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12 AMAZING Minecraft Creations You Won't Believe!

Published on Aug 15, 2017 3,389,180 views










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Minecraft is the second most popular video game of all time. It’s been popular for around 8 years now and whether you’re a child or an adult the game can be enjoyed by everyone. Some of the creations the community have made are almost unbelievable, from the starship enterprise, all the way to a working quad core computer within game, you’re watching Gamerbrain and today we’re taking a look at 11 of the most amazing creations in Minecraft!

Music: Gamechops 1 Hour Party Mix - DJ Cutman

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  • GamerBrain
    GamerBrain 2 года назад How many of you guys play Minecraft? Remember to LIKE, COMMENT And SUBSCRIBE! For more gaming content! :D
  • Rollie Blake
    Rollie Blake Год назад GamerBrain where is Chills? I'm expecting Chills of Top15s. ):[
  • Austin Rosenthal
    Austin Rosenthal Год назад i love your videos they are so amazing and i play minecraft i have built a big lava temple that took up half the world
  • Jesse ybarra
    Jesse ybarra Год назад I don't really like it anymore but I play it once in a long while
  • Emilylovescats
    Emilylovescats Год назад :Owow
  • Slaved Drones
    Slaved Drones Год назад GamerBrain I play Minecraft still.i can't anymore though cause my disc was laser burned.i wish I could build stuff like that i only have a few things that took me a while to build
  • eusunt Paul
    eusunt Paul Год назад GamerBrain yes i believe i mean its Minecraft what would you expect from a game what let You build.
  • P. B.
    P. B. Год назад I'm doing the 13th building, which is a 25 km^2 city. I started it over two years ago. You will be able to see it one day on my channel.
  • The PowerWatt
    The PowerWatt Год назад I still play Minecraft. For two months I am working on an agricultural town. Added a town hall with a unique flag on it.
  • Josiah M.
    Josiah M. Год назад I play Minecraft. Not nearly as much as I would like to, but it still counts. I'm addicted to mods though. . .so I don't play a lot of vanilla. Lol. I'm definitely going to look at some of these builds.
  • Nikoloz Tavish
    Nikoloz Tavish Год назад Seriously?adults enjoy this?fuck off mate.
  • Gamerafighter76
    Gamerafighter76 Год назад I play every now and then.
  • Michael Goodwin
    Michael Goodwin Год назад I play my wife plays my 2 daughters play and my sons will likely really brings our family together
  • Michael Goodwin
    Michael Goodwin Год назад anikoloz Tavish watch who you call kid I know the younger generation has no understanding of respect...but I'm married with kids and I've played minecraft since alpha all my kids love it
  • Nikoloz Tavish
    Nikoloz Tavish Год назад Well its the younger generation
  • Nico Lopez
    Nico Lopez Год назад WHERE IS JERACRAFTS BUILDSSSSSSS and I play minecraft
  • Linc Minecrafter
    Linc Minecrafter 11 месяцев назад GamerBrain me it’s awsome
    THREE DAYS TO MAKE THAT POTATO SALAD 11 месяцев назад Imagine what these people could've done if they spent their time on something productive
  • sammydrumm
    sammydrumm 11 месяцев назад I think the best builds are in IP:
  • sophia estabrooks
    sophia estabrooks 11 месяцев назад GamerBrain me
  • Katherine Randolph
    Katherine Randolph 11 месяцев назад I play minecraft!
  • Alex TanMcR
    Alex TanMcR 11 месяцев назад I am a Minecrafter
  • majd abass
    majd abass 11 месяцев назад What is the number one game?!
  • Kobe Juanga
    Kobe Juanga 11 месяцев назад I play minecraft
  • Glenn Schultz
    Glenn Schultz 11 месяцев назад Hey gamerbrain do you know any builders who play minecraft ps4 ? .
  • WarriorTech FTW
    WarriorTech FTW 10 месяцев назад GamerBrain I remember when #10 broke and you could mine almost everything, either that or hypixels goth adventure map
  • Geezt Jeez
    Geezt Jeez 9 месяцев назад Me!
  • Mylan .9
    Mylan .9 9 месяцев назад GamerBrain 999999999
  • Aleksej Orolicki
    Aleksej Orolicki 9 месяцев назад How does one mention Hogwarts and Westeros, and forgets Middle-Earth? You have forsaken the Tolkien-fandom...
  • APotatoGuy LikesDogs
    APotatoGuy LikesDogs 9 месяцев назад GamerBrain me
  • Pon- Adorable
    Pon- Adorable 9 месяцев назад Played for 6 years.But,How can I download these worlds if author agree?
  • Michael
    Michael 8 месяцев назад I play Minecraft
  • The art world
    The art world 8 месяцев назад For 6# is there diagon alley
  • Asaf İlyas Kurtuluş
    Asaf İlyas Kurtuluş 8 месяцев назад I started playing MİNECRAFT when i was 7 year old first time i didnt like so much but. When i was 8 i started love so much im 13 now and i still love so much
  • AirlineTube
    AirlineTube 8 месяцев назад GamerBrain please let the doawnload links in the disscription pls👨🏼‍💻👨🏼‍💻👨🏼‍💻👨🏼‍💻👨🏼‍💻👨🏼‍💻💻🕹🖥🖥💻💻⌨️🖥🖥🖥🖥
  • YouWannaKookie ?
    YouWannaKookie ? 7 месяцев назад GamerBrain dude you said breathtaking far too much
    AHMET CAN PRO 7 месяцев назад I am play mcpe
  • YouWannaKookie ?
    YouWannaKookie ? 7 месяцев назад AHMET CAN PRO great grammar 🙄
  • Carl Padilla
    Carl Padilla 6 месяцев назад Me and im subcriber to all playing minecraft. And you are my idol or im your fan
  • YouWannaKookie ?
    YouWannaKookie ? 6 месяцев назад Carl Padilla umm what
  • andy Dk
    andy Dk 6 месяцев назад Second most popular?
  • Freddie Rillon
    Freddie Rillon 6 месяцев назад Im playing minecraft in just no school days
  • Freddie Rillon
    Freddie Rillon 6 месяцев назад If your really very good at minecraft answer my riddle OTTF - TTFF - I think just the smart at riddle can answer my riddle
  • Sound Advice Marketing, Inc.
    Sound Advice Marketing, Inc. 6 месяцев назад Josiah M the weirvrgdvtggb hi
  • galaxym3mer 1007
    galaxym3mer 1007 6 месяцев назад Me man i still love it
  • Marc Slot
    Marc Slot 6 месяцев назад You should have added the MCME minecraft server, on there they made the whole world of LOTR/Hobbit from the books and they have been working on it for at least 7 years and still working on it and i was actually a part of the build team in 2015, but in 2016 decided to part ways because i my busy personal life.
  • Marc Slot
    Marc Slot 6 месяцев назад @Glenn Schultz I am a builder that plays PS4 Minecraft, what do you need?
  • Marc Slot
    Marc Slot 6 месяцев назад @Freddie Rillon Whats the riddle? Or is OTTF and TTFF the riddle?
  • Louis 1234580
    Louis 1234580 6 месяцев назад Hey, if you plays Minecraft in 2019, you must visit the incredible server Amberstone ( IP : ! It is a build server : you have different cities : London, Paris, Leith, Monaco, Moderns cities, fantastic world, futurist cities ( Panem, La Fondation, Ender...), a new map Star Wars and a space map, a freebuild, a plot warp, and a ressource pack. People build boats, traditionnal, moderns, futurists, medieval, fantastic builds. This server is French but they speak English, and english, german, spanish people play on the server, tahitian people, american......
  • racingdriver05 • 52 years ago
    racingdriver05 • 52 years ago 6 месяцев назад (изменено) I am 52 years old, I play minecraft on the Pocket Edition because I was bedridden with a broken back in six places, in 2010 when it came out I thought it was the most stupidest thing I had ever seen, then I watched Ali-A's adventure and came to think it was fascinating, another guy called Ryan Goodtimeswithscar has a seven year build in Survival mode, his vast world is incredible, he has a muscular disease and is in a wheelchair, he is 36. 😍💗💚
  • #Beau123
    #Beau123 5 месяцев назад Me I love it
  • DxnEIite
    DxnEIite 5 месяцев назад @Nikoloz Tavish of course dummy
  • iiFrxchie
    iiFrxchie 5 месяцев назад me
  • 09game boy
    09game boy 5 месяцев назад 9
  • Eshan Khan
    Eshan Khan 4 месяца назад The PowerWatt app
  • Slender shark06
    Slender shark06 4 месяца назад I do!
  • Messi Mallari
    Messi Mallari 4 месяца назад i really love minecraft i can create a city but only 8 buildings and 10 houses and 2 stores
  • Lord Drakostar
    Lord Drakostar 4 месяца назад Me!
  • SmiI3z
    SmiI3z 3 месяца назад The world is infinite though
  • SmiI3z
    SmiI3z 3 месяца назад Yes?
  • SmiI3z
    SmiI3z 3 месяца назад Why are you watching this then?
  • The_Adventurer Veniz Oson
    The_Adventurer Veniz Oson 3 месяца назад I am one of those
  • D Chocolatair
    D Chocolatair 3 месяца назад GamerBrain is poop
  • Hello Guys
    Hello Guys 3 месяца назад 1000st like
  • Tyson Grunewald
    Tyson Grunewald 2 месяца назад nigtg
  • tunareth
    tunareth 2 месяца назад This video needs a sequel, now that Minecraft passed 2nd, and is now the #1 Best selling video game of all time!
  • Slevin Channel
    Slevin Channel 2 месяца назад It just beat Tetris and is now the most sold ever.
  • Sanne Stoeten
    Sanne Stoeten 1 месяц назад GamerBrain I play Minecraft
  • Slevin Channel
    Slevin Channel 1 месяц назад How many of you Played Cube World?
  • Serb_Ball
    Serb_Ball 4 недели назад i say this after 1 year i play minecraft i started before 14 hours
  • Michael Snider
    Michael Snider 4 недели назад I play Minecraft I love iy
  • Michael Snider
    Michael Snider 4 недели назад It
  • Slevin Channel
    Slevin Channel 4 недели назад @Michael Snider You mean it?
  • Nolimo
  • mrarchictect 04
    mrarchictect 04 15 часов назад Minecraft I do and I'm building a city but not as big GREENFIELD. The map that inspired me is the Greenfield map
  • Mystic Dream
    Mystic Dream 1 месяц назад and then there's me just stealing houses from villagers and calling it a day
  • King Hdog
    King Hdog 1 месяц назад Hell yeah, always move into the t house, the big one.
  • Rxse
    Rxse 1 месяц назад Just kill all the villagers and steal all their resources
  • xXSatoriXx
    xXSatoriXx 1 месяц назад weakness disgusts me
  • Jack.pnw. bmx
    Jack.pnw. bmx 1 месяц назад Same lol
  • Krazy Koala Games
    Krazy Koala Games 1 месяц назад Omg i do thiss
  • Daltira
    Daltira 1 месяц назад What.... you think these were done on survival?
  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 1 месяц назад I always get a desert temple
  • Bramblefurr Warrior Cats
    Bramblefurr Warrior Cats 3 недели назад YES ME TOO
  • TheTrooperGaming
    TheTrooperGaming 3 недели назад Ikr
  • Quiet Storm
    Quiet Storm 3 недели назад 😹😹
  • Howie Kopecky
    Howie Kopecky 2 недели назад Yeah lol
  • sekovaniccc
    sekovaniccc 2 недели назад Rxse no don't kill them, you can get some good stuff from them by trading
  • AddisonOut
    AddisonOut 2 недели назад Rxse You can’t kill them cuz they can trade you mending books which are essential.
  • Vansh Patel
    Vansh Patel 2 недели назад When I find villages I pretty much turn into Donald trump I build a wall around them trapping them and stealing their stuff
    KEVIN JUAREZ 2 недели назад Same
  • Jade Hughes
    Jade Hughes 2 недели назад I'm dead 💀 XD
  • FlippinGamer INK
    FlippinGamer INK Неделю назад That hurts me :(
  • Nate Childs
    Nate Childs Неделю назад Vansh Patel lmfao I’m doing this in my current world with the village update, I took over the village, put walls around it, built on to it, and named it minewood(like vinewood in GTA
  • Lost soul Wannabe
    Lost soul Wannabe Неделю назад Mystic Dream .
  • I am a nooble
    I am a nooble Неделю назад Literally me 😂
  • Adam. C
    Adam. C 6 дней назад back in the day me and my mates turned a village into a massive base, connecting all the building to start with and then expanding it, ahh those were the days
  • Shash2216
    Shash2216 6 дней назад Lol
  • Squiggy2010
    Squiggy2010 4 дня назад Socialist.
  • Wandering Witch
    Wandering Witch 1 день назад Mood
  • Mutombo Says
    Mutombo Says 22 часа назад Use the Iron Door and Stone Button
  • Poultry Man
    Poultry Man 7 часов назад @xXSatoriXx ree. We have nothing else to do.
  • Poultry Man
    Poultry Man 7 часов назад @Daltira Maybe.
  • Ethan_g
    Ethan_g 1 месяц назад Feels bad for the guy who made the 13th greatest thing in minecraft
  • iya
    iya 1 месяц назад F to pay respect
  • Faze Kerminator
    Faze Kerminator 1 месяц назад @iya F
  • god
    god 1 месяц назад iya F
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    Christopher Garcia 4 недели назад Iya F
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    KKumatoRogue 4 недели назад F
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    Pasicake 3 недели назад iya F
  • Vladimir Bartels
    Vladimir Bartels 3 недели назад K
  • sean44104
    sean44104 3 недели назад F
  • nightmare
    nightmare 3 недели назад F
  • Ramcess production Animations
    Ramcess production Animations 3 недели назад G
    BOSS MONEY 3 недели назад F
  • * MessiMagic5000 *
    * MessiMagic5000 * 3 недели назад @iya F
  • Candy _cane
    Candy _cane 3 недели назад F
  • Cindy Seal
    Cindy Seal 3 недели назад Ther is no 13
  • stiphan GG
    stiphan GG 2 недели назад @Cindy Seal r/wooosh
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    RowdyCm _ 2 недели назад F
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    Froilan Isleta 2 недели назад H
  • KarkyDoesGaming
    KarkyDoesGaming Неделю назад stiphan GG r/im14andthisiswhoosh
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    Taylor Rich-Lane Неделю назад F
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    Lazy Pandah Неделю назад F
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    rSlash Неделю назад F
  • David Stojilkovic
    David Stojilkovic 3 дня назад F
  • Juni G.
    Juni G. 3 дня назад took me a solid minute
  • Wandering Witch
    Wandering Witch 1 день назад F
  • Espanol Despacito
    Espanol Despacito 20 часов назад FFF F FFF F F
  • Batman And Robin
    Batman And Robin 5 месяцев назад 3:12 “Several weeks”....... after several weeks I have a dirt house filled with chickens
  • The Brookview Project
    The Brookview Project 2 месяца назад What kind of sorcery is that
  • rat
    rat 2 месяца назад and i had iron titan finished
  • FunPlayer 05
    FunPlayer 05 2 месяца назад Several weeks does it take for me to finally complete my structures (in survival though)
  • Styledplayer
    Styledplayer 1 месяц назад I only have the chickens in several weeks
  • Glen
    Glen 1 месяц назад You'd be good friends with my sister.
  • Carl-Philip Hurtig
    Carl-Philip Hurtig 1 месяц назад Such an original and funny comment
  • Drawing with Urban
    Drawing with Urban 1 месяц назад It took me several weeks to finish an S.S United States ocean liner of similar size. As long as you are dedicated and patient, it's not such a drastic build.
  • Jack.pnw. bmx
    Jack.pnw. bmx 1 месяц назад Lol
  • CH Mangoe
    CH Mangoe 1 месяц назад After several weeks I cant even put a block down
  • Jackson Toxic
    Jackson Toxic 3 недели назад CH Mangoe no just shut up that’s not even funny if ur gonna make a joke make it funny like just don’t even talk
  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns 3 недели назад It took me 20 years to build a dirt house
  • A.B Madness
    A.B Madness 3 недели назад Bro I didn’t know how to even play. I thought you just put a bed down and kill animals
  • Milen Tanev
    Milen Tanev 1 месяц назад 2007: can your computer run crysis? 2010. can your computer run minecraft? 2020:can your minecraft run crysis?
  • Seyhan Studio
    Seyhan Studio 1 месяц назад lol nice
  • War Zone
    War Zone 4 недели назад No I'm still using a 486 CPU.
  • MaddoX Beats
    MaddoX Beats Неделю назад Really? In 2019?
  • Cyka Blyat
    Cyka Blyat 3 дня назад can your crysis run minecraft?
  • Иван Кузнецов
    Иван Кузнецов 1 месяц назад Me: Watched 1 pewdiepie minecraft video Youtube: i knew you love minecraft
  • A random yt account
    A random yt account 1 месяц назад lmao! 😂
  • John Vera
    John Vera 1 месяц назад Fuckin fax
  • memento mori
    memento mori 3 недели назад GAMING WEEK
  • just a youtuber
    just a youtuber 3 недели назад gaming eternity!
  • Switch_ 0168
    Switch_ 0168 3 недели назад Иван Кузнецов the worst part is the got it right 😂😭
  • Delos Incorporated
    Delos Incorporated 3 недели назад Oh my god. exact same.
  • Novice636
    Novice636 2 недели назад That's how I ended up here 😂
  • Taylor Rich-Lane
    Taylor Rich-Lane Неделю назад OK GAMERS
  • Romain V
    Romain V 2 месяца назад Seems like the King's landing map needs an update
  • Veketal
    Veketal 2 месяца назад I get that refrence :D
  • rujabsjs idwhhssi
    rujabsjs idwhhssi 2 месяца назад RIP king's landing lol
  • Radu Todea
    Radu Todea 2 месяца назад Lol
  • Puncakes
    Puncakes 1 месяц назад Epic comment
  • Asia
    Asia 1 месяц назад 🤣🤣😭
  • BAD
    BAD 1 месяц назад Lol
  • Crab lord
    Crab lord 1 месяц назад This comment made me cry
  • Yannik k
    Yannik k 1 месяц назад Some TNT will solve that
  • this is not your channel
    this is not your channel 1 месяц назад Underrated 😂😂
  • FACM
    FACM 1 месяц назад Let's bring the ender dragon to the city, boys!
  • Biju Joseph
    Biju Joseph Неделю назад Get some flint and stone boys we gonna make it realistic
  • hadi kharsa
    hadi kharsa Неделю назад The ender dragon ought to do it
  • Μάριος Θωμέας
    Μάριος Θωμέας 1 день назад It's based on the first season they have created the whole map so they are in a certain timeline so they won't change it
  • Typical_RBLX
    Typical_RBLX 6 месяцев назад My youtube recommended 2019???
  • Patrick Y
    Patrick Y 5 месяцев назад Mine too
  • CooperG
    CooperG 5 месяцев назад Yessir
  • Normie Gregrovich
    Normie Gregrovich 5 месяцев назад IKR
  • Louis Lowde
    Louis Lowde 5 месяцев назад The best recommended ive ever got
  • Bathuu Saranchimeg
    Bathuu Saranchimeg 5 месяцев назад its here
  • Nerdy Gamer
    Nerdy Gamer 4 месяца назад Has someone made Rapture or Columbia from Bioshock and Bioshock infinite? I would download those maps Asap!
  • Miya Lori
    Miya Lori 4 месяца назад Same
  • gucci mauri
    gucci mauri 4 месяца назад Same
  • FluidVertex
    FluidVertex 3 месяца назад Same
  • mike
    mike 2 месяца назад Pleasure
  • Leon Nestestog
    Leon Nestestog 2 месяца назад yes that is gay
  • Fortniteassassins
    Fortniteassassins 2 месяца назад I thought it would me fortnite but
  • Captain Saom
    Captain Saom 1 месяц назад Yes
  • Aircraft Spotter
    Aircraft Spotter 3 недели назад I know right same here, such a interesting video though for a 2017 Minecraft video.
  • Mr Crazy Chicken Gaming
    Mr Crazy Chicken Gaming 3 недели назад Same
  • Mr Crazy Chicken Gaming
    Mr Crazy Chicken Gaming 3 недели назад @Leon Nestestog your gay
  • i make art
    i make art 3 недели назад No 2047897
  • alonelyreesepuff
    alonelyreesepuff Неделю назад @Leon Nestestog how tho
  • Article 13
    Article 13 1 месяц назад (изменено) Mumbo jumbo: the redstone will be simple The redstone: 8:19
  • Kripto Insane
    Kripto Insane 4 недели назад Haha same
  • Look at GemZ
    Look at GemZ 3 недели назад @Kripto Insane dafuq
  • Kripto Insane
    Kripto Insane 3 недели назад (изменено) @Look at GemZ Mumbo jumbo always says redstone is easy
  • Look at GemZ
    Look at GemZ 3 недели назад @Kripto Insane yeah i know, but why same
  • Mr Man
    Mr Man 3 недели назад Sethbling is a REAL redstone god
  • Chinowo
    Chinowo 3 недели назад So true
  • Grammar Police
    Grammar Police 6 дней назад @Mr Man Sethbling is the COMMAND god
  • ForcesElite
    ForcesElite 1 месяц назад "Minecraft is the second most popular game" Boy do i have some news for you
  • Cøøkìé Gåchå
    Cøøkìé Gåchå 1 месяц назад Wait so what's the number one most popular game?🤔
  • Adam Taha
    Adam Taha 1 месяц назад @Cøøkìé Gåchå i think he means its now the most with it gaining popularity again
  • Cøøkìé Gåchå
    Cøøkìé Gåchå 1 месяц назад @Adam Taha ohhhh😂
  • Happi Noobie
    Happi Noobie 1 месяц назад You mean first?
  • Animation Topia
    Animation Topia 1 месяц назад Please don't tell me you meant Fortnite.
  • Tati Zahajko
    Tati Zahajko 1 месяц назад @Cøøkìé Gåchå spore
  • mr funny
    mr funny 1 месяц назад @Tati Zahajko spore isnt more popular than minecraft what are you talking about
  • Moroccan Mapper
    Moroccan Mapper 1 месяц назад Cøøkìé Gåchå the first is tetris
  • El Baumo
    El Baumo 1 месяц назад Minecraft has roughly 100 million downloads...Fortnite has 250 million
  • Sascha
    Sascha 1 месяц назад @El Baumo yeah since Fortnite is for free, it doesnt count
  • axel
    axel 1 месяц назад @El Baumo dude... minecraft is the best selling video game of all time with more than 165 million purchases.
  • Disco Potato
    Disco Potato 1 месяц назад isnt tetris number one
  • axel
    axel 1 месяц назад @Disco Potato Nope minecraft passed it a month ago
  • snowy smiling
    snowy smiling 1 месяц назад @Animation Topia its tetris (or mario)
  • ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉
    ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ 1 месяц назад tetris minecraft fortnite thats he order right now...
  • axel
    axel 1 месяц назад @҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ fortnite is free, minecraft is most sold.
  • ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉
    ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ 1 месяц назад @axel well mc is kind of free too xD
  • ow yeye
    ow yeye 1 месяц назад @El Baumo i have just lost brain cells looking at your comment , you only have the downloads from xbox and pc, and also neither fortnite or minecraft are eve close , people forget that all games count , such as pokemon and pacman and Mario
  • El Baumo
    El Baumo 1 месяц назад @ow yeye can you name me a specific Mario or Pokémon game?
  • ow yeye
    ow yeye 1 месяц назад @El Baumo super Mario, Mario bros, and the pokemon games are in Japanese
  • White Alliance
    White Alliance 1 месяц назад @҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ you will understand. Il est sur la terre. Allez y. He will enshroud this world in sheer darkness. Go to him. Seek him when all else is lost. Play minecraft
  • Barber ShopPole
    Barber ShopPole 1 месяц назад mr funny Tetris
  • Sλlsa
    Sλlsa 1 месяц назад @Cøøkìé Gåchå it's minecraft, stupid gacha
  • Sλlsa
    Sλlsa 1 месяц назад @Moroccan Mapper it's minecraft
  • LV 1 reacts & gaming
    LV 1 reacts & gaming 1 месяц назад ForcesElite you mean first
  • Roni dude
    Roni dude 4 недели назад tetris is the most popular game it has 2x minecrafts downlaods
  • War Zone
    War Zone 4 недели назад @Cøøkìé Gåchå I'm pretty sure Tetris is still the #1 game of all time.
  • LV 1 reacts & gaming
    LV 1 reacts & gaming 3 недели назад Minecraft just beat tetris
  • Aircraft Spotter
    Aircraft Spotter 3 недели назад @Animation Topia Fortnite is full of 12 year old kids who have nothing else better to do.
  • Aircraft Spotter
    Aircraft Spotter 3 недели назад @҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ it isn't free are you stupid?
  • Saul Guel
    Saul Guel 3 недели назад Cøøkìé Gåchå Minecraft now
  • metalim
    metalim 3 недели назад Whaaat? Tetris can't be the most popular GAME of all time. It's series of shitton different games. Same for Mario. Also, download count of Fortnite can't tell us anything, as it's free to play. Any other candidates?
    BOSS MONEY 3 недели назад @Sascha fr
  • Sad Cat
    Sad Cat 3 недели назад LV 1 reacts & gaming its been several months dude
  • Sad Cat
    Sad Cat 3 недели назад War Zone no it isnt
  • 5000 subscribers with no video
    5000 subscribers with no video 2 недели назад El Baumo minecraft has more players
  • B e a n o s
    B e a n o s Неделю назад @Cøøkìé Gåchå oh no I'm afraid to say our worst nightmare, its... fortnite
  • Naudia DeMaria
    Naudia DeMaria 6 дней назад ForcesElite XD
  • Dr._Kompot
    Dr._Kompot 3 месяца назад I grew up with a diamond pic, not a gold scar
  • James Geddes
    James Geddes 3 месяца назад It's a diamond sword
  • Dr._Kompot
    Dr._Kompot 3 месяца назад @James Geddes well, I wasn't really a pvp or hunting type of guy, I normally went mining from time to time. Which means technically I grew up with a Diamond Pic
  • James Geddes
    James Geddes 3 месяца назад Yeah sorry that was a bit random
  • Dr._Kompot
    Dr._Kompot 3 месяца назад @James Geddes Allgood👍
  • Morgan Shellman
    Morgan Shellman 3 месяца назад Amen
  • BQNG
    BQNG 1 месяц назад I grew up following the damn train
  • Tirzaiy
    Tirzaiy 1 месяц назад @BQNG goddamnit cj
  • Monster Vader
    Monster Vader 1 месяц назад YES
  • CarAddictionz
    CarAddictionz 2 недели назад Og minecraft music starts playing
  • Yoda
    Yoda 2 недели назад I’m happy that i also did
  • Fusion
    Fusion Неделю назад My dad grew up with a ak47 in school
  • Gustas Gustas
    Gustas Gustas 3 месяца назад how do people even BEGIN to build these?!
  • Spino2Earth
    Spino2Earth 2 месяца назад One block at a time :)
  • Yo Snowyy1
    Yo Snowyy1 2 месяца назад Spino2Earth lol nice one
  • Spino2Earth
    Spino2Earth 2 месяца назад @Yo Snowyy1 Thank you :)
  • Kryp X.
    Kryp X. 1 месяц назад One block per day
  • w w
    w w 1 месяц назад @Kryp X. What time is it?
  • Raven 9
    Raven 9 1 месяц назад @w w it's Minecraft time
  • Lucie Taylor
    Lucie Taylor 1 месяц назад I think it's that there so good builders
  • Aircraft Spotter
    Aircraft Spotter 3 недели назад @Lucie Taylor it's that they are such good builders**
  • Kacper Playz
    Kacper Playz 3 недели назад They Build It
  • DepressedFish
    DepressedFish 2 месяца назад 5:56 pull out ya TNT and flint and steel boys.
  • Lordsbully 245
    Lordsbully 245 2 месяца назад Wow
  • Olenna Tyrell
    Olenna Tyrell 1 месяц назад Lordsbully 245 (it got destroyed in the show.)
  • trollmaster9696
    trollmaster9696 1 месяц назад A dragon too
  • Live The Future
    Live The Future 2 недели назад /spawn dragon
  • Not a Prophet
    Not a Prophet Год назад Fun drinking challenge: take a shot every time he says 'breathtaking.'
  • Irene Parkin
    Irene Parkin Год назад Not A Prophet just hope that everyone is prepared for a major hangover.
  • Ronan Everard
    Ronan Everard Год назад Hahahahhaha
  • Spicy Meat
    Spicy Meat 11 месяцев назад There are serious issues if you're drinking whilst watching Minecraft videos
  • Spicy Meat
    Spicy Meat 11 месяцев назад I have serious issues.
  • SirPsychoStevie
    SirPsychoStevie 11 месяцев назад Tries the breathtaking drinking challenge. Dies of liver cirrhosis 50 years ago.
  • kimberly sims
    kimberly sims 11 месяцев назад You'd be lucky to be alive
  • Afekt Renegade
    Afekt Renegade 11 месяцев назад Your going to get liver problems
  • Jack Ladig
    Jack Ladig 11 месяцев назад He only said breathtaking 4 times
  • 10,000 subscribers without videos
    10,000 subscribers without videos 11 месяцев назад Im drunkkjvyajabsgussuheeeve eei9
  • sophia estabrooks
    sophia estabrooks 11 месяцев назад Not A Prophet i lost
  • sophia estabrooks
    sophia estabrooks 11 месяцев назад Irene Parkin true. Haha
  • fortune xcx
    fortune xcx 11 месяцев назад @Spicy Meat I touch myself while watching do I need help?
  • Helloguys Rapedungeon
    Helloguys Rapedungeon 11 месяцев назад EXPANSIVE
  • Evan Sampson™
    Evan Sampson™ 11 месяцев назад Or "within Minecraft"
  • LaZer Mosher
    LaZer Mosher 11 месяцев назад I watched this 5 times just so I could drink some more
  • Dyln Newberry-Yokley
    Dyln Newberry-Yokley 10 месяцев назад umm kids watch youtube too
  • Sarah Hebert
    Sarah Hebert 10 месяцев назад or "amazing" have 911 on speed dial
  • Cohen Linze
    Cohen Linze 9 месяцев назад Not A Prophet he barely even said “breathtaking” 🤦‍♂️
  • SirPsychoStevie
    SirPsychoStevie 9 месяцев назад People struggling to understand the concept of a joke here...
  • AduptUniform26
    AduptUniform26 9 месяцев назад Ouch
  • Jellohouse
    Jellohouse 9 месяцев назад fusck ima f uking druiuuuunk now
  • Shaamali
    Shaamali 8 месяцев назад How about"Minecraft"
  • A normal Albino
    A normal Albino 7 месяцев назад If you did do this you would be knocked out on the floor
  • shrek is love shrek is life
    shrek is love shrek is life 7 месяцев назад Your almost to 1k likez
  • Mylo Tube
    Mylo Tube 6 месяцев назад Or grab
  • Melissa g
    Melissa g 6 месяцев назад I'd die of alcohol poisoning
  • Gabriel Angelo Flores
    Gabriel Angelo Flores 6 месяцев назад 12 shots in 10 mins
  • SaitamaCraft
    SaitamaCraft 5 месяцев назад Ok
  • Nick Urr
    Nick Urr 5 месяцев назад i wouldn't be able to get drunk tho
    1000 SUBS WITH NO VIDEOS? 5 месяцев назад (изменено) Challenge accepted WhAt r Uu I doNt feeEl Go0d
  • tevirP
    tevirP 5 месяцев назад My lungs have been taken away. B R E A T H T A K I N G
  • Li Aurrecoechea
    Li Aurrecoechea 4 месяца назад I won’t take a breath again
  • Big Jeff
    Big Jeff 4 месяца назад Or everytime he says amazing
  • Leon Nestestog
    Leon Nestestog 2 месяца назад thats gay
  • m0rph90
    m0rph90 2 месяца назад you forget about "expensive"
  • u are Neek
    u are Neek 2 месяца назад Every time he says Minecraft and craft!
  • Drako Artz
    Drako Artz 2 месяца назад I did it with listerine threwup
  • FADEX Velk
    FADEX Velk 2 месяца назад Jack Ladig no
  • eXoTiC jack 07
    eXoTiC jack 07 2 месяца назад @Afekt Renegade i love that song
  • Mr. Breathtaking
    Mr. Breathtaking 2 месяца назад Youre breathtaking, youre all breathtaking!
  • Xtraterrestrial
    Xtraterrestrial 2 месяца назад Or “Amazing”
  • demogorgon queen
    demogorgon queen 1 месяц назад Its harder when youre around Keanu Reeves and you do that.
  • MiwiKiwi
    MiwiKiwi 1 месяц назад your breathtaking
  • Logan Southern
    Logan Southern 1 месяц назад Not a Prophet YOU’RE BREATHTAKING
  • Alchemist Stormer
    Alchemist Stormer 1 месяц назад KEANU IS GAMER BRAIN CONFIRMED
  • CodyTheDoggo
    CodyTheDoggo 1 месяц назад Keanu Reeves has entered the chat
  • TooGoodForTV
    TooGoodForTV 1 месяц назад No, you're breathtaking
  • Yobro Gaming ADMIN
    Yobro Gaming ADMIN 1 месяц назад Irene Parkin or a major funeral 💀
    OKKALI :D 1 месяц назад you're breathtaking :D
  • Darth Traya
    Darth Traya 1 месяц назад this aged well
  • BOTW Zelda
    BOTW Zelda 1 месяц назад Thanjds fer thee iddeam
  • Owen Hastings
    Owen Hastings 1 месяц назад @fortune xcx no i do too
  • CH Mangoe
    CH Mangoe 1 месяц назад Keanu reeves 100
  • Ye Olde Krabs
    Ye Olde Krabs 3 недели назад Your comment was from a year ago and you predicted a meme that came out in 2019 You’re breathtaking
  • Biju Joseph
    Biju Joseph Неделю назад Hdy i djd ir agd i ght drbnk
  • Ready ForRage
    Ready ForRage 1 месяц назад SECOND most popular videogame laughs in villager noises
  • Bryan Mendez
    Bryan Mendez 3 месяца назад Minecraft is making a COMEBACK!!
  • Dan MK
    Dan MK 3 недели назад Bryan Mendez It already came back because before lazarbeam played it, minecraft had 90,000,000+ people playing when Fortnite was reigning and no-one knew it was alive but us veterans kept on playing. So there!
  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 недели назад Dan MK Fortnite is trash
  • Yoda
    Yoda 2 недели назад Minecraft is always number 1
  • Steven Buras
    Steven Buras Неделю назад @Dan MK Been playing since it was in beta testing in 2010. Not as much time to play almost 10 years later, but still keep on it as I can.
  • STM Taylor
    STM Taylor 2 недели назад Video: Minecraft is the second most popular video game of all time Me: Say sike right now
  • mariagross 037
    mariagross 037 1 месяц назад (изменено) I still do play Minecraft
  • Adam Webb
    Adam Webb 1 месяц назад mariagross 037 until a creep appears in your house.
  • xXSatoriXx
    xXSatoriXx 1 месяц назад Relaxing?
  • CronC_ XD
    CronC_ XD Неделю назад Aw man
  • The meme Masters
    The meme Masters 1 месяц назад When people from all over the world... Come together in one server... They will build a whole community... Block By BLOCK
  • P2 Mình Là Gaming
    P2 Mình Là Gaming 1 месяц назад The meme Masters ?
  • snowy smiling
    snowy smiling 1 месяц назад @P2 Mình Là Gaming lol
  • Paul Knowles
    Paul Knowles 2 месяца назад Correction Minecraft Is Number One! A square for a cube
  • Lodok3
    Lodok3 1 месяц назад Paul Knowles you have to make another comment to get more likes because you’ve hit the stack limit, if you get one more like you have mods that allow more than 64 in a stack