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I bought a $48 GTX 1050 Ti on

Published on Jul 3, 2019 3,307,971 views










I have been seeing a lot of ads on YouTube for the website lately and it made me wonder: Is it still a scam?

I bought a $48 GTX 1050 ti, and there is something a bit dodgy about it.

Here is the video where Phil fixes a similar fake GPU:

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  • Dawid Does Tech Stuff
    Dawid Does Tech Stuff Неделю назад If you want to see me try and fix this GTX 1050 ti, check out this video:
    PC USER Неделю назад I picked up a 4gb nvidia Cerberus a few months ago £50 works a treat
  • Quecksilber
    Quecksilber Неделю назад If Wish(es) were horses, beggars would ride. If Wish would sell real graphic cards, Gamers would play.
  • TechyBen
    TechyBen Неделю назад "GTX 1050 ti". Use brackets/airquotes!
  • Gavin Kadey
    Gavin Kadey Неделю назад Ja Nee...
  • Quecksilber
    Quecksilber Неделю назад @Gavin Kadey Nein doch...
  • Andreas Conrads
    Andreas Conrads 6 дней назад I bought a GTX 1050ti on Wish for R800 (I cant remember how much that was in dollars at the time, Lets go with 50). I complained to Wish and they paid me back my refund pretty quickly, plus I got keep it. So all in all I'm happy. Works ok to watch movies and series.
  • Nate A
    Nate A 1 месяц назад (изменено) Build a pc using wish parts only
  • Top Lobster
    Top Lobster 1 месяц назад It’ll probably explode
  • FedorKruglov
    FedorKruglov 1 месяц назад @Top Lobster best content
  • ObeyThe Syns
    ObeyThe Syns 1 месяц назад Ok now I really want to see that shit
  • l3oxecl
    l3oxecl 1 месяц назад I need to see this
  • Lindsay Tang
    Lindsay Tang 1 месяц назад explosion+bsod
  • Jalil Noori
    Jalil Noori 1 месяц назад Top Lobster dude Don’t say that It’s A Homemade Nuclear Bomb wish=Die with that wish
  • loeqs
    loeqs 1 месяц назад Yeah that I wanna see
  • MdahTube
    MdahTube 1 месяц назад @Top Lobster or implode and cause a portal to a WISH based dimension
  • Jalil Noori
    Jalil Noori 1 месяц назад loeqs me 2
  • Luscinia Nightengale
    Luscinia Nightengale 1 месяц назад There would be so much wrong with it I wouldn't be surprised if you contracted a STI just by looking at it.
  • Qmee HD
    Qmee HD 1 месяц назад Yes
  • The Official God of Clipping
    The Official God of Clipping 1 месяц назад Nate A that should be illegal based on the main fact how dumb one must be waste money building a PC from parts and components on wish...that alone you need good beating XDDDD
  • XEØN 18
    XEØN 18 1 месяц назад Thats a challenge
  • Jalil Noori
    Jalil Noori 1 месяц назад XEØN 18 CHALLENGE ACCEPTED ....NEWS:There is an unidentified Bomb somewhere in The world that’s Gonna destroy our existence-WE ONLY GOT A TIP THAT SOMEONE BOUGHT THE PARTS FROM WISH-So Here we come MARS....aghhhhhhhh Nooooo
  • Andreas Tormin
    Andreas Tormin 1 месяц назад Are you satan or something?
  • Newklyn
    Newklyn 1 месяц назад It can run chess at 1fps
  • A3OB
    A3OB 1 месяц назад @MdahTube It's called China
  • Jalil Noori
    Jalil Noori 1 месяц назад Andreas Tormin who?
  • Jalil Noori
    Jalil Noori 1 месяц назад Newklyn nope it can run it at 0.1 FPS
  • Dawid Does Tech Stuff
    Dawid Does Tech Stuff 1 месяц назад There is another channel that actually just did that. Go check out his video here if you are interested:
  • Zranox
    Zranox 1 месяц назад I will sub to him just to see this
  • 02091992able
    02091992able 1 месяц назад A burning disaster waiting to happen.
  • John Doe
    John Doe 1 месяц назад Wont boot ever
  • Void -
    Void - 1 месяц назад Nate A this needs to happen
  • Dead Man Off Acid
    Dead Man Off Acid 1 месяц назад Cant run roblox
  • Zen Blaster
    Zen Blaster 1 месяц назад I would watch that
  • OiOi Mate
    OiOi Mate 1 месяц назад His house gonna get raided by a swat team ur not allowed to build bombs
  • Revenge Lord Of Magic
    Revenge Lord Of Magic 1 месяц назад @Top Lobster exactly what I thought.
  • Calzone Games
    Calzone Games 1 месяц назад Are you the creator of Samsung?
  • The Knowledge Seeker
    The Knowledge Seeker 1 месяц назад Top Lobster Man we need to see this..
  • 01010000 01001001 01000111
    01010000 01001001 01000111 1 месяц назад Do it
  • trafficracer24
    trafficracer24 1 месяц назад Wish pc: Can i explode now?
  • clus huh
    clus huh 1 месяц назад basically will set his home on fire
  • M7snitor
    M7snitor 1 месяц назад How isis make bombs
  • William Stewart
    William Stewart 1 месяц назад Fastest way to burn your house down.
  • Fronzy 101
    Fronzy 101 1 месяц назад It would be good for 90s games.
  • Nightmare Core
    Nightmare Core 1 месяц назад That's insane ,gods will catch cancer...
  • PepsiSardines
    PepsiSardines 1 месяц назад Y E S
  • Scp boi o
    Scp boi o 1 месяц назад (изменено) Top Lobster how to make a bomb with out the government flagging you
  • Gerritas 58
    Gerritas 58 1 месяц назад Time bomb
  • Ol’ Mudflap
    Ol’ Mudflap 1 месяц назад Nate A it be a fire hazard
  • PyroMatic
    PyroMatic 1 месяц назад
  • Pussy Juice
    Pussy Juice 1 месяц назад He’d end up making a bomb
  • Baba_ Frisierberg
    Baba_ Frisierberg 1 месяц назад @Top Lobster Lets go!
  • Ynnlarcron
    Ynnlarcron 1 месяц назад Haha
  • Emma Titova
    Emma Titova 1 месяц назад They do sell some legitimate parts. Colorful, zotac, asus and gigabyte parts. If you buy no name parts you will have to think twice. It was a big craze here due to a glitch where you could get any item, like 1080ti on wish for 50% of the price. And it worked. Patched since long now
  • Ryan J
    Ryan J 1 месяц назад Do it!!!
  • Roki NZ
    Roki NZ 1 месяц назад Yes please
  • Mr. Mayhem
    Mr. Mayhem 1 месяц назад Ends up working like your iPhone 5s
  • Hunter Barkhouse -
    Hunter Barkhouse - 1 месяц назад I don’t need sleep, I need answers.
  • Pikl
    Pikl 1 месяц назад FedorKruglov Because it will be samsung product
  • Dj Dale
    Dj Dale 1 месяц назад Holy shit do it
  • Richard Richardsen
    Richard Richardsen 1 месяц назад here it is
  • Wyatt Bertram
    Wyatt Bertram 1 месяц назад Build a wish using pic parts only
  • nash sanadiki
    nash sanadiki 1 месяц назад Hey iron man built his first suit in a cave, crazier thinks are possible in our imagination. Maybe in his imagination he got Hitman 2 to load to the menu before windows said "application stopped working"
  • Savage Source
    Savage Source 1 месяц назад I only order Wish items what cannot I cannot be disappointed in and don't mind if it doesn't work. Anyway nothing looks as good in reality as on the pictures. Those are all just fucking rainbow effects above an item, place a faulty illusion to break your eyes.
  • Psnfort games
    Psnfort games 1 месяц назад AT 3AM NOT CLICKBAIT ALMOST DIED OMG
  • Spycrab
    Spycrab 1 месяц назад Nate A barely runs Minecraft over 15 FPS.
  • Zoeboy. mog
    Zoeboy. mog 1 месяц назад Ya😂
  • gbc.mp3
    gbc.mp3 1 месяц назад Oh my god.. 😂😂
  • Tristan Welsh
    Tristan Welsh 1 месяц назад Nate A best vid idea ever
  • Senior Savage
    Senior Savage 1 месяц назад Yesssssss
  • Antonio V
    Antonio V 1 месяц назад Then better get a 1995 PC Gamer... Will run better
  • Fiilringe
    Fiilringe 1 месяц назад i WISH he doss
    PORNor CORN 1 месяц назад LMAO I Sall a wish add clicking on this video
  • Phippo
    Phippo 1 месяц назад somebody else did
  • david godin
    david godin 1 месяц назад and wish it can play nes game
  • Aritz olcoz
    Aritz olcoz 1 месяц назад Do you wan't the universe to explode?!
  • ToxicDetOnAto OG
    ToxicDetOnAto OG 1 месяц назад Nate A so basically make a pc made out of scrap metal
  • Jesse
    Jesse 1 месяц назад No
  • Ethan Brumley
    Ethan Brumley 1 месяц назад A time bomb you mean
  • El Papa Lechuga
    El Papa Lechuga 1 месяц назад Nate A at tht point it would just be a nuclear weapon
  • q q
    q q 1 месяц назад I'm curious to see how it will run
  • cameron key-slater
    cameron key-slater 1 месяц назад I fluffing hate wish
  • xX_Eeti_ Xx
    xX_Eeti_ Xx 1 месяц назад Yes
  • Samuel Logar
    Samuel Logar 1 месяц назад That would probably be a good bomb to use for isis
  • Solid Phill
    Solid Phill 1 месяц назад In other words, made in china.
  • Jennfuse
    Jennfuse 1 месяц назад @Pikl That joke is as dead as the Note 7
  • Sentient ass
    Sentient ass 1 месяц назад Someone uploaded a video doing exactly what you said, and they uploaded it two days after this comment was made.
  • Im_That_Monk
    Im_That_Monk 1 месяц назад Don’t waste money lol
  • Mr PoopyButtHole
    Mr PoopyButtHole 1 месяц назад I tried it only works with dos system & plays Solitare w/ low resolution
  • theisgood0
    theisgood0 1 месяц назад Nate A saying that out loud my self cringe lol that’s a good comment hahahahaha
  • Mike Cruz
    Mike Cruz 1 месяц назад N ml mp pin l m. Huj
  • donkique956
    donkique956 1 месяц назад Nate A I wish you hadn’t thought of that idea.
  • Joseph Atnip
    Joseph Atnip 1 месяц назад Lol he would but he doesn't want his house to burn down
  • DJLongLastin
    DJLongLastin 1 месяц назад Yikes, a wish power supply 😬
  • Meta
    Meta 1 месяц назад You'll just get a PC from the school's IT room
  • YxngSami
    YxngSami 1 месяц назад When there is a heart on the comment , you know it’s comming
  • John Herrera
    John Herrera 1 месяц назад Lmfao yess
  • Nick Kautz
    Nick Kautz 1 месяц назад You can buy a laundromat on there. Call it the Wishy Washy
  • prosketch OFW
    prosketch OFW 1 месяц назад Content
  • RyanEdge
    RyanEdge 1 месяц назад The FBI will show up to your house and ask why you're making a bomb
  • Sebas Noname
    Sebas Noname 1 месяц назад Nice idea there, electronics suks, but I did get my money back really easy online.
  • Pole Avocado
    Pole Avocado 1 месяц назад Top Lobster won’t even turn on
  • Jake Wilferd
    Jake Wilferd 1 месяц назад he would have to get windows 98 for it to be compatible.
  • Jonathan Tan
    Jonathan Tan 1 месяц назад Insurer: "Welcome, please have a seat. We're here to investigate the fire that destroyed your apartment..."
  • VV VV
    VV VV 1 месяц назад Yesss!!!!!
  • Ethan Hebert
    Ethan Hebert 1 месяц назад Or just buy an android
  • Bidwellz9
    Bidwellz9 1 месяц назад you would have a bomb just waiting for a phone call
  • aj863
    aj863 1 месяц назад It'll come pre-installed with Chinese spyware
  • Craptastic13
    Craptastic13 1 месяц назад Probably wouldn't even boot.
  • Lost Kostin
    Lost Kostin 1 месяц назад
  • HappyTM
    HappyTM 1 месяц назад @Top Lobster Hahahahahahahaha u just made my day!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Max Rei
    Max Rei 1 месяц назад What did it cost? Everything. (My house included)
  • dolfinsbizou
    dolfinsbizou 1 месяц назад This is a really good idea if you want to set your house on fire
  • darkracer125
    darkracer125 1 месяц назад it's fucking easy. all it takes is to not buy the obvious scam posts. you could say the same thing about ebay btw. the only thing that wish itself does is if someone sells a 100 dollar item. they say it used to be 600 dollars and is now priced down to 110 dollars.
  • Kiran
    Kiran 1 месяц назад turn it on "ITS ALIVE ... ITS ALIVEEEEEEE. wait wait ... *sniff * *sniff*... is something burning ?"
  • Allan De Castro Ferreira
    Allan De Castro Ferreira 1 месяц назад please
  • WarpGalaxy Animation Studios
    WarpGalaxy Animation Studios 1 месяц назад Don't thank or make a note of likes, it ruins the comment that got you them in the first place.
  • Samuel Yi
    Samuel Yi 1 месяц назад Fire hazard much?
  • The Fbi
    The Fbi 1 месяц назад @Top Lobster probably can't even load up or play any games
  • givemeaforkingname
    givemeaforkingname 1 месяц назад Already been done (if nobody has pointed that out yet in the replies) . It was top of my suggested when this video came up. By "RMD Tech" - I Built A PC Only Using WISH! ...I'm guessing (didn't play it yet), it worked, kinda, but badly.
    BPTrainerASSASSIN 1 месяц назад @Top Lobster If it explodes, more reason to watch it
  • David Becker
    David Becker 1 месяц назад This explains two days of figuring out why drivers won't download. Worse part is I traded a laptop for two of them.
  • detromaniac
    detromaniac 1 месяц назад >Burn your house down using only Wish hardware.
  • Culann Mostert
    Culann Mostert 1 месяц назад If you get the parts from Amazon it will turn into Optimus Prime.
  • _ Connor _
    _ Connor _ 1 месяц назад YEAH BOY
  • Nelur Music
    Nelur Music 1 месяц назад Impossible
  • Lord Patrick
    Lord Patrick 1 месяц назад Top Lobster it will be excellent if it explode... At least it did something rather then not booting up or do anything...
  • Radu Andrei
    Radu Andrei 1 месяц назад so you will build a look alike computer out of plastic ?
  • TheChill0ut
    TheChill0ut 1 месяц назад The different parts will trick each other to divide by 0
  • MyRegardsToTheDodo
    MyRegardsToTheDodo 1 месяц назад @Top Lobster My thoughts, exactly.
  • Sarantos Kolliniatis
    Sarantos Kolliniatis 1 месяц назад His house will burn down from an electrical fire
  • Caleb Johnson
    Caleb Johnson 1 месяц назад Nate A I think that would Essentially be a ticking time bomb
  • Sizzlin Moe Szyslak
    Sizzlin Moe Szyslak 1 месяц назад just in time for vanilla warcraft, cause thats all it'll be able to play, if that.
  • Naxzed NU
    Naxzed NU 1 месяц назад PC: falls apart then sets on fire and to scare more explodes
  • Shiro
    Shiro 1 месяц назад We need this
  • US
    US 1 месяц назад Why not. We need more.
  • Walter Miguel
    Walter Miguel 1 месяц назад Please do this 😂
    PRO MTB 1 месяц назад That be a 5$ pc
    PRO MTB 1 месяц назад 5$ pc free shipping
  • Disc Jockey
    Disc Jockey 1 месяц назад Awesome idea!
  • Ben Schindler
    Ben Schindler 1 месяц назад I "wish" you're joking lolol
  • Goronado
    Goronado 1 месяц назад The power supply would quite literally explode
  • HSC Delta
    HSC Delta 1 месяц назад Nice car you´ve got Nate :)
  • adren
    adren 1 месяц назад .
  • Hugo
    Hugo 1 месяц назад Nate A An overqualified dumpster, you mean?
  • Fly Away
    Fly Away 1 месяц назад FBI OPEN UP!
  • Kyodai
    Kyodai 1 месяц назад How do you making a working PC made out of trash
  • Average User
    Average User 1 месяц назад This guy did.
  • jimvideotv
    jimvideotv 1 месяц назад Does sell fire extinguishers?
  • TheOrangeCreeper
    TheOrangeCreeper 1 месяц назад Nate A That could be used as a WEAPON
  • Derek Holden
    Derek Holden 1 месяц назад
  • POSM PintOfSam
    POSM PintOfSam 4 недели назад ☝🏻💥This is a valuable comment!💥☝🏻
  • YoutubeTM algorithm
    YoutubeTM algorithm 4 недели назад some vid in the future : How The wish pc Exploded and burnt down my house
  • ownerfate
    ownerfate 4 недели назад ... After it's finished... you'll wish you had a better one...
  • nihonkokusai
    nihonkokusai 4 недели назад Fire hazard
  • Realmjumper
    Realmjumper 4 недели назад @Top Lobster roflcopter
  • iErikonaツ
    iErikonaツ 4 недели назад I think he can't
  • Andrew Fowler
    Andrew Fowler 4 недели назад How to make a PC catch on fire
  • Richard
    Richard 3 недели назад He will need to get better home insurance... with serious fire damage protection.
  • aledantas2k10
    aledantas2k10 3 недели назад Hahaha you wish !
  • Pete Urbann
    Pete Urbann 3 недели назад Then it would be I "Wish" It would work.
  • AppleTweakPro
    AppleTweakPro 3 недели назад that would be cool and interesting actually
  • Yuri 337
    Yuri 337 3 недели назад I bought a gaming laptop it runs incredibly well for being a $5 laptop. I plan on building a gaming desktop.
  • Wilson
    Wilson 3 недели назад God damn Windows 98
  • FBI Federal Agency
    FBI Federal Agency 3 недели назад My friends dad actually did that and it suprsingly peforms pretty good
  • Cereal Man
    Cereal Man 3 недели назад It will rival the Note 7 in power
  • Phil Nolan
    Phil Nolan 3 недели назад Another youtuber did this. If I recall it wasn't great but did work.
  • Quick Rider
    Quick Rider 3 недели назад Top Lobster XD yep
  • Blood Wolf2609
    Blood Wolf2609 3 недели назад congratulations! you've grown a potato
  • Dark Cave Spider
    Dark Cave Spider 3 недели назад Dont buy pc parts from a place that also sells collidescope glasses, wish isn't all a scam, but its not the place for pc parts
  • wtfmanicanthaveaname
    wtfmanicanthaveaname 2 недели назад Hes a youtuber not a suicide bomber
  • DJ Psykix
    DJ Psykix 2 недели назад @Top Lobster if he does make a video of building a PC out of wish parts and if it does explode at least you can say it was a Death Wish!
  • Ozzy MGB
    Ozzy MGB 2 недели назад I second that notion.
  • IdleWorker
    IdleWorker 2 недели назад @Top Lobster sounds like a job for Colin Furze then.
  • a2pha
    a2pha 2 недели назад You wish ...
    SPEEDY EGG 2 недели назад Nate A I’m pretty confident that would just summon the devil...
  • charlie chann
    charlie chann 2 недели назад As a lifelong firefighter I must recommend building it in one of those cheap sheds from Lowe's well away from anything valuable or flammable
  • Vietnamese kid in the bushes
    Vietnamese kid in the bushes 2 недели назад Exactly what i was thinking.
  • Daviscow
    Daviscow Неделю назад Hell yes!
  • CanuckGT
    CanuckGT Неделю назад yes
  • TeamWaage
    TeamWaage Неделю назад wish wants to know your location
  • Nicholas Boldetti
    Nicholas Boldetti Неделю назад If you buy from wish thinking you're going to get a good deal on a good product you're fooling yourself, the wish/geek apps sell "CHEAP" electronics and knowing that going in there should be no surprise when what you get is 3rd rate tech from someone's garage.
  • W B
    W B 4 дня назад and you wish you hadn't
  • Nick Slouka
    Nick Slouka 4 дня назад Ashens did, they ended up sending him a fake graphics card lol
  • Jesus From Hyrule
    Jesus From Hyrule 4 дня назад I wanna see this lol
  • Jesus B
    Jesus B 2 дня назад Ashens just did this
  • JakeDragon717
    JakeDragon717 2 дня назад Ashens did that
  • AtomicLs
    AtomicLs 1 день назад Yes pls that would be funny
  • frame Strider
    frame Strider 1 день назад I really want to see this too!
  • E Kryption
    E Kryption Неделю назад They call it Wish because after you order you Wish you hadn't.
  • Len Mulaski
    Len Mulaski 5 дней назад Bravo! Best comment ever! 👍👍
  • Mister Laneous
    Mister Laneous 5 дней назад Hahaha nice
  • shawn
    shawn 2 дня назад Lmao
  • John Laren
    John Laren 3 недели назад Did anyone else get a wish ad right before he started roasting them
  • neglesaks
    neglesaks 3 недели назад YT is awash with wish ads. Terrible.
  • Dariusz Zaremba
    Dariusz Zaremba 3 недели назад Dont care is shit we made moneeey.
  • epicgamer0007
    epicgamer0007 2 недели назад Yes
  • Chris Burn
    Chris Burn 2 недели назад Yeah and the ad before the comments section was wish as well 🤔
  • Ryan Kalbfleisch
    Ryan Kalbfleisch 2 недели назад LOL yes
  • Metal Videos
    Metal Videos 2 недели назад nope i use adblock
  • ne0
    ne0 2 недели назад I did
  • Charlie Pike
    Charlie Pike 2 недели назад What are ads?
  • John Laren
    John Laren 2 недели назад @Charlie Pike adverts
  • Wotand
    Wotand 2 недели назад nope. Just get an adblocker
  • Wittzzz
    Wittzzz Неделю назад Nope
  • Tazzz 69 Dazzermind
    Tazzz 69 Dazzermind Неделю назад No ads. None.
  • Jonny Björnhager
    Jonny Björnhager 6 дней назад Yes.
  • ZackAttack R.P.G
    ZackAttack R.P.G 4 дня назад John Laren I used to buy stuff from them a year ago, but now I don’t trust them
  • Chuck Norrisrat
    Chuck Norrisrat 20 часов назад Hell yeah
  • Oscar DeGuia
    Oscar DeGuia 3 недели назад we have a saying in the philippines when buying off from china "buy it now, fix it tomorrow"
  • Pako Tone
    Pako Tone 2 недели назад I died 😂😂😂😂
  • Mighty Red Stallion
    Mighty Red Stallion Неделю назад Funny. We say "Made in China" "Made to work in USA".
  • K Edmodson
    K Edmodson Неделю назад I have a saying in the UK. It goes like this “don;t buy shit from China”.
  • Hitkid
    Hitkid 6 дней назад I hear even people in China prefer America-made products.
  • K Edmodson
    K Edmodson 5 дней назад Hitkid well that makes sense as they make the shit, so they know it’s shit. That’s why they aspire to buy better made items from other places.
  • Bicu Alexandru
    Bicu Alexandru 5 дней назад @K Edmodson Yea but china still burying the US economy one shitty product at a time :/ that aliexpress is buzzing with absolutely ridiculous crap that you would never buy in your right mind, but since it's on the internet ... fuck yea.
  • Mighty Red Stallion
    Mighty Red Stallion 5 дней назад (изменено) Higher Brothers & DJ Snake - Made in China
  • DjGodaryD86
    DjGodaryD86 4 дня назад To be honest most of the times even a premium product from a reputable manufacturer isn't too much different then some cheap crap. I had new things dieing out on me while something from 20 years ago still works.
  • Mirai Hi
    Mirai Hi 1 день назад (изменено) Even legit computer parts are made in China in 95% of cases, so that's hardly an indicator of a low quality.
  • gridsleep
    gridsleep 2 недели назад Wish is some guy stepping out of an alley and opening his overcoat. "Psst! Hey. Gotcha deal here."
  • Socklips
    Socklips Неделю назад "Whaddya buyin'?"
  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips 1 месяц назад That's a nice t-shirt.
  • Nono Nobody
    Nono Nobody 1 месяц назад That was my first reaction when I started watching
  • MrJohnnyonfire979
    MrJohnnyonfire979 1 месяц назад Fr it’s awesome how he is low key shouting out a much smaller channel!
  • sulfurrZ
    sulfurrZ 1 месяц назад @MrJohnnyonfire979 wym Linus is the bigger channel
  • Ariel helwani's nose
    Ariel helwani's nose 1 месяц назад LTT is love
  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 1 месяц назад sulfurrZ it was a joke
  • sulfurrZ
    sulfurrZ 1 месяц назад @Mike Wazowski kk
  • comradejustin
    comradejustin 1 месяц назад Noice
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    FullTiltOn 1 месяц назад Of course is a nice t-shirt he got it on WISH
    VULCA 1 месяц назад Linus you should totally go on wish and buy some computer components yourself? It would be a fun video I bet :D
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    Emanuel De Santa 1 месяц назад Where'd he get it?
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    Sammy 1 месяц назад VULCA Linus did that but he used AliExpress instead
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    12 AM 1 месяц назад Nono Nobody he didn’t like your comment you should ban this video
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    Colin Carnevale 1 месяц назад I had to double check and make sure this wasent a tech tips video.
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    Dawid Does Tech Stuff 1 месяц назад Oh my god. Having a complete fan girl moment.
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    User Unknown 1 месяц назад @sulfurrZ he is referring to linus
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    Andre Zlatin 1 месяц назад I was a little bit confused when I saw it. I was like "wait, what channel am I watching?"
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    Happy John 1 месяц назад @sulfurrZ It wasn't a joke, Johny was referring to Linus' comment. 11:12 AM 7/14/2019
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    C. T. 1 месяц назад That's why it got 1.8M views🤣
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    Assassin Hunter 1 месяц назад MrJohnnyonfire979 You do realize dawid has 26k subs while Linus has 8 million right?
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    RandomGamer 1 месяц назад he probably got that off wish too
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    Av3 nx 1 месяц назад @Pappy Fog14 I don't think you understand what that means xddd
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    The Driven Dodo 1 месяц назад Wonder where he got it
  • Don Bourassa
    Don Bourassa 1 месяц назад So to start with linus rules and wish is a truly amazing place that so far every thing ive bought has been gr8 but of course i ordered a gpu and it arives in three weeks kinda WISH id watched this before ordering guess ill keep ya posted
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    Dynamic Hypnotic 1 месяц назад @Nono Nobody mine was more like "wow, okay...i came here to try and get away from that greasy little worm"
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    M0llY TeNdieS 1 месяц назад Printed T-shirts on adults. Fucking disgusting.
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    Lmwpitt 4 недели назад a 10min LTT sponsorship?
  • M0llY TeNdieS
    M0llY TeNdieS 4 недели назад @Dynamic Hypnotic "Greasy little worm" Perfect description right here.
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    sulfurrZ 4 недели назад @Liam Shelley are you guys done yet? like i get it, you have reddit. it wasnt even a joke i was asking a genuine question. also the majority of you arent even spelling it right. go back to reddit and stop filling the comment section.
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    qwerty9118 4 недели назад i scroll down to leave a comment about the shirt.
  • Accuracy
    Accuracy 4 недели назад I think he’s a wannabe
  • Cwick Witted
    Cwick Witted 4 недели назад Linus Tech Tips selling underspec’d chinese knock-off graphics cards on Wish... Punk MFing Youtube Canadians, think they are SOO much nicer than us ‘Mericans. You just keep paying those taxes and customs fees like the good little b!tches you are.
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    CappBox 4 недели назад Emanuel De Santa
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    Konnect 4 недели назад @sulfurrZ He meant that Linus is I think
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    Yuri Boyka 4 недели назад SHAT DA FAKAP LINUS TECH SHITS !!!!!! Joking mate... i learned alot of you :D
  • Terrance Roberts
    Terrance Roberts 3 недели назад You think you slick Linus
  • Kathdath
    Kathdath 3 недели назад @Sammy Aliexpress has some issues, but as a long time user of the site I can assure you it is alot more reliable than Wish. is far more deceptive, ignore the pictures and carefully check the text description. Sometime the pictures and even the titles will have nothing to do with the actual product being sold. I will say that Wish has a fairly speedy refund policy, and are very accepting of complaints about conterfeit items. I just wish I didn't have a 50% refund request record.
  • Daniele Testa
    Daniele Testa 3 недели назад At first, I though this was a subchannel of Linus Tech Tips. Linus, you should sue!
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    Whatstopsxrays evendogscant 3 недели назад Bahahahaha, LTT IS LIT FOR LIFE
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    Dark Cave Spider 3 недели назад @sulfurrZ _____ The joke _____| You. |________>
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    Vax Buster 2 недели назад A $1 t-shirt sold for $20 .. nearly as much a rip-off as that video card.
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    UltimateMrKing 2 недели назад And thats a nice pussy 1:20
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    Yoi Otaku 2 недели назад I was boutta say the same
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    Liam Shelley 2 недели назад @sulfurrZ Thanks for the shoutout :|
  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 2 недели назад @Mike Wazowski lol I'm sure you've got it backwards. He meant Linus is shouting him out for wearing the shirt... ><
  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 2 недели назад @Mike Wazowski r/whoosh
  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 2 недели назад Sebastian i was replying to someone, not the comment
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    alysdexia 2 недели назад nice < niais < nescius := not-skilled like you
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    Scott Tovey 2 недели назад You are so biased about that!
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    Pako Tone 2 недели назад @Linus Tech Tips Hey😂
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    Michael 2 недели назад I thought this was a Lines tech tips featured video! ? I was scammed twice! haha
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    BlackCr0w 2 недели назад lol
  • Adam Kirchner-Jacobsen
    Adam Kirchner-Jacobsen 2 недели назад notice senpai linus
  • noy
    noy Неделю назад been watching so much LMG content i didn't even think twice about the shirt lmao
  • Sam GM
    Sam GM Неделю назад You guys gotta get him in house to build a whole pc from Wish parts
  • Joshvlogs Friends
    Joshvlogs Friends Неделю назад Ariel helwani's nose 👃🏿
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    Lil Stevie Неделю назад @sulfurrZ r/wooosh
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    Ello Oku 2 дня назад Lalalaaa! Wearing mine while watching.
  • tigox brata
    tigox brata 2 недели назад Irony in a nutshell: Ad for the beginning of this video was from
  • Globe Headman
    Globe Headman Неделю назад Cyber Monday with royalty free robot puking music
  • BurnTheNuance
    BurnTheNuance Неделю назад Same here dude.
  • Deki M.
    Deki M. Неделю назад Hope you clicked on that ad - because it costs Wish advertising money :) If all do it every time they see their ads - they would be fcked up :)
  • pepelota74
    pepelota74 Неделю назад If people in 2019 still watch ads on Youtube, then you deserve to be scammed by Wish.
  • tigox brata
    tigox brata Неделю назад pepelota74 there is such a thing as iOS with no Adblocker.. now move along
  • Ay Argh Kay _
    Ay Argh Kay _ Неделю назад @pepelota74 you're an idiot
  • pepelota74
    pepelota74 4 дня назад @tigox brata Then you need to upgrade to a better os. You are still an idiot.
  • pepelota74
    pepelota74 4 дня назад @Ay Argh Kay _ Says the idiot who can't even block ads.
  • Ay Argh Kay _
    Ay Argh Kay _ 4 дня назад @pepelota74 how do you block ads on mobile
  • Primordial Eudaimonic
    Primordial Eudaimonic 4 дня назад Stickers cannot lie folks... Co
  • 81ECM
    81ECM 6 дней назад You can always contact wish and let them know that what you got was false advertising. I had purchased something that turned out to be false advertising. I contacted customer support and got a full refund...
  • Arst Koben
    Arst Koben 23 часа назад People don't seem to understand that Wish is a market place and that you deal with individual sellers. Wish isn't a scam and you won't be scammed by sellers if you're savvy enough.
  • City Wok
    City Wok 3 дня назад You noob. You’re supposed to use all parts from wish for it to work
  • Crazy Cat
    Crazy Cat 2 дня назад Wish combo
  • Recluse Reginald
    Recluse Reginald 1 месяц назад Graphics card: says it’s 1050 Computer: I’ve never met this man in my life
  • Snapchat: Realdie5
    Snapchat: Realdie5 1 месяц назад This is funny as fucc 🤣😅
  • Jesse
    Jesse 1 месяц назад Big brain memes 2019
  • Sentient ass
    Sentient ass 1 месяц назад ...
  • Master Ed
    Master Ed 1 месяц назад which computer? my computer is a man if we are talking about things having genders which normally dont
  • tempest031
    tempest031 1 месяц назад But that gpu's was in the pcie slot 😂
  • JosephRayLIVE
    JosephRayLIVE 1 месяц назад True i agree with you
  • Joe Benjamin
    Joe Benjamin 1 месяц назад I read this in a South African accent and literally farted from laughing too hard
  • Black Silverchair
    Black Silverchair 3 недели назад 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • A PlayZ
    A PlayZ 3 недели назад Master Ed this is a joke
  • Phil Jay
    Phil Jay 2 дня назад @Master Ed My computer most def is a woman. I think most techy people give their pc a gender.
  • alfaholic3
    alfaholic3 Неделю назад (изменено) Your accent sounds like 3 different accents all at the same time🤨
  • Jeffrey Skinner
    Jeffrey Skinner Неделю назад Sounds like South African
  • NuclearShot
    NuclearShot Неделю назад Indian
  • Art Bur
    Art Bur Неделю назад GB speaking US
  • daggern15
    daggern15 Неделю назад @Art Bur That doesn't even slightly make sense
  • Siphiwo Kobese
    Siphiwo Kobese Неделю назад So true
  • Sphane
    Sphane Неделю назад Isn’t he Polish?
  • alfaholic3
    alfaholic3 6 дней назад @Art Bur ehh whut?
  • Timothy Moolenschot
    Timothy Moolenschot 6 дней назад South African
  • Art Bur
    Art Bur 6 дней назад @daggern15 Thank you for this information, sir
  • daggern15
    daggern15 6 дней назад @Art Bur You're welcome; it's free
  • Péteur Pan
    Péteur Pan 5 дней назад A mix of German, Polish and British !
  • Jan Faul
    Jan Faul 5 дней назад Souf afrkan
  • pacrat90
    pacrat90 4 дня назад The South African undertones are strong with this one
  • Wendy
    Wendy 4 дня назад If you contact Wish about it not being accurate you'll get a full refund.
  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 12 часов назад My wife does that a lot. By the time the order arrives, it's broken, doesn't fit the way it's supposed to, torn, too thin material, etc. She just contacts them and she gets her refund.
  • Kayla and Jim Bryant
    Kayla and Jim Bryant Неделю назад the ports were a dead giveaway. the last generations with analog out were the gtx 900 series and r9-300 series.
  • Stephen Owen
    Stephen Owen 2 недели назад Would be cool to see what the card shows up as in device manager.
  • Abune
    Abune 1 месяц назад Or as wish once said "this gtx 1050 ti was once $3,999.99, but we're generous enough to bring it down to $140"
  • literaiiy
    literaiiy 1 месяц назад that's actually hella accurate
  • Abune
    Abune 1 месяц назад @literaiiy It's accurate because i actually saw that once
  • literaiiy
    literaiiy 1 месяц назад @Abune lmao
  • Dawid Does Tech Stuff
    Dawid Does Tech Stuff 1 месяц назад Haha!! They have their marketing down. :P
  • Abune
    Abune 1 месяц назад @Dawid Does Tech Stuff yeah
  • Jose Fernandez
    Jose Fernandez 1 месяц назад holy shit man what a sale! I will be saving so much money!
  • Wakazashi
    Wakazashi 1 месяц назад That pfp.
  • Jmsetyawan Fps
    Jmsetyawan Fps 1 месяц назад Youre breathtaking
  • Alexandre Langlois
    Alexandre Langlois 1 месяц назад That Apple to Wish ...
  • dingus
    dingus 1 месяц назад @Jmsetyawan Fps Youre a weeaboo
  • 1 AM
    1 AM 1 месяц назад What? In my country a new 1050 ti costs 4,999,95€ so this is huge deal! I wish they did a good sale at !
  • dingus
    dingus 1 месяц назад @1 AM where da fuck do you live bruh?
  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann 1 месяц назад @dingus .de is germany
  • imjaquinoff2
    imjaquinoff2 1 месяц назад Jmsetyawan Fps don’t be selfish, communism is great, so We Are Breathtaking UwU
  • Hektor Bech-Petersen
    Hektor Bech-Petersen 1 месяц назад I have that graphics card
  • haittaakze
    haittaakze 1 месяц назад I once saw a 1000cc motorcycle in sale for 1 euro. What a deal am i right
  • Lokeye CYPHEX
    Lokeye CYPHEX 1 месяц назад What’s up my brudda
  • Jack Reynolds
    Jack Reynolds 1 месяц назад Its funny how your name on here is also the name of a graphics card.
  • Abune
    Abune 1 месяц назад ​@Jack Reynolds I mean AMD is better, but NVIDIA have the performance by a long run
  • Liam Duval
    Liam Duval 1 месяц назад Whaat my gtx 1050 ti was less than $1k??
  • You can save 15 % or more on car insurance
    You can save 15 % or more on car insurance 1 месяц назад @dingus hey, a person has a anime profile picture let's just call them a weaboo without knowing what it actually is
  • Lennard Giebel
    Lennard Giebel 1 месяц назад @Liam Duval same
  • NoahRoxs321 11
    NoahRoxs321 11 1 месяц назад Radeon same profile pic xD
  • Skorca illy
    Skorca illy 1 месяц назад In America you can buy that in a specific store for $110 with tax...
  • Google User
    Google User 1 месяц назад I think that is close to the price I bought it for at Fry's lol. 180ish so the price wasn't that far off. But the 3,999 is lol
  • Michael Lonergan
    Michael Lonergan 1 месяц назад 😂😂 So true!
  • skade5 Minecraft and Realm Royale
    skade5 Minecraft and Realm Royale 1 месяц назад I saw that one
  • Ub3rshadow
    Ub3rshadow 1 месяц назад Even worse than amazon, yeesh
  • skade5 Minecraft and Realm Royale
    skade5 Minecraft and Realm Royale 1 месяц назад @1 AM what the fuck dood go on and buy a 1050ti for 200 I think
  • Audible Gaming117
    Audible Gaming117 1 месяц назад Your Breathtaking
  • Plutaph
    Plutaph 1 месяц назад @dingus You're a ?
  • GameOnBeast
    GameOnBeast 1 месяц назад Yeah with a delivery of $50
  • F Flinkan
    F Flinkan 1 месяц назад 1 AM 4999 euros? Lold.
  • P K
    P K 2 недели назад I saw an Android phone on there that was around $100, discounted from $3,999.
  • NoName DrumGuy
    NoName DrumGuy 2 недели назад eBay tactic all the way. Ever since the Crypto craze (eBay) always say that retail on something is up to twice what it actually is, so that their $50 sale is now 50% off.
  • sai krishna
    sai krishna 2 недели назад And finally ship a 250TI completing the nightmare WISH
  • EternalDensity
    EternalDensity Неделю назад They brought it down to 450. Gtx 450.
  • Zuda
    Zuda 3 дня назад @imjaquinoff2 that sounds like exactly the type of garbage ass bs i would expect to hear from a communist
  • ad urpina
    ad urpina 2 недели назад i don't have any idea' but this video helps me to know this, thanks friend
  • Steve Martin
    Steve Martin 3 недели назад You know you could report the seller on Wish and they will refund your money to you. I went through a similar experience with a memory card. As with you, it came in semi-legit looking packaging but was DOA when I tried to read data off of it. I complained, the seller was removed from Wish, and I was refunded my money.
  • Dino Dare
    Dino Dare 2 недели назад If this was an occasional problem, that system would have promise and Wish would have the potential to be a very nice shopping site once some of these dealers were busted. But as is, Wish is infested with scams of all types, and I couldn't recommend using it in any way. Wish was my first online shopping app. I thought items ALWAYS took months to arrive when ordering online. And then I made the switch to Amazon. I did get some pretty nice Amiibo cards from Wish, however. But I later found out they are probably counterfeit despite working.
  • LAshotts
    LAshotts 2 недели назад Steve Martin what you talking about. Show me something on wish you can buy that is real. Aynt nothing on that site that’s quality it’s all garbage.
  • Steve Martin
    Steve Martin 2 недели назад @LAshotts I'm sorry, was I speaking Swahili? I'm talking about exactly what I said. The bogus product could be reported, the seller would be removed, and the money fully refunded. I'm not sure what part of that you find difficult to comprehend.
  • LAshotts
    LAshotts 2 недели назад Steve Martin and what part of everything in that site is total rubbish didn’t you understand. The people you report don’t get taken of wish at all.
  • Dino Dare
    Dino Dare Неделю назад @Steve Martin The system still isn't worth it with such a high chance to get scammed in the first place. I fail so see how returns, refunds, and bare minimum customer service are helpful when you have to filter the gold yourself and find out which ones are scams the hard way. If this was a rare occurrence your argument would make a lot more sense. But this lack of quality control is ALL over Wish. A lot of what is real isn't a lie, but very, very misleading in every regard so that they DON'T have to reimburse you. Look at their tablets if you don't believe me.
  • Antonio Sarosi
    Antonio Sarosi Неделю назад @LAshotts I bought stuff on there years ago for very cheap and they ended up being the real deal.
  • Steve Martin
    Steve Martin 3 дня назад @Dino Dare There's your problem, "argument, noun, an exchange of diverging or opposite views, typically a heated or angry one." So, I don't have one. I made a statement of fact; a claim could be submitted for a full refund. End of story. You and LAshitts are the ones arguing, trying to put words in my mouth, and then disagreeing with things I plainly haven't said. Buh-bye!
  • The Reaper
    The Reaper 2 дня назад I have gotten boots from wish though that were decent quality tbh and a backpack that was actually very good. don't buy electronics though