fingers on one hand, that has a dual meaning - in that the person has somehow lost all his fingers on one hand & is therefore fingerless on one hand? So what one word could describe that? Answers on a postcard :-)
  • S.L.S
    S.L.S Год назад I bombed. I only got some number.
  • 《Harmonic Melody》
    《Harmonic Melody》 Год назад BRIGHT SIDE what friends?
  • Gameions
    Gameions Год назад BRIGHT SIDE i got that right. Sooo easy
  • Megan McGowan
    Megan McGowan Год назад Right, and it is totally possible to build a single story bungalow on top of a steep hill that would require stairs to climb. There are lots of those in Iowa, along the Mississippi River. In Davenport, for instance, many riverfront homes and even the streets have stairs that you must climb to get to the front door or to get up the street. Still, I had to "overthink" and imagine that the bungalow in the joke was on level ground, without hills. I had to go outside my own personal experience with bungalows. "Common sense" is influenced in great part by one's experiences.
  • NbaAndre
    NbaAndre Год назад i94Rules SAME
    SARA FATIMA Год назад I got it right!!!!
  • Time Killer
    Time Killer Год назад i already know the last 4 questions BRIGHT it was ez pz lemon sqeezy for me XD
  • AmAnA Mujeeb Hussain
    AmAnA Mujeeb Hussain Год назад BRIGHT SIDE We got it!!!✌️😜seriously!!
  • Friz OkAy
    Friz OkAy Год назад This is dumb
  • - A
    - A Год назад (изменено) BRIGHT SIDE That riddle is wrong. Because not ALL animals went on the ark, because whales don't need it! Nor do birds!
  • Illuminati Playz
    Illuminati Playz Год назад Same
  • Messi Mania
    Messi Mania Год назад I did
  • Peculiar Violinist
    Peculiar Violinist Год назад (изменено) So are you saying that the elephant isn't still an animal?
  • Messi Mania
    Messi Mania Год назад Peculiar Violinist yes
  • King Doggo
    King Doggo Год назад I answered it correctly cause i found the same questions in a separate vid before
  • Noah Loo Loo
    Noah Loo Loo Год назад your lying you dont have friends
  • Chris Lotzkat
    Chris Lotzkat Год назад I would say it's the whale, he doesnt Board the arc because he is Swimming...
  • Esmeralda Rodriguez
    Esmeralda Rodriguez Год назад BRIGHT SIDE It was terable
  • Brian Wallace
    Brian Wallace Год назад I got every one. They were so obvious!
  • vikas kumar
    vikas kumar Год назад There was no refrigerator when Noah's ark were built...... hahahahahah
  • 高野祐介
    高野祐介 Год назад Im not a geniuss
  • melina vera
    melina vera Год назад BRIGHT SIDE II
  • vikas kumar
    vikas kumar Год назад Coz when Noah's ark built in that time there were no refrigerators....Hahahahhahaha
  • vikas kumar
    vikas kumar Год назад @melina vera got me
  • fnas world
    fnas world Год назад yep i failed that one but all failrures :(
    LIGHTING PLAYZ Год назад This was ezzy pezzy
  • Ferry Heerdink
    Ferry Heerdink Год назад Yes there are Elephants on the ark. ALL animals on the world were asked to join him. So all animals were there except the elephant in the fridge and the frozen giraffe. My answer to that q was actually the fish: they were in the water in the first place.
  • Vulgar Display of Truth
    Vulgar Display of Truth Год назад BRIGHT SIDE, what is it, a industrial size fridge? I figured, skin, gut, clean, butcher then put in fridge... same with the elephant. An you don't put whales on boats...
  • [ screams into the void ]
    [ screams into the void ] Год назад BRIGHT SIDE i
  • GeniusWarriors // GW
    GeniusWarriors // GW Год назад I thought you had none
  • Divyanshi Chhabra
    Divyanshi Chhabra Год назад Pritish Shegaonkar Very true. We knw these questions at the age of 7 max.
  • Tasia Lewis
    Tasia Lewis Год назад The Noah ark question should be the whales and fish because they need water to swim in and the elephant could have just pushed the door open and walked out
  • Carrots
    Carrots Год назад so they didny answer at all?
  • Lines Dinger
    Lines Dinger Год назад I did it How could A boat Fit a Elephant
  • Santwana Banerjee
    Santwana Banerjee Год назад BRIGHT SIDE it was the easiest
  • Lewis Shepherd
    Lewis Shepherd Год назад I'm proud of you bright side. I used to think I wasn't the smartest person in the world. But seeing as you're brain dead, it feels my heart with joy to know there are people dumber than me. Thank you.
  • Curtis lindsay
    Curtis lindsay Год назад BRIGHT SIDE r
  • Fixt100
    Fixt100 Год назад even bald men have eyebrow hairs...
  • Elissa Gibbons
    Elissa Gibbons Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I got it all right I’m rare I get all of these videos right especially rare Test
  • Megha Kapoor
    Megha Kapoor Год назад I did
  • NoobMaster 69
    NoobMaster 69 Год назад NONSENSE!!!!!! Refrigerators doesn't exist in Noah's Days.
  • Tidbits & Crumbs
    Tidbits & Crumbs Год назад Sorry, fridges weren’t invented yet in Noah’s day.. check your history..
  • Mindy Morningstar
    Mindy Morningstar Год назад BRIGHT SIDE Well, you got 1 thing wrong!!! 🤣 You said take the poor "Frozen Giraffe out of the refrigerator" and place the Elephant... "freezers" freeze things. Refrigerators do not freeze things. They're meant to keep things cold/ chilled. 😁 common sense😉 prize?🤣
  • vijay manglani
    vijay manglani Год назад Yay! I got it correct...
  • sarabuske
    sarabuske Год назад Solved it
  • Syon k
    Syon k Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I
  • Teo LBZ
    Teo LBZ Год назад it was easy thats why this test its called 'COMMON SENSE' xDDDD
  • John Quigg
    John Quigg Год назад BRIGHT SIDE 8:21 What about the whale? It’s not on the ship
  • Aziz almulla
    Aziz almulla Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I ᕼᗩTE YOᑌ ᑎIᑕE ᖇIᗪᗪᒪEᔕ ᗷTᗯ
  • Sanjeev Aggarwal
    Sanjeev Aggarwal Год назад is it so?
  • Vidit Saini
    Vidit Saini Год назад easy Riddles solved all
  • JxGHiEE
    JxGHiEE Год назад BRIGHT SIDE this dosent make seans beacuse humans are animals to and how you put the elepant in to the frige will it fit i meen an elepant is the bigest land mamel
  • Kareef Huggins
    Kareef Huggins Год назад BRIGHT SIDE whoever gets tired first. Guy 1 will be afraid to shoot #2, and #2 will be afraid to move while there is gun pointing at him. They will be at stale mate until 1 of the 2 gets tired enough to get distracted enough for the other to act.
  • jean zhang
    jean zhang Год назад i heard it before tho so yea :)
  • Audrey Dunham
    Audrey Dunham Год назад 4 fingers on each hand and one thumb. not five.
  • Stache_the_ Doggo
    Stache_the_ Doggo Год назад BRIGHT SIDE the man had eye brows. But would that still count at ON his HEAD. Or just on his face
  • priyanka Garg
    priyanka Garg Год назад Mine was ryt
  • Rich Rodecker
    Rich Rodecker Год назад BRIGHT SIDE funny videos
  • Paratou Zivari
    Paratou Zivari Год назад I got them all right except the animals.
  • Satish Saini
    Satish Saini Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I answered that one😎
  • Satish Saini
    Satish Saini Год назад Pritish Shegaonkar 😂😂😂😂yes
  • Carleigh Ostermann
    Carleigh Ostermann Год назад 1st of all you would be commiting animal abuse! 2nd you clearly haven't read the Bible! and 3rd you obviously can't tell the difference between riddles and commen sense!
  • Anil kumar
    Anil kumar Год назад My friend asked me this question
  • Delroy Smith
    Delroy Smith Год назад BRIGHT SIDE
  • Delroy Smith
    Delroy Smith Год назад Distinct Agarwal
  • Delroy Smith
    Delroy Smith Год назад AixZop the
  • Delroy Smith
    Delroy Smith Год назад Jamaican music
  • Haylea 987
    Haylea 987 Год назад I DON'T CARE NO ONE DOES!!!!!!!!
  • Taco Paws
    Taco Paws Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I
  • captin redstar
    captin redstar Год назад 14 is bull, fridges weren’t invented yet it should have the whale
  • captin redstar
    captin redstar Год назад Stop making the questions related because not every one of a species was on Noah’s arc
  • Melodically Manya
    Melodically Manya Год назад Me and my sister got all correct
  • Robert Lofgran
    Robert Lofgran Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I choked. No answer
  • Robert Lofgran
    Robert Lofgran Год назад Bright side, Re: the question about how can two survive a plane crash when everybody died? Your answer makes no sense. However, two expectant mothers could die but their babies survive
  • blue kirby best kirby
    blue kirby best kirby Год назад BRIGHT SIDE who said you had friends
  • Srikar Karthik Thogarrathi
    Srikar Karthik Thogarrathi Год назад I answered 8,9 & 12 to 15 correctly
  • Sameer Mishra
    Sameer Mishra Год назад BRIGHT SIDE i know u want us to give like
  • Harry Inkpot
    Harry Inkpot Год назад Got Noah wrong he said second ark but Noah was on first ark so Noah not on it....I obviously think out of the box or ark
  • SunnieStudies
    SunnieStudies Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I thought it was the whale
  • Gashaw Jalal
    Gashaw Jalal Год назад How can an elephant fit in a fridge???!😕it doesnt make any sense
  • Captain Crow
    Captain Crow Год назад Okay im not sure a child would know what a bungalow is because im fifteen and i don't know what that is
  • Captain Crow
    Captain Crow Год назад BRIGHT SIDE ef this there was no context saying that the giraffe was still in the fridge nor if it was the same fridge
  • VeeR_lightning
  • Swati Dadhich
    Swati Dadhich Год назад Shut up
  • Nxormxal
    Nxormxal Год назад I got it right.
  • Almost Worth Remembering
    Almost Worth Remembering Год назад Okay, starting on the giraffe in the fridge, that was cheeky. Usually your not supposed to build off of previous riddles, but bravo.
  • Miss Petmalu
    Miss Petmalu Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I did it!😊 It's so famous at social medias!😊
  • Jack o' Lantern Gaming
    Jack o' Lantern Gaming Год назад I failed
  • Mew
    Mew Год назад Fish
  • Twin Endymion
    Twin Endymion Год назад bright side i knew riddle number 12 to 14 my mother asked me that riddle when i was 10 but it was not noah's ark it was an animal meeting by the lion but still great facts,riddles,and all
  • N.A.K
    N.A.K Год назад Bruh I failed that one too, I didn't know the questions was related
  • shitiz khurana
    shitiz khurana Год назад Lemme put you inside a fridge and see if you can make it to ark
  • North Star
    North Star Год назад I got the next one wrong
  • Nilima Raut
    Nilima Raut Год назад Well I got last 5 questions right as I tried to answer in a very silly manner
  • Nilima Raut
    Nilima Raut Год назад I was able to answer 14th question as one of my friends already asked me that question when I was a kid
  • Ammara Mufti
    Ammara Mufti Год назад I did it!
  • MasterTobiification
    MasterTobiification Год назад That one big refrigerator if you can get a 800 lb 30 ft tall giraffe in it and I see why a kid who does not know better would just say put it in side there not think of how big the refrigerator is they just think to do it.
  • AF
    AF Год назад It was easy
  • Khushi Jain
    Khushi Jain Год назад Did it
  • Clover The Puppy Dog
    Clover The Puppy Dog Год назад I Failed Too!!! But what about the Whale!, its still in the WATER
  • Rosemary Baxter
    Rosemary Baxter Год назад I guessed the whale in the sea
  • brightsilvercloud
    brightsilvercloud Год назад The fridge questions are not common sense questions... they're parts of a joke which I once read in a joke book. Sloppily made video, Bright Side 👎👎
  • Jesrod shem Penid
    Jesrod shem Penid Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I guest it hahah
  • Jennifer Anderson
    Jennifer Anderson Год назад The last one was incorrect, Noah only took one female and male of each animal on to the ark.
  • Aseenah Rasulalah
    Aseenah Rasulalah Год назад Hahahahaha!!!! I was being funny and got it right!!!!! Yeah, I have Common Sense and the innocence of a Child...Look at Whimsical me!
  • ManBotak
    ManBotak Год назад answer this common sense test 1) how do you know there is a mouse under the carpet?? 2) how do you know there is a mouse riding a bicycle under the carpet?? 3) how do you know the mouse on question number 2 inside the fridge??
  • Yautja Queen
    Yautja Queen Год назад except that Noah never existed.
  • Data_ Assassin
    Data_ Assassin Год назад Brightside some was common senes questions but others was riddles i dont think riddles are common sense that everyone knows
  • Caden Jordan
    Caden Jordan Год назад then how defuq is the whale gonna fit bruh
  • GamingPros 2000
    GamingPros 2000 Год назад BRIGHT SIDE wait so you put the whale on it ?
  • Tibin Johnson
    Tibin Johnson Год назад Drishti Agarwal me too
  • Lennaert Hondelink
    Lennaert Hondelink Год назад I gotthem all expect 12, but mostly coz i knew most already
  • Me Laney
    Me Laney Год назад Ok so I’m kind of worried about why you think it’s ok to put animals in the fridge 😐 I mean the correct answer to #12 and #13 is that you don’t put animals in the fridge
  • Lucas Milne
    Lucas Milne Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I nailed it but I’m a child (12)
  • winsletvfx sophie
    winsletvfx sophie Год назад You can’t FIT a fricking elephant in a fridge
  • Wolfie Yee
    Wolfie Yee Год назад I did. XD
  • Maneesh gupta
    Maneesh gupta Год назад Few questions r really out of mind l
  • Shawn
    Shawn Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I also did not get it!^^
  • Top Frog
    Top Frog Год назад BRIGHT SIDE you cannot put an elephant or a giraffe in the fridge. There is no way. You fooled yourselves!
  • XGamingReborn X
    XGamingReborn X Год назад What if someone went immediately to the comments and clicked on this time stamp then how is it possible to know that's not common sense or a riddle that's just unfair and pointless
  • Srouc
    Srouc Год назад What friends
  • Callie Miller
    Callie Miller Год назад AHA! It's a trick question! You don't have friends!
  • Srouc
    Srouc Год назад AHA!
  • Francis Silva
    Francis Silva Год назад because these questions (8:21 onwards) are not common sense questions
  • Captain Animation
    Captain Animation Год назад uhhh it could be the WHALE or another sea creature because they dont NEED to be on it since they can SWIM
  • Baylee Pearson
    Baylee Pearson Год назад I said the whale because it is in the water
  • yeboisbad gacha
    yeboisbad gacha Год назад EZ
  • Rekha ponnekanti
    Rekha ponnekanti Год назад BRIGHT SIDE iiiii
  • Adekoyejo Adegbite
    Adekoyejo Adegbite Год назад BRIGHT SIDE your friends are idiots
  • Sarah Hernandez
    Sarah Hernandez Год назад Loved #2. Was a bit disappointed witht ue rest. I didn't know the other questions would be an option for the answer!!! Ugh! I LOVE this channel, but revise the "common sense" questions/vids they seem to be (way) to 'simple' in . Altho! I like that lesson in over thinking! I sure could use lessons in simplifying my thoughts at times... Intellegent mind are mostly complicated when trying to solve., like mentioned, I adore Bright side, yet these 'common sense' questions, seem useful for only trying to simplify ones thinking., unless more is told on which scope to solve the particular question it's a waste of time 😔 sry...
  • Pena Power
    Pena Power Год назад The whale because it's a marine animal
  • samyog brawl stars
    samyog brawl stars Год назад i will do it bright side now you will be failed because i am arbern entinse 's son ha ha ha
  • Nuki DaChooki
    Nuki DaChooki Год назад U have friends?
  • Thea Lee
    Thea Lee Год назад BRIGHT SIDE One: all your questions are just riddles. Two: you can’t fit a Giraffe or an Elephant in a fridge.
  • Choi Areum
    Choi Areum Год назад BRIGHT SIDE It's easy
  • Wendy's
    Wendy's Год назад Hey, I failed to answer it, too. I just paused the video and disliked it for the blatant clickbait on your channel. Smartass video deserves a smartass comment.
    KUNJAN KUMAR Год назад BRIGHT SIDE passed it!!
  • S For Soccer
    S For Soccer Год назад 8:21 right i got it😎😎😎
  • Rogermoore Villangca
    Rogermoore Villangca Год назад BRIGHT SIDE r
  • Eshal Ali
    Eshal Ali Год назад I did answer it!
  • Syde
    Syde Год назад BRIGHT SIDE that question was idiotic
  • MalinaIzEtiopije
    MalinaIzEtiopije Год назад my memory is good but i didn't think about that
  • XxRy3BreadxX
    XxRy3BreadxX Год назад Elsie no you didn’t
  • Mayuriga Muraleetharan
    Mayuriga Muraleetharan Год назад spd7693 3 dude calm down
  • Tanmay Rastogi
    Tanmay Rastogi Год назад I also did it
  • Jasim Manzoor
    Jasim Manzoor Год назад BRIGHT SIDE not all the crocodiles were on Noah’s arc only 2, 1 male, 1 female
  • Shivansh Bhandari
    Shivansh Bhandari Год назад Did it
  • Desiree Stevens
    Desiree Stevens Год назад BRIGHT SIDE wait what if we did the elephant in the fridge right but what if we forgot the giraffe that would be 1/2 right?
  • Tony Rojas
    Tony Rojas Год назад BRIGHT SIDE the reason they all got it wrong is because it isn’t a common sense question 😂, actually some of these weren’t common sense questions. Some were riddles. Very misleading ...
  • Austin Ramey
    Austin Ramey Год назад You have friends? Now that ain't common sense.
  • qoou Jay
    qoou Jay Год назад The fridge was not even made yet
  • Aye Idk ;-;
    Aye Idk ;-; Год назад Not a single "One" xD
  • inquizative44
    inquizative44 Год назад The picture of the bald man had eyebrows. Last I checked, eyebrows, although on your face are still on your head and so is your face.
    EMON MAHAMUD Marouf Год назад yes.. you also failed mention only about elephant but where is the giraffe
  • Nancy singh
    Nancy singh Год назад I passed all the questions except the first one
  • vale benson
    vale benson Год назад I didn't get it right
  • inquizative44
    inquizative44 Год назад wanna hug!!?
  • Extravagant Gamer4561
    Extravagant Gamer4561 Год назад BRIGHT SIDE r
    ARNNY GTR Год назад it could be a drawing or maybe a magnet
  • Debra Hubbard
    Debra Hubbard Год назад most of these are (got ya)!!
  • Jordyn’s World
    Jordyn’s World Год назад BRIGHT SIDE ha that was easy
  • Sushiiimooo
    Sushiiimooo Год назад I just laughed through this, brilliant 😀
  • Drqstic
    Drqstic Год назад but you can just put the fridge with the elephant in the ark......thats common sense
  • Ilike Cookies
    Ilike Cookies Год назад The whale can’t because it can SWIM
  • Khalil Kafieh
    Khalil Kafieh Год назад I said the human because Noah is already on the ark.
  • Kuch meetha Hojai
    Kuch meetha Hojai Год назад I said Whale cause he wasn’t on board 🤡🔫
  • Suyash 11
    Suyash 11 Год назад Easiest ques!!
  • Manvi Bhaik
    Manvi Bhaik Год назад BRIGHT SIDE ..i got it.....elephant😊😊
  • Lisa Nijenhuis
    Lisa Nijenhuis Год назад Well I failed almost all
  • arely
    arely Год назад BRIGHT SIDE No
  • Weird and weird
    Weird and weird Год назад I got that because every single family member of mine tells it
  • Tri4ceJawn
    Tri4ceJawn Год назад I am 15 years old, I missed the crocodile question and the one about the bald man. For the bald man, I just assumed that the man was caught out in the rain while in his car. For the crocodile one, I thought just go around the river
  • Iliyas Hussain
    Iliyas Hussain Год назад I answered it
  • Shane Bryan
    Shane Bryan Год назад BRIGHT SIDE i failed
  • Jackson Marton
    Jackson Marton Год назад Nope. I'm an over thinker kid
  • Shane Bryan
    Shane Bryan Год назад Jackson Marton yeah me too
  • Marissa Brigitte
    Marissa Brigitte Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I got like 5 of them right XD
  • Fire Ninja
    Fire Ninja Год назад BRIGHT SIDE bungalows can have stairs!!
    WAKE UP JEFF Год назад BRIGHT SIDE : how do you catch a unique Rabbit ???? Unique up on it ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ....
  • H P
    H P Год назад I find it hard to believe so many people said they got them all one knows you here, why lie?
  • Dggv Sunfseg
    Dggv Sunfseg Год назад BRIGHT SIDE, I got it
  • Bairi Dhanu
    Bairi Dhanu Год назад Ialmost did it man
  • J9
    J9 Год назад Fast forward to this and I thought it was a trick question. I thought I was smart and said. Noah
  • Solstixx
    Solstixx Год назад cause you and your friends are ####### loosers
  • DarkCat Studios
    DarkCat Studios Год назад BRIGHT SIDE j
  • siyapa queen
    siyapa queen Год назад I did it .
  • Anshu Raj 45
    Anshu Raj 45 Год назад I got that right
  • Kedar Potdar
    Kedar Potdar Год назад BRIGHT SIDE these r not common sense these look more complicated
  • Dragons breathe Fire
    Dragons breathe Fire Год назад These are trick questions not common sense questions
  • Vishal Pal
    Vishal Pal Год назад I got 14/15. SO CLOSE!!!!!!😡😡😡 . It was the 15th question that got me.😤😤😖😖😖
  • Anais Moon
    Anais Moon Год назад BRIGHT SIDE, this is too ez. 👎😐😑🙄😒
  • fardeen Player
    fardeen Player Год назад BRIGHT SIDE trick question but the answer is you don't have friends
  • Noodle Waifu
    Noodle Waifu Год назад How did the fish board the boat? Especially the whales
  • xxgamingproxx gamingman
    xxgamingproxx gamingman Год назад Go lol bightttt tttt ttt tt t sideee side side
  • Sethyboi09
    Sethyboi09 Год назад BRIGHT SIDE u have friends?
  • YT midnight wolf boy playz
    YT midnight wolf boy playz Год назад I am baby I get it Al really rit
  • Caden Krei
    Caden Krei Год назад BRIGHT SIDE d
  • Leo is fate
  • Seval Alrik
    Seval Alrik Год назад I jokingly said, since every single animal got on, the PAIRakeet was left off.
  • mayank choubey
    mayank choubey Год назад I am your friend
  • Tigger and Jasi
    Tigger and Jasi Год назад You have friends!?!?????!?!?!?
  • Mallika Sharma
    Mallika Sharma Год назад elephant
  • Ganesh Ganni
    Ganesh Ganni Год назад Grip
  • Ganesh Ganni
    Ganesh Ganni Год назад 1
  • Ganesh Ganni
    Ganesh Ganni Год назад Fast
  • TUMBLES Bunny
    TUMBLES Bunny Год назад BRIGHT SIDE shark
  • jesse fisher
    jesse fisher Год назад BRIGHT SIDE no fridge in noha era you need common sense not to common now ps i dont care about grammer or splling
  • thomas varughese
    thomas varughese Год назад yep
  • KlutzyTadpoleYT
    KlutzyTadpoleYT Год назад BRIGHT SIDE 8:28 if you invite all the animals in the WORLD into the ark there is not going to be 1 elephant
  • ViP3R
    ViP3R Год назад Lol
  • Trïnïty 三位一體Nøva 新星
    Trïnïty 三位一體Nøva 新星 Год назад BRIGHT SIDE. You have 'all ten fingers'? Well, most people have 8 fingers and two thumbs.
  • Terrence Rock
    Terrence Rock Год назад BRIGHT SIDE 948 time is wrong only 2 cr
  • Jan Jenner Doroteo
    Jan Jenner Doroteo Год назад BRIGHT SIDE i tought it was a unicorn
  • Maria Thomas
    Maria Thomas Год назад BRIGHT SIDE survivors and firefighters got wrong :P
  • Manjulatha Pidugu
    Manjulatha Pidugu Год назад BRIGHT SIDE i did it whoaaaa😊😊😊
  • Fire Adventures
    Fire Adventures Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I didn’t fail this
  • Tushar Garg
    Tushar Garg Год назад Foolish maker of this video
  • Tushar Garg
    Tushar Garg Год назад These are not common sense questions...that's the common sense.. you fool.. these questions are made to make fool out of people...and in some cases you succeeded as well... Slap yourself
  • •tales/of/neverland•
    •tales/of/neverland• Год назад BRIGHT SIDE It’s the elephant, you left him in the fridge!
  • Andrew Paino
    Andrew Paino Год назад You probably lost them all
  • Andrew Paino
    Andrew Paino Год назад U probably lost all your friends after that one
  • Elen Gruffydd
    Elen Gruffydd Год назад BRIGHT SIDE Um, I’m pretty sure you out a Giraffe in the Fridge
  • M M
    M M Год назад 😏😏😏
  • Lawliet River
    Lawliet River Год назад That is because a lot of this can be altered. Your answers are not locked in all of these cases. They are just your personal approach. Come up with something that isn't up to interpretation and you will see that you are not so good at making puzzles as imagined. Also, if most people get something wrong, it is not common sense. That is common sense. Geez.
  • Sharda R Kulkarni
    Sharda R Kulkarni Год назад BRIGHT SIDE I passed
  • Ara Doll
    Ara Doll Год назад Nice one. I got tricked 2 times
  • Lata Batra
    Lata Batra Год назад I also passed in each and every single question 😏😂😂
  • PuppieLover 101
    PuppieLover 101 Год назад BRIGHT SIDE Im a u know the answer😂YEAHHH
  • Jenalyn Ysulan
    Jenalyn Ysulan Год назад If you were a fish, why would you want to get on board Noah's ark?
  • Ronny
    Ronny Год назад it was the what bro
  • Daniel Matters
    Daniel Matters Год назад i94Rules true the whale is NOT in the ark
  • Daniel Matters
    Daniel Matters Год назад The Serpent common scence not comman scence
  • Daniel Matters
    Daniel Matters Год назад Dhainnielle Drio perpect 😂😂😂🙃
  • Daniel Matters
    Daniel Matters Год назад Mark Maryzed fail😂😂😂😂😂
  • Daniel Matters
    Daniel Matters Год назад Esmeralda Rodriguez terrible
  • Kumail The Gamer
    Kumail The Gamer Год назад Aman Raut p
  • Kumail The Gamer
    Kumail The Gamer Год назад I done it right bro give me a shout out
  • Zachary C
    Zachary C Год назад I failed… in fact I got 6 of the first 7 right… and then ALL of them after that wrong 🤦‍♀️
  • JJay__
    JJay__ Год назад BRIGHT SIDE you have friends?
  • DC* games 2
    DC* games 2 Год назад I thought it was the whale
  • filthy fuk
    filthy fuk Год назад BRIGHT SIDE so the whale got on the ark?
  • moonage daydream
    moonage daydream Год назад one: I don't know about you? but i have four fingers on each hand and one thumb! BRIGHT SIDE: but on the other hand. Very DIM!
  • Breaze
    Breaze Год назад Perhaps because you made two question be connected with no warning, and then expected the questions to be even remotely solvable.
  • manoj varma
    manoj varma Год назад I lost only question
  • Breaze
    Breaze Год назад manoj varma Clearly it doesn't say anything about your common sense then.
  • Benny Kuch
    Benny Kuch Год назад BRIGHT SIDE they didn’t answer it right because we have no idea that the elephant is even in the Situation
  • triggered
    triggered 11 месяцев назад boi
  • David Turner
    David Turner 10 месяцев назад Actually, the second answer is "All of them after you empty the fridge."
  • Hidden Bunnies
    Hidden Bunnies 10 месяцев назад I did just fine ;-;
  • Bruce Hart
    Bruce Hart 8 месяцев назад Why would a crocodile be worried about a flood
  • Deepesh Sumesh
    Deepesh Sumesh 7 месяцев назад My friend asked this question to me before
  • Charles Self
    Charles Self 6 месяцев назад All the croodiles were not on the ark. Noah brought 2 of each by their kinds. These are mostly riddles. It took a lack of common sense to write this garbage.
  • Samurai
    Samurai 6 месяцев назад BRIGHT SIDE is okay
  • LoneCoyote
    LoneCoyote 6 месяцев назад got it right! (450th reply)
  • 307 Wyoming 4E
    307 Wyoming 4E 6 месяцев назад Have no common sense just intelligent sense 🙂
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    Eldwin Sean 2 месяца назад there's probably a way to build a big aquarium for the fishes , but what about whales ? it's true that the elephant were still inside the freezer , but what about other animals ? question 8:21 is technically a mistake . common sense
    SANIYA'S WORLD 2 месяца назад I got it right
  • Caoimhe O'Rourke
    Caoimhe O'Rourke 1 месяц назад I got 5 out 15 but I tend to overthink things on a daily basis so
  • Sofia Lupas
    Sofia Lupas 1 месяц назад #13 it could be a different fridge you put the elephant in
  • Corey Jean
    Corey Jean 1 месяц назад what part of common Sense tell you that the last riddle was related to the onez prior I mean you go to the next but yet you taking out a giraffe from the last refrigerator and then the elephant couldn't make it to the arc cause he's still in the refrigerator 😂😂😂 is this a movie script or a common Sense test? Cause I don't think you have any?😂😂😂
  • najjina malik
    najjina malik 1 месяц назад I didnt failed
  • midnightgir6
    midnightgir6 3 недели назад If you include the elephant, that alone means more than one won't be on the ark. The other ones would be all the fish.
  • Tara Earley
    Tara Earley Год назад But seriously, if you're putting elephants and giraffes in the refridgerator and calling it "common sense", you might want to see a therapist in the near future.
  • Soulengo
    Soulengo Год назад 'common sense' not 'complex' sense
  • Tara Earley
    Tara Earley Год назад Soulengo Gaming yup, I wrote common 👍
  • the one
    the one Год назад Soulengo Gaming common sense would tell you, that neither would fit. Complex thinking would be finding a way.
  • Jake Douglas
    Jake Douglas Год назад ...and if you don't know how to spell "refrigerator", you may want to see a dictionary in the near future. Just playing, stay cool 😎
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    James Adam Год назад question was every SINGLE person died, SINGLE means they didn't hv any partner. they were single n who survived were married. that's why he said every SINGLE person died. tricky question
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    Miriam Stevenson 11 месяцев назад "How do you put an elephant in a refrigerator?" My answer was,"you don't"
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  • Yesenia Fernandez
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  • Robinson Wary
    Robinson Wary 5 месяцев назад @Yesenia Fernandez ya...😀😀😀
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    Plant Food Power 4 месяца назад the only way that an elephant and giraffe could fit is if there cubs
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    Jastin Aramela 4 месяца назад I agree.
  • Jastin Aramela
    Jastin Aramela 4 месяца назад @Robinson Wary yeah, me too. It was a terrible joke.
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    Nic Nic 3 месяца назад Yep, they are not common sense questions because common sense would tell you large African animals would not fit in a fridge, also what’s the point? I’m pretty sure they are supposed to be alive so being African animals I’m sure they are used to the heat and if you wanted to cool them in a house maybe an air con or fan would do, also that’s a large house. Common sense tells me those questions make no logical sense.
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    Earthworm Sally 3 месяца назад @Jake Douglas But dictionaries tell you the meaning of the word,not how to spell it.
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    Praveen Balaji 3 месяца назад Tara Earley ya that's right
  • God Bear
    God Bear 3 месяца назад The correct answer is you don't.
  • viper ville chrisie strikes
    viper ville chrisie strikes 3 месяца назад You prove yourself unworthy of common sense and stating that you are the biggest fool 🤣
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    Deku Sin 2 месяца назад also saying 5 fingers on each hand, we have 4 fingers and 1 thumb per hand :'D
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  • Real Dudes Party Nude
    Real Dudes Party Nude 2 месяца назад "Might" want to see a therapist? Either that or get a bigger refrigerator.
  • Corina Hall
    Corina Hall 1 месяц назад @Robinson Wary Said 'every SINGLE person died'. The married COUPLE survived.
  • Robinson Wary
    Robinson Wary 1 месяц назад @Corina Hall thanks
    PALLAB BISWAS 1 месяц назад @Plant Food Power Even cubs of these animals are too big to fit in a refrigerator. You certainly have to make a gigantic refrigerator.
  • marianne mccrank
    marianne mccrank 1 месяц назад exactly or you must have a REALLY REALLY big fridge.
  • Polo
    Polo 1 месяц назад you're overthinking, that's what you're not supposed to do
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    Felix tienegeds 2 месяца назад This isnt common sense, but questions that have more than one correct answer.
  • Joanita Birungi
    Joanita Birungi 3 недели назад I agree with you there are many ways of killing a rat so I think every answer with a backup description is write
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    The Diamond Wolf 2 месяца назад Video: How do you put a giraffe in a refrigerator? Me: You don't you psycho!
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    Daniel Pinilla 1 месяц назад (изменено) I said I would cut then up
    NAZARETH PEREIRA 1 месяц назад 7:26 literary nonsense
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    Dont sub to me 2 1 месяц назад Derf Abellana how do you get a refrigerator with the size of a giraffe
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    Midnight wolf 1 месяц назад @Dont sub to me 2 taller
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    Raven Troglin 3 месяца назад "How do you put a giraffe in the fridge?" Me: In pieces. "How do you put an elephant in the fridge?" Me: In pieces.
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    Andrea Deamon 2 месяца назад Me - you don't
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    Real Dudes Party Nude 2 месяца назад Ever see a pit bull in a freezer? Good storage place, isn't it!
  • OMGitsEmeboz
    OMGitsEmeboz 1 месяц назад It is the attention to detail which you have to follow. He used the verb ‘put’ instead of ‘fit’ to trick us
  • Real Dudes Party Nude
    Real Dudes Party Nude 1 месяц назад @OMGitsEmeboz Good point, but I'm not so sure this isn't more than an exercise in semantics. For example, what's the real-time difference between "You can't put a round peg in a square hole" and "You can't fit a round peg in a square hole"? I don't see any.
  • Damany Palmer
    Damany Palmer 1 месяц назад Now that's. Common sence
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    GraVe 4 недели назад I said that too... common sense
  • Be Different
    Be Different Неделю назад Exactly
  • Krista Roman
    Krista Roman Год назад Common sense and riddles are two very different things.
  • Justin Garrett
    Justin Garrett Год назад Krista Roman right
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    Hey hey Год назад Krista Roman but they are interrelatted idiot😂
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  • Aniket Babar
    Aniket Babar Год назад Krista Roman these riddles require common sense
  • •Pastel_Clouds•
    •Pastel_Clouds• Год назад Krista Roman Yes, yes they are
  • Triche H
    Triche H Год назад true misleadinf title
  • Gsxr-1000 Rider
    Gsxr-1000 Rider Год назад Krista Roman guess you have no common sense 😂👍
  • qdllc
    qdllc Год назад Yep. When a question misleads your attention, it’s a riddle, not a test on common sense.
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    Indefatigable21 Год назад I'm in love with you lady!
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    Speedy Rainbows Год назад I agree
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    Kev Electric Highway Год назад Aniket Babar I thought the same
    GXASHXG Год назад Burhan Ajabsha well they aren't check the defs of them online two completely different things😂😂😂
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  • akrity chauhan
    akrity chauhan Год назад Burhan Ajabsha interellated dosent mean they are the same
  • Derp 222
    Derp 222 Год назад (изменено) agreed, common sense is "good sense and sound judgment in practical matters", oh and i would also like to see who did the "90 percent fail but kids are fine" research
  • Titanium Zane
    Titanium Zane Год назад Krista Roman for some of them, you'd need to "over complicate" things to get them right. Saying ALL of the questions could be answered with common sense is complete bs.
  • jaun aguirre
    jaun aguirre Год назад Yes! 👍👍
  • Nebula Dusk
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  • Dylan K
    Dylan K Год назад Yeap but stupidly + trick questions csn be way different things too.
  • Subarna Saha
    Subarna Saha Год назад Absolutely
  • Neima Guerrute
    Neima Guerrute Год назад Krista Roman tell me about. These are riddles
  • chichesteria
    chichesteria Год назад Krista Roman - Absolutely Right, Krista! The whole premise of this "test" is wrong. This is anything BUT common sense!
  • Astrid Cano
    Astrid Cano Год назад Krista Roman i know right these were riddles
  • Hakeemollah Karimi (407hakkari)
    Hakeemollah Karimi (407hakkari) Год назад Correct. These weren't common sense questions, they were just riddles.
  • Chi Chi
    Chi Chi Год назад They didn’t even indicate these individual questions were connected to one another. Like the elephant didn’t get on the ark because he’s in the fridge. No wonder 90% fail. It’s a ridiculous video.
  • GrimDeath 8
    GrimDeath 8 Год назад Krista Roman yep
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    Evelyn Mackenzie Год назад Yes.
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    Gian Carlo Mars Bargas Год назад yeah thought the same. it doesnt make common sense lol
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  • Jana Hyasat
    Jana Hyasat Год назад Krista Roman dhd
    WHATEVER GOES FOR ME Год назад Correct, Krista Roman. And people here insulting you for saying common sense is needed to solve the riddles do not understand that riddles are created by using some form of trickery just like magic tricks. However, if real common sense is used, then it is just common sense to say that no one can put a whole giraffe or an elephant inside a fridge unless you chop them up to bits.
  • Nazifa Hussain
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    DogOfSpace Год назад Common sense, riddles, and wordplay are three very different things.
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    Lakmini Nisansala Год назад They don't have common sense
  • Hikazaya Nikushi
    Hikazaya Nikushi Год назад Exactly
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    pears009 Год назад Yep! These are NOT "Common Sense"... These are Riddles and/or "Word Play"... Two VERY different things... Come on Bright Side! Ha! :)
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    Josh Evans Год назад Precisely
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    Sandwich_king1 Год назад yasss she knows
  • Kristina Winter
    Kristina Winter Год назад Krista Roman Yep they are trick questions, nothing whatsoever to do with common sense
  • Zack E.
    Zack E. Год назад Agreed
  • War Monkey
    War Monkey Год назад Krista Roman a
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    Emma Lilla Год назад Krista Roman ikr
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    Dorothy Agius Год назад So true!
  • H Gomes
    H Gomes Год назад true i was thinking on the same thing...
  • iTyncWithReality
    iTyncWithReality Год назад Krista Roman that's true. One is problem solving, the other is searching for the pun -otherwise known as word-play. You're supposed to over think a riddle. The match question was common sense but even then only just. I said lighter at like 8 seconds, but that was after i thought "why don't you just leave the door open" and "my phone, duh". I think of the three, match/lighter made the least common sense. Both plane questions were riddles, *especially the "single" one. When you have to go word by word like that and how they interplay with each other to get the right answer is a riddle. An English language learner wouldn't have got that. Not common sense. These riddles have been fun though. I missed one so far, the toothbrush/couch/bed one. That one might have actually been just common sense though. Lol
  • McFaLLeN UsA
    McFaLLeN UsA Год назад Exfckngzackly
  • McFaLLeN UsA
    McFaLLeN UsA Год назад This guy doesn't know common sense. I totally agree dude
  • captainfuntime11
    captainfuntime11 Год назад Krista Roman they way they did this was Common Sense by technicality they may have been trick questions but as he said in the beginning most people overthink things
  • The Chima Changa Gang YT
    The Chima Changa Gang YT Год назад Krista Roman none of these specify what the situation is
  • Nicholas Gambill
    Nicholas Gambill Год назад Yeah, these were definitely riddles.
  • Andrew Truax
    Andrew Truax Год назад Not to mention that there was no implied relationship between the last few questions
  • Jason Storm
    Jason Storm Год назад Krista Roman No you are wrong ,riddles determines the common sence of a person. without riddles how can u test common sense.
  • Random Russian
    Random Russian Год назад riddles need common sense and great thinking
  • Thebearcat66
    Thebearcat66 Год назад Krista Roman - clearly you failed lol
  • Annie Mae
    Annie Mae Год назад 719Moto Mx. Like u do
  • mierpub8lam
    mierpub8lam Год назад I agree with Krista Roman, and also this is content that has been rearranged.
  • ttbakker
    ttbakker Год назад Absolutely right. Common sense is "don't stick your hand in an open flame", or "don't eat yellow snow" ...not how do you stick a Giraffe in the refrigerator🤔🤔🤔😒... and one would never assume snow boots are made of actual snow..that is actually the opposite of common sense
  • Eric Benitez
    Eric Benitez Год назад Krista Roman I’m saying
  • Osmium gaming XD
    Osmium gaming XD Год назад Exactly
  • scaf
    scaf Год назад Correct, but these riddles require common sense
  • Cherry McGregor
    Cherry McGregor Год назад Swell this is common sense
  • Tubegeek326
    Tubegeek326 Год назад You clearly have common sense if you figured that out lol
  • Macy Skaggs
    Macy Skaggs Год назад To be fair, some of them needed common sense but most were obviously side tracking you from the answer or a play on words, so yea, riddles
  • John Doe
    John Doe Год назад Q1 - Surely, if a person doesn't have all their fingers on one hand, that has a dual meaning - in that the person has somehow lost all his fingers on one hand & is therefore fingerless on one hand? So what one word could describe that? Answers on a postcard :-) REPLY
    ITS THEBEASTMLC Год назад exactly thats all i could think after like the 4th question...
  • Wayne Kenzitt
    Wayne Kenzitt Год назад The part about lighting the match is wrong as you don't light a match
  • Surelda Moon
    Surelda Moon Год назад Krista Roman I was thinking the same lol.
  • Nothavinit00
    Nothavinit00 Год назад Krista Roman Thank You! This is nothing but nonsense!
  • Shrek stickz
    Shrek stickz Год назад Very true😂😂
  • Kyle Miller
    Kyle Miller Год назад Krista Roman very true
  • Lydia Moo
    Lydia Moo Год назад exactly, the snow boots one was definitely just a riddle
  • Carina G
    Carina G Год назад Krista Roman Exactly
  • Carina G
    Carina G Год назад If they say that these are riddles to test your common sense,of course we'll treat them like riddles and complicate.That's not how things work
  • Brian
    Brian Год назад True
  • Shalini Mahalingam
    Shalini Mahalingam Год назад Krista Roman and extremely infuriating ones at that
  • 1mezion
    1mezion Год назад Krista Roman thank you 🖒
  • static
    static Год назад No, not at all correct.
  • anoj aj
    anoj aj Год назад Jason Storm so, you are saying that it's common sense to put a giraffe or an elephant in the fridge?
  • SuperGamer DX
    SuperGamer DX Год назад Krista Roman Yes this person does not use LOGIC
  • Tubegeek326
    Tubegeek326 Год назад true a riddle is used to trick pepole and test their "common sense" (notice the quotations) but when somebody asks a riddle it human nature to ask if its a trick question and yes it true common sense is completely different from riddles
  • Shelby Diane
    Shelby Diane Год назад Krista Roman thank you
  • Lucky Adventurers - BR
    Lucky Adventurers - BR Год назад Yeah
  • mommalukaboobooday
    mommalukaboobooday Год назад Was going to say the same. Riddles, not common sense. Common sense would be why am I wasting my time watching these 'cheerfully produced' 'fun fact trivia' style videos, lol
  • Charles Dominic Tolosa
    Charles Dominic Tolosa Год назад probably the one who made this is in the 90%
  • Seth Brolsma
    Seth Brolsma Год назад Word.
  • em bee
    em bee Год назад Krista Roman, you have common sense.
  • DrDalek
    DrDalek Год назад It shocks (and quite frankly disgusts) me that people are so “okay” with calling each other derogatory insults like ‘idiot’. Doesn’t it make you feel bad that you’ve said that? Who are you to insult another’s intelligence? Can’t you view things from an alternate perspective?
  • Raeleen Margo
    Raeleen Margo Год назад Thank you
    MOHAMMED ASLAM Год назад Absolutely correct.
  • CamThe Man
    CamThe Man Год назад Thank you tell that to bright side
  • mom please gimme fortnite
    mom please gimme fortnite Год назад true
  • Shin Kazuha
    Shin Kazuha Год назад yes they are very different indeed, riddles are questions, and common sense is used to answer those questions XD
  • Mintly Fresh
    Mintly Fresh Год назад COMMON SENSE BRIGHT SIDE!
  • Emma Harris
    Emma Harris Год назад Sekhem El wierdo
  • Athena Ramos
    Athena Ramos Год назад but if we learn to put them together we can accomplish more then we thought
  • Galaxy Gamer6678
    Galaxy Gamer6678 Год назад Krista Roman Ikr! So true
  • BKsunstar
    BKsunstar Год назад the answer to this would be, No.
  • JustSome NiceVideos
    JustSome NiceVideos Год назад Krista Roman yeah yep totally
  • Bethany Mandagi
    Bethany Mandagi Год назад Chi Chi - YES. ALL OF MY YES.
  • Rob Boss
    Rob Boss Год назад Yeah, it's not common sense. If you had common sense then you wouldn't put animals in a refrigerator.
  • ChineseSpyIn Red
    ChineseSpyIn Red Год назад Obviously
  • Hubert Smolak
    Hubert Smolak Год назад Krista Roman true
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    Jeremy Rhem Год назад Krista Roman thank you
  • Soulengo
    Soulengo Год назад ya this vid is common
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    Beasty Bacon Год назад ikr
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    Kpop_ Life Год назад Krista Roman exactly I was like aren’t you these riddles??
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    Linda Kaldani Год назад lol, so true!!
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    Tarannum Parveen Год назад Krista Roman ji nahi Okay.
  • Lara Styles
    Lara Styles Год назад ifkr smh
  • Kasuo
    Kasuo 11 месяцев назад Terrible riddles, the ones that have some word to change the course of the riddle and reveals the answer.
  • Luca squires
    Luca squires 11 месяцев назад Yes UHHH MAKES ME SO MAD!!!
  • John Barney
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  • BillionareDuck
    BillionareDuck 11 месяцев назад they are literally just plays with words
  • J C
    J C 11 месяцев назад Why did that bird flying overhead have to leave a runny mess on his head? It just flew away like nothing ever happened...
  • Ducks just ducks
    Ducks just ducks 11 месяцев назад I was just about to comment that. :)
  • Katrina Park
    Katrina Park 11 месяцев назад (изменено) Of course they are because you answer a riddle and you need common sense. I think it should be COMMON SENSE TEST. Please don't think I'm rude I was just correcting her. Please correct me also! As a grade 6 student my teacher always told me to correct people without offending them I hope I won't get hates for this. Have a nice day!
  • Anthony Rigby
    Anthony Rigby 11 месяцев назад Agreed
  • RRPam Bowden
    RRPam Bowden 11 месяцев назад Silly questions, even sillier answers towards the end!
  • SrinathS Satheesh
    SrinathS Satheesh 11 месяцев назад Or u just simply failed
  • Rs channel
    Rs channel 11 месяцев назад Krista Roman ooooooo
  • Rs channel
    Rs channel 11 месяцев назад Speedy Rainbows I m also
  • pythia cael
    pythia cael 11 месяцев назад thumbs up. This needs critical thinking. I have similar questions or free credits from my (mostly math) teachers as samples of word problems that need critical thinking.
  • Shane Mimms
    Shane Mimms 11 месяцев назад Fhhfsyuvifhjxhffi hu8gujgauiyzhchzj8uagfjhczjugjuG Hhjjbjkabbjjvhvchihuichcucciucgoiyoohuggiihggouhguijvh
  • Dem Brownlee's
    Dem Brownlee's 11 месяцев назад Right.Riddles exactly
  • Purplefreak D
    Purplefreak D 11 месяцев назад Thank you for having common sense
  • Ricardo Suave
    Ricardo Suave 11 месяцев назад True ! That's make sense
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    BizzyPig 20 11 месяцев назад Hey hey fucjkfttfthxg
  • Coffee Adams
    Coffee Adams 11 месяцев назад Eggzackley!
  • 2019 DE
    2019 DE 11 месяцев назад Yeah I'd say common sense is not smoking while lighting the gas on a BBQ.
  • Danny Bowden
    Danny Bowden 11 месяцев назад Krista Roman I loves it
  • Royalss
    Royalss 11 месяцев назад EXACTLY
  • Team Wilson
    Team Wilson 11 месяцев назад Yep
  • Elke Park
    Elke Park 11 месяцев назад You are right, I was like this isn't common sense questions at all. Try the attentive test I got 10 out of 12. Next, IQ test. My husband says he is a genius, so I told him to take the test he has the nerves to say what about me. I said I'm not the one going around saying I'm a genius, but I will take it to see what it says.
  • Ahkeenu Musa
    Ahkeenu Musa 11 месяцев назад Yep common sense & word games are two different things
  • Ahkeenu Musa
    Ahkeenu Musa 11 месяцев назад Common sense has nothing to do with riddles
  • James Gaskill
    James Gaskill 11 месяцев назад Right
  • Selena flores
    Selena flores 11 месяцев назад this comment alone is common sense!
  • Green Dragon
    Green Dragon 11 месяцев назад Krista Roman it would lucky that's all I could say
  • Green Dragon
    Green Dragon 11 месяцев назад syed shahfaiz Zaidi they're too big they're too big
  • Boston Jackson
    Boston Jackson 11 месяцев назад Boston Jackson 1 second ago This can't be "common sense" because common sense implies that the vast majority of people will have a "common" answer to these questions.
  • Karma-Max
    Karma-Max 11 месяцев назад EXACTLY
  • Topher Wagner
    Topher Wagner 11 месяцев назад Omg thank goodness someone else already stated this
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    Kevin King 11 месяцев назад Krista Roman agree
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    Sandra Jovic 11 месяцев назад Krista Roman exactly! Thank you
  • Sandra Jovic
    Sandra Jovic 11 месяцев назад Aniket Babar no, they r two different was false advertising, wake up or don't get the point
  • Sandra Jovic
    Sandra Jovic 11 месяцев назад Krista Roman wow that's a lot of comments AND MORE IN AGREEMENT WITH U SO WE WIN FOR THAT, you'd think they'd edit the video or do over. The people have spoken!
  • Hyper_guy
    Hyper_guy 11 месяцев назад Yup agreed
  • Harley Gubura
    Harley Gubura 11 месяцев назад Krista Roman
  • Ali Ashraf
    Ali Ashraf 11 месяцев назад Ur right this guy commentating this doesnt have commen sense himsef
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    Dm on Ig NBLXN 11 месяцев назад Krista Roman dm on instagram nblxn
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    o o f 11 месяцев назад Common sense bright side
  • kiranbala devi
    kiranbala devi 11 месяцев назад how
  • Space Monkey
    Space Monkey 11 месяцев назад (изменено) Krista Roman you generally need common sense in some capacity to solve riddles do you not saying they are two different things is stating a fact because one is a riddle and one is common sense they are separate but one can greatly benefit the other if used together Good job it took me a second to get your statement you get a like
  • Trk Ink
    Trk Ink 11 месяцев назад Actually the point of a riddle is to use deduction and if u understand what common sense is its quite self explanatory
  • Space Monkey
    Space Monkey 11 месяцев назад @Trk Ink r/iamverysmart
  • Francis Tv 101
    Francis Tv 101 10 месяцев назад IKR!! Common Sense BRIGHT SIDE!!
  • Baby Gurl
    Baby Gurl 10 месяцев назад Right because common sense would be, 'A red car and blue car are approaching an intersection with stop signs, but the blue car gets to the stop sign first. Who had the right of way? The red car or blue car? Common sense tells you the blue car does because it got to the stop sign first, and the first person always goes.' A riddle is something where you'd have to think outside the box. This video contains riddles.
  • pensive toast
    pensive toast 10 месяцев назад The Bright Side said this was a test not a collection of riddles.
    TASFIA KHANDAKAR 10 месяцев назад Don't be so rude😠😤😡💢💢 please
  • Jim Shafer
    Jim Shafer 10 месяцев назад I agree with what you said riddles are different
  • Loppa Gang
    Loppa Gang 10 месяцев назад Krista Roman agreed
  • Serena Alonzi
    Serena Alonzi 10 месяцев назад Agreed! These are all trick questions and have nothing to do with common sense. These riddles are so lame too omg
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    Chaotic_Ash 24 10 месяцев назад Agreed
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    WeTube 10 месяцев назад One Love
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    Princern Prince 10 месяцев назад Absolutely, this test is what fails
  • Tejinder Singh
    Tejinder Singh 10 месяцев назад Yeah... Absolutely right
  • Shanicqua Belladona Winter
    Shanicqua Belladona Winter 10 месяцев назад This was bs... I wasted my time on this 🤦‍♀️
  • Frank Hernandez
    Frank Hernandez 9 месяцев назад Thank you
  • Cairo Dinicola
    Cairo Dinicola 9 месяцев назад But you need common sense to solve riddles.
  • Syviltry Shmitzlekion
    Syviltry Shmitzlekion 9 месяцев назад However, stuffing a giraffe in the fridge is highly illegal. How do I know? Common sense told me. If it's illegal to hunt a giraffe, to keep one as a pet, or abuse it in any way, it's definitely illegal to stuff one in my fridge. I'd be abusing it pretty horrifically if I'd done that. Same goes for an elephant. Furthermore, common sense would say that, if everyone on a plane died when it crashed, yet two passengers survived, either the story is fake or they jumped before it crashed. The way it was put, however, is a play on words.
  • Syviltry Shmitzlekion
    Syviltry Shmitzlekion 9 месяцев назад (изменено) Another example of common sense is, "Ya'know, that guy may be black (or white, or even purple), but he still has a heart, two lungs, and two hundred and six bones. So he still has just as many rights as I do, regardless of his color. 'Cause he's not just black (or whatever color you picked), he's a human being (which is exactly what I am), and no less."
  • Cairo Dinicola
    Cairo Dinicola 9 месяцев назад @Syviltry Shmitzlekion which ones were a play on words? It all depends on who you are and how you think about it. Clearly you are highly overthinking the riddles if you're going into the legality of it because laws are different depending on where you live. Obviously the plane story is fake. It's used for a riddle.
  • Shudhanshu Shekhar Mishra
    Shudhanshu Shekhar Mishra 9 месяцев назад Yeah but you need common sense for solving riddles too. Your comment doesn't makes any sense and should have as much dislikes as likes here. Its maybe cuz u r beautiful.😎
  • A long time ago we made it to paradise.
    A long time ago we made it to paradise. 9 месяцев назад You sound triggered but it's funny. Not all of it was based on common sense so no worries.
  • April Artis
    April Artis 9 месяцев назад They are common sense
  • Coltius
    Coltius 9 месяцев назад Yeah dude if you dont know how to put a giraffe in thr fridge you definitely lack common sense dude
  • Dr. Adam
    Dr. Adam 8 месяцев назад True
  • InfinityRift
    InfinityRift 8 месяцев назад EXACTLY! Thank you.
  • Angela Knickerbocker
    Angela Knickerbocker 8 месяцев назад Right! Their using sovereignty genre/ types which conflict. Common sense: what do tog Brush your teeth with, sleep on, and sit on- tooth brush, bed & couch.. They say don't over think it. How do you get A giraffe in a fridge: answer should be- you cant! Impossible. Not you open it and stuff it in. That makes no sense. These aren't all common sense, some are riddles which means you cant get an accurate outcome. Still fun though
  • Gabriel Fusaro
    Gabriel Fusaro 7 месяцев назад Amen
  • Zippy the Brain
    Zippy the Brain 7 месяцев назад Yea this would be my first comment. Riddles are specifically about an element of trickery and /or word play where an important part of the context is left out so people have to fill in the blanks. It is more about lateral thinking than anything as common as common sense.
  • BenTGM
    BenTGM 7 месяцев назад Agreed
  • Blaine Volesky
    Blaine Volesky 6 месяцев назад These are riddles
    TRIPPY TIMMY 6 месяцев назад Agreed
  • Bryce Costa
    Bryce Costa 6 месяцев назад That's what I said ... THANK YOU
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    Aaina Singh 6 месяцев назад Very easy
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    Girl101 6 месяцев назад Krista Roman Exactly
  • Lauren Alexander
    Lauren Alexander 6 месяцев назад Ttrrrruueee!!! I totally agree,these were Riddle's
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    John Siviy 6 месяцев назад @Triche H 7
  • Meister JubJub
    Meister JubJub 5 месяцев назад @Lestat De Lioncourt Ah... I see you're one of those... THOSE people...
  • Meister JubJub
    Meister JubJub 5 месяцев назад @anoj aj No... That's not what he- Nevermind
  • Sun God
    Sun God 5 месяцев назад For real
  • Matthew Leliever
    Matthew Leliever 4 месяца назад Well its not like i havn't watched this video before and remember most of the answers
  • The Last Piløt
    The Last Piløt 4 месяца назад Yes
    SQUISHYBANANA 22 4 месяца назад Krista Roman not true, if u can answer riddles u have a good common sense. Duh
  • Foxie_ Playz
    Foxie_ Playz 4 месяца назад Agree
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    Park Area 4 месяца назад You are right
  • Parwinder Singh
    Parwinder Singh 4 месяца назад hi krista
  • Parwinder Singh
    Parwinder Singh 4 месяца назад whr r u from
  • Jack - YZ
    Jack - YZ 4 месяца назад Krista Roman I
  • rachel ruby
    rachel ruby 4 месяца назад exactly what I was thinking when I heard the first one
    POWER BANG 4 месяца назад get lost man this is really a common sense test
    POWER BANG 4 месяца назад @Gsxr-1000 Rider really true
    POWER BANG 4 месяца назад there are both
  • Laura Lindley
    Laura Lindley 4 месяца назад Pink house is a well known riddle
  • eli ssa
    eli ssa 4 месяца назад True dat
  • SuperSerg
    SuperSerg 4 месяца назад It's a common Sense test though, look at the tittle
  • mama conateh
    mama conateh 4 месяца назад Exactly! You have more common sense than this channel💯
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    Ralph N. Walker 3 месяца назад Good!
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    Maricris Dandoy 3 месяца назад True....
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    NNazir TV 3 месяца назад Yes....
  • demondojr
    demondojr 3 месяца назад Krista Roman These are more just a play on words.
  • Vannah W.
    Vannah W. 3 месяца назад Girl you right on so many different levels
  • Ye TypicalMusicCovers
    Ye TypicalMusicCovers 3 месяца назад Krista Roman last time I checked, Thomas Paine didn’t write any riddles.
  • Evan Me
    Evan Me 3 месяца назад Yes
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    XxPerfect GamerxX 3 месяца назад I agree
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    Janella Altman 3 месяца назад I know right?! Like wth
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    SamMassacreMusic 3 месяца назад Krista Roman true. This video frustrated me
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    dileyyayway francisstd 2 месяца назад yes my girlfriend
  • Mod707
    Mod707 2 месяца назад Common sense : “don’t take the question seriously” Riddles : “take all the clues seriously”
  • Wesley Parker
    Wesley Parker 2 месяца назад Yeah plus I’m not sure little kids would know what a bungalow is
  • Chloe Elyse
    Chloe Elyse 2 месяца назад Agreed
  • Theayangiii Dognidon
    Theayangiii Dognidon 2 месяца назад Ikr like seriously biss
  • Oxygène 8
    Oxygène 8 2 месяца назад I know the electronic engineer who came up with the last 4 riddles in a sleepless night many many years ago, and I'm pretty sure his purpose was nothing more than a gag. Now who's over complicating things 😂
  • Connorshark
    Connorshark 2 месяца назад @Hey hey what? That made 0 sense. She's saying this whole thing is riddles
  • Connorshark
    Connorshark 2 месяца назад @Aniket Babar some of them dont
  • Connorshark
    Connorshark 2 месяца назад @Gsxr-1000 Rider she does, you don't for not getting the difference between a riddle and common sense
  • Gsxr-1000 Rider
    Gsxr-1000 Rider 2 месяца назад @Connorshark 💩
  • Varsha Odedra
    Varsha Odedra 2 месяца назад K
  • Varsha Odedra
    Varsha Odedra 2 месяца назад K
  • Varsha Odedra
    Varsha Odedra 2 месяца назад K
  • Amy Rosanova
    Amy Rosanova 2 месяца назад (изменено) Exactly! This isn't even about common sense, this is about trick questions. (Edit: Of course, logic can be used to arrive at a theory or a conclusion for a trick question, but they didn't clarify their reasoning in this video.) Common sense would be that a giraffe and an elephant wouldn't fit in a fridge, and it still wouldn't be ethical to put them in a fridge even if they could fit. Possible doesn't always equal beneficial.
  • Amy Rosanova
    Amy Rosanova 2 месяца назад @Trk Ink Actually, it should already be common sense that putting a giraffe and an elephant in a fridge is unethical and nonsensical. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Brandy Mayne
    Brandy Mayne 2 месяца назад Exactly
  • I'm only 4 years old
    I'm only 4 years old 2 месяца назад Finally someone with common sense
  • Real Dudes Party Nude
    Real Dudes Party Nude 2 месяца назад Krista, very well stated!
  • M D
    M D 1 месяц назад Word
  • Jon m
    Jon m 1 месяц назад Exactly.
  • Tanuja Sooroojdeen
    Tanuja Sooroojdeen 1 месяц назад Yerp
    PAT WILLIAMS 1 месяц назад @Hey heyTHEY ARE NOT.
  • the animator
    the animator 1 месяц назад Krista Roman yep can't argue with that.
  • mozxz
    mozxz 4 недели назад yep, especially when you are provided with a few solutions, and the correct anser in none of them...... Though, I fell for several of them, I wanted to bury the survivors and make the police extinguish fires.....and light the lamp or newspaper before the match itself......
    KITTY CAT SQUADE 4 недели назад Yah, but my mom is much smarter than me, and i challenged her against this vid, i won
  • Bereket Tanrısı
    Bereket Tanrısı 1 месяц назад İ would like this video... BUT OH NO! ALL THE LİKE BUTTONS ARE İN NOAHS ARK! 😡
  • Nicole Bruno
    Nicole Bruno 4 дня назад common sense is not putting a giraffe in a fridge 😂 common sense is knowing the giraffe ain't fitting in the fridge
  • mister magnificent
    mister magnificent 5 дней назад These aint freakin common sense these are mind games or riddles..
  • Archer
    Archer 2 месяца назад These are just play on words... This has nothing to do with common sense. Common sense tells me that your not too keen on the meaning of the phrase, common sense.
  • GrantBaseball24
    GrantBaseball24 Год назад This might be the dumbest “common sense” test I’ve ever taken
  • Kylie Alvey
    Kylie Alvey Год назад Only because you got them wrong. Probably
  • random stuff
    random stuff Год назад Grant DeRose this might be the only common sense test I've ever taken
  • random stuff
    random stuff Год назад lol
  • Mea C
    Mea C Год назад I took one very similar to this when I was in school...that was a few decades ago.
  • Terrence Rock
    Terrence Rock Год назад Grant DeRose it is not common sense
  • Tushar Garg
    Tushar Garg Год назад Right.. probably the maker doesn't have common sense😂😂😂😂 he must be the dumbest of all
  • Rob Boss
    Rob Boss Год назад Yeah, it isn't common sense at all.
  • Spurguboj
    Spurguboj 3 месяца назад @Kylie Alvey they arent common sense tests. theyre riddles
  • Nailah Oliver
    Nailah Oliver 3 месяца назад Like what if I don't know what a bungalow is. Sounds like rich common sense, I've never heard of them.
  • Tmaster101 TM
    Tmaster101 TM 3 месяца назад @Nailah Oliver lol i was right there with you
  • Tyson Memes
  • am a legend of fortnite
    am a legend of fortnite 2 месяца назад GrantBaseball24 i know right he said how many months have 28 days it shall be 1 and he said 12
  • Tyson Memes
    Tyson Memes 2 месяца назад @am a legend of fortnite FortniteBR is CancER
  • am a legend of fortnite
    am a legend of fortnite 2 месяца назад @Tyson Memes NO IT ISN,T
  • Tyson Memes
    Tyson Memes 2 месяца назад @am a legend of fortnite Wanna bet on that, person that doesn't know proper grammar?
  • am a legend of fortnite
    am a legend of fortnite 2 месяца назад @Tyson Memes betting is haram
  • Tyson Memes
    Tyson Memes 2 месяца назад @am a legend of fortnite Nah, your english is cancer.
  • UwU
    UwU 2 месяца назад @Kylie Alvey ... You support brightside?
  • UwU
    UwU 2 месяца назад @Tyson Memes meh why did they put common sense? Think of it its common sense
  • UwU
    UwU 2 месяца назад @Tyson Memes we live in other countries, dont expect us to have perfect grammar...
  • Jaiden Williams
    Jaiden Williams 1 месяц назад Might it is😡
  • marianne mccrank
    marianne mccrank 1 месяц назад agreed
  • Victoria Tucker
    Victoria Tucker 1 месяц назад exactly this test sucks
  • Hayden Stafford
    Hayden Stafford 2 месяца назад Non of this is common sense it's trickery boi this video makes no sense
  • Anna's Original Remakes
    Anna's Original Remakes 2 месяца назад 😂
  • Alolan Pikachu
    Alolan Pikachu 1 месяц назад Exactly. People on yt today 🙄
  • Dr Nisha Verma Panwar
    Dr Nisha Verma Panwar 1 месяц назад (изменено) 3:33 it could have been that he was wearing A hat.....😐🙄😮 Honestly all the questions were kinda idiotic
  • GraVe
    GraVe 4 недели назад Oshin Panwar I thought that too that seems more like common sense
  • Sunila Khanna
    Sunila Khanna 2 дня назад he said hewont have a hat
  • Dr Nisha Verma Panwar
    Dr Nisha Verma Panwar 2 дня назад @GraVe yep....right
  • dameon robert
    dameon robert 1 месяц назад (изменено) Not so bright are you Trying to put an elaphant in your fridge what's wrong with uou
  • Victoria McCurdy
    Victoria McCurdy 1 месяц назад Not one of the questioned that were asked had anything to do with COMMON SENSE! 💁‍♀️
  • WJ Handy Dad
    WJ Handy Dad Год назад those aren't common sense, some of those are just ridiculous
  • water
    water Год назад WJ Handy Dad yes
  • Tyler McFillin
    Tyler McFillin Год назад Exactly!!!
  • random stuff
    random stuff Год назад WJ Handy Dad now who is going to think about this
  • Ernesto Kpatchavi
    Ernesto Kpatchavi Год назад WJ Handy Dad, I think you couldn't found one or few☺️
  • Brando 302
    Brando 302 Год назад Agreed the last few are reoccurring jokes.
  • XxThe Masked GamerXx
    XxThe Masked GamerXx Год назад the last few where ridiculous
  • Mike A
    Mike A Год назад WJ Handy Dad agreed. yeah, like, who eats giraffe ?
  • Nonayo Dambusinus
    Nonayo Dambusinus Год назад +Sans The Skeleton..... I didn't even know what a bungalow is until now... But English isn't my first language, so I get off scot-free ;)
    PAPAW SABBATH Год назад WJ Handy Dad nothing common sense about this this is bull
  • Hazza Styles
    Hazza Styles Год назад Nonayo Dambusinus me neither! And I speak fluent English!
  • Rebecca Whitehurst
    Rebecca Whitehurst Год назад yeh not about common sense at all, just trick questions!!
  • Darkin
    Darkin Год назад Someone got them all wrong
  • Reshiramdude
    Reshiramdude Год назад "It's common sense" #07 appears My answer: Stuff
  • dulcet_lemøn
    dulcet_lemøn Год назад I agree
  • Handsome Jonni
    Handsome Jonni Год назад Yeah, I mean, I tried fitting a giraffe in my refrigerator but it didn't fit. It rotted in my kitchen along with the elephant. Also, even though he's pretend, Noah would be quite dead by now, so no second Ark. Even if fake dead Noah built a second fake Ark I'm fairly certain that aquatic life would not get on board, especially that malformed whale.
  • Firebird
    Firebird Год назад (изменено) Exactly, that's what i was thinking, last one from that elephant to that croc
  • Christine Vogt-Klimshuk
    Christine Vogt-Klimshuk Год назад (изменено) I knew the answer to the bungalow question, but arguably, I am 54! The only kid who would know this is one who lived or vacationed in one.
  • Klaybae
    Klaybae Год назад Fr 😂
  • Mubashar Mehmood
    Mubashar Mehmood Год назад for example the qustion about to put elephant in fridge
  • Hyfa Elhaj
    Hyfa Elhaj Год назад Christine Vogt-Klimshuk 3
  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob Год назад Here’s a REAL common sense question: How do you get out of a locked car? Answer: you just unlock the door and get out
  • Tushar Garg
    Tushar Garg Год назад Exactly l
  • Rob Boss
    Rob Boss Год назад Sans The Skeleton Thanks for insulting me. I got some of these wrong because they simply didn't make sense, especially the animal ones. They are more like riddles than common sense questions. Saying that they are common sense is complete BS because why would someone put animals in a fridge.
  • TubeChannel
    TubeChannel Год назад WJ Handy Dad ikr
  • Beastie312465
    Beastie312465 Год назад WJ Handy Dad yeap
  • Dingle Barry
    Dingle Barry Год назад Oh common! Everyone knows that when you put an elephant in the fridge it ends up being the last one in existence therefore can't get on the ark. Of course that's the missing animal, duh.
  • Lord Of Onions
    Lord Of Onions Год назад It's called being lazy and trying to capitalize on people who think they're special
  • _mythwolf OG Myth Assassin
    _mythwolf OG Myth Assassin Год назад Ig giraffes fit in refrigerators, so do elephants 😂
  • 6153calme
    6153calme Год назад WJ Handy Dad they just require listening, not so much thinking
  • Bhugul Kaman
    Bhugul Kaman Год назад Billy Bob you dont have to get out, bcoz you cannot enter a locked car, you are outside. This type of common sense this video wants us to learn.
  • Sarmiento Apple
    Sarmiento Apple Год назад To preserve them of course if you are not cooking them yet.
  • Buster Beagle
    Buster Beagle Год назад WJ Handy Dad right, immature riddles at best.
  • Buster Beagle
    Buster Beagle Год назад Sans The Skeleton be nice
  • Buster Beagle
    Buster Beagle Год назад Rebecca Whitehurst riddles
  • Jaelysssia Cizike
    Jaelysssia Cizike Год назад WJ Handy Dad it’s cuz u got some wrong n u mad
  • Jack the Gestapo
    Jack the Gestapo Год назад Michael Angeles giraffe meat is actually a thing in the market
  • Darkzy
    Darkzy Год назад WJ Handy Dad That's what she said
  • youssef beshara
    youssef beshara 11 месяцев назад u mean trick questions
  • Erik Lentz
    Erik Lentz 11 месяцев назад I know, I am a kid and I did HORRIBLE.
  • Roda lynn Bukong
    Roda lynn Bukong 11 месяцев назад True..😕
  • Michael Cole
    Michael Cole 11 месяцев назад I agree.
  • marley allin
    marley allin 11 месяцев назад you are so right. waste of time
  • Leyan Wang
    Leyan Wang 11 месяцев назад Like the one about snow boots
  • Ashley Worden
    Ashley Worden 11 месяцев назад Absolutely!!!!!
  • Mathew Owens
    Mathew Owens 11 месяцев назад Yea how elephant and crocodile leave on Noah ark
  • El Capitan Del Disco
    El Capitan Del Disco 11 месяцев назад Don't you mean 'you're' definitely not on the bright side with that grammar?
  • Bea Endonila
    Bea Endonila 10 месяцев назад Question 2 says where should they bury the survivors? Me: WTH they are survivors that means they survived the plane crash If they are dead, then bury them on a cemetery .-.
  • Aspen S.
    Aspen S. 10 месяцев назад But, we've all been had
  • Johnny Clausen
    Johnny Clausen 10 месяцев назад much
  • PinkPizzaSprinkles
    PinkPizzaSprinkles 9 месяцев назад Ikr? Especially 12-15. How the heck would a giraffe fit in a refrigerator?
  • PinkPizzaSprinkles
    PinkPizzaSprinkles 9 месяцев назад @Bea Endonila BURY THEM ALIVE XD
  • Shudhanshu Shekhar Mishra
    Shudhanshu Shekhar Mishra 9 месяцев назад Just like your mind..... dont mind just kidding
  • Kloforia Foxy
    Kloforia Foxy 8 месяцев назад (изменено) So true. I mean he could have at least warned us that questions 12-15 were all related.
  • planetdestroyer productions
    planetdestroyer productions 8 месяцев назад I think the point of this video is to see if you have enough common sense to realise that these questions don't correlate to common sense
  • Posei Drey
    Posei Drey 8 месяцев назад No, these are common sense you found it ridiculous cause you can't answer them.
  • BenTGM
    BenTGM 7 месяцев назад IKR
  • A_rAnDoM_AfRo
    A_rAnDoM_AfRo 2 месяца назад You mean ALL of these are ridiculous
  • UwU
    UwU 2 месяца назад Yeah
  • Ravi Teja
    Ravi Teja 2 месяца назад "How do you put an elephant in a fridge?" Me : I wouldn't, cos they should be free.
  • Ferdous Siddique
  • Asenlkr 75
    Asenlkr 75 4 дня назад Every answer was like a slap in my face ...😂