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Building and Testing a Lego-powered Submarine

Published on Jul 20, 2019 2,311,005 views










Making a radio-controlled submarine with Lego and other materials.
At the end I test it in a lake. Enjoy!

The submarine specs:
Length: 22 cm (8.7 in)
Displacement: 1880 grams (66 oz)
Speed: 0.2 knots (10 cm/s)
Operating depth: 3 m (10 ft) - ballast tank will fail after that
Hull: 1.5 liter lemonade pitcher (Orthex)
Forward: Lego m-motor runs two 9-length propellers (2952)
Turn: Lego m-motor runs a geared-up (0.67:1) small 3-blade propeller (6041)
Ballast tank: Lego m-motor runs a Lego linear actuator connected to a 60 ml syringe (Eotia marinade injector). Active range 20 ml
Radio control: 27 MHz controller dissembled from a toy submarine (Zantec Mini RC U Boot). L298 H-bridge to drive motors
Power supply: 9V Lego battery box for the motors, 3.7V battery for the radio controller

The yellow toy submarine at 6:00 is this one:

  • Erik Hansen
    Erik Hansen 3 недели назад Seriously, thank you for not putting obnoxious music over this video. The sounds of your work are enough. Great project.
  • Haktan Kaçmaz
    Haktan Kaçmaz 3 недели назад Ikr? I hate it when there is annoying music at the background that goes again and again. Just kills the spirit.
  • ImmaSnarl
    ImmaSnarl 3 недели назад So mute the video if you don't like the video moron, some of us do like the music.
  • Meme Boi
    Meme Boi 3 недели назад (изменено) ImmaSnarl JuST PlaY sOMe MUSIc iN tHE BacKGRouND MorON SomE oF US dO LiKe thE NaTURal CrAfT NOISES That's you, you waterlogged monkey
    MELVAR 3 недели назад ImmaSnarl Play it yourself? where is the problem?
  • fjadm
    fjadm 3 недели назад (изменено) I'm Agree
  • ImmaSnarl
    ImmaSnarl 3 недели назад @MELVAR How about you mute it yourself? where is the problem?
  • Rccamo3
    Rccamo3 3 недели назад @ImmaSnarl The problem is the music is annoying and unnecessary. Just like your comments, fuckwit.
  • Jyrsky
    Jyrsky 3 недели назад @ImmaSnarl you know we wanna hear the sound of making these so its better when there isnt cancer music playing
  • Chaomatic
    Chaomatic 3 недели назад > A wild No copyright music channel appears! > Erik Hansen used casual comment!  > It's super effective! > The wild No copyright music channel fainted. > Erik Hansen gained 114 exp!
    MELVAR 3 недели назад @ImmaSnarl If there is no music and you play it yourself you still hear the sounds of the video, if you mute the video if there is music playing in the background, you can't hear the music and neither the video sounds. Does that make sense?
  • QuasiELVIS
    QuasiELVIS 3 недели назад @ImmaSnarl Your comment genuinely made me laugh. "SOME OF US LIKE RIDICULOUS TECHNO ON CRAFT VIDEOS". Classic.
  • ImmaSnarl
    ImmaSnarl 3 недели назад @QuasiELVIS ya :)
  • Sincerely Yours
    Sincerely Yours 3 недели назад Seriously, Erik, just turn your volume down. Don't let your preferences ruin it for the rest of us.
  • I can’t live without Internet seriously
    I can’t live without Internet seriously 2 недели назад Are you a fucking idiot just mute it and if you like craft sounds just play it in the background
  • I can’t live without Internet seriously
    I can’t live without Internet seriously 2 недели назад MELVAR Go away you fat chum bucket
  • I can’t live without Internet seriously
    I can’t live without Internet seriously 2 недели назад Meme Boi just play your own noise dummy
  • Black Crow
    Black Crow 2 недели назад Naw guys what you gotta do is MUTE THE VIDEO, play your OWN TECHNO, grab a drill, some hot glue, drill your keyboard FULL OF HOLES and cover it entirely in hot glue! Then to finalize, just sprinkle some legos on top until the video is over!
  • olliefoxtv
    olliefoxtv Неделю назад @ImmaSnarl well why dont YOU just mute it and play music then you can play music that you wanna here
  • benji does random stuff
    benji does random stuff Неделю назад Then it mutes the sound so no happy ending
  • ImmaSnarl
    ImmaSnarl Неделю назад ​@Rccamo3 Wow, great job. I didn't know you could say "fuckwit". Does your mommy know?
  • ImmaSnarl
    ImmaSnarl Неделю назад @Jyrsky Yes and I wanna hear the music of the video so its better when there isnt cancer noises playing. I could say the same thing, like I just did. You're comment has no logic to it whatsoever.
  • maskyschannel
    maskyschannel 2 дня назад smooth jazz would be nice
  • Santi Cheeks
    Santi Cheeks 3 недели назад I was really hoping he would put a Lego Person in it
  • 0623kaboom
    0623kaboom 3 недели назад lol and use a co2 bottle to launch them like a torpedo ... lol
  • Asdi144 Q
    Asdi144 Q 3 недели назад SUBNAUTICA
    ARCTiC ITA 2 недели назад It would have been too dangerous per the person, it is a prototype.
  • SamppaTheGamer
    SamppaTheGamer 2 недели назад @ARCTiC ITA Wow someone value's people
  • Christian Hollon
    Christian Hollon 6 дней назад Me too
  • Felipe Sterling wo
    Felipe Sterling wo 6 дней назад @SamppaTheGamer subnautica below zero
  • vinc gordo
    vinc gordo 1 день назад "pourquoi un lego? Je peux m'intégrer!" (dernier mot de HOUDINI)
  • Kapin #1801
    Kapin #1801 3 недели назад I like the lack of music. Gives this a sense of genuine interest and authenticity.
  • khonsu thedragonhog
    khonsu thedragonhog 3 недели назад Yeah but the water in the background is kind of like music on its own
  • Black Crow
    Black Crow 2 недели назад The sound of nature is music to some, too
  • aeromoe
    aeromoe 4 дня назад (изменено) Most added music on YouTube videos is unnecessary, usually very annoying, and quite likely of a genre that makes me wonder "what the fuck?"
  • Noah Tall
    Noah Tall 3 недели назад Has working submarine. Takes it apart to make lego submarine. NICE
    KOTYAR0 2 недели назад What do the toy submarines use for ballast, I wonder?
  • SamppaTheGamer
    SamppaTheGamer 2 недели назад @KOTYAR0 M A G I C
  • Antti Brax
    Antti Brax Неделю назад @KOTYAR0 It looked like there was a propeller in the bottom so I guess it had neutral buoyancy and used water flow to move vertically. But I'm not an expert on toy submarines.
  • Tim Higgins
    Tim Higgins Неделю назад lol
  • Josh Rait
    Josh Rait 4 дня назад @Antti Brax First i used to think the same. But. Here 6:15. I think that clear plastic thing somehow reacts to water and change buoyancy. It's location just on the top of toy.
  • Rambo
    Rambo 3 дня назад Bigger is better
  • IronHorse Production's
    IronHorse Production's 3 дня назад I used the submarine to destroy the submarine
  • Ozepyon09
    Ozepyon09 4 недели назад It's a shame the ballast syringe couldn't overcome the pressure difference at the lake bottom. I hope you revisit this project. It was really cool
  • Josh
    Josh 4 недели назад Yeah those syringes can be hard to push even at STP
  • MrGlennJohnsen
    MrGlennJohnsen 4 недели назад Yeah, I'm wondering if bigger holes or more engines/more (but smaller) syringes would help.
  • Kamil
    Kamil 4 недели назад @MrGlennJohnsen smaller piston, increased stroke. trouble is the lego actuator bottomed out so you'd need to double it up or so. possibly another motor and actuator on the other side of the syringe like you said would help.
  • Henrix98
    Henrix98 4 недели назад (изменено) Probably should have used normal gears and a toothed bar
  • wobbly sauce
    wobbly sauce 4 недели назад At least make the plunger straight.
  • Max Scott
    Max Scott 4 недели назад Or some goofy equalization diaphragm type thing.
  • Will Darling
    Will Darling 4 недели назад maybe a big spring inside to counter the water pressure ?
  • StraightOuttaJarhois
    StraightOuttaJarhois 4 недели назад Gonna need some gearing on this one.
  • K.o.R
    K.o.R 4 недели назад I was hoping it was going to have a snorkel, compressor (Technic does have those) and a compressed air reservoir for ballast.
  • Renzo Mikael Jaworski
    Renzo Mikael Jaworski 3 недели назад You need to gear it down or use a L motor, same dimensions but more torque
  • thereverent117
    thereverent117 3 недели назад @Will Darling great idea! would try that
  • JohnL2112
    JohnL2112 3 недели назад C02 cartridge emergency blow system? That might blow the whole thing apart. Hmmm
  • Bryan random
    Bryan random 3 недели назад Well thanks for the spoiler
  • kleetus92
    kleetus92 3 недели назад @JohnL2112 RELEASE COUNTER MEASURES! EMERGENCY BLOW! FULL RISE! C'mon Big D, FLY! 5 Points if you know what this is from!
  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 3 недели назад @Kamil maybe with small wheel pushing big wheel... 4x times more power.. it will more slow.. but definitely will push the water out.
  • JohnL2112
    JohnL2112 3 недели назад kleetus92 captain scared them out of the water!
  • Valerio D'Arrigo
    Valerio D'Arrigo 3 недели назад @kleetus92 Hunt for Red October
  • mister Locapone
    mister Locapone 3 недели назад Ozepyon09 spoiled it
  • Karl Moens
    Karl Moens 3 недели назад Or attach some of the metal ballast to the outside with an electromagnet. If the battery runs out it will drop the ballast and the sub will rise.
  • C.L.H. Bokhorst
    C.L.H. Bokhorst 3 недели назад @Renzo Mikael Jaworski Problem wasn't the torque of the motor I think, the gears in the actuator skipped teeth because pushing the water out of the syringe needed more torque than the teeth in the actuator could handel.
  • Glenn Griffon
    Glenn Griffon 3 недели назад That's exactly what I was thinking when I head the gears trying but not being able to push the plunger back in. Given this person's methodical approach to testing everything I'm sure they had suspicions about the pressure but just underestimated it. It's very easy to underestimate water pressure.
  • callum hardy
    callum hardy 3 недели назад Ozepyon09 Most subs have a tank of air that they fill the ballast tank with.
  • Michael Harto
    Michael Harto 3 недели назад he should apply silicone grease inside the tube to make it slide much easier in order to minimize friction. silicone grease is perfect for water equipment, they don't wash out easily.
  • stuntpenguin
    stuntpenguin 3 недели назад @MrGlennJohnsen A smaller diameter but longer syringe will take less force to push but still provide enough volume.
  • Acecool
    Acecool 3 недели назад Why not use a water-pump? That way, even if you try to spin it when it is full, it can't get any more full, and the turbine wouldn't be grinding on anything, and still have water within it. Then you could make so it isn't neutral... ie, so it sticks out of the water more when you empty it - keep the weights for balance, and to level out buoyancy... Another option is to have the water coming in from the bottom, so it can't come in unless there is an exchange occurring such as air being compressed by the depth, air being pulled into the container via a vaccum into a separate container... Then pushing it back to push the water out the bottom...
  • kleetus92
    kleetus92 3 недели назад @Valerio D'Arrigo I'd like to have seen Montana!
  • ET
    ET 3 недели назад (изменено) Or he could use those lego technics pneumatics to push the water out of the ballast tank, but then it would have to pressurize tank before a dive and an intake valve.
  • Kristoffer
    Kristoffer 3 недели назад @Glenn Griffon Yah, pressure is a bitch. Even just 5 metres is tremendously different from a small puddle test in a bowl. The growth is much larger than people suspect.
  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos 3 недели назад He could use a screw and a motor to push or pull the syringe..
  • Keith Lewis
    Keith Lewis 3 недели назад Prepare for trouble! Make it double!
  • Hussein Ahmed
    Hussein Ahmed 3 недели назад I guess that Physics class I took was beneficial despite me hating it.
  • Math Go
    Math Go 3 недели назад (изменено) the pressure at lake bottom is +/- 1,55 kgf/cm². I think a better gear set would help the syringe engine.
  • Brian
    Brian 3 недели назад @Will Darling This would then put more strain on the motor as it pulls the syringe back against the constant pressure of the spring, no?
  • MrDapperGent
    MrDapperGent 3 недели назад @kleetus92 Is that a The Hunt for Red October reference I spy?
  • kleetus92
    kleetus92 3 недели назад @MrDapperGent It is. I doubt you'd remember, but we met once at the consulate in Leningrad. Along with your wife. I'm very sorry.
  • MrDapperGent
    MrDapperGent 3 недели назад @kleetus92 What gives you the right to fire on my ship?
  • Anigamer
    Anigamer 3 недели назад Ozepyon09 I mean, with the right materials this would definitely be possible
  • kleetus92
    kleetus92 3 недели назад @MrDapperGent It was necessary to maintain the illusion for your Lego crew!
  • Sokrates297
    Sokrates297 3 недели назад But what we have learned from this channel is that with enough gears, anything will move.
  • Skykeeper
    Skykeeper 3 недели назад It didnt work cuz the gopro
  • AcolyteOF Fire
    AcolyteOF Fire 3 недели назад @JohnL2112 maybe make the co2 cartridge blow into a Balloon on the side, though attaching one would be awkward. that way the whole thing does not blow up,
  • CMDR John Crichton
    CMDR John Crichton 3 недели назад A worm gear setup might work here.
  • XJetfireX
    XJetfireX 3 недели назад @CMDR John Crichton I just was going to say that :D Yeah, he showed that worm gear has a lot of torque, so why not use it here? =)
  • CMDR John Crichton
    CMDR John Crichton 3 недели назад @XJetfireX might have alot of friction though.
  • Parker Curtis
    Parker Curtis 3 недели назад Spoiler
  • Bladabladabloo
    Bladabladabloo 3 недели назад @Bryan random Watch the video before you read the comments.
  • pt 1789
    pt 1789 3 недели назад @StraightOuttaJarhois I was thinking some kind of worm gear rig and a smaller plunger.
  • lenny108
    lenny108 3 недели назад interesting project what shows that this lake is dead, there is not enough oxygen so that submerged plants and water animals can live. Eventually, this lake will turn into a marsh district. They should use solar energy to pump air into that lake and bring it back to life.
  • Homomies
    Homomies 3 недели назад @lenny108 there's quite literally fish in the video
  • Andrew John
    Andrew John 3 недели назад @kleetus92 Hunt For Red October... But I think this project is a little more Down Periscope. 😂
  • Zer0kbps
    Zer0kbps 3 недели назад Chop the end of the syringe off and use the full diameter of it, surely that would take the load off the actuator gears?
  • itsdiegoplays
    itsdiegoplays 3 недели назад So mutch smart talk what do you al say?????
  • joseph
    joseph 3 недели назад @Kamil oil up the rubber in syringe
  • Patricia Mafi
    Patricia Mafi 3 недели назад 😂
  • Joshin John Bejoy
    Joshin John Bejoy 3 недели назад That's 50000Pa
  • Michael Simpson
    Michael Simpson 3 недели назад Those syringes get a bit stiff after several cycles, theyre not mewnt for repeated operation, I think that's partly whats coming into play here. Having said that, good job, homebuilt ROV on the cheap. Well done.
  • Ian Bentley
    Ian Bentley 3 недели назад kleetus92 way to go dallas
  • Percal
    Percal 3 недели назад Ahh. Nothing more interesting than watching a bunch of smart dudes talking about an engineering problem.
  • Phantom MeanMan
    Phantom MeanMan 3 недели назад Yea thats what im thinking Like the preasure of the water is too strong the syringe could not handle it its trying to deflate but The water preasure is pushing it into in its expanded form Thats science folks
  • Wesley Franks
    Wesley Franks 3 недели назад Agreed!
  • A
    A 3 недели назад Also different lube. Water isn't the best thing for rubber to overcome with pressure. But good lube and geared plunge like some were saying would be good.
  • kleetus92
    kleetus92 3 недели назад @Andrew John Well, maybe, but at least we aren't discussing home tattoo kits just yet!
  • Marven Wilson S Donque
    Marven Wilson S Donque 3 недели назад if he mount it in a planetary gear, the ballast syringe would work, but I think it will crack the reservoir further you introduce more pressure on it,
  • mur4s4m3
    mur4s4m3 3 недели назад You should lubricate the joint of the syringe serving as ballast tank to prevent it from failing, you'll get less friction. Also giving the forward/backward propulsion a boost would be great. For current seems to affect it quite a lot. Maybe a sealed cone-shaped front cover w/ light plastic would give better hydrodynamism and lesser the impact of current and friction of water for movement
    MULTI LLAMA 3 недели назад You could just get a second one, or a bigger one.
  • IBGamma
    IBGamma 3 недели назад he could also pressurise the chamber
  • Bill Boyd
    Bill Boyd 3 недели назад Co2 cylinder could help as emergency blow. Otherwise very indpirational.
  • lurchy12
    lurchy12 3 недели назад I wonder if running the prop for a while would heat the air inside the sub enough to make a pressure difference enough to help the actuator move. The water down there has to be at least 30 degrees colder than above water atmosphere.
  • Zack Resmons
    Zack Resmons 3 недели назад Add smart techy stuff
  • Lucky’s Rc
    Lucky’s Rc 3 недели назад It’s a shame the top comment spoils it
  • 40 S&W
    40 S&W 3 недели назад @kleetus92 Hunt For Red October!
  • 40 S&W
    40 S&W 3 недели назад Be careful...most things in here don't react too well to bullets
  • Andreas Bach Lindsmann
    Andreas Bach Lindsmann 3 недели назад Looks like the syringe got caught on the ballast?
  • Don Adwick
    Don Adwick 3 недели назад @kleetus92 USS Dallas?
  • kleetus92
    kleetus92 2 недели назад @Don Adwick Correct Seaman Beaumont, correct! Give it a week and you'll be teaching at Cal Tech! (the movie though is Hunt for Red October)
  • Don Adwick
    Don Adwick 2 недели назад @kleetus92 Pavarotti?
  • kleetus92
    kleetus92 2 недели назад @Don Adwick Paganini!
  • Don Adwick
    Don Adwick 2 недели назад @kleetus92 Happy as a clam! :-D
  • Jimmy Brevoord
    Jimmy Brevoord 2 недели назад If you just use some gears its fixed in seconds, it will just be slowsr
  • Vehicles of different types
    Vehicles of different types 2 недели назад @kleetus92 The hunt for the red october
  • The Question
    The Question Неделю назад Rip
  • Fester Blats
    Fester Blats Неделю назад Hmm, didn't he make a contraption that could lift 100 kg? What is the problem?
  • Kevlar Vrus 57
    Kevlar Vrus 57 Неделю назад @Parker Curtis You read the comments that discuss a video, before even watching a video, then you blame others for saying what's in the video? How daft are you?
  • Tex Mex
    Tex Mex Неделю назад Attach the ballast weight to the syringe, so that is moves. That way the bow will point up when you want to go up and down when you want to go down. This will allow you to drive to surface, or drive to the bottom.
  • Candy Valencia
    Candy Valencia 6 дней назад GEAR IT DOWN FOR WHAT
  • Josh Rait
    Josh Rait 4 дня назад how about more powerfull motor ? Or, some custom details. Look, mostly we dont need speed on syringe (exсept emergency evacuation in case water leak) So why not use screw with a smaller thread pitch, then we lose in move but win in strength. Maybe my english not so well, but i'm pretty good know physics
  • Filiplayz
    Filiplayz 3 недели назад The pressure from the bottom of the lake was too much for the syringe. Maybe try using 2 pistons. On in each side for more power
  • 101picofarad
    101picofarad 3 недели назад Use gears!
  • cypekpl cat
    cypekpl cat 3 недели назад @101picofarad that was my thought, but it would take up quite a bit of space
  • Filiplayz
    Filiplayz 3 недели назад 101picofarad I think using 2 pistons on 1 syringe would be simpler cuz a gearbox that would be strong enough would be too big
  • cypekpl cat
    cypekpl cat 3 недели назад @Filiplayz that's what I said
  • Atlas WalkedAway
    Atlas WalkedAway 3 недели назад That's silly, they make metal gearboxes as small as bottle caps.
  • Next Level
    Next Level 3 недели назад @Atlas WalkedAway then they would be too small then it wont work or the "really small gears" will bend
  • Atlas WalkedAway
    Atlas WalkedAway 3 недели назад @Next Level It's painfully obvious that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. First off, "too small" is a meaningless classifier. What do you mean "too small"? Do you think the physics of mechanical leverage is somehow scale variant? And what on earth do you mean "bend"? That's a lego motor, a planetary gearbox with gears made of neoprene could handle that thing.
  • Harriët Hazeleger - Schuurman
    Harriët Hazeleger - Schuurman 2 недели назад Nut than hè is To heavy.
  • Harriët Hazeleger - Schuurman
    Harriët Hazeleger - Schuurman 2 недели назад But*
  • Atlas WalkedAway
    Atlas WalkedAway 2 недели назад @Harriët Hazeleger - Schuurman Did you see the huge ballast plates he added? There's plenty of spare weight he can drop.
  • _xTwelve the young lad
    _xTwelve the young lad Неделю назад how u gonna get the redstone to power the Piston lol
  • Jim Trulock
    Jim Trulock Неделю назад @_xTwelve the young lad Minecraft reference FTW! Nicely done... :)
  • Kapin #1801
    Kapin #1801 3 недели назад I love the counter-intuitive inside-out waterproof testing, I never would've thought of that.
  • welshpete12
    welshpete12 Неделю назад Believe it or not the Russians used to do just that with a new hull . But I don't know if they still do so.
  • Kapin #1801
    Kapin #1801 Неделю назад @welshpete12 Quite interesting, thanks
  • mark haas
    mark haas 1 день назад (изменено) Nice. I thought radio waves couldn't travel under water by more than a foot. Salt water not even that. You must be using a very low frequency radio to reach down that far. under 75 mhz?
  • EPNER Istres
    EPNER Istres 3 недели назад Dear Channel, this is honestly one of the very best videos i saw on youtube eversince. I am addicted to childhood memories that got me playing with water, boats, lego, in the summer, by the sea. And here its all in one. Also perfect the single steps and trials, true and with natural sounds. This is so good. If i had a few suggestions to make: Please do more videos with stuff like here. Constructions for the elements like water and wind. There is so much to try out. E. G. a sailboat with all the adjustment steering of sail and stuff. A Micro Oil Rig with true drill function. A kite steering station to the ground. Thank you very very much for this nice video! Christian from germany, the amazed engineer ;-)
  • foreverschwein
    foreverschwein 2 недели назад Christian from germany, the amazed engineer Kennen wir doch alle ; D
  • Shannon Munroe
    Shannon Munroe 4 недели назад sending a rocket into the sun using legos
  • Der Stock
    Der Stock 4 недели назад Poor lego bricks :'(
  • cl4ster17
    cl4ster17 4 недели назад @Der Stock *poor sun.
  • Damn Boi
    Damn Boi 4 недели назад For once and for all...
  • agustin sanchez
    agustin sanchez 4 недели назад thats actually imposible
  • agustin sanchez
    agustin sanchez 4 недели назад or is it ?
  • Marcus Ho
    Marcus Ho 4 недели назад @agustin sanchez It's surprisingly difficult. You'd need to get a rocket out of Earth's atmosphere, which would require achieving escape velocity. Then, you're still moving at approximately the orbital velocity of the sun, so you'd need to cancel out all that momentum. Essentially, you have to move as fast as the earth moves around the sun (I think it's something like 30,000 mph) in the opposite direction. NASA is actually sending a probe into the sun at the moment, but they aren't doing it that way: they're doing a bunch of flybys around Jupiter to decrease the probe's momentum enough. Frankly, I think doing those calculations would be almost as impressive as building the probe with Legos.
  • HKH Plays [Roblox]
    HKH Plays [Roblox] 4 недели назад LOL
  • Skull Gun
    Skull Gun 4 недели назад "Building Lego dyson sphere around sun - PART 3"
  • Julian Medina M
    Julian Medina M 4 недели назад Skull Gun “How to become a type III civilization using legos” Part I
  • Ярослав Маськин
    Ярослав Маськин 4 недели назад Oh shit, here we go again and launch KSP
  • Neu Land
    Neu Land 4 недели назад Awsome!
  • Julian Medina M
    Julian Medina M 3 недели назад @Ярослав Маськин Expect some Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly
  • Road Hogs
    Road Hogs 3 недели назад As if you thought of it that fast
  • Memes Are KEEM
    Memes Are KEEM 3 недели назад Nuking a remote island using legos
  • Estrico
    Estrico 3 недели назад That's cruel ! The sun might step on a lego !
  • Lance Stinson
    Lance Stinson 3 недели назад YES
  • bob bobbins
    bob bobbins 3 недели назад @Marcus Ho Or the Legos to the sun could just be a one way trip and kamikaze into the sun using the gravitational pull of mercury to slingshot into the sun. Let's just act like the sun won't melt the Legos on the trip.
  • Ryan Barnes
    Ryan Barnes 3 недели назад bob bobbins r/wooooosh
  • T Pain
    T Pain 3 недели назад Shannon Munroe LoL watch SMl they did it once
  • adhesive stiky
    adhesive stiky 3 недели назад @bob bobbins Nope. Just the engines will on launch.
  • Christophe
    Christophe 3 недели назад Don't be silly the Lego pieces would melt.